The Possibility of Evil

Shirley Jackson

The Possibility of Evil

The Possibility of Evil

  • Title: The Possibility of Evil
  • Author: Shirley Jackson
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  • Page: 386
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The Possibility of Evil is about an old lady named Miss Strangeworth She treasures her roses, passed down from her grandmother, and those roses are her pride In order to keep a town, which she thinks is hers, she tries to keep the town from becoming evil by sending letters with messages based on gossip to the townspeople about events in their lives that may be troublin The Possibility of Evil is about an old lady named Miss Strangeworth She treasures her roses, passed down from her grandmother, and those roses are her pride In order to keep a town, which she thinks is hers, she tries to keep the town from becoming evil by sending letters with messages based on gossip to the townspeople about events in their lives that may be troubling.

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Leave it to the master of the twisted tale to come up with this one. Someone has been writing letters to the townsfolk to help to "clean up" some of the evil within this community. Mrs.Strangeworth (great name, by the way) feels it is her duty to help out with this, and there is a bit of creepy irony in the contents of these letters she feels compelled to sent off. As usual with Jackson there is a high dose of irony, and, in this tale, we not only have one surprise, but another in the story's fi [...]

Cute short story about a little old lady and town gossip. It is supposed to be one of the best examples of a short story; but in my opinion doesn't hold a candle to "The Lottery", one of my favorites. The ending was funny, though.

The Possibility of Evil is a short story about a lady who lives in a house handed down her family, with one of a kind roses that her great-grandmother planted herself. She takes great pride in her house and her roses, and actually believes that the town she lives in is her own to keep. She feels as if she's responsible to keep the town in order, however she's got a strange way of doing so. This is a good little story that teaches us to treat others well and that if we don't, karma may not be far [...]

Very satisfying.

The quality of Shirley Jackson, what reader predicts never happens. An old lady, a town , gossips and her secretive letters. I was expecting something horrifying but the story ended on a very funny note, she lost her favorite centuries old rose garden! how evil the world is , she was telling the truth and they did this to her (LOL!)

Mrs. Strange worth was actually a mean, self-righteous little old woman. Her letters were hurtful and very demeaning—not simply gossip. I did not care for her at all but I loved the story—“do unto others”

Not dreadful. Kinda interesting.

After reading The Lottery, I expected the in the letter to be poisoned, but still an interesting story.

It's pretty much a perfect short story.

Deliciously dark short story

The possibility of evil is a story about a woman named Mrs. Strangeworth who lives in a small town who is truly strange. Mrs. Stangeworth writes letters to individuals in the town to make them think of a possible circumstance that is evil, but hasn't happened. This story was very interesting. This story shows u how evil some people can be. I would recommend those ages 12 and up read this story because it shows you what this world truly is and how some people have the face of evil hidden behind t [...]

The story follows Ms. Strangeworth, a single elderly woman living in a small town. She is very well known for her roses that she keeps in front of her house. Although she believes she is the owner of the town. I would not recommend this book because you can clearly see the turning point of the story. You can skim through it and still know what the story is about. It is very obvious and does not catch my attention very much. Although it was quite comical at the ending when she receives the letter [...]

What I thought about the book, The Possibility of Evil was a great book. The book was about an older lady who kept getting her business into other peoples business. She wrote secret letters to random people and she just spoke her mind. She didn't know if anything she was saying was true she just started what could be going on. Everyone should read this book to get an idea of not to butt into other peoples business. I recommend this book to all age groups. This book was an amazing book and I enjo [...]

I read this story in middle or high school I believe it was. It stuck with me. I couldn't remember the name for the longest time. I'm giving this story a 4 out of 5 for a couple reasons: 1. It was a quick short story 2. I enjoyed the implicit and explicit message of the story 3. I love stories that has a "revealing" aspect to them 4. It's one I would read again Hence I gave it 4 instead of 3 stars.

Throughout the story, the author hints at Mrs. Strangeworth's narcissistic attitude. As the story continues, the author begins writing hateful suggestive letters to the people in her district. Daily, the lady witnesses the effect of her suggestive letters. Mrs. Strange worth thinks very highly of herself, her home, her heritage, and her town. In fact, she believes the the town is hers. In the end, she is busted by children who were directly effected by Mrs. Strangeworth.

So I was not sure at first whether to give this story a two or a one star, but I gave two. The story has no deep aim it is very obvious which makes it shallow and less interesting than others. The register is a Formal one yet it does not contain many vocabulary and new words. It also does not need an analytic way of reading, you can just scan it and still have the main ideas of it. However it's okay to read it as a rest between two tiring books as it's fun.

I like this story. It's about a lady that lives in a small town and her family has lived there since the beginning.Also most everyone knows her as a nice lady with a beautiful house. She tries to keep her town clean by writing anonymous letters the the townspeople that tell them things to help them But she messes up and someone finds out it's her and she gets a surprise the next morning.

I really like Shirley Jackson's writing style, it's very pleasing to read.I enjoyed this short story, the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I wish it had been longer and the author could have done more character development, backstory and plot.

Ms. Strangeworth is like the town's gossip\instigator! She is so nosey! I can understand she means well to an extent, but she would annoy the heck out of me! She's somewhat of a letter tyrant! Nonetheless I enjoyed this story!

Pretty deep short story, had to read it for English last year. Shirley Jackson is actually a great writer.

What a jerk.

Another story I had to read for English. It was an ok read, but it was a bit boring

This is an excellent short story to study for school.

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