Three Sinful Wishes

R.G. Alexander

Three Sinful Wishes

Three Sinful Wishes

  • Title: Three Sinful Wishes
  • Author: R.G. Alexander
  • ISBN: 9780425241110
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback

In hot and steamy Sedona, Arizona, three women are about to be granted their most intimate desires Dani, Bailey, and Kaya think they know what they want from life success, independence, and a gorgeous man to share their beds but when they perform an old wish making ritual together, each of them gets a sinful surprise In these three interrelated love stories, these womIn hot and steamy Sedona, Arizona, three women are about to be granted their most intimate desires Dani, Bailey, and Kaya think they know what they want from life success, independence, and a gorgeous man to share their beds but when they perform an old wish making ritual together, each of them gets a sinful surprise In these three interrelated love stories, these women discover that two is companyd three is even better.

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Alyn's review posted on Guilty PleasuresEver wonder what happens when you wish on a falling star in the Sonoma Desert? If you do, do you know what you would wish for? If your answer has anything to do with sexy encounters of the threesome kind, then this book is a wish come true. R.G. Alexander has created not one, but three beautiful and magically erotic stories that will have you peering out your window at night looking for that falling star to make your sexiest wishes come true. SINFUL DESIRE [...]

"Make a Wish, Butterfly Maiden." If only it were ever that simple.

Three Sinful Wishes is my first read by R. G. Alexander and I really enjoyed it! It’s written in three short stories, each focusing on one couple (or threesome), but the characters and stories flow very well together and feels more like a novel with really long chapters. Dani, Bailey and Kaya are good friends who live in Sedona, AZ. Each of these women has issues that they are dealing with in their personal lives-Dani is trying to escape her past, Bailey is searching for a home and belonging, [...]

Three Sinful Wishes is an erotic romance anthology centered around three friends who make a wish on falling stars. Dani, Bailey and Kaya wish for their inner-most erotic dreams to come true.Sinful Desires - Liam and Dani are best friends. He helped Dani when she was at her most vulnerable. Liam is in love with Dani and wants to take their relationship to the next level but is afraid that by confessing his feelings, he will lose Dani forever.I liked the friends becoming lovers aspect of this stor [...]

Book review reposted from my Smitten with Reading blog.My Review:I really, really liked the way that this book was written different and so creative. By definition, this book is an anthology. There are three different stories within it, but all three stories are written by the same author and they all feature the same group of friends and same flowing timeline. The book is full of Indian magic, lore, and a few paranormal twists well as some truly hot menage scenes and gorgeously romantic story l [...]

Reviewed by IvelisseBook provided by author as giftWe all have wished on those shooting stars, but we never expect those wishes to come true. When three friends Dani, Bailey, and Kaya wished on a shooting star they knew what they wished for would never come true…especially since they all wished for threesomes.The first story is about Dani and Liam, who have been friends for a really long time. She doesn’t want to ruin the friendship by going beyond the point of no return but with help of mys [...]

Three Sinful Wishes by R.G AlexanderParanormal Romance - June 7th, 20114 1/2 starsThree friends each wish for some hot man love and get more than they dream in this steamy anthology.Sinful DesiresDani doesn’t realize how much her roommate Liam loves her until an incident with a spider in her shower turns into a heated exchange she can’t forget. But she worries that crossing the line will ruin their wonderful friendshipSinful SensationsBailey’s outrageous flair and scantly clad self certain [...]

Ever wished upon a shooting star? Ever had those dreams come true? For Dani, Bailey, and Kaya their wishes do come true even if it’s not the ways they always dreamed. When these three friends have a night of sangria and wishful conversation they never knew it would lead to their dreams coming true. It’s so hard to read Dani’s story without bringing a tear to your eye. She’s had a frightening past that she wants behind her but it’s so hard to trust again. Liam, her best friend, has love [...]

Originally reviewed at AsianCocoa's Secret Garden4.5 StarsThree best friends get together and inadvertently make wishes during a shower of falling stars. In the following weeks, one by one each of them is granted their most carnal wish. I really enjoyed everything about Three Sinful Wishes. The setting of the Sedona desert made me want to move there. I liked all of the main and secondary characters. The three stories blended well together. Each story had all three women working through their own [...]

Three novellas, each about one of three friends living in Sedona. Dani, Bailey, and Kaya couldn't be more different on the outside, or more fast friends--on a girls' night in, they wish for independence, success, and gorgeous partners for extracurricular activities. They are shocked when their wishes are surprisingly granted in ways that satisfy their hearts as well as their desires.In turns sweet, mysterious, wistful, and fun, RG Alexander's interconnected stories are a delight to read. They sh [...]

This is the first book I've read from R.G. Alexander, and I really liked it. I think I'll be reading more of her books soon.All three stories are great but my favorite one is Dani and Liam's story; it's also the sweetest out of the three. When it comes to hotness, my vote is on Bailey's story. ;)

As always a great Rg Alexander sexy story Thanks Rg

simply fab . Loved this book . A must read for any menage fan

also very hot!

Loved it!

Trade Paperback

THREE SINFUL WISHES by R. G. AlexanderSinful DesireSinful SensationsSinful PleasuresI thought all three stories were just okay. The description of the book I am listing below is from the back jacket of the book. I'm adding it because I believe the one on the page does not depict these stories. When Dani, Bailey and Kaya get together for an unusual girls night, they wish on a shower of falling stars and soon find their most erotic dreams coming true. In Sinful Desires, magic is in the air when a [...]

Three Sinful Wishes is three short stories that are all tied-in together. These stories evolve around Dani (who is running from her past), Bailey (who puts up a strong front but really just wants someone to take care of her), and Kaya (who doesn't want to be held responsible for other people's mistakes any longer). While hanging out one night, the three women make wishes at the same time, some out loud and some secretly. Each story is their wish coming true. I am really surprised at how much I l [...]

I've read R.G. Alexander before and was excited to pick up this book, all the more so because it contained three connected novellas. I got to get my fix of the characters without hunting down any other books. And even though I managed to devour this book in one sitting, I like the shorter length of novellas which allows me to read a full, complete romance without feeling like I've neglected my lengthy to-do list. Don't get me wrong, if you want a hot read filled with engrossing, interwoven tales [...]

Meh.This book includes three stories, which made each individual story a bit short with no character development or establishment, and lots of insta-love. The relationships and romance lacked depth and I didn't get a right feel for the character either.The book makes a point that love from having wishes come true is twue wove and people who meet via online dating are likely psychopaths and the people who meet psychopaths instead of finding their twue wove via magical, Native American mumbo jumbo [...]

3.5 stars

I really enjoyed the first story. The second was okay, but the third was rather disappointing.

This is an anthology with 3 interconnected stories. I thought characters were well flushed out and plotted (for novellas).

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