The Tin Star

J.L. Langley

The Tin Star

The Tin Star

  • Title: The Tin Star
  • Author: J.L. Langley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Genre LGBT Contemporary WesternJames Killian learns the hard way that smaller towns are full of bigots When he comes out to his father he is not only kicked out of his home but off the Quadruple J where he works as the ranch foreman With nowhere to go and little money, his savior comes in the unlikely form of his older brother s best friend, the man he s been in love wiGenre LGBT Contemporary WesternJames Killian learns the hard way that smaller towns are full of bigots When he comes out to his father he is not only kicked out of his home but off the Quadruple J where he works as the ranch foreman With nowhere to go and little money, his savior comes in the unlikely form of his older brother s best friend, the man he s been in love with for over half his life.Ethan Whitehall is a successful rancher and a well respected man in his community His ranch the Tin Star has been in Ethan s family for generations and affords him a certain prestige and power in the small town he calls home Ethan knows without a doubt that all of that could shatter if his sexual orientation were to ever become public But when he learns his best friend s younger brother s banishment and the reasons behind it, Ethan can t help but get involved He s always had a soft spot where Jamie Killian was concerned, and it may very well be his downfall.

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You would never believe how people(In real life, of course.) reacted when I told them about the concept of this book. They were all like "That's disgusting," "How can you read something like that?" and more horrible comments that are not worth mentioning. Close-minded much? I didn't expect them to be 'understanding' but trash-talking is just mean. Will prejudice against homosexuals ever end? It's sad. (In case you were wondering, I live in Iran.)*Possible Spoilers*People's nasty comments aside, [...]

Reread (Well parts.)One of, if not THE, first m/m book I read. Absolutely filthy. This book taught me about butt plugs, making me wise to the ways of the world.

^^ PLOWING FEILDS ISN'T THE ONLY THING THESE GUYS DO!^^More of my reviews and thoughts on my blog PANTS OFF REVIEWSSo you know I am a huge fan of J.L Langley, her books are all kinds of awesome. While this one not being my fave, it still manages to give me butterflies in the tummy. Its deeply sexual and emotionally rich and I enjoyed it.Jamie Killian decides he is going to be bold and come out to his father and brother, he never expected it to go down the way it did. With his dad throwing him ou [...]

I can't read this book any longer. I don't know if it would improve, but after reading 90 pages and just wanting to put it down the entire time, I'm tapping out. I don't know what my problem is because so many of my GR friends love this story. Something about the author's style just didn't work for me. It was all too tell-y and not show-y enough, there were too many exclamation marks for my liking, and the writing style just felt too young for the subject matter. I didn't like the characters (th [...]

This was a sweet read, with the right amount of angst (not too much, thankfully) to prevent it from being completely unrealistic.Dark-haired, blue-eyed, 21-year-old cowboy Jamie Killian is tired of hiding his sexuality and decides to tell his father he's gay. Unexpectedly (to Jamie), his father not only gets the shock of his life but throws him out of the house. Confused and hurt, Jamie is pondering what to do next when Ethan Whitehall, his older brother John's best friend, offers him a place to [...]

4 StarsThis is the story of how Blue Eyes got his Cowboy (aka the story of how Jamie and Ethan fell in love). *happy sigh*When Jamie Killian comes out to his father and gets kicked off his family’s ranch, he finds refuge at the Tin Star, another ranch nearby, owned and run by Jamie’s brother’s best friend, Ethan Whitehall. Ethan doesn’t think twice about offering Jamie a job and a roof over his head. He’s known Jamie his whole life, and even though Ethan never suspected the younger man [...]

***3 Stars***This was a nice read. I liked it, but nothing really jumped out and wowed me. It had a good helping of steam with an easy, no angst story. Ethan and Jamie's relationship was a little too insta and fast for my tastes, but managed to come off believable. They complimented each other well and really wanted to build a home and life together. There was an ease and comfort in their relationship that was really sweet. The suspense element was weak, and Jamie's dad's behavior felt a little [...]

Ethan is a rancher at the Tin Star takes in Jamie (his friend John's younger brother) when he is kicked out of his house after he tells his father is he gay. Jamie has had a crush on Ethan all his life but never acted on it because Ethan is straight. Right?Ok of course the romantic connection between Ethan and Jamie becomes intense. You keep turning the page to find out the next scene.JL Langley uses every emotion to keep you engaged in the story. Humor, sadness, heated passion, love, and all ar [...]

