Tell Me Lies

Jennifer Crusie

Tell Me Lies

Tell Me Lies

  • Title: Tell Me Lies
  • Author: Jennifer Crusie
  • ISBN: 9780312966805
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback

Maddie Faraday s life would be perfect if it weren t forher cheating husbandher suspicious daughterher gossipy motherher secretive best friendher nosy neighbors,and that guy she lost her virginity to twenty years agoIn Tell Me Lies, Jennifer Cruise dishes up a funny, sexy, suspenseful novel about small town secrets, big time betrayals and the redemptive power of love,Maddie Faraday s life would be perfect if it weren t forher cheating husbandher suspicious daughterher gossipy motherher secretive best friendher nosy neighbors,and that guy she lost her virginity to twenty years agoIn Tell Me Lies, Jennifer Cruise dishes up a funny, sexy, suspenseful novel about small town secrets, big time betrayals and the redemptive power of love, laughter and chocolate brownies.

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I cannot enjoy a story where the major plot events are based on heroine stupidity. Tell Me Lies had five major stupidities. Here are two of them.Maddie knows a security guard watches couples having sex at a place called The Point. So why does she insist that CL take her there to have sex? When the guard sees them, she is horrified. She is worried that he will gossip and she may have trouble getting custody of her daughter in the divorce. Apparently I am supposed to believe she had been drinking [...]

I admit it was a little drawn out but I liked it. It was comically refreshing. I was fooled by the mystery of who dunnit!

I missed the point of this book if there is one. Basic story line: small town where everyone knows everyone else's business and/or is related to each other. Twenty years have passed since high school graduation and former 'bad boy' comes back to town, now a successful accountant, to investigate a prominent citizen's company's financial soundness. The prominent citizen happened to be former 'big man on campus' who married 'most popular good girl' who actually was attracted to 'bad boy' who it tur [...]

5 StarsI loved it!Here's another 5 Star read by CrusieThere's just something about the way this women brings a story to life. She just includes everything; mystery, romance, comedy and the right amout of sarcasm that'll have you laughing out loud hoping you'll at some point in your life get to use that exact same line.To all of you that could use a break with paranormal or historical let me just sayjust try one of her books! My favorites by her are-Bet Me-Tell Me Lies-Welcome To Tempation &- [...]

This was my first Crusie book, though I do have at least one other in my TBR mountain. I read this one for the Yahoo Bookcrossing Reading Group.I most likely wouldn't have picked this one up on my own, as I have a million and a half books to read. In fact, I almost didn't finish the book. I wasn't entirely overwhelmed in my first day of reading the book. I even posted that opinion in the group. Well, pardon me. The book turned around and slapped me silly! Within hours of my post, I was totally o [...]

I liked Maddie and C.L. and I liked their relationship, too. And Maddie's daughter Em had some stellar moments that gave the book an endearing heart I greatly appreciated. Indeed, if it hadn't been for Maddie's husband Brent this would easily have been four stars. Yeah, Brent had affairs and their marriage hadn't been working for years, obviously, but I still just can't get past Maddie's adultery—and that goes for C.L. as well (since he was fully aware of the state of affairs . . . heh).The re [...]

3.5 Stars. Good story with some unexpected twists along the way.

I love a lot of what Jennifer Crusie has written for funny, light reads -- my favorites are probably Bet Me and Welcome to Temptation, but a lot of the others are also very entertaining.Tell Me Lies reads like a "proto-Crusie" -- a lot of her characteristic elements are there: fiesty heroine discovering her inner fabulousness, redeemable hero being redeemed, cute kid, even cuter dog, fabulous friends and/or family characters, mystery to be solved complicating heroine and hero getting together.Bu [...]

This book wasn't quite what I look for when I Jennifer Crusie's novels. That, in and of itself, could account for the relatively low stars I've given it in comparison to her other works. The dialogue was fun, as it is in every Crusie book, but there wasn't much else to recommend the story. I'd say this book belongs in a special subset of chick-lit that I like to call "adultery-lit." These are the books wherein a spouse seeks and finds fulfillment outside of marriage. Maddie, our protagonist, has [...]

This one wasn't one of my favorites of JC's. I've read several of her books and really enjoyed them, but this one had a small town gossip undercurrent that started to bug me fairly soon into the book. It bothered me that the characters were so worried about what the town thought that it effected everything that they did. Some of that is okay, we all live with it a little, but this went over the top. I really liked the characters and their relationships to each other, but the story seemed to drag [...]

Not my favorite novel by Crusie - but still an enjoyable read.

This is the story of Maddie Farraday, who married her high school sweetheart and settled down in the small town she grew up in. Her husband has been a philanderer but they've stayed together "for their daughter" (ugh), an adorably precocious pre-teen. When Maddie finds evidence of another affair, she blows her top, and throws her husband out. But she's so obsessed with what the town might think of her, so afraid of not living up to her "good girl" reputation, she's considering backing down from [...]

This book is a caper and a drama. It mixes in equal proportions murder mystery and comedy, romance and betrayal, friendship and lust, motherhood and embezzlement, all happening in a small town Frog Point. Of course it does. What else could happen in Frog Point? Don’t you just love the name? The novel has the best first paragraph of most novels I’ve read: One hot August Thursday afternoon, Maddie Faraday reached under the front seat of her husband’s Cadillac and pulled out a pair of black l [...]

Who is Brent sleeping with?? While not a mystery in the Romantic Suspense world, it IS a mystery, and one that Maddie must solve before it drives her crazy. Well, not that Maddie isn't already crazy. Even C.J. is looking good, and THAT is just plain crazy.If you are looking for a change from the angst filled world of Romantic Suspense, read this book. It has comedy, romance and mystery (who is Brent sleeping with, etc.). There is a great cast of suspects and any one of them could have done it. S [...]

It did nothing for me. The aspect of 'small town' romances that I actually enjoy is usually the Cinderella story thing dorky girl comes back and makes everyone eat their words etc. This book typified everything I dislike about small towns and small town fiction. It was claustrophobic and every single character hated it, but no one seemed willing to leave. I know I've always been a city girl and I haven't talked to hardly anyone I knew as a child in ages, but I couldn't understand why anyone stay [...]

This book is FOREVER long. Full of way too much stuff and random details and just too much filler. And DL is weirdly pushy and it isn't cute or romantic at all! It's creepy!And also, wth is up with the completely unnecessary Emily chapters?! Trying to suck out some sympathy for Brent? Showing parallels between Em/Mel and Maddie/Treva? Imo, they were completely