Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation

Chris White Jamil Zainasheff

Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation

Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation

  • Title: Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation
  • Author: Chris White Jamil Zainasheff
  • ISBN: 9780937381960
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback

A resource for brewers of various experience levels It covers yeast selection, storage and handling of yeast cultures, how to culture yeast and the art of rinsing washing yeast cultures It includes sections on how to set up a yeast lab, the basics of fermentation science and how it affects your beer.

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This is a great resource for the homebrewer and the probrewer. Build a yeast lab! Do it now! The authors explain the science and reasoning for why brewers do what they do with the yeast. It covers a great deal, and as mentioned before chapter 6 is just about setting up your own microbiology lab. The following chapter is a great troubleshooting guide (I have a contamination!?!). The book inspired me to harvest my yeast from an active fermentation and repitch it. That strain is currently on it's 3 [...]

I expected to skim most of this book, reading only a few key passages and then using as a reference book from there on. To my surprise I actually read the vast majority of the book straight through, only skimming the chapter on how to make your own yeast lab. The rest of it I found interesting and surprisingly readable. I learned a lot of good stuff, not only about yeast, but about various other general knowledge items as well.I highly recommend this book to anybody interested in home brewing. I [...]

As with Noonan's New Brewing Lager Beer, I can't help but feel the authors' disappointment in how I brew. But, there is much excellent information here, some of which I actually intend to incorporate into my own brewing. Some of the language is quite technical, and there is much directed to the commercial brewer, but still I expect this to be a book I return to again and again for ideas and troubleshooting.

I was put off by some of the early reviewers of this book, who didn't find it as useful as they had hoped. And, perhaps partly because they had lowered my expectations--but mostly because of what I read in this book--I am overjoyed with what I found.This book divides brewing into two parts: the brew day, which it calls the "hot side" (which it does not really cover), and what happens after you boil your wort, which it calls the "cold side." This is what the book focuses on. It's about yeast, sur [...]

Useful and thorough. The author's credentials are unquestioned, and justifiably so. If you want to know about yeast, there are few people in this world better qualified to provide guidance than the founder of White Labs.Sections explaining how fermentation works, why it's important, and how to choose the right yeast strain are most applicable to homebrewers. Sections on yeast biology, growth, handling, and storage are also of interest but perhaps more useful to professionals.The section titled " [...]

Excellent book on yeast, explains a lot of the science and a lot of the facts about how yeast behaves, how to nourish the yeast, and how to push your brewing to a more serious and professional level pretty essential. Loved it.

Read this as direct prep for opening my now stolen brewery. Useful.

A good book that gives and overview of yeast for the beer brewer.

"Yeast" is a part of the Brewing Elements series, which is currently comprised of "Yeast," "Hops" and a forthcoming "Water" (don't ask me why you'd do "Water" before "Malt", I haven't a clue). "Yeast" was an interesting and useful read- covering some basics on yeast culture and use for best practices like pitching rates, sterile procedures, how to set up a simple yeast lab, etc. Compared to "Hops" I found it a bit lacking. "Hops" was much more readable and much more easy to implement. When I fin [...]

Wow. Everything you could possibly want to know about yeast and fermentation. And not in a non-technical explain-like-I'm-five sort of way -- it's all the real deal, all the microbiology and lab practicals.The first half should be required reading for all brewers. There's just that much good stuff in there about how yeast behave, what they need for nutrition etc and how to get the most out of your fermentation. The bottom half gets pretty technical with all the stuff about setting up your own la [...]

A very detailed and practical insight into the microscopic world of fermentation and its variables. Even if you have a moderate understanding of what yeast does when you pitch it into a batch this book will expand your current knowledge into a detailed and specific comprehension of every step that makes up the fermentation process. Information is very thorough but this book definitely needs a section on how to make your own yeast nutrient & how to culture and develop your own strain for a 5 [...]

I read a book about Yeast. Never thought I would write those words, but I did. You would never know it, but the history behind the discovery of yeast and the connection between Pasteur, yeast, and vaccination is amazing. Without Pasteur, who discovered fermentation process, we literally would not have the modern beer industry. Which could be a good or bad thing when you think about the fact that Zima exists because of Louie Pasteur.

A good book for understanding the role of yeast in brewing. Best targeted at the intermediate to advanced homebrewer and the professional brewer. Portions of the book work best as a reference source and not a “read.” For me it had good data on handling dry yeast, making starter cultures, temperature versus yeast stress, and more than the average amounts of information on why particular off-flavors develop.

This is not exactly a "fun" read, but it is a very educational and informative book on yeast and why it does what it does on its way to making beer so good. It's more a textbook, really. I probably learned a little more than I needed to know - the chapter on setting up a yeast lab, for example - but you can't learn enough about attenuation and flocculation if you ask me.

This book was very interesting. The first half was very helpful in understanding how fermentation happens. The second half was a little out of my league as I don't have the space to setup a yeast lab and do experiments that are needed to make sure your yeast is healthy. That being the case I still am glad I read this book

I have tried to read Fixes' book on yeast and I found this one way more accessible for my skill level. I wouldn't recommend this book to someone that hasn't already had some experience with brewing, but if you have tried to brew a few different beers with a few different yeasts, this is a book for you.

For the more advanced homebrewer, this is a great resource to help you understand what is actually going on in the fermenter. Will make you think differently about the most important process in beer-making.

Some very good information even for an intermediate Brewer. Will be an invaluable resource into the future. Some information may never be relevant for many home Brewers but still a well written book and great addition to the Brewers library.

I really enjoyed this book that was given to me for my birthday. I was a little intimidated at first, but the book is very readable. There is both practical advice for the brewer and background information on the natural process of fermentation.

This is a highly detailed book and is a great reference to keep around if you are beyond a beginner level of brewing. Skip it if you are looking for something fun & light to read while sipping a beer.

Good reference!Very good book, easy to read for scientists and non-scientists, I learned a lot. A few more picture would be nice!

The best book on practical fermentation techniques and troubleshooting.

This is a really good book for home brewers and new pro brewers. Take care of your yeast and they will give you good beer.

If you want to know a little too much about yeast used for brewing this book is for you. They go into the science of how beer is made. If you are a Homebrewer this this is a must read.

Excellent information about yeast for the layperson. It was a great addition to my library.

The writing duo of White and Zainasheff was excellent for the covering of this topic. This book contained way more information than I needed but I am happy that it was in here for me to read.

Great technical book on the ins and outs of yeast. There is a wealth of information here. This is a thick book though and it wouldn't hurt to understand a bit about microbiology before diving in.

"Godisgood" translated for novices.

made a lot of good points and added quite a bit of knowledge to my handling of this important element of brewing.

This book is an excellent reference to the most important component to making beer. The author has a very relaxed style which makes going over the more detailed technical information bearable.

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