Divinity of Doubt: The God Question

Vincent Bugliosi

Divinity of Doubt: The God Question

Divinity of Doubt: The God Question

  • Title: Divinity of Doubt: The God Question
  • Author: Vincent Bugliosi
  • ISBN: 9781593156299
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback

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Vincent Bugliosi, whom many view as the nation s foremost prosecutor, has successfully taken on, in court or on the pages of his books, the most notorious murderers of the last half century Charles Manson, O.J Simpson, and Lee Harvey Oswald Now, in the most controversial book of his celebrated career, he turns his incomparable prosecutorial eye on the greatest target ofVincent Bugliosi, whom many view as the nation s foremost prosecutor, has successfully taken on, in court or on the pages of his books, the most notorious murderers of the last half century Charles Manson, O.J Simpson, and Lee Harvey Oswald Now, in the most controversial book of his celebrated career, he turns his incomparable prosecutorial eye on the greatest target of all God In making his case for agnosticism, Bugliosi has very arguably written the most powerful indictment ever of God, organized religion, theism, and atheism Theists will be left reeling by the commanding nature of Bugliosi s extraordinary arguments against them And, with his trademark incisive logic and devastating wit, he exposes the intellectual poverty of atheism and skewers its leading popularizers Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and Richard Dawkins Joining a 2,000 year old conversation which no one has contributed anything significant to for years, Bugliosi, in addition to destroying the all important Christian argument of intelligent design, remarkably yes, scarily shakes the very foundations of Christianity by establishing that Jesus was not born of a virgin, and hence was not the son of God, that scripture in reality supports the notion of no free will, and that the immortality of the soul was a pure invention of Plato that Judaism and Christianity were forced to embrace because without it there is no life after death Destined to be an all time classic, Bugliosi s Divinity of Doubt sets a new course amid the explosion of bestselling books on atheism and theism the middle path of agnosticism In recognizing the limits of what we know, Bugliosi demonstrates that agnosticism is he most intelligent and responsible position to take on the eternal question of God s existence.

Recent Comments "Divinity of Doubt: The God Question"

Bugliosi is an agnostic, thinks agnosticism is intellectually and morally superior to both theism and atheism, and tries to argue as much in this book. I had high expectations that this would be an interesting and entertaining read, but it pretty much let me down. The first major flaw is his incredibly horrible lack of any understanding of the theory of evolution. He touches on evolution because he feels that atheists use it as a major point in their belief system, which is often partially true, [...]

This is an egocentric book, too often superficial, and way too often wrong or misleading. Like many narrowly-trained experts before him, Bugliosi mistakenly thinks that his brainpower will succeed outside his area of expertise. He is not trained in biology or physics or cosmology or theology or philosophy or, for that matter, in any specialty that makes him required reading on God’s existence. He even blunders in history, especially in the history of the early church. Inevitably, therefore, hi [...]

first things first, i had to totally skip the chapter on evolution. i got about five pages in and it was just filled with so much ignorance and general jackassery that i couldn't stand it. i did find the rest of the book enjoyable but i kept these things in mind:firstly, Bugliosi clearly loves the sound of his own voice. some of this book kinda reads like him jacking himself off. if people like that annoy the hell outta you, stay clear!and secondly, he is a lawyer and it shows. he puts a spin on [...]

As an atheist I was interested to see what Mr. Bugliosi had to say about the subject of God. However, I was taken aback by his take on atheists (they want to destroy religion - untrue) and his take on Charles Darwin and evolution. When he wrote in his book the silly anti-evolution diatribe of "if man evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?" I put the book down. I had no further interest in reading anything he had to say on the subject when he so obviously had so little knowledge on th [...]

Spoiler Alert! There is no god.Having read and thoroughly enjoyed other books by Vincent Bugliosi, I expected that this book would be a bit interesting. Bugliosi completely embarrasses himself with this book. It turns out that his arguments—especially those directed against atheists—were completely childish and uninteresting. I have heard recently a friend argue from the position that agnosticism is somehow morally and intellectually superior to atheism (although they, too, didn’t seem to [...]

This was possibly the most useless book I’ve ever come across. I went into it with high hopes, since the author claimed he was going to examine the “God question” without bias and from a purely rational point of view. He claimed that he is qualified to write such a book because he doesn’t tend to be influenced “by the trappings of reputation, hoopla, conventional wisdom, and so on.” He also leads us to believe that he will present the agnostic point of view—not just that we don’t [...]

Two stars and I am being nice. Yes he is a yellow pad lawyer that still writes his book long hand and gives his writing to a secretary to type. Yes there are still people that do not use computers and I can't fault him for that. But since he seems to me out of touch with technology his writing can be quite funny at times. Page 68: After eating at George's Italian restaurant for several years and rarely ordering anything besides "spaghetti or mostaccioli" George remembers that Vincent once ate ra [...]

