Lost Star

Morgan Hawke

Lost Star

Lost Star

  • Title: Lost Star
  • Author: Morgan Hawke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Series Interstellar Service Discipline Prequel to Victorious StarSeries Note Although set in the same futuristic world, all of the stories in the Interstellar Service Discipline series may be read as standalone books Lost Star is the prequel to Victorious Star.Genre BDSM LGBT Futuristic Science Fiction FantasyOnce upon a time, before the Victorious Star,Series Interstellar Service Discipline Prequel to Victorious StarSeries Note Although set in the same futuristic world, all of the stories in the Interstellar Service Discipline series may be read as standalone books Lost Star is the prequel to Victorious Star.Genre BDSM LGBT Futuristic Science Fiction FantasyOnce upon a time, before the Victorious Star, there were a prince and a prisonerAubrey was a tech engineer with a dirty little secret that the Moribund Company was willing to destroy everyone and everything to get their hands on When Deshryt Seht, blood prince of Skeldhor, saved the dying boy s life, it set off a contest of wills as strong as the call of their blood Unfortunately Aubrey has one secret that severs their relationship before it can truly begin.Though years and an ocean of stars separate the prince from the prisoner he saved, neither the prince nor the Moribund Company will let him escape What was Lost will be found, winner take all.Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal play intercourse, BDSM theme and content, domination submission, dubious consent, knife play, male male sexual practices, violence.

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I just LOVE Prince Seht and Captain Ravnos!!!4.5 Fucking Amazing Stars“Damn it, Aubrey…” Seht bowed his head briefly, then tossed his head back up, flipping his long hair back. His gaze focused and heated. “I need you to live because”—he took a shallow breath—“I do not believe my sanity would survive your death.” What a wonderful ending to this series. We got to go back to the beginning and see how Seht and Aubrey met and fell in love. And what an amazing story this was. I love [...]

2ND REREAD; APRIL 2014: NO CHANGE FROM PREVIOUS REVIEW1ST REREAD REVIEW - 14 FEBRUARY 2011This is still a 4-star read the second time around. It would have been five if not for the reasons Jenre mentioned in her excellent review. I was more aware of the power struggle between Aubrey and Seht this time and was delighted to find I was fully invested in it and wondered how these two uber-alphas would resolve the dilemma.While I liked the resolution (I had totally forgotten that was how this book en [...]

It's been over two years since I read book 1 in this series, Victorious Star, but I finally got around to reading this prequel, about how Ravnos (Aubrey) and Seht came together in the first place.I enjoyed this book, but I did feel it was lacking a lot of things to make it truly great. Seht saves Aubrey, but in the process, totally changes who Aubrey is. I felt this part was well done, but then comes a long separation, and I really feel like we missed out on details here. We missed out on how Au [...]

I enjoy EVERYTHING Morgan Hawke writes. This series is my favourite and I wish she would write more. I didn't think I'd like M/M so much. I was wrong. At least, when Ms. Hawke writes it, I'm interested. This was a good pre-quel to Victorious Star which I've read probably about 50 times. Ms. Hawke writes hot and steamy sex scenes. She's one of the few I'd categorize as great BDSM scenes. Her males are dominant and they know it. I like how none of the females are doormats. If the author is Ms. Haw [...]

Although this is actually written as Interstellar Service & Discipline #3 I was surprised and hadn't realised it was a prequel to Victorious Star, which is down as the first in the series. Slightly confusing. I would have liked to have read this first, as it gives the story of the delectable Captain Aubrey Ravnos and equally so Prince Seht and how they met and how their relationship came about. However, of course it doesn't start there. It starts with a young innocent, unworldly tech boy Aub [...]

This book is a prequel to the two other books in the Interstellar Service & Discipline series: Victorious Star and Fallen Star. Whilst the other two books are menages, this book contains only a m/m pairing. You do not need to have read the previous books to understand and enjoy this one.Lost Star begins by pitching directly into the action of a battle. Our hero, Aubrey, is a young human tech-engineer on a space craft which is under attack from mercenaries from the Moribund Company. Humans in [...]

