By Order Of The President

W.E.B. Griffin

By Order Of The President

By Order Of The President

  • Title: By Order Of The President
  • Author: W.E.B. Griffin
  • ISBN: 9780515139778
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback

When a leased Boeing 727 is violently hijacked from Angola and flown to parts unknown, the President turns to an outsider Major Carlos Guillermo Castillo for answers A pilot, West Point graduate, and veteran of Desert Storm, Castillo has a sharp eye for the facts and the truth behind them In Africa, he is helped and hindered by unexpected allies and ruthless enemies,When a leased Boeing 727 is violently hijacked from Angola and flown to parts unknown, the President turns to an outsider Major Carlos Guillermo Castillo for answers A pilot, West Point graduate, and veteran of Desert Storm, Castillo has a sharp eye for the facts and the truth behind them In Africa, he is helped and hindered by unexpected allies and ruthless enemies, and begins to untangle a plot of horrific dimensions a plot that, unless Castillo acts quickly, will end very, very badly.

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This book is pretty awful. Tom Clancy gave it a good review and I love Tom Clancy, but this was a waste of time. Two significant men in my life are both total military/aircraft nuts. I thought plowing through it would give me something to talk to them about. Riiightttt! I talked about how awful the book is. Three things made it bad. 1) The main character is a James Bond 007 type that has women dropping their panties for him everywhere he goes. His call-sign is "Don Juan." 2) The lead female char [...]

I think this whole book could probably be summed up by the thoughts that went through my head the moment I finished this book. "Wait . . at's it! You've got to be kidding me! What was the point!"The book is the type of literature I would expect to read if I had taken a decent plot and given it to a computer programmer to create a book with . . . i.e. the prose is flat, business-like, and un-engaging, leaving you with a book that never really goes anywhere. What a shame.

The intriguing military story of Carlos Castillo is one I could not put down. The military style of the book is great and gives a background for those who have no earlier experience. The writing includes not only what people are saying but also their inner thoughts. This book has many twists and turns that carry the reader throughout the story.In this book a 727 is hijacked in Africa and the President is worried about what might happen to it. He sends Carlos Guillermo Castillo out to find out wh [...]

Castillo One: The Missing 727 and the Liberty Bell Caper. An abandoned 727 is stolen in Angola, setting off a mad dash to find it fearing its possible use in a terror attack. A former Delta Miller, masquerading as a military attache, sends the flare to CIA and is almost immediately stomped. As no intel agency can find the plane, the President gets pissed and asks his old buddy Matt Hall, Homeland Security Secretary, to find a sleuth to check out his intel apparatus and report back. Hall taps Cas [...]

I adopted the following rule: “Must be drawn into a book within the first 10%”. If after reading 10% I still don’t “fall in love” with it, I dump it. This book falls into that rule. The beginning was very promising. 100% of action. But then it became some kind of describing the Military structure. What for ??? , and why so many pages?On top of that our author introduce us to about 70 names. Who can remember so many characters? Oh Yes. There is that main hero, have a long conversation [...]

Love Charley Castillo!! What a great character--made better by side kicks Fernando Lopez, Dick Miller, and Betty Schneider. As I listened to this story there were several times I laughed out loud because of the antics of these main characters. A great listen, even though the ending was a bit anti-climatic for me. Looking forward to listening to the next story in the Presidential Agent series to see what Charley is up to next (and hoping to see a connection between Betty and Charley)! Dick Hall w [...]

This is one of the best fulfilling novels I have had the pleasure to come across. 10 of 10 stars

A good story. I like the use of foot notes instead of always trying to explain the technical details in the story.

I hate, hate, hate giving up on books, but that’s what I have to do with “By Order of the President”. To begin - the backstory. I’d never read a W.E.B. Griffin book before, though I’d heard of him. Apparently, he’s written a shit-load of books. There are a couple of reasons why I selected this one for reading. First and foremost, it was the only novel of his at the bookstore that, I think, was book one of a series. Secondly, it had to do with a terrorist plot in Africa, which was the [...]

I thought this was a book I had missed out from later in the series, but it turns out to be the very first one of The Presidential Agent series. Having read five other novels in the series already in disorganized order, beginning with a paperback I picked up when I had to spend an hour waiting for my car to be serviced some years ago, I found it interesting to get the beginning straightened out in my head!The novel begins when two hijackers steal a 727 in Angola and then disappear. Various gover [...]

This is an exciting book that introduces Charley Castillo, who becomes the presidential agent hero of this series. I sort of goofed by reading the second novel of this series first and this book gave me a lot of background information to set up this series. The back story is interesting and we get an insight into the intelligence community that appears to be an accurate and realistic depiction of how all these groups work together, or not.Castillo is more interesting in some ways than James Bond [...]

