All Snug

B.G. Thomas

All Snug

All Snug

  • Title: All Snug
  • Author: B.G. Thomas
  • ISBN: 9781615817450
  • Page: 291
  • Format: ebook

This title is part of the 2010 Advent Calendar Naughty or NiceElliot and Shawn each want to buy the same one of a kind item for Christmas a very old and expensive antique bed as a gift for their lovers But when they both arrive at the store at the same moment, the proprietor tells them to figure out between themselves who gets the bed Elliot and Shawn decide to hold a cThis title is part of the 2010 Advent Calendar Naughty or NiceElliot and Shawn each want to buy the same one of a kind item for Christmas a very old and expensive antique bed as a gift for their lovers But when they both arrive at the store at the same moment, the proprietor tells them to figure out between themselves who gets the bed Elliot and Shawn decide to hold a contest winner buys bed.And so the competitions begin, from selling charity tickets to cleaning out stables, and interpersonal tension and burgeoning attraction mount as the days until Christmas pass But who deserves the gift Elliot, who can afford the expensive gift for his casual sex partner, or Shawn, who can barely cover rent, and the mysterious man he s head over heels for

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It's a Christmas reading marathonI did this last year starting on December 1st, I read holiday stories for the entire month. It was fun so I've decided to do it again this year. I'm a day late starting because of my buddy read but that's ok. I'm looking at it as motivation to read more. I total last year I read 32 stories so lets see if I can read as much or more this year.Book #1 is B.G. Thomas's 'All Snug' this was an adorable story about two men who want to buy the same antique bed for their [...]

Elliot and Shawn both want to buy the same bed. Both for their boyfriends. They can’t decide who gets the bed, so Elliot suggests they have several contests and who wins them gets to buy the bed.I liked these guys together. Elliot started out as a bit of a shallow person, but when he gets to know more about Shawn, he realizes what’s really important in life.I could have gone without the sex scene between Elliot and his boyfriend though (it wasn’t too detailed, but I didn’t like it).Still [...]

It all starts with a bed. Elliot is a rich, jaded business looking to purchase an antique bed to impress a lover. Shawn is a naive, recently out man looking to purchase the same bed to entice his new boyfriend to spend more time with him in it. The men decide to have a contest to see who will win the bed and as they complete the various tasks along the way they get to know each other as more than just competitors.I really enjoyed this story. I liked seeing each man come to appreciate how the oth [...]

I was really, really enjoying this story until halfway through Elliot goes home and I had to read about how he had rough sex with his boyfriend Steve. Twice. It ruined what was otherwise being a very original, cute little story for me and I didn’t really care about the rest of it anymore. I guess I would have overlooked it if it had happened before Elliot and Shawn met or even at the beginning of the story but not when I’m supposed to believe that by this stage Elliot had already developed s [...]

All Snug is a cute novella about two guys who start as "contenders" to buy a very old and expensive antique bed. On one side, we have Elliot, who has the money in the world, who drinks twelve-dollars-a-glass Lagavulin, who prefers coffee from Peruvian, and who drives Lexus. The other side, there's Shawn, who can barely cover rent, who can only afford can of coffee from Aldi's, and must work overtime to buy the bed. But both men are determined to buy the bed to make their respective boyfriends ha [...]

This book was an absolute delight right up to the final sex scene. I didn't even mind the 3 day insta-love plot which is usually a bit of a turn off for me. The sex scene wasn't badly written, quite the opposite in fact with a nice tenderness to it, just that I have an aversion to toe sucking and that along with a description of manly foot smells made me gag. The lack of condoms was also worrying given that the men had only known each other 3 days. I would have been happy with a fade to black, t [...]

This is another great Christmas story. I loved the contrast between the two main characters, who nevertheless both want the same thing: to impress their lover with a great Christmas gift.Elliot is a fairly well off businessman whose boyfriend of 2 months has hinted at wanting an antique bed. Not one to pinch the pennies, Elliot has decided to get the man what he wants. Shawn is a hard worker who desperately wants to impress his boyfriend so he can send more time with him. Both men end up in the [...]