4.5 StarsI foolishly believed Seht was a romantic in Victorious Star. Nope, not so. He's a hopeless romantic with delusions of grandeur trying to make a submissive out of Aubrey Ravnos. Seht in this particular instance is the proverbial one legged duck swimming in a circle.This is the prequel to Victorious Star & tells the story of how Ravnos & Seht came to be. Aubrey, captured by Moribund, has been held against his will in a form of stasis & forced to submit to the ship's sentience [...]

Absolutely fabulous!! Loved it, can't wait to get into Victorious Star and see what happens next. Liked how we got to know the MCs and introduced to this universe without too much description and explanation. Loved the relationship between Seht and Aubrey and how both were strong characters, neither really wishing to cede to the other and how this was finally resolved.

I loved it just as much as I loved the other ones. Hawke is an amazing writer with the capability to keep you in the world solidly. Love the characters, love the little intricacies that help you to really feel the story. Do not miss this!

I have mixed feelings about reading science fiction some of it I like some I don't this one I liked I have been wanting to read this book for awhile. This is the first book in the" Interstellar Service & Discipline Series". Aubrey was a tech engineer with a dirty little secret that the Moribund Company was willing to destroy everyone and everything to get their hands on. When Deshryt Seht, blood prince of Skeldhor, saved the dying boy's life, it set off a contest of wills as strong as the ca [...]

Recommended by Vivian. Excellent story and the beginning of what hopefully is an excellent series. Ravnos is out for vengeance on the entire Moribund Company and Seht is out after Ravnos who as once his unwilling slave. The two strong men meet in the capitol city of the Republic of Caribbean Stars which is Ravnos's home base. Ravnos is no longer the weak, ill young man he was when he was held by Seht. A physical power play for domination, both physical and sexual, soon breaks out between Ravnos [...]

Wow, this was intense. I recently read the first book in this series and now I regret not reading this one first. It was a great introduction to Aubrey and Seht. There was such an intense connection between these two in the first book and so much history under the surface that wasn't explored, I just knew that there had to be more to it.I'm thinking of Morgan Hawke as someone who will stretch my comfort zone because her books are pretty intense when it comes to BDSM but she truly is a master of [...]

Sweet! Amazing sci-fi plus m-m erotica. There's lots of great sci-fi out there, and lots of m-m erotica, but a high quality combination of both is a rare beast indeed.I would rate this 5 stars, but after all these years, I'm still a snob about pure sci-fi not having low-brow smex in it. Even if it's really amazing man-smex that actually does enhance the story!This is the third book in the series, but chronologically the earliest. Something I didn't know when I read it, so I was peasantly surpris [...]

Loved getting to know Seht and Ravnos better after reading Victorious Star. Couldn't help but feel there was more story to tell in this novel; I felt rushed in some places. Also, the characters once again 'fell in love' a little too quickly for me. Still, loved the characters and it was enough for me to surrender my disbelief.

Such a treat to finally get the Seht/Ravnos back story. Amazing as I expected. Ms. Hawke, once again, has impressed me with her balance of storytelling and world building, not to mention the very, very, VERY, hot sex. Can't wait for more from Ms. Hawke.

Nothing is what it seems, and the adventures take us through many years but, at the end, love conquers all. And it's not a bad thing that this love is reaaaallyyyyy kinky, possessive and obsessive hahaha.I'm looking forward to reading the next one.

This prequel featuring Raav and Seht is awesome. Excellent setup for how the men came to reach the state of their unique relationship. A pleasure to read. Love the series and this is a fine addition to it.

i loved this book it was fun and exciting a great read i loved learning the background of Set and Aubry it was a journey that i never wanted to end cant wait to read more

Doubled dicked pron, you know you want to read this one!

This book wasn't bad. It's short so that's to be expected.It is a prequel to Victorious Star however I ended up reading it AFTER books 1 & 2. This book is about Seht and Aubrey who we get more info on in book 1. This book wasn't as well developed as book 1 was. In fact I found that when Seht (view spoiler)[ professed his love for Aubrey (hide spoiler)] that we didn't see that development in the relationship. They barely knew each other. Character growth and development could have been better [...]