How does a book published in 2011 manage to read this out of touch? Bugliosi sets out to firmly carve out a middle path between hardcore theists and atheists, but only attacks one at a time and only with arguments belonging to the other side. Aside from a few statements where Bugliosi lays out the logic of an agnostic stance (which I do agree with) this book seems more like several opposing essays mashed into one binding, one from an atheist, and one from a theist, and neither of them very well [...]

"You know, the atheists, who not only believe but know there is no God are just as silly as those who seem to have no doubt that there is." p. 4"One doesn't have to beg a good being to be good, one only has to ask a bad being to be good. No? Since the devil is the bad guy, isn't he the one we should be begging for mercy?" p. 6"If anyone was ever in the corner of a murderer it was God with Simpson." p. 8"If a man partakes of a cup of liuid froma large barrel and it tastes to him like a certain, d [...]

Someone avoided some very basic definitions and premises to spew a narrative that is on the logic level of a Ken Ham or Ray Apple. Hard to finish as he is trying so hard to change the definitions 1984 newspeak style to make his position easier to defend. As an owner of an Oxford Dictionary, I of course must reject his premise, and point out why it is wrong and why it makes this book difficult to read without going on a seven, perhaps eight state shooting spree. Utilizing the logically false idea [...]

CAN I GET AN AMEN.“How can such numbing, staggering stupidity continue without end?”—page 197Vincent Bugliosi’s rant entitled ‘Divinity of Doubt: The God Question,’ is a pretty remarkable book. After reading just the first sixty pages or so, though, that’s nothing at all like what I was thinking. Instead, I felt compelled to draft a rather scathing review, headed: LAWYERLY TWADDLE, ante up a one-star rating, and postulate that, “Were I in the jury box while he made these argument [...]

Vincent Bugliosi, the attorney that prosecuted Charles Manson, details here the major differences between the believers, agnostics, and athiests. He cites all the inconsistencies contained in the bible and dispels the notion that God is a caring and kind God. His ability to hold up to believers, Christians in particular, their hypocricies of what they choose to believe based on their own personal beliefs; another words: they pick and choose passages in the bible in order to suit their own selfis [...]

I expected the book to be more on agnosticism, but the Divinity of Doubt was mostly a polemic against Christianity, it also contained a brief section where he expressed his doubts concerning evolution which guaranteed his target audience would hate the whole book. It definitely was a mixed bag; sometimes it seems he did his research, so to accurately represent what he would then ridicule; pointing out absurdities and bad logic within mainstream Christian doctrines. Other times, especially when t [...]

REVIEW FROM AN AGNOSTIC: I can't say I've ever written a book review before, but this book without a doubt deserves one. Throughout the course of the book I was teetering between two stars and three stars, but what pulled it over to three stars was it's entertainment value because in that sense it is a fun book.Pros: Entertainment value, a few interesting points to look into: (virgin birth, immortality of the soul, unknown author of the Torah, Jesus suffering from delusions of grandeur, social d [...]

"It's hard to know what to say about this book: I agree - most of the time - with Bugliosi's position on this subject. But, as with his Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder, this comes off as an unorganized rant that is made all the worse because he constantly claims other people - in this book, philosophers no less - are incapable of reasoning like he is, and then he makes ridiculous, irrational arguments, sometimes of the exact kind he is criticizing. And this experience is maddening for a [...]

What a lack luster book. It was okay for the fact that actually made stronger and more gnostic in my atheism. Shortly after reading this I even dropped the agnostic label completely. No more agnostic atheism for me, just pure atheism. I will even say with boldness that there is no god. That is how effective this book is at making its case. The chapter on evolution I had to skim, he clearly needs to stick to his law stuff. It was dreadful, almost put the book down. Glad I didn't though his chapte [...]

Lawyer Bugliosi puts faith and atheism on trial, and moves for conviction on both in favour of agnosticism, an admission that no one really knows if there is a god or not. His attacks both on religious belief and atheism are both enthusiastic, and while his scathing attacks on religion gouge deeply and to the numbering of many pages, his assault on atheism is much less powerful. As Bugliosi himself admits, he's not exactly a physicist or a biologist and his poor grasp of physics and evolution le [...]

The author was so pompous I couldn't bring myself to finish. He tries to come across as an expert in everything, but instead comes across as an ass.

