The Last Days of Christ the Vampire

J.G. Eccarius

The Last Days of Christ the Vampire

The Last Days of Christ the Vampire

  • Title: The Last Days of Christ the Vampire
  • Author: J.G. Eccarius
  • ISBN: 9781886625006
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback

A new edition of the underground classic.

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Sure, the writing gets mediocre in patches, and the grammar and spelling are screaming out like a preemie in a dumpster for a copyeditor's nurturing correction; however, the premise and the action of this story are so entertaining and unabashedly anti-christian that you can't help but forgive it its flaws. I mean, come on -- gun battles between atheists and jesus-controlled zombies in the catacombs beneath the vatican? a bloated cannibalistic jesus incubus trailing slime in his wake? what's not [...]

Looking at Eccarius' publisher (III Publishing)'s website, I found this: Everything you wanted to know about J. G. Eccarius that he's willing to tell you.Biography:J.G. Eccarius was born May 12, 1818 in Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany. He was active in both the Second International (while living in England) and the IWW in the USA. Lately he has turned to writing. His short stories and essays have appeared in Processed World, The Stake, Fifth Estate, the Wild Palms Reader, and in many other zines. He [...]

The world is secretly controlled by a small cell of vampires who run business, governments, the military, churches, banks, etc. Their leader is the vampire Jesus, who is being kept semi-conscious and barely alive in a bunker 900 feet under the Pentagon. Jesus is revived periodically to preside over crucial decision-making. This is discovered by a band of teenagers who set out to save the world against all odds, since no adults will believe them.

i ordered this book because of an ad in factsheet5. back when mike gunderloy was still publishing it so that will tell you how long ago this was. anyway, it's really poorly written, don't get me wrong. but i admire the audacity. and, much like my review of chariots of the godsn't you WANT this to be true?

This book came out in the late 80s and when I read it the premise was shocking to me. Now the idea that Jesus was/is a vampire has been copied by Trueblood and other vampire writers. But this book was the first. It is a fast easy read, written simply to appeal to teens. It really is a genuine cult classic. That's not what I would call bad writing.

Imagine that the blood really is the life - literally - because Jesus was a vampire. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has an open mind - and it IS fictional, after all. (Isn't it?)

More like pre-post-apocalyptic, but whatevs. Excellent exploration of both the Christ mythos and the vampire mythos. Blindingly paced, interestingly constructed and unique.

The Last Days of Christ the Vampire by J.G. Eccarius (1990)

Hilarious, biting premise (pardon the pun), sadly marred by inferior writing and editing."Jesus Lives - Vampires Never Die"

A totally fun book. Great use of metaphor. Sometimes a bit incongruous, but for liberty not incompetence.

I'm not sure that this really counts as a novel - that would imply there is a clear plotline, characters with discernible motivations who hang around for longer than a chapter or two, or a coherent resolution. It's filled with rebellious "countercultural" characters who nevertheless always seem to agree with each other; others who seem to have been introduced late in the book because the author realized he needed them around but didn't want to go back and rewrite earlier chapters; evil character [...]

It's so interesting and so weird that it completely makes up for the poor editing and pacing of the story. I enjoyed this in a way I rarely get to enjoy books, made me feel like a kid discovering the Illumintus Trilogy for the first time.

This was a book I always heard about as a young punk just stepping into the world of zines and self-published fiction. The idea that drives the book is of the dark humor works but ultimately the writing is pretty mediocre. Although I would be lying if I said a story about anarchists/punks battling vampiric christians in the late eighties (where one of the undead bears a resemblance to Ronald Reagan) didn't put a smile on my face.

The day I finished this book, I walked into my house, went into the kitchen and threw it into the garbage can. It should have and could have been much better. It's got the eeriest cover of any book I've ever seen, and an interesting premise, but it just sucks. Totally sucks. It's got some weird anarcho-environmentalist/punk rocker angle going on, too, which ain't a bad thing necessarily, but here it does not play out well at all.

I am in love with this book! Funny, irreverent, and an awesome take on the greatest myth of all time.Sure the writing isn't the best. The world isn't really well drawn. The characters aren't real fleshed out. Butttte premise, plot and action are so spectacularly awesome that its easy to look past any mediocrity in the rest of it.

Thoughtfully doneAlthough there were some issues with translation to an e-book, The Last Days of Christ the Vampire was entertaining and worth the read. Any passages referred to in the story are as open and subject to interpretation as any other written word. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes vampire stories.

Fun idea that could have made for interesting satire if the writing weren't so crappy. It's full of characters with no personalities that go on childish sounding rants. There are also tons of typos. Reads like it was written by a brainy but socially inept high-schooler.

I think about this book way too much.

Total and utter trash.

I'll not categorize this one. It's one of the weirdest books I've ever read. It wasn't exactly well written, but it was bizarre enough to keep my interest.

I'd say 2.5 stars. There were a lot of typos (not just formatting problems in the Kindle version), the character development is not very deep, the transitions from one character to another are odd I guess it was written like a late-80's/early 90's horror movie. I was getting ready to stop reading the book when it suddenly mentioned the anti-nuclear war group No Business as Usual. I liked the political stuff about communism and jesus's time, political organizing, communist groups, and anarchism, [...]

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