Eyes of the Innocent

Brad Parks

Eyes of the Innocent

Eyes of the Innocent

  • Title: Eyes of the Innocent
  • Author: Brad Parks
  • ISBN: 9780312574789
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Hardcover

Carter Ross, the sometimes dashing investigative reporter for the Newark Eagle Examiner, is back, and reporting on the latest tragedy to befall Newark, New Jersey, a fast moving house fire that kills two boys With the help of the paper s newest intern, a bubbly blonde known as Sweet Thang, Carter finds the victims mother, Akilah Harris, who spins a tale of woeCarter Ross, the sometimes dashing investigative reporter for the Newark Eagle Examiner, is back, and reporting on the latest tragedy to befall Newark, New Jersey, a fast moving house fire that kills two boys.With the help of the paper s newest intern, a bubbly blonde known as Sweet Thang, Carter finds the victims mother, Akilah Harris, who spins a tale of woe about a mortgage rate reset that forced her to work two jobs and leave her young boys without child care Carter turns in a front page feature, but soon discovers Akilah isn t what she seems And neither is the fire When Newark councilman Windy Byers is reported missing, it launches Carter into the sordid world of urban house flipping and Jersey style political corruption With his usual mix of humor, compassion, and street smarts, Carter is soon calling on some of his friends gay Cuban sidekick Tommy Hernandez, T shirt selling buddy Tee Jamison, and on and off girlfriend Tina Thompson for help in tracking down the shadowy figure behind it all.Brad Parks s debut, Faces of the Gone, won the Shamus Award and Nero Award for Best American Mystery It was heralded as an engaging mix of Harlan Coben and Janet Evanovich Now Parks solidifies his place as one of the brightest new talents in crime fiction with this authentic, entertaining thriller.

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Excellent Second Effort - 3.5 StarsPosted toThe Literary Lawyer The wise cracking, ultra white WASP who loves pleated slacks is back. He is once again surrounded with a gang of colorful characters from Tommy, the gay Cuban (former) intern to "sweet thang" the young blond intern with ties to the papers and the ability to make a mean loaf of banana bread. While the plot lacked the finesse of the first novel, Eyes of the Innocent is an occasionally humorous crime thriller for any fan of Investigati [...]

3.75 stars rounded upThe stereotype of bubbly-ditzy-twenty-year-old-blonde -- who got into the newspaper business because of her "Daddy" was so, SO VERY annoying!! Plus the blonde girl was called SWEET THANG the whole way through! My patience was running low every single time she talked. I thought the characterizations were worse than Faces of the Gone.Having said that, the mystery was actually better. It started with a burned house that claimed two boys of Akilah Harris. Then it turned out that [...]

Totally enjoyed this 2nd Carter Ross mystery. Carter Ross is an investigative reporter with a local newspaper and once again gets in deep while investigating a fire that burns down a house with two small children in it. The mystery starts with his interview of the mom of the two little boys and it goes downhill from there. A local politician goes missing and is found dead, the paperwork for the burned down house can't be found at the courthouse, the mom of the two little boys disappears's a fast [...]

The central character, Carter Ross, is a Preppy reporter for the Newark Eagle-Examiner. You can't help but fall in love with him: his humble attitude, ethical approach to life, and "Knight in Shining Armor" attitude all contribute to that! I met Brad Parks last year when he rescued our Friends of the Library by filling in as our Weekend with a Writer speaker @ practically the last minute! Brad is so charming, and his writing is so good, it's difficult not to see the similarities between Brad and [...]

I wonder what it would be like if Carter ever met Stephanie Plum?

PROTAGONIST: Carter Ross, investigative reporterSETTING: Newark, NJSERIES: #3 of 2RATING: 3.5Carter Ross is an investigative reporter for the Newark Eagle-Examiner. Although he’s one of the best writers in the office, his assignments are often at the whim of the owner. When a major fire occurs in which two young boys are killed, he’s told to focus on writing about space heaters, although that appliance had no part in the situation. Accompanied by an attractive young intern he is mentoring, L [...]

Many have written a short synopsis of the book already so I want to write what I like about this series. First of all, it is at times laugh out loud funny. Ross Carter is an investigative reporter for a Newark newspaper and his take on daily things is humorous and refreshing. However, he shows himself to be a thoughtful and compassionate person. He doesn't take himself too seriously but does his job very well. When many people would think their job is done, he keeps investigating when something [...]

Definitely liked this book! Main character, Carter Ross, is a newspaper reporter for a largeNewark newspaper and ends up working on a story relating to the death of a city councilman.Colorful characters, good plot. Need to get the rest of the Carter Ross books in my library so I can read them all. As a former journalist may be slightly biased, but who doesn't like a good mystery set in Jersey?!

