The Love of a Good Woman

Alice Munro

The Love of a Good Woman

The Love of a Good Woman

  • Title: The Love of a Good Woman
  • Author: Alice Munro
  • ISBN: 9780375703638
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback

WINNER OF THE NOBEL PRIZE R IN LITERATURE 2013In eight new stories, a master of the form extends and magnifies her great themes the vagaries of love, the passion that leads down unexpected paths, the chaos hovering just under the surface of things, and the strange, often comical desires of the human heart.Time stretches out in some of the stories a man and a woman lookWINNER OF THE NOBEL PRIZE R IN LITERATURE 2013In eight new stories, a master of the form extends and magnifies her great themes the vagaries of love, the passion that leads down unexpected paths, the chaos hovering just under the surface of things, and the strange, often comical desires of the human heart.Time stretches out in some of the stories a man and a woman look back forty years to the summer they met the summer, as it turns out, that the true nature of their lives was revealed In others time is telescoped a young girl finds in the course of an evening that the mother she adores, and whose fluttery sexuality she hopes to emulate, will not sustain her she must count on herself.Some choices are made in a will, in a decision to leave home with irrevocable and surprising consequences At other times disaster is courted or barely skirted when a mother has a startling dream about her baby when a woman, driving her grandchildren to visit the lakeside haunts of her youth, starts a game that could have dangerous consequences The rich layering that gives Alice Munro s work so strong a sense of life is particularly apparent in the title story, in which the death of a local optometrist brings an entire town into focus from the preadolescent boys who find his body, to the man who probably killed him, to the woman who must decide what to do about what she might know Large, moving, profound these are stories that extend the limits of fiction.

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DI NOTTE SI SENTE CRESCERE IL MAISDi notte si sente crescere il mais: semplice frase che contiene l'essenza di Alice Munro. Come è possibile sentire il mais che cresce? Magia? Fantascienza? In qualsiasi caso, quintessenza di mistero. Mistero quotidiano, quasi banale: si tratta semplicemente di mais, un vegetale che cresce, niente di più.Nel quotidiano, fra la gente e le cose di tutti i giorni, esiste il mistero: basta saperlo individuare. Ma soprattutto, occorre saperlo raccontare. Munro ci ri [...]

I've never been one to read short stories - I've had a bit of a prejudice against them, if I'm going to be honest. It's not since the last year or two that I've made an effort to foray into the world of short stories, and to gain an appreciation for them. That's my feeble excuse for having lived this long without reading Alice Munro. Bad Canadian, I am! Bad!!I'm not sure if I was just acclimatising myself to her style and rhythm, but I didn't get hooked onto this collection until I started readi [...]

"The Love of a Good Woman" contains eight (8) great short stories which examine us (primarily women) in everyday dealings with others. These stories peep into relationships with family, friends, etc.The writing gives one a clear picture of the setting and the people. Whether out-of-doors or inside the authors uses words to paint a picture. We learn every wrinkle on every face, every hair out of place, even every body odor. Marriage, adultery, fornication, divorce, child birth, adoption, abortion [...]

I do not often read short stories but after reading so many good reviews for Alice Munro's writing I at last decided to read her. And I was not disappointed - by her writing. But I am conflicted by the stories themselves. The stories are very intimate slices of life. It's as if across the span of someone's life, Munro reaches in and randomly grabs a moment when the character is at a crossroads. There is little introduction to each story, few details of what came before this moment. You get exact [...]

I’m sure I’m not the first to point out how well Alice Munro does things like develop characters, convey a sense of place, and tell fully fleshed out stories, all in a fraction of the space it takes novelists. At the same time, she seems to leave pieces of the puzzle out, making us wonder what her bigger points may have been. We’re rarely bludgeoned by the obvious. I’m going to guess, though, that any signal distortion is a problem on my end, not hers.The people in her stories are engros [...]

خب، بیشتر از همه ترجمه خیلی خوب بود. در مورد داستانا، قرار نبود اتّفاق خاصّی بیوفتن و من معمولاً با این‌جور داستانا میونه‌ی خوبی ندارم. هدفی هم که داشتن، تو خودشون تعریف می‌شدن و تموم می‌شدن و جای کند و کاو مخاطب باقی نمی‌ذاشتن. در واقع، نسبت مونرو بیشتر بر پایه‌ی روانکاوی [...]

I don’t know where to start with this book so I'm just going to dive in. Alice Munro is a very very good writer, the sort of talent who makes me think of Anne Rice's quip that Renoir sold his soul: it doesn't figure that a person can craft such luminously wonderful art without divine or diabolical help!One of the things she does magnificently is write about children from their perspective in a way that is as delightful and frustrating and surprising as actually being with children. Once you've [...]