This is such a sweet story that makes me wish it was Christmas time while I'm reading it because it's a good holiday read. Elliot and Shawn have one of those cute meets and we know that though these two are different, they have a connection. They both meet accidentally at an antique shop both wanting the same old fashion bed for their perspective boyfriends.El (as he likes to be called) has enough money to pay for the bed in cold hard cash, Shawn is barely getting buy, but really wants the bed t [...]

3.75 starsElliot and Shawn first meet when they arrive at the same time to buy a special Christmas present. Elliot is a successful businessman with money to spare who wants to surprise his sexy boyfriend with the antique bed he covets while Shawn, who is struggling to make ends meet, is also determined to buy the bed for his lover. When the shopkeeper says they have to figure out between them who's going to buy the bed they decide to turn it into a competition and may the best man, and his boyfr [...]

4.0 StarsElliot is a successful entrepreneur with money to burn; he’s been out and proud since he was 14 but has given up on the notion of love. Shawn is divorced and only newly out; he works at a call center and puts in extra shifts because he wants to buy something special for his boyfriend. Eliot and Shawn meet at an antique store wanting to buy the same one-of-a-kind item for Christmas—a very old and expensive antique bed—as a gift for their lovers. When they both arrive at the same ti [...]

Read on 12-8-13It won't be fair to the author or other readers if I rate this, so I am not going to. I was LOVING this story. I loved all the competitions they made for each other. They were cute. Charity tickets, drag queens, mucking horse stalls, karaoke, etc. I liked how Elliot started seeing what a snobby asshole he was becoming. Drinking his expensive whiskey and coffee's when Shawn was perfectly fine with Aldi coffee and well drinks for $2. What I couldn't get over and the reason for me no [...]

All Snug is a very cute, sweet story about two guys, Elliot and Shawn, who both want to buy the same antique bed as a Christmas present for their boyfriends. It's told in first person point of view from Elliot who is the more succesful guy of the two and can afford the bed easily. Shawn has worked overtime and saved his last penny to be able to buy the bed. To decide who can have the bed they agree to participate in a contest that includes a few challenges. While having fun trying to win the cha [...]

I loved how BG turned a potentially harmful situation for Shawn into a Cinderfella story. Shawn was just so stupidly Naive he would clean out his life savings + work overtime to buy his materialistic 'boyfriend' a bed he could not afford hoping the guy would actually ask him to move in.It was obvious his boyfriend was not that into him and was just yanking his chain. The guy would not commit outright and kept asking for the bed he knew Shawn could not afford. We get Elliot's POV and how he has m [...]

Sure, the whole thing is predictable. But that doesn’t matter even slightly. The build-up is cute and the characters both endearing. There are just two things that put me off slightly.One (the more important one) is that they do not use a condom in their happy, happy sex scene. That’s not okay. Kind of ruined the ending for me. Such a small thing, yet so much impact.The other issue (and not much of one) consists in the fact that this book is referencing another one by the author, one I’ve [...]

It was better than I expected from reading all the reviews but there are some parts that slightly too sweet considering the MCs were in their 30s and perhaps should be less naive.For Shawn, who really should not be this inexperienced and sheltered at 32y/o but he was quite believable to me based on his backgrounds. I am also glad to read that his ex was a nice woman.Elliot was not as much of a shark as he like to think he was after all what kind of jaded man would fall for a guy after spending 3 [...]

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and the two characters as they battle it out for the sake of ownership of an antique bed each believe their lover covets and will cherish. It became quite clear for me early on that both were pining after the same man, so it came as no surprise when this was the outcome, but I did enjoy the way B.G. weaved the tale of Shawn and Elliot and their slow slide from sparring partners to lovers in love. This is a very believable tale, made all the more so by the earnest [...]