Unlike this book i will keep my words short. This book had way too much pointless information. it just went on and on about nothing. If you cut out half the descriptive details and pointless shopping trips this would have been a great read. I hope i never read the words "daddy," "Blue eyes" and "My Cowboy" again Overall I did like it but i feel no connection to the M/C's i didn't even care when Ethan got shot. I didn't care when "Blue Eyes" got poisoned and I didn't care about there city council [...]

DNF - I can put up with biologically impossible sex, incorrect STD info, and insanely stereotypical gay men. But The Tin Star was just all kinds of wrong.(view spoiler)[One of my main issues was with the basic premise - gay guy comes out to his entire hick town and then is OMG!shocked! when so many people turn out to be homophobic. Crazy, I know. Maybe some other writer could have pulled this off, but Langley just made all the homophobes 1D devils. I get it: homophobia = bad. But people who are [...]

This ticks all the boxes sexy cowboys; friends to lovers; coming out; David verses Goliath battles to be accepted as gay in a small community James and Ethan were a cute couple who, despite their insta-love plot line, leave the reader satisfied with their HEA the angst is a bit melodramatic but enjoyable to read despite that the secondary characters were fun to read about too this is a fun, easy to read, sexy romp there are some laughs in the mix too highly recommended, especially to read [...]

This is a sad, sad day. It's the first time I have ever shelved cowboys with boring and No. But this was worse than boring it was, just bad. I managed to get to the 35% mark and that was enough. You can see status updates, but what I didn't mention was all times their cocks tented, twitched, hardened, ached, went rigid and leaked when they so much as blinked at each other. The dialog is almost non-existent and when it isn't? These two may as well be 15! I'm horrified that listopia rates this as [...]

This was a bitter sweet story of a cowboy that comes out to his family. He gets kicked out of the ranch, the Quad J, and shunned by his father. He finds a new home on the ranch The Tin Star and finds out that one of the workers there is gay as well. This story had a bit of everything, a little laughter, some saddness, some romance and some hot sex scenes. I hope to read more of Jamie and Ethan.

I'll admit itI don't get it. This book has outstanding reviews, and it so didn't do it for me.Let me start out with what I liked--the namese beginninge first kiss.OK. Hm. Not much there. Now, the things that bothered me:1. Too! Many! Exclamation! Points!2. The internal dialogue sounded identical for Ethan and Jamie. I couldn't tell who was thinking.3. Also, the internal dialogue didn't sound very authentic. Too many "Oh man!"s and "Ah jeez!"es. They sounded like 14-year-old boys. And while I wou [...]

This was a very sweet cowboy story about a young man named Jamie who has had a crush on his older brothers best friend Ethan since he was a kid. When Jamie finally admits to his father that he's gay, his father kicks him out! Ethan agrees to take Jamie in, so he's not on his own. Jamie finds out after moving in that Ethan is gay too, although he isn't out of the closet.Ethan and Jamie are just starting to develop their romance when someone starts threatening Jamie's life!! The two of them have t [...]

Story Rating 4 StarsCharacter Rating 5 StarsRomance Rating 4 starsHeat Level 5 StarsOverall Rating 4.5 StarI really liked this story and loved the main characters. I really loved reading about these two men as a couple and how much they really cared and loved each other. The sex scenes were really hot too.

one day suddenly John, his best friend and son of the neighbouring ranch's owner, arrives half drunk to his house and discloses that Jamie, his 21 years old little brother has told their father that he’s gay, and the only answer he got was being thrown out of his home, with no money, cloths or horse (and for a Texan cowboy this is the real problem). Jamie, the child who followed them in adoration during their young hood rides; blue-eyed, happy-go-lucky Jamie whom Ethan always has seen as his y [...]

I ADORED this book, these men, and their love story! So profound and beautiful!Jamie’s tired of hiding the fact that he’s gay, tells his father, only to be told he no longer has a home-Jacob tells him to “get out.” Ethan Whitehall, his older brother’s best friend, offers him a job and a place to stay at his ranch, the Tin Star. Ethan is also gay, but very few people know his sexual preference and although he doesn’t deny it, he doesn’t live an open lifestyle. They were perfect toge [...]

Found at UBS 06/11/10Okay this book was really difficult for me to rate, I know many of my GRs friends gave this 5 stars,but for me the story just wasn't emotional enough, there was no angst, no 'passsion' between these two, no steam, Jamie jumped Ethans bones within the first 2 chapters and that was it. The story that followed was peppered with hot in between the sheets action but not much else. As most of my GRs friends know I like sometimes dark, sometimes emotional reads, this was fun and th [...]