Sottilissima, ineffabile, Munro. Entra nelle vite della gente evitando ogni didascalia. Sceglie un “improvviso” e comincia a dire ciò che vede, a sguardi. Dopo un po', con la medesima istantanea leggerezza, si distacca, abbandona la vicenda al suo cammino e il lettore al suo pensiero. Non si dilunga, osserva e basta. Il racconto, poi, lo facciamo noi, con quel bisogno naturale di paragoni che distingue gli uomini, quando osservano l'altrui destino. Componiamo scenari, caratteri, vicende e g [...]

I can't believe it took me so long to read Alice Munro. A brilliant collection, with some really fantastic stories, and wonderful writing throughout.

When Alice Munro—an 82-year-old Canadian woman who writes short stories—received the Nobel Prize for Literature (calling her the “master of the contemporary short story”) last year, I was excited. I knew Munro, but had never read her work. So I went upstairs and started going through my bookshelves to find something by her. (That’s the good thing about having an extensive collection of books: You don’t have to go far to find what you’re looking for.) “The Love of a Good Woman” [...]

Okuduğum ikinci Alice Munro kitabı oldu. Söylemek için belki erken; ancak çağdaş edebiyatta şimdiden en sevdiğim öykü yazarı oldu diyebilirim.

Spiegazione di Alice Munro (lunghetto, ma non posso spiegare Munro con meno righe). Quando ho letto per la prima volta i racconti di Alice Munro - si trattava della raccolta "Il sogno di mia madre" - li lasciai andare a metà, li ripresi mesi dopo e ne finii alcuni, con una certa irritazione pensai che sì, era brava, ma niente di speciale. Credo capiti a molti lettori della Munro, pensare che sia brava ma non averne inteso quanto. Quando con il terzo tentativo lessi altri racconti di un'altra r [...]

Alice Munro'yu çok beğeniyorum. Bu kitaptaki öyküleri de yer yer şaşkınlıkla okudum, nasıl bu kadar cesur olabiliyor diye. Nuri Bilge Ceylan filmlerini izlerken hafif utanmayla izliyorum genelde. Alice Munro öykülerinin de benzer bir etkisi var. Sırları değil, insanın hiç hatırlamak istemeyeceği şeyleri uzun uzun anlatmış. Yine inanılmaz karakterler var kitapta; sanki normal bir insan kelimelere dönüşmüş gibi hissediyorum okurken.Okuduğum ikinci Alice Munro kitabı Ç [...]

There is so much that I love about this collection of stories. For me, when a short story is written well, there is nothing better. There is something just so perfect in that tightly constructed package, where words (and pages) aren't wasted, and you experience the whole thing in one burst of reading. I guess if I was a faster reader, this might hold true for novels too - but I rarely read a novel in less than a week.It is no secret Munro is a highly skilled writer, with a knack for elevating th [...]

به نظر من، درست همان موقع بود که به جنس زن درآمدم. می‌دانم که این موضوع مدت‌ها پیش از تولد من تعیین شده بود و برای هر کس دیگری از ابتدای زندگی‌ام روشن بوده، اما باور دارم این اتفاق درست همان زمانی افتاده که تصمیم گرفتم برگردم، که دست از جنگیدن علیه مادرم برداشتم (که حتماً جنگی [...]

I've been reading these stories slowly over the past three months. I would read one, then I'd set the book aside, read something else. Then pick the book up for the next story. Alice Munro has been called one of the best modern short story authors, and it's easy to see why in this collection. There are no real narrative twists here, no thrilling plotlines, no magical powers. And yet. The characters radiate with authenticity and life in a way that's almost hard to believe. They aren't likeable, t [...]

Read half of the stories in this book and don't know why, but none of them made me want to read the rest, and I had to make myself keep picking it up again, when I really just wanted to move on to a different book. Sonce I started it four days ago and didn't get very far, that's what I'm going to do!

JUST READ THESE STORIES! They are like those times when you fall into unintended reverie and there's that one memory that sticks out without you being totally conscious of it. Well, she is conscious of it, and that is the stuff good short stories are made of.

In una raccolta di otto racconti che ruotano attorno agli stessi temi c'è il rischio di percepire ripetitività o, quanto meno, la sensazione di essere di fronte a continue variazioni sull'argomento, anche se poi di variazioni minime si tratta, ché l'angolo della visuale è sempre quello.Si direbbe che la Munro abbia voluto esorcizzare il demone della vecchiaia e del trascorrere del tempo che modifica i rapporti con i coniugi, gli ex-coniugi, i figli, i nipoti e le loro speranze e aspettative [...]