I found Brad Parks' third Carter Ross book, The Girl Next Door, such a wonderful blend of mystery, humor, heart, and character that I went back to the beginning of the series so I wouldn't miss a thing. It's taking me entirely too long to catch up, but I'm enjoying every page that Parks writes.Interpersed throughout the book are a few short chapters told from the bad guy's point of view, and although they're not entirely necessary, they do show readers just what Ross is up against. We also get a [...]

I think I read this book because some New Jersey magazine recommended it. The story takes place in Newark and the author used to be a reporter in Jersey. For a guy who used to be a reporter writing about a guy who is a reporter, you'd think that this book would be spotless when it comes to punctuation and spelling errors. Not so. Don't have your main character get huffy about a grammar error if you can't fix the errors in your story. I'm a stickler about errors in books, especially because it se [...]

Investigative reporter, Carter Ross is back. Carter writes for the Newark Eagle –Examiner. Carter’s boss wants Carter to write about the dangers of space heaters, after a house fire that killed two young boys. Carter is being paired with the newest intern, Lauren McMillan aka Sweet Thang. Akilah Harris is the boys’ mother. At first glance she seems like a devastated mother but there is more to Akilah than meets the eye. Carter would have brushed Akilah off but when councilman, Windy Byers [...]

Brad Parks delivers a character as funny as Stephanie Plum. Carter Ross, investigative reporter at the Newark Eagle-Examiner, shows up at a house fire where two boys died. At first he thinks this is a tragedy, two kids home alone, single mother working to put food on the table. He meets the boys' mother who should be a professional storyteller for all the lies she weaves.When Ross is assigned a perky, blond intern nicknamed Sweet Thang, he hands her a research project to check out whether or not [...]

I discovered Brad Parks when I won a copy of The Girl Next Door: A Mystery in a giveaway. I really enjoyed it. Once I figured out it was the third book in a series, I got my hands on the first two. The first book in the series, Faces of the Gone, was a bit of a disappointment, but Eyes of the Innocent almost matches The Girl Next Door: A Mystery. It is fast paced and entertaining. The mystery is nothing special but the characters Parks develops are fun even though most of the are almost cardboa [...]

I really enjoy reporter protagonists.I have met this author at Left Coast Crime events and cannot stop myself from picturing him as Carter Ross. The voice of Carter is a delight. He throws in funny observations which I just cannot stop guffawing about.This episode was about the arson of a house with two little boys inside. The investigation also uncovered a city Councilman with wandering sexual appetite and a disreputable local entrepreneur who rehabs and flips houses which include balloon mortg [...]

I liked the first book in the series better, because of the plot, although it was interesting to read in this story about the New Jersey real estate business (to some degree, because it helps to elucidate Donald Trump's business methods). I am still very fond of reading about the investigative methods and interpersonal relations of journalist Carter Ross and his pals at a Newark daily newspaper. Having lived in Northern New Jersey as a high schooler, I also enjoy an adult perspective on what see [...]

Carter Ross has a knack for getting into trouble.As an investigative reporter for the Newark Eagle Examiner, covering crime is part of the job and sometimes, trouble ensues. But when his latest story involves four people found shot in the back of the head in a vacant lot, Carter knows that there's more to the case than the story police are spinning.And what begins as another Jersey-homicide case unfolds into a who-dun-it thriller that takes Carter and readers on a fun-filled journalistic jaunt t [...]

EYES OF THE INNOCENT is the second book in the Carter Ross series after FACES OF THE GONE. Ross is an investigative reporter for the Newark Eagle-Examiner who is ordered by his editor to take another look at the front page story, a house fire that has killed two brothers, Alonzo Harris, age four, and his six year-old brother, Antoine. Editor Szanto was encouraged by editor -in-chief Brodie to have reporter Ross find a connection to a space heater, Brodie’s obsession. Ross doesn’t dispute the [...]

Carter Ross is your average mid 20’s, young guy, except for the fact that his job gets him in situations like no other. Carter is newspaper reporter for the Newark Eagle-Examiner. It all starts when there is a house fire that kills 2 innocent children, this is where the title comes from because those children were innocent and couldn’t do anything to save themselves. Carter and his new intern, a gorgeous, young girl who’s called Sweet Thang around the office are assigned to interview the m [...]

I really enjoyed this book.Eyes of the Innocent tells the story of Carter Ross, a reporter who is assigned a seemingly boring space heater story when a house in the projects of New Jersey burns to the ground. Helping him is the new intern, the blonde and very dumb "Sweet Thang". Together they investigate the story, realizing it is much more than a faulty space heater. This is the first book I have read by Brad Parks, and I was very impressed. The writing style was great, since he was writing abo [...]

