The Counterfeit Marriage

Joan Wolf

The Counterfeit Marriage

The Counterfeit Marriage

  • Title: The Counterfeit Marriage
  • Author: Joan Wolf
  • ISBN: 9780451138064
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback

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WITH THIS RAGE I DO THEE WED Enchantingly beautiful Catherine Renwick had good cause to despise darkly handsome, insufferably arrogant James Pembroke, Earl of Allandale.It was this deplorable man who on a night of wild debauchery caused Catherine to be abducted and brought to him at a country inn It was he who took her virtue by force, and left her threatened with dis WITH THIS RAGE I DO THEE WED Enchantingly beautiful Catherine Renwick had good cause to despise darkly handsome, insufferably arrogant James Pembroke, Earl of Allandale.It was this deplorable man who on a night of wild debauchery caused Catherine to be abducted and brought to him at a country inn It was he who took her virtue by force, and left her threatened with disgrace.True, he now was willing to make amends by giving her his name in marriage And equally true, she had no choice but to accept But Catherine was sure that nothing in the world could erase her hatred for him or her horror of his embrace.Catherine was an innocent no longer yet she had so much to learn about love and the maddening deceptions of the heart.

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A bodice ripper that suddenly and incongruously develops the soul of a Regency moc-romance!The story is as per the blurb but minus the said ‘rage’ and ‘hatred’. (No strong emotions for this book, thank you very much!)And it was rape (no hiding behind ‘forced seduction/reluctance’).And then they marry and start co-habiting peacefully!*Spoilers some*On seeing her for the first time (after his drunken brutalizing of her) the H has this to say/think– "Christ!" thought Allandale hilario [...]

Nothing special here. Although, some LOL moments I must quote.Allandale was the biggest thing to hit London since Byron. What's that? Oh, sorryfatality. I've injured myself yawning.I did find it remarkable, that the first week she's relocated into the rapist's clutches, all compromised and all-- she's immediately happy. Yes. Happy."She realized, with deep surprise, that she was happy."And this one, that tops 'em all off:"Christ!" thought Allandale hilariously. "To think I raped that and was too [...]

The heroine of this book gets raped by the hero while he was drunk and he thought she was a paid local village girl. She has laryngytis and can't tell him differently. The next morning he is accosted by her father. They agree that he will return and marry her if she is pregnant which of course turns out to be the case. They marry and later fall in love. The baby is born and they seem set to be happy. Problem is she is scared of the marriage bed. He is all angsty because of course it is all his f [...]

A heroine struck mute with laryngitis + drunk hero = a mistaken identity story that I want NOTHING to do with.

(view spoiler)[He's a raper and a cheater. (hide spoiler)]

Catherine takes her horse out riding after recovering from an illness when she is attacked by a drunken man who abducts her under the impression that she is a girl his friend/mancrush James Pemberbrook Lord Allandale found attraktive earlier.Unable to cry out because of her sore throat she is taken to the inn where the drunk en man and his friend are staying.She is thrown into a room where she is raped by the Earl.The next day the innkeepers wife finds Catherine huddled outside the room tremblin [...]

Read the summary of the book. Got curious. Started reading the book.Came across this quote in chapter 2: "Christ!" thought Allandale hilariously. "To think I raped that and was too drunk to even appreciate it."WTF?! Closed the book right there and then. The end.

I'm sorry but this book is boring.Considering the terrible thing that brought them together, I was hoping for a lot of angsty drama, especially from Catherine. Yes, the beginning was heartbreaking but then they started to live together, exchange some polite conversation and galloping through James's land suddenly they're BFF.Later, the emotional after effect was catching on them but I already lost interest.Oh, and the political talk. So detail, I applauded the author on her research, but so bori [...]

i found i disliked the book's plot though not the characters. how cud Catherine be so comfortable and feel safe living in the same house as her rapist!? what happened was horrible and unforgivable. if she had been the village servant he thought, wud he have married her!? Allendale's suddenly falling for his wife also did not make sense. a man like him, really!wid the morals of an alley cat! laughable!

synopsis:catherine is alone one night, and is abducted by someone and taken to an inn as sport for james, the earl of allendale. it is a case of mistaken identity, because a serving girl was supposed to have been the person brought to the earl, but the earl doesn't realize that this is not the serving girl, and completes the rape of catherine. when he realizes that she was not willing, and that her family is of good stanging, james offers to marry catherine, which he does. what follows is the st [...]

The guy was in actuality, a really nice guy. He got drunk, he forced himself on a woman who he thought was a whore (but obviously wasn't) and when she ended up pregnant he did the honorable thing. And despite admitting wishing he'd been less intoxicated when he'd raped her, he did honestly feel remorse for his behavior and he wasn't a complete ass. He turned out to be really considerate and affectionate. And her total fear of intimacy disappears just a little suddenly there at the end

I hated this "hero". He was an absolute rapist. This was no bodice ripper type of rape. This bastard actually raped the heroine, who was a total stranger to him. He was a disgusting pig and being drunk during the rape was no excuse. The aftermath of the rape was so sad; I was almost close to tears when the heroine's father was all choked up with anguish at what had happened to his sweet 17 year old daughter. It was nice to see a father during these times who truly loved his daughter.I hated the [...]

I definitely had some problems with this book but in the end I did enjoy it. I love Joan Wolf so I have to take into consideration that this was her first book.

Boring. and. weird. emotionalyweird. and have i said boring? yes. this book bored me to hell.She (chaterine) was forcefully raped when she was horse rideing wearing her "peasant" clothes. the friend of the hero wants to cheer the hero (james) and making his mood better by seacrhing the nearest whore he can use. unfortunately, this man saw chaterine when she was horseriding and unfortunately again, she was having throat problem, thus she cant even voicing any word. when this man just grabbed her [...]

This book is brief and full of cliches, but surprisingly lacking in cheesiness. It has the basic bodice-ripper historical romance tropes: forced to get marriedunsure of each others feelings while madly in lovejealous former suitor of the heroine(second one i've read where it is a cousin they were expected to marry who kidnaps her to force her to marry them. seriously, what's with the creepy cousins?) jealous woman the hero had a fling with who now refuses to move onHowever, I wasn't expecting a [...]

I had high hopes for this but the majority of the story was boring. The beginning and end were good but that's all. Once the incident at the beginning was over with, James and Catherine got along great for the duration of the story. No conflict, no disagreements, no nothing. James is twenty-six and Catherine is seventeen. The story spans just over a year but I don't know what year it begins or ends. When James was sober we were told he was remorseful for what he'd done the night before but I d [...]

Joan wolf is one of my favorite authors. This book takes the hero and heroine through a traumatic sexual encounter. They are forced to marry. Both characters to their credit attempt to make the best of the marriage. Just the right amount of angst. On my keep shelf.

What a drag. It's a miracle I even finished this book.

This isn't a particularly good book. It includes several marginal to improper scenes, and some highly objectionable themes, including rape. Do yourself a favor and don't read it.

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