And here comes this quote which expresses precisely my impression,at least,for the first irregular reading:-"Some of these short stories are absolute treasures describing so much life and living with so little effort. Delightful, touching and very good ones. "Alice deserves another tour,sooner or later she will have it,NO DOUBT.

This is my first Munro book, and after hearing so much praise about this author, I was glad to finally sink my teeth into one of her pieces. This book is a collection of short stories, which required me to shift my thinking from my YA reading to my adult one. Munro's stories are vividly described, her characters are fully developed and the stories are strange and beautifully written. They are also sophisticated, complicated and melancholic. The serious tone reminded me of reading an Orhan Pamuk [...]

Alice Munro wins the Nobel Prize for literature: nytimes/2013/10/11/booWell deserved! If you haven't read her short stories yet, this collection is a great place to start. These stories focus on woman as the main characters, women who are trying to find their place in life and in many ways, women who are not happy with the roles in life where they have been placed. Many of the decisions chosen by the women bothered me, some I applauded but always the stories are beautiful and well written.

Loved these stories and puzzling out their meaning. They taught me how to read slowly, carefully, appreciativelyspiciously. Munro drops clues like breadcrumbs: the stories are so satisfyingly solvable with patience and a big magnifying glass. She is meticulous with her image system. Every object, scene, event, situation, setting, works together to progress the plot and evoke the desired emotions. Reading and analyzing any one story is like taking a for-credit writing course.

En meinannut saada tästä alkuun irti oikein mitään, vaikka omalla tavallaan ensimmäisetkin novellit toki olivat laadukkaan hyviä. Lopulta kieli ja maailmat kävivät kuitenkin tutuiksi ja viimeiset kaksi tarinaa veivät jalat täysin alta. Munro alkaa kyllä pikkuhiljaa kivuta kohti lempikirjailijoitani.

Alice Munro è una scrittrice straordinaria e questa sua raccolta di racconti ne è l'ennesima dimostrazione. Con "Il sogno di mia madre", la Munro raggiunge il massimo della sua poetica per quanto riguarda lo stile, le emozioni dei suoi racconti. Gli otto racconti della raccolta parlano alle donne, a donne come noi, donne che sono madri (Le bambine restano), mogli e anche figlie come in Prima che tutto cambi, a mio avviso, il migliore, in modo brillante e straordinariamente vero. La bellezza di [...]

Үйлийн үр. Үндэс нь ямар нэгэн буруу үйлдэл ,хүсэхүй, шаналахуй, хүртэхүй А тохиолдол хэн нэгэнд хор учруулаад гэмээ тодорхой цаг хугацааны дараа үр хүүхэд эс бөгөөс өөрийн бие дээр зовлон болгон авах нь карма гийн тодорхой дүрэм. Б тохиолдол гэвч А тохиолдолд учруулсан гэм [...]

Ομολογώ οτι τα τελευταία 2 διηγήματα δεν θέλησα να τα διαβάσω.Η Μονρό μου είναι αδιάφορη-πολύ αμερικάνικη, λεπτομερής,καταθλιπτική,με άξονα το ερωτικό στοιχείο γραφή.δεν κατόρθωσα να συμπαθήσω,να κατανοήσω ούτε μια από τις ηρωίδες της.

It's really unfair to give stars to Alice Munro. She is a star. All her stories are revelatory in their skill and humanity. So I judge them one against the other. It's been a long time since I read this one and it is not my very, very favorite. It probably deserves 5 stars. I will find it a reread and then make an adjustment.

It's interesting that asks the question, "What did you think?" When reading Munro there are other questions that deserve asking: how did you feel; what shook your roots; what changed your beliefs? The stories in this collection all raised those issues, in varying degrees of course. Yesterday I went into the readers' comments for this book and was surprised that some people thought there was little going on and thus gave the book 2 stars. Looking at only one story, "Save the Reaper" for example, [...]

Now that I’m coming late to the books of Alice Munro, I’ve finally arrived at this: Nothing flashy, no showoff tactics and no clever calling attention to the author’s mastery. The whole-life characters who open their souls in Munro’s The Love of a Good Woman are drawn from a section of the planet where people are clouded in drizzle and where every step is hazarded on a piece of ground that sooner or later reverts to a path of slippery, sucking mud. In contrast to the murky, sliding setti [...]

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