Carer Ross is a top notch reporter for the Newark Eag;e-Examiner. He is put on an assignment well below his abilities. It seems that a tragic house fire has claimed the lives of two young boys and his editor wants him to do a story on "space heaters".Making matters worse, Carter is told to take under his wing a new intern, Lauren McMillen. Lauren is a vivacious, bubbly, extremely attractive young lady who is better know as "Sweet Thang".Carter and Sweet Thang, while investigating the fire, find [...]

Carter Ross, WASPy (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) investigative reporter for Newark, New Jersey's Eagle-Examiner, returns in Brad Parks' follow-up to Faces of the Gone. This time, Carter finds himself breaking in a beautiful new intern, known affectionately (mostly) throughout the newsroom as Sweet Thang, as he investigates the cause of a house fire that killed two children.There's a really good mystery here, and Parks is sometimes laugh-out-loud hilarious as the voice of Carter Ross as he digs [...]

Narrated by Macleod AndrewsSeries: Carter Ross, Book 29 hrs and 43 minsPublisher's SummaryCarter Ross, the sometimes-dashing investigative reporter for the Newark Eagle-Examiner, is back, and reporting on the latest tragedy to befall Newark, New Jersey: a fast-moving house fire that kills two boys. With the help of the papers newest intern, a bubbly blonde known as Sweet Thang, Carter finds the victim's mother, Akilah Harris, who spins a tale of woe about a mortgage rate reset that forced her to [...]

This is the second book in the Carter Ross series I had read the third and first ones. They are stand alones (I had read the third one first) so you don't need to read them all or even in order to enjoy this one or the others. It's a fun series.Carter is still a bit of a whiter than white dork with his short side-parted hair, tie and pleated pants.Carter is asked to work with Lauren (aka Sweet Thang), an intern who got her job because her rich father is friends with one of the big bosses at the [...]

i love this series. the reporter goes on a story with a young female intern (young thang) to interview the mom of 2 kids killed in a house fire. due to her loan she had to take 2 jobs, she had no sitter so she locked the kids in the room. when the house caught on fire they coudlnt get outter interviewing he finds out her story may not be true and there is something fishy about the loan, the page is ripped out when they go to check on it. he gets young thangs charm bracelet back from the pawn sho [...]

With the Eyes of the Innocent, Brad Parks continues a journalistic detective series featuring investigative reporter Carter Ross, a witty yet compassionate protagonist. With his inception in Faces of the Gone, Carter has moved from drug-related murders to a tragic case of two little boys, the innocents in this tale, who burned alive in a house fire. While pursuing the house fire story, Ross uncovers a scheme of political corruption that heats up when a Newark councilman is reported missing by hi [...]

I was so excited when I got my hands on the sequel to Faces of the Gone, and happy to report I wasn't disappointed. Parks' protagonist--Carter Ross--is such a likable amateur detective. Ostensibly he's a hard-hitting journalist for the Newark's major daily paper (great sense of newsroom behaviors and environment), but he really just keeps getting into the middle of major crimes--and helping to solve them. Reads exceptionally fast because of tons of dialogue--snappy, self-deprecating, laugh out l [...]

When Carter Ross, a journalist from a local newspaper in NJ, is sent to the scene of the house fire, he got more than he bargained for. For an exclusive, he and his colleague, Lauren "Sweet Thang" McMillan are on the case to cover the story. And this house fire isn't anything but, when two young innocent boys perished in that blaze, they're discover the truth behind Akillah Harris's life before the fire. To top things off, the local Councilman, Wendell "Windy" Byers Jr. mysteriously disappears, [...]

A friend recommended this book to me because she knows that I enjoy a good mystery and because the author, currently a reporter for the Washington Post, was formerly a reporter for the Newark Star Ledger in New Jersey. This book is filled with references to places very familiar and written in the voice of someone who clearly enjoyed the time that he spent living in New Jersey. Since so many who are unfamiliar with anything but the New Jersey Turnpike freely disparage the State, it is always plea [...]

Carter Ross, a reporter for the Newark Eagle-Examiner goes with one of the newspaper interns to investigate the scene of a house fire where two young children were killed. While in the burned out shell of the home he hears a blood curdling scream from his intern. He finds her with a knife against her throat. The person yielding the knife is Akilah Harris, the mother of the two boys who just died in the fire. The plot continues from there as Carter attempts to find out the truth about what or who [...]

This one took us out of the newsroom a bit for a refreshing change. I enjoyed the change of scenery and the quicker pacing. Another enjoyable read.

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