This was a wonderful story with Cowboys, plenty of steam and two really sweet guys! What more could I ask for!! YAY!! James Killian is a sweet young man who comes out to his dad and then gets thrown off his family ranch. With nowhere to go, he ends up at the Tin Star, the ranch of his brother’s best friend Ethan Whitehall. My heart broke for Jamie, but the courage and strength he displayed kept me cheering him on! I loved Ethan, older then Jamie, caring, supportive and loyal. What I loved abou [...]

This book was fairly awful. A quick read, but all of the guys talked with exclamation points all the time, and it was far too sappy for my tastes.The development of the relationship between the protagonists is severely underdeveloped and goes from, "I never really thought of him that way," to "Wow, he's The One!" in barely the span of a heartbeat. And the family relationships (the supportive ones) all felt a bit too unrealistic, too. I can handle romancey stuff, but it really has to be at least [...]

Man oh Man, or should I say Man on Man. This book was freaking scorchingly hot. There are no words strong enough to do this book justice. LOVED IT!This was my first M/M erotica book and I am hooked on the genre now. This book is an erotica, but the romance was so strong in it that it became my focus. The general love these two shared was so profound and heart-warming that it had me praying for a happy ending for them the whole way through. The romance is beautiful and did I mention the sex scene [...]

The Tin Star has been sitting on my tbr shelf for months. I bought a while ago too and I just never read it. I don't know why. It was sweet. Ethan runs The Tin Star. His lifelong best friend John, also runs a ranch with the help of his little brother Jamie. When John comes to Ethan and tells him that that Jamie came out to their father and their father kicked him off the ranch, Ethan does what you do for friends. He offers Jamie a new job, a new home, a new life and a chance at love. Like I said [...]

Love my cowboys!Jamie octopus and Ethan, sweet cowboy!The most fair appeal of this book is the plausible factor. It was good read a book with simple persons, not connected with gangsters or barely being owners of the world or yet with super powers and spaceships. Just people with their feet on the ground and lots of sweet!But I prefer bitter chocolat. =P What a bitch, I know!I mean, it was sweet, sweet, sweet! I love sweetness and of course is highly recommended! But rewording the Bard of Avon: [...]

Meh. This, no doubt, is a cute story, but it was far too sophomoric for my taste. It read like it was directed at 8th graders.except for the non-stopd I do mean non stopferences to hard-ons. I got sooo tired of reading about how pricks hardened in their pants every time they saw one another, which was often. It seemed to go on for ever about totally pointless crap. I didn't really care much about car-buying phone calls to Jamie's sister. And if I had read one more time about "Blue Eyes" and "Dad [...]

I want to read the second book in the series right away, because as far as m/m romance goes, this probably defines the genre. If I had read it a year ago, I would have probably rated it 4*, but I guess I am in a slightly different place now.I liked the characters, they were good together and even if there was an age gap, Jamie wasn't too childish or puppish, but I never liked the fact he was called "Blue Eyes" by Ethan. It immediately conjured Elton John and that song and it went on for too long [...]

Re Read~~ Yup Still LOVED IT Was Awesome to read again!!I Loved it!!!Ethan and Jamie, were Great!! The secondary characters were awesome too Loved the Romance and the falling in love,I laughed alot, i even cried a little! All in all Really enjoyed myself reading this one.Cant wait to read another J.L Langley book :)"I'm not going anywhere,Cowboy. Not unless you come with me"Every time i herd Blue Eyes, *THUD*"It's more than that Blue Eyes.This not only makes you co-owner and full partner,but if [...]

My first read from J.L. Langley and boy was I impressed. I love sexy cowboys and I also love M/M romances. What do you get when you combine the two? A super hot story is what.I immediately found Jamie so brave when he came out to his family. His dad is a total dick by the way; I couldn't find any redeeming qualities in him at all. Jamie is sweet, innocent and a hard worker and he's had a crush on Ethan forever. So when Ethan steps up and offers him a job and home after his dad kick's him outI di [...]

My Sweet Garrett's Snowman pick for me, times two. My friends are lending a hand! Buddy Read withAmy, Cat, Dani and Mish.

4.0 StarsJamie is Ethan’s best friend’s younger brother. Jamie’s dad disowns him and kicks him off the Quad J ranch when Jamie tells him he’s gay. Ethan owns the Tin Star ranch and takes Jamie in. Ethan – who is closeted – disagrees with Jamie’s decision to come out. Ethan believes that it only brings heartache and invites problems. Seemingly, he’s right as Jamie and the Tin Star ranch soon come under the attack of vandals and other bigots. Meanwhile, Jamie and Ethan are inexplic [...]

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