This is the third story I've read by B.G. Thomas and so far I've enjoyed all of them. He writes romance with a little bit of humor to it, this story is no exception. The plot, two men competing about an antique bed a la Hercules style is in itself kind of fun. Even though you know where it will lead it is fun reading about it. At one point early on in the story the thought that the men Elliot and Shawn are seeing might be the same appeared to me but when I reached the end of the story I had forg [...]

This story starts out with a bed, but the main characters are not in it as you may think. In fact it takes a while before that becomes a possibility since they are both actually trying to bargain over buying the same bed for their respective boyfriends as a Christmas present. They come up with a unique set of challenges to try to determine a victor for the bed – the one who gets to buy it for his boyfriend – but in reality, the challenges serve to bring the two opponents together vs. forcing [...]

This was a pretty good short story. A kind of reworking of "Gift of the Magi", we find Elliot and Shawn vying for the right to purchase an expensive antique bed for the men in their lives. They decide to have a series of contests to see which one will get to purchase the bed. In the process, they find themselves learning things about each other well as things about themselves that they never knew before. The plot twist involving the two's significant(or should I say insignificant)others that com [...]

2 guys want to buy the same bed for their boyfriends Elliot and Shawn pay half each and then they make a bet like a contest with question task ETC,at the end the winner will win the bet take the bed. We know where to is going although they in relationship they fall for each other in less than a week, yes it fast but of course they dont do anything about it due to that. But you will see a twist coming and i saw it coming from a mile ago but also this was one fun adventure about a bed and spending [...]

I must have been caught up in the tasks, because I did NOT see the twist coming! I knew we were heading for an HEA, but really, my detective skills are really lacking. Shawn is a great character, although he is 32 and seems so much younger. It is told in first person of Elliot, who has a lot of money, and seems pretentious, but isn't. He was self deprecating through most of it, and his enchantment with Shawn was adorable.

I really liked this story about two guys who enter a "friendly" competition for an antique bed. Nothing turns out the way either of them think it will and it has a great HEA. Amazing that the story was so good in so few pages. Can't wait for the author's full length novel coming out later in the year.

Christmas in May? I've been going back and reading some of the DSP advent stories. This one is quite good. I liked the younger MC, who brought some innocence and hope back to the older MC. The plot concept, with the trials of Hercules, was fun and fresh, and I enjoyed the warm HEA. It wasn't particularly Christmasy, but it was a fun read.

A fun cute romantic read about two guys, Elliot and Shawn, who decide to compete against each other to see who will get an antique bed they both want for their lovers. Elliot is well off whereas Shawn isn't. The rules of the competition is simple, a number of challenges will be made and the person with the most wins gets to rights to the bed.

It's a sweet story about two guys who's lover wants an antique bed for Christmas and they deside who is allowed to buy it in form of some silly competitions. Minus points for predictability of who the mystery lover is. Cute story but without much substance.More or less instant love and they lived happily ever after, with the bed. Fin

Awwww! This was an absolutly cute Christmas story!The two main characters were really cute but I must say I imagined Shawn a lot younger than he was. He just seemed younger than he was but when he told his story it was clear why he was that cute and naive.I really enjoyed the whole fluff and love!

This is a really sweet story in the Gift of the Magi tradition about two men who have a little contest to win the antique bed they each want to buy their respective boyfriends. They don't realize how much they both want the same thing. *wink*nudge*

Good short m/m holiday romance about two guys who both show up at an antique store, trying to buy the same bed for their boyfriends. They come up with a multipart contest to see who should be able to buy the bed. It was, unfortunately, completely predictable.

I don't know what it is about B.G. Thomas, but he can use tropes that I would normally be laughing at or annoyed by and make me LIKE them.

I was in desperate need of a fluffy comfort read the other night, and this fit the bill nicely.It was completely predictable, but wonderfully sweet and hopeful.

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