How to Live Without Fear and Worry

K. Sri Dhammananda

How to Live Without Fear and Worry

How to Live Without Fear and Worry

  • Title: How to Live Without Fear and Worry
  • Author: K. Sri Dhammananda
  • ISBN: 9789679920482
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback

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Book by Dhammananda, K Sri

Recent Comments "How to Live Without Fear and Worry"

In my opinion this book is very inspiring, motivating and calming Food for my soul.Recommended for anyone who has interest in buddismbut I think anyone could read this.

I originally heard about this book in a talk given by the Buddhist monk Ajahn Brahm on fear. The bottom line in that talk was that fear is generated from considering that you may lose something you are attached to. In his talk Ajahn Brahm mentioned having read this book. Brahm also mentioned that Venerable Dhammananda after a lifetime of being a Buddhist monk, merely laughed when his doctors told him he had cancer.The book didn't have too much directly to say about fear. From Ajahn Brahm's talks [...]

This is a nice book about some Buddhist principles on how to lead a happy, fulfilling life. Some of the text is repetitive but overall I enjoyed reading this little book. I took extensive notes and even copied down a few of the parables which I wanted to remember for later. I'm going to leave the book unrated here because I'm feeling mindful that things are what they are and comparing them to other things may not respect their uniqueness and everything they have to offer. I feel like it would be [...]

Great book, very inspirational, uplifting and overall good for the soul. I enjoyed reading this before bed. This book isn't about Buddhism perse; it's advice for the reader from a Buddhist point of view. I really admire the philosophy of all beings being equal and non-judgement of others, and peace. If everyone read and took this book's advice, the world would be a better place

This is a solid book filled with advice and wisdom. It certainly says things I agree with. If anything, it may be short on explaining how to do what it says.Our minds are full of stories we tell ourselves. I find it useful to look for positive stories to tell myself. My hope is always that some of them will stick.

This is a very good book. I personally feel touch after reading this book.

All in all, inspiring, calming and motivating. For somebody who is new to Buddhism, one can learn a bit more about the Buddha and His path to Enlightenment. I wish that the book stayed more on a subject of fear and worry, than going into for example, relationships. Although there are some sound advices there, you can feel that the book and author's viewpoint are kinda outdated in 2018 and that rubbed me in a wrong way, hence only 3 stars. Still, I'm grateful for overall wisdom from this book.

First time this book hard copy i read in 2010 in one shot, means i couldn't put book a side for a moment. This book is not only mind changing, but it can change one's entire life positively. Yes! of course, one can find each and every answer for question what ever they may have about their life.

This is a free book distributed at a local buddhist temple and was printed with private donations probably in Malaysia. There is no ISBN number.I have never met the Venerable, but have listened to a few lectures on audio by him and I understand that he was very well respected in Singapore and Malaysia. He passed away in 2006.In this book, he shared from the Buddhist perspective on the source of worry and practical approaches how to overcome controlling anger, selfishness, managing criticism, and [...]

This free book was given to me by the local Buddhist temple. The inside cover says "This book is not to be sold - For free distribution only". So if you don't live near a Buddhist temple you could probably Google for a free copy on-line. Or go to and find a used book for $1.99. Here's the ISBN 967-9920-48-8.Sample of the contents below - - A difficult situation can be handled in two ways; we can either do something to change it, or face it. If we can do something, then why worry and get upset o [...]

This book and Good Question Good Answer were the two books that set me on my journey of Asian Philosophy exploration. Short and simple. Simple. Profound.

Instead I would recommend it to those who acknowledge that fear and worry exist, and that we can channel those emotions into motivation so powerful that it surpasses our hopes of living without and encourages us to just live.

simple and helpful book, one of the best book that i have ever read

A practical book to help the mind rid of negativities that cause mental suffering. It helps develop Right View and Attitude for mental peace and happiness.

good motivation :)

good books

i'm only halfway through with this book, and i haven't continue reading iti got this book when i was in college, my professor gave it to me

whenever I am depressed or worried, I will read this book and it helps to free from all the worriesi have recommended it to some of my friends and all like it.


I'm only a few chapters into this book, however it's filled with the most words. If you're looking to find yourself, you may just find it in this piece of literature.

good book


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