Divinity of Doubt: The God Question is a laughably bad book. You have to hand it to Vincent Bugliosi (an attorney known for his prosecution of Charles Manson) though, he's not afraid to put his breathtaking ignorance right out there in the open for all to see. Part of the problem seems to stem from his boastful assertions that he doesn’t own or know how to use a computer. It’s a shame; the Google could have saved him from some deeply embarrassing moments. Anyway, let’s jump right in and ad [...]

In my opinion Bugliosi ranks as one of the best true crime writers we have, but I cannot say the same about his venture into the genre of religion. Unfortunately I can only recommend this particular book as kindling for your fire. I’m not sure why Bugliosi thought he had something fresh to say in this book that has not been said before. There is nothing new under the sun in this one. Indeed, it shows a good deal of ignorance on Bugliosi’s part in the areas of philosophy, science, history, t [...]

Bugliosi tackles his most difficult topic yet, sure to face the ire of many, when he argues against the existence of God and all that is Christianity. Taking a highly legalistic and academic approach, he presents strong arguments, providing proofs at every turn, to turn Christianity on its head and dismiss the rational belief in its tenets, as well as the possibility of God's being. Giving credence to the silliness of both theism and atheism, Bugliosi argues that nothing makes sense, even if Chr [...]

I was surprised I liked this book considering I can't stand Vincent Bugliosi. Bugliosi is a member of the American communist party, reason he garners so much press for the Manson trial he's famous for was the ultra-left panicked when Manson espoused racist views and tattooed a swastika on his forehead and they were afraid the hippie movement was going to turn into a fascistic nazi hate groupd considering most of them were stoned out of their minds that might have happened. So the irony a man who [...]

In search of good agnostic philosophy I tripped against the bookshelves and Bugliosi’s Divinity of Doubt fell into my basket. I wish I had noticed it before I hit the check-out counter. It’s, well, pretty lousy and I could have saved fifteen bucks.Vincent Bugliosi is a famous, high-profile LA attorney whose success cannot be tied to his ability to make a well-reasoned and cogent argument. And maybe that’s not the purpose of this book. He pokes hard at atheists and theists and hardest by fa [...]

I could probably give this 4 stars, but perhaps I'm becoming a bit jaded to these religious polemics. It's sad that I waste my time and somehow perversely enjoy seeing an author rip up illogical and irrational belief systems.This book is almost exclusively a shredding of Christianity and a lot less an argument for agnosticism. I was curious to learn how an entire book could be written on agnosticism because it seemed impossible. My impressions may have been correct, as the author spends the bulk [...]

This book was OK. Bugliosi makes a great case for agnosticism, but he makes himself out to be a mere "fence-sitter," while claiming that theists and atheists all got it wrong, or are too extreme in their beliefs. Granted, I can identify with being an agnostic -- claiming that I don't know if God exists or not -- but I try to remain consistent. At one point early on in his book, Bugliosi slips when he mentions the devil and then in parentheses says that he doesn't believe in the existence of the [...]

I am a fan of Mr. Bugliosi, I enjoy his writing style. Every book of his that I've read, Outrage, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder and Reclaiming History. That being said I picked this book up with great anticipation. Religion alone is difficult enough topic to take on let alone trying to prove or disprove one's point on it. I can appreciate that Mr. Bugliosi tried to argue that all sides of religion with Agnosticism being the most valid (which I agree). However it seems what could b [...]

This book is written by an agnostic, so if you are weak spiritually, intellectually or never ponder the philosophical God, this is not a book for you. The author presented his arguments well. The questions are valid; the answers we offer are short on logic and full of contradiction. The author’s problem is he does not distinguish between the self-appointed God brokers and God the deity. There is a significance difference between the deity and methods we use to sell God’s existence. Most argu [...]

My rating for this book is a very weak 3 starsy because I DO like a lot of what he had to say and found myself agreeing with the author on a lot of different points; there were a few ideas he expressed that were long held beliefs of mine that I had a hard time expressing and I found it exciting to read about them and identify them through this book.Now, that is about the only positive thing I can say. You can tell that this book is written by a lawyer; I appreciate the logic used and it does mak [...]

This was an interesting read as it was a look at faith from an agnostic perspective. I respect that author's conclusions in regards to agnosticism as he admits that the evidence is uncertain and that he is unwilling to consider having 'faith' as an option. That's a tough spot However, the book was a little weak in that it was largely a biased opinion piece despite the stated authorial intent to be objective. He presented some things in a fair and balanced approach but in other matters of faith w [...]

As an almost-agnostic, I think the the author makes a lot of valid points. That being said, you have to search for the good points and arguments through the personal insults (of both religious and atheistic figures) as well as the ridiculous mocking he does of organized religion. If you want to convince someone to come to your point of view, you have to do so in a way that isn't offensive. On a side note, whoever edited this book did a very poor job. There were many typos, misspelled words, gram [...]

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