Farewell to Shady Glade

Bill Peet

Farewell to Shady Glade

Farewell to Shady Glade

  • Title: Farewell to Shady Glade
  • Author: Bill Peet
  • ISBN: 9780395311288
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Paperback

Bulldozers push the raccoon and his friends from their home, but they are able to find a new one after a terrifying train ride.

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“Farewell to Shady Glade” is another classic book from Bill Peet and it is about how a group of animals have to move away from Shady Glade in order to find a safer place to live when bulldozers came to tear down Shady Glade. “Farewell to Shady Glade” is a brilliant book about the trials of moving to a new place that children will surely love.Bill Peet’s story about how a group of animals try to find a new place to live is truly touching as the animals try to believe in the hope of find [...]

Back in November, 1988, I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Peet. I was attending a children's book convention in San Diego, California. Bill signed my copy of Farewell To Shady Glade: "To my friends in Mr. Bohnert's class with best wishes."I love the illustrations and the ecology theme of this book. Of the thousands of books in my classroom library, this is the only book that I kept.

When their home is threatened by development, animal friends hop a train and ride until they find a new, unspoiled place to live.Not as preachy as I had feared.

A green Bill Peet story that explores what it is like to be a an animal inhabitant that is facing informal eviction due to destructive approach of mankind's ways. As a way the story allows adults and children to have an introductory stepping stone for green-focused talks and what we can do to our own yards and/or lands to help them seem more friendly to those animals who are looking for a home. Although the topic presented above seems dreadfully dark and a bit boring, Peet was able to put some c [...]

My grandson loves this story. And 25 years ago, my 3 children loved this story. I love this story.Bill Peet started working for Disney in 1937, so by 1966 when this book was published, he was a complete master at personifying animals. This may be his greatest, of many good books. It is vintage Bill Peet: endearingly rendered animals, several trains (a Bill Peet specialty), ugly industrialization and polluted waterways (another recurring Bill Peet theme), and a satisfying story. It’s so touchin [...]

A group of animals have their little habitat destroyed by an expanding city, so they hop a train to find a new place to live. Not near as engaging or imaginative as The Wump World by Bill Peet.Illustrations are okay.

A beautifully written and illustrated children’s book about the problems encountered by wildlife as our cities and towns keep expanding into their territory. It’s a problem I know only too well as we trap possum under our 100+ year old house and transport them up the Mt. Baker highway to the Nooksack River. It’s a trip we make frequently every year. Not too long ago I had just gotten home and pulled my car into the driveway when I looked up to see a mule deer trotting down the sidewalk. Th [...]

Farewell boring kid's books! This is so funny that you may actually enjoy reading to the little kids in your life!

This is my favorite book of all time.A group of animals have to move when their home is about to bulldozed for development. Led by an old raccoon, the animals hop a train in search of a new home. After the train travels through the polluted city, the animals finally find a suitable location, and hop off the train. Upper elementary school children can read this alone, or it could be read aloud to younger kids—pre-school and elementary. Peet is great at personifying animals in pictures. The envi [...]

The ultimate in "development is bad and displaces wildlife" books (whether this inspired or merely supported the lifelong hatred I've had for the sight of bulldozers remains unknown). Not a great deal of action, but I've always loved the clever leader raccoon and the imagery of the little herbivores trying to attack the machines at night before giving up and hitching a ride to new territory atop a train.

Sixteen animals have happily resided in Shady Glade all their life when they hear the rumbling of steam shovels headed for them. They jump on a passing train and find a new place to live. Really cute story and pictures.

Cute but sad story. The animals of Shady Glade are forced to leave their home when bulldozers and "mechanical monsters" from the city start destroying their land. They hop on a train and travel far away to a new home that's just like Shady Glade, and where "everything is perfectly right."

It was incredible. So cute and very inspirational. I felt like no matter what life handed me, I could fight back, but it also made me feel like sometimes the best thing to do in some situations is walk away.

As a general rule Bill Peet is always, ALWAYS good. Happy times when year 2 teacher would read his catalogue to class.Environmentalist propaganda, but hey, at least it doesn't come via commercial Disney powerhouse. Bill Peet was green before it was profitable.

A book version of the story found in the film "Over the Hedge". Development is encroaching on Shady Glade and the animals are not sure what to do. Instead of being lead on an insurrection however these animals end up leaving their beloved home to find a new place where they can live.

Simply love everything Bill Peet ever did. This one is my favorite.

Great book for conservation read aloud.

Cute illustrations but the story goes nowhere.

A sadder Bill Peet book, but nice nonetheless.

I very nearly consider this book "lame." It wasn't awesome to me. It wasn't even really all that good. The train scene saved it from the ignominy of a 1 from me.

This is a really sweet,well written ecological story.

Another family favorite.

I read this to my class and they were riveted. Is it the animals? Is it the fabulously crafted story? Is it the beautiful illustrations? I don't knowbut this one is a marvelous read aloud.

I love Bill Peet. The books are fun, chariming, interesting and informative, especially from an environmental point of view.

This book is about when a group of animals loose there home because of home building another good book bill peet!!


The first book that made me an environmentalist - even before the Lorax. I loved Bill Peet as a kid, and this was the first of his I read.

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