The Gerson Therapy -- Revised

Charlotte Gerson Morton Walker

The Gerson Therapy -- Revised

The Gerson Therapy -- Revised

  • Title: The Gerson Therapy -- Revised
  • Author: Charlotte Gerson Morton Walker
  • ISBN: 9781575666280
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback

Fed Up With Illness Now You Can Overcome It With This Lifesaving Nutritional Program Cancer Hepatitis Migraines Arthritis Heart Disease Emphysema For years, the medical establishment has called these chronic or life threatening diseases incurable But now, The Gerson Therapy R offers hope for those seeking relief from hundreds of different diseases.Juice Your WayFed Up With Illness Now You Can Overcome It With This Lifesaving Nutritional Program Cancer Hepatitis Migraines Arthritis Heart Disease Emphysema For years, the medical establishment has called these chronic or life threatening diseases incurable But now, The Gerson Therapy R offers hope for those seeking relief from hundreds of different diseases.Juice Your Way To WellnessOne of the first alternative cancer therapies, The Gerson Therapy R has successfully treated thousands of patients for over 60 years Now, in this authoritative new book, alternative medicine therapist Charlotte Gerson and medical journalist Morton Walker reveal the powerful healing effects of organic fruits and vegetables Not only can juicing reverse the effects of many degenerative illnesses it can save lives The Gerson Therapy R shows you How to beat cancer by changing your body chemistry Special juicing techniques for maximum healing power How to conquer allergies, obesity, high blood pressure, AIDS, lupus, and other diseases Which supplements will strengthen your immune system How to prepare delicious, super healthy foods using Gerson approved recipes And much This unique resource will help and inspire everyone who has ever said, I want to get well Just show me how The Gerson Therapy R offers a powerful, time tested healing option that has worked for others and can work for you.Charlotte Gerson, founder of the Gerson Institute, is the daughter of Max Gerson Under her father s tutelage, Charlotte learned about the remarkable nutritional therapy that has saved the health of thousands, including Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr Albert Schweitzer, a life long advocate of the Gerson Therapy Charlotte has supervised the training of medical staff at The Gerson Institute and at hospitals licensed to teach the Gerson Institute method She has lectured on the benefits of nutritional therapy at several hundred health organizations worldwide, including The Cancer Control Society, The National Health Federation, and the International Association of Cancer Victors and Friends A staunch practitioner of holistic medicine, Charlotte Gerson is a living testament to The Gerson Therapy s message now in her 70s, she shows no typical signs of aging no osteoporosis, no corrective lenses, no liver spots or wrinkles, and has energy than women half her age Morton Walker, D.P.M is a respected medical journalist with seventy four bestselling health books to his credit, and twenty three journalism awards for his work.He is published in 32 countries, and fourteen of his titles have sold over 150,000 copies In 1992, he received the Humanitarian Award from the American Cancer Control Society, which named him The world s leading medical journalist specializing in holistic medicine Dr Walker has appeared on over 2,000 press interviews, radio programs, and television shows, including Oprah and Live with Regis Kathie Lee.

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The Gerson therapy is said to be effective and its basic premise makes sense: detoxify the body and provide it with nutrients. The former with coffee enemas, the latter with "voluminous amounts" of fresh juices. But it costs more than $5,000 per week, and insurance might not cover it. Of course, some of these things you can do for yourself, at home, once you understand the program. But the full program involves a lot of work, which conflicts with the patient's need for rest. Does healing really [...]

After being exposed to the ugly truth of out food industry it was only natural I was led to the ugly truth of the pharmeceutical industry. This informative study and therapy just pulled back the curtain. There is a lot of nastiness going on under all those happy people on the anti-deppressant ads. The way we are being "cured" by our doctors is strictly business and not in the best interest of our health; it is just to make money. Charlotte Gerson took over the Gerson therapy movement after her f [...]

Alternative Treatment works! Cancer is curable now! Don't be fooled by the medical association/sgo organic and all natural,eliminate sugar,commit to healthy living,cleanse and detoxify your body.Also do the Budwig Cream Dietsit/google utopiaawaits(dot)com and oasisofhope(dot)com

This is a good book for anyone looking for a guide to nutrition when dealing with a serious or even terminal illness. It's heavy on examples and medical language, so it's not a light read. However, it's a great starting point for folks who need to overhaul their eating habits. I know this therapy is controversial, but I picked this book up after hearing from people who've had success with this program.

I am embracing Anti-Cancer as a recreational regime to give my life structure and purpose. AKA curing my future self via prophylactic time travel. Reject the known, embrace the unknown - put tubes up your butt.

a real eye-opener. i dont have a commercial juicer, but even consuming blended fresh organic vegetable smoothies and eliminating dairy is making a huge difference. baby steps

This book is nonsense. It gives patients a false hope, and all of the Gerson Therapy "clinics" take ridiculous amounts of money from desperate people, promising a cure and in reality hurting people.There were PROPER scientific trials and what did they show?Just see:ncbimh/pubmed/20"Despite proponents' claims of recovery rates as high as 70% to 90%, case reviews by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the New York County Medical Society found no evidence of usefulness for the Gerson diet. An N [...]

Self empowering though a bit overwhelming, an option for taking your own treatment for cancer, and many other dis-eases into your own hands through nutrition. So much makes sense it would be impossible to deny that following the Gerson protocol would be health and life changing, but it might also mean hiring a full time juicer, given the amount of glasses of juice you are expected to consume in a single day. I am using this book as reference and have not read it from cover to cover, because of t [...]

The Gerson Therapy is an excellent resource for anyone interested in alternative treatments for cancer. Charlotte Gerson explains how our modern world has become increasingly toxic, why treatments such as chemotherapy fail, and why diet is so important in the healing process. The book contains everything you need to know in order to administer Gerson therapy at home for yourself or a loved one. Even if you don't know anyone with cancer, the information here is crucial for anyone interested in ma [...]

Very interesting. I know it works, but it's really really hard core if you do the entire nutritional and detox protocols. It consists of juicing every hour all day. It's good if you want to try a coffee enema-tells you how to prepare it, etcbut not good on the specifics. If I wanted to try healing this way, I would check myself into a Gerson Center instead of going it alone!

The Gerson Therapy is extremely enlightening and encouraging proving once again that we are what we consume and our general health is in our own hands to a large degree. It's a tough read at times but thoroughly worth it

Very incredibly stringent, but made for those who are sick. I think it would be good to do a lesser degree for those who are relatively healthy but want to be healthier. I may not agree with some of what is touted to be good, but overall an incredible program.

Se solo avessimo saputo !è un testo grossomodo obsoleto. Fa chiarezza sui tumori come se ne doveva fare negli anni '50, o '40, o '30. Al giorno d'oggi è possibile informarsi (e anche molto bene) attraverso internet, che spesso è molto più chiara e meno lacunosa degli oncologi. Propone la terapia Gerson, una delle tante "terapie alternative" per la cura dei tumori; il grosso problema, è che, come ogni genere di testo che si oppone alla medicina tradizionale, pretende di avere la verità in [...]

Amazing book with so much information. Highly recommended for everyone to read.

I found the book really helpful, but I'm having a hard time believing with small sample and anecdotes. I like that it has recipes.

I was very interested in the Gerson Diet and wanted a book that expounded on it. If that is what you’re looking for then this book is for you.This book has a lot of good points, many that I found to be “no brainers” but it is also very repetitive. Basically your body is made up of the material (food) you put into it. If you’re sustaining yourself on toxic foods, then you will be dysfunctional and sick. The Gerson Therapy overloads you with organic “live” nutrients, supplements, and h [...]

Very interesting. I followed it pretty closely for a little over a month. I'm no cancer patient, but I am a type 1 diabetic. Although my insulin levels were reduced, there was no cure obviously. But I mainly attribute the lower levels to the low fat, high fiber aspect of this diet. After I started to re-implement weights into my health routine I quickly became very fatigued despite upping my caloric intake. I needed to reintroduce meat. I now eat clean chicken or fish on days when I lift weights [...]

This was a life altering book, filled with practical and counter intuitive information. While clearly a drastic program, it makes a lot of sense. Since it is a cancer therapy, I plan on rigorously pursuing this path in the event of such a diagnosis. In the mean time, however, I have changed many diet related practices. More specifically, primarily consuming organic raw fruits and vegetables. I don't plan on other practices shared in the book, since I want to learn more.

The Gerson Therapy claims to use an alternative natural way to cure cancer. Which involves coffee enemas, eating organic foods and drinking organic vegetable juice. Would I choose this over poisoning the cells in my body with chemotherapy and radiation? Yes. The human body has a remarkable ability to regenerate and heal itself when it is given nutrient dense foods.

to the extent i have read so far i conclude that this book is very informative on an alternative look at how to approach our own person health. it challenges us to perhaps live against the grain of our excessive culture has come to enjoy. it brings me great joy that this information has a foundation to stand on i just hope the word of it spreads.

Great book. It depicts cancer and other illnesses treatment though use of food and coffee enema and how food affects body chemistry. The book discusses treatment of various health issues, offers recipes and testimonies, and highlights ways to improve our diet.

This book give you precise information on how to fight cancer, diabetes and other debilitating diseases. Not for the mild! You have to be a trooper to follow this prescription. No salt, no pepper, coffee enemas four times a day. Tough stuff!

If you'd like to know what I thought of this book, please contact me directly and I'd be happy to discuss it with you.All the best,- TB

Whatever you may think, this beats the misery of most conventional therapy hands down.

A great book to get you started on Gerson Therapy or just to help you do research.

I didn't read cover to cover just the parts that I was interested in.

i couldnt even finish the book, it was repeating the same!!! It attempts to explain pharmaceutical issues very simplified. no medical evidences at all!

I don't trust this information. Sounds dangerous and really gross.

Fantastic in so many ways. One for everyone to read. Revealing, interesting and encouraging.

Super cool!! Interesting to read the science behind this one. Its an alternative cancer treatment that appears to be successful for the most part. Fascinating.

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