Be still my Asian heartI love the two characters. I really wish I read this first and then Victorious Star because I kind of blindly read VS (like skimmed). I didn't understand a lot when reading the first book and why their relationship was so weird. BUUUUTTTT after reading this I was like OHHHHHH, I get it now. *cries* I loved this. Wishing I knew how to put gifs because I would put them here but again I don't know how :)

I'm the minority of hatersI didn't completely hate this book,but I won't be singing it's praise either. I much rather have 5 sorry of Aubrey seeking revenge than the romance I was given. I think I just really disliked Seht because he forced Aubrey into a BDSM/Sex slave relationship against his will.

Skipped book 2, because I needed more of Ravnos (or should I say Aubrey?) and Seht. This is basically a pre-quel to book 1, "Victorius Star", covering Seht and Ravnos's backstory.I'm absolutely enamored with Seht, who's a natural dominant, yet he lets Ravnos call the shots. They are such an intriguing pair. There was a comment in "Victorius Star" about them needing a female to balance them. I don't think it was a female, so much as a submissive. Seht gave up his dominance over Ravnos, because th [...]

I have not read the two books that were out before this prequel. I found myself much more conflicted in this book than I have in any of the other M.H. books I've read. The writing was good including the world building, except for any reason/ explanation for their instant love (especially prior to the start of Aubrey's transformation). Plus during each step of the transformation process, my heart really hurt for Aubrey. I understand the necessity of taking the first step without full disclosure t [...]

I had read "Victorious Star" some time ago, and liked it. However, after finishing "Lost Star," I wish I'd read it first. They're stand-alone books, but having more background about the characters would have helped me appreciate them more in "Victorius Star.""Lost Star" is an absolute blast to read -- there's lots of action, suspense, and scorching hot sex.When we first meet Aubrey, he's smart and brave but rather nerdy. He's victimized by a brutal crime syndicate and is later rescued by Seht, a [...]

Of the three books in this universe (Lost Star, Victorious Star, Fallen Star), in my opinion, Fallen Star has the best plot, characterisation, hotness, and overall best writing. On the strength of Fallen Star, which I read first, I was able to understand and enjoy Victorious Star and Lost Star (in that somewhat backwards order). (view spoiler)[My main issue with this book was the characterisation of Seht, whom I found to be annoyingly needy. His habit of calling his lovers "pet" instead of their [...]

I was looking forward to reading this b/c it is the prequel to Victorious Star Interstellar Service & Discipline 1. It was good. I did feel it was rushed a bit. Ms. Hawke has spoiled me b/c her books have heft and length. This was short and could have offered more focus on Aubrey Ravnos. For instance, I wanted to know more about his training, and it was skimmed over. Frankly, I'd love to see the return of Ravnos, Victoria and Seht. SLIGHT SPOILER(S) Ravnos' arch nemesis Moraine/Moribund is s [...]

This is my first Morgan Hawke book and I'd definitely recommend it. However, you should be ready for vigorous, explicit M/M sex, questionable consent, and knife play. Now that's out of the way, I can tell you that this is a character-driven short novel with two intense heroes. Skheldi prince Seht saves the life of human Aubrey, who is a sort of programming genius kidnapped for his ability to hack starship computers. Seht and Aubrey are later separated and spend many years apart until an unexpect [...]

This is the story of how Ravnos and Seht ofmet. Seht saves Audrey/Ravnos' life. They start a relationship but are separated for almost 10 years. During that time, Seht searches all over the universe for Ravnos. Meanwhile Ravnos, the ungrateful bastard that he is, does his best to avoid ever running into Seht. Admittedly during the separation, Ravnos was fighting the good fight and dealing with enemy…but to just abandon the person who saved your life, without even a backward glance…at's just [...]

I am a fan of the series so I was excited to read Aubrey and Seht's story. I didn't love it as much as the other two in the series but I think that was mostly personal preference rather then any big issues I had. I really liked Aubrey's story even though it wasn't an easy one to read. I would have been nice to have more of Seht's back story. Aubrey's intro into BDSM to help him find a safe way to get past his need to cause pain was really glossed over and I wanted to know more. What happened whe [...]

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