I really enjoyed this book. It was fast action and really I had to re-read some pages to make sure I got everything. I'm not a super fast reader, but if I find a book I really like, I can't put it down until it's done. This book was like that. (But I'm partial to Griffins books/series)Yes, he's a play boy, and yes he's military man I love that. I needed a fast action one. I love Griffins' knowledge of everything military and all the way up through the Presidency. Also, he always brings in a smal [...]

I really enjoyed Mr. Griffin's writing. You start out with action that is central to the book then you learn some about the main character through different people and even flashbacks to previous events. What impressed me the most was that his details do not weigh down the action. I also applaud the sense of humor he allows the characters to show. I would warn that some might consider this a Men's Adventure book because of the language used. There are also some terms being used that some may fin [...]

I read this to hold up my end of a deal with my dad. To its credit, the story is paced well and (some of) the characters are endearing. It was a very easy read.I'm troubled, though, that Griffin's characters so frequently and nonchalantly mock homosexual behavioral stereotypes and use derogatory terms for racial/religious groups. He also uses hyphens with reckless abandon. I wouldn't read another of his books for these two reasons. The LA Daily News calls Griffin the poet laureate of the America [...]

Though I've read all of Clancy and a number like him ( Coonts, Coyle, etc) this is my first W.E.B. Griffin read. I enjoyed the book but I was left with a nagging feeling that I've read this somewhere before. Anyway, it's good read. Not as realistic as Clancy but the characters are nicely drawn, slightly larger than life. The threat seemed muted, which is actually OK. Every threat doesn't have to end with world annihilation like Clive Cussler prefers. I'm adding the other President agent novels t [...]

An excellent series for anyone who's:a) served in the militaryb) served on Fort Braggc) just likes to see Soldiers mix it up!I find Griffin a little technical at times in a way that may lose a reader who's never served in uniform, but fortunately I'm a veteran (and autistic enough) to fall into the details pretty well. I felt like I learned things in this series--in addition to being thrilled and amused--and think anyone who's into military stuff would enjoy this series. My fellow Fort Bragg vet [...]

Not my style of writing. Very little depth to the characters and way too much time spent on insignificant stuff that didn't really move the story along. I almost quit on several occasions. Most of the book entailed the characters travelling between and attending meetings. There were some chapters containing historical background of the characters which was interesting but the only action in the book was a few pages at the book's start and end. Blah! I probably won't bother with another book from [...]

If you read much W.E.B. Griffin you know his main characters are cut from the same cloth: rich and handsome, defying the expectations of the social elite class.What I like about his books is they take me places, make me be a spy, marine, soldier, police officer. I have read all of his books, he has a template and follows it every time. There is a tendency to develop characters and then leave them hanging with no resolution.This military action story feature Carlos "Charlie" Castillo who is allow [...]

Great fast paced adventure that moves from continent to continent in the search for a stolen 727 jet. The hero, Major Charley Castillo, is well written and the amount of humor in the book is refreshing in the usual dour world of intelligence gathering. It has me in stiches in several places! Plus the action in the climax is done with the proper amount of pace and excitement. Looking forward to reading more in the series!

For a long road trip, I got the first two in this series to listen to. The language was too foul for my taste. Having said that, the story itself was entertaining enough. Although I will not read the rest in the series.

A good book, like all Griffin stories. He is heavy on details, but ties them in very nicely you just have to be patient. I've enjoyed all the Griffin books, especially "The Corp", being a Jar Head myself.

Ordered to readIf you are a W.E.B. Griffen fan , you will not be disappointed. His knowledge of the workings of the military, and his attention to detail, his character development, and plot development carry you on a adventurous ride from beginning to end.

If you have any military experience you will like this book.Fast moving and well paced. Characters are well written and the plot is very suspenseful. It keeps your attention all the way thru.

Enjoyed this, especially once it got into the meat of the story.

Entertaining! Will read more of this series.

Fourth and final W.E.B novel. Not a fan, tried but his winded style bores me to death.

Good read

I enjoyed the author's "The Corps" series and thought I would give this one a try. I was very disappointed. One of the things that make a book like this work, at least for me, is confidence that the author has done his homework. In this case that means he has done some research on the military, intelligence community and foreign policy organizations. I was shocked right off the bat when Griffin got almost all the military organization facts wrong. First Angola isn't in CENTCOM's territory it's i [...]

This book is the first in the series about Charlie Castellio, a super-hero kind of guy that we all wish actually existed and worked to save us all. The story line was interesting, and moved right along. In fact, it jumped around a little too much for my tastes. My complaint with this one is the absolute lack of any resolution of the many point of the plot--in fighting and territorialness in the various intelligence agencies in the USA. The main point of the book was that good ole Charlie/Carlos [...]

This book is the first in the Presidential Agent series and would be classified as military mystery fiction. I've never read anything by Griffin before, but we have lots of male customers who swear by him. As I had recently started reading Tom Clancy (fast and enjoyable read, but not the greatest literature in the world), a couple told me that I should check into Griffin. I've been reading military non-fiction books so I thought "sure, I'll try him", but not expecting anything special. Oops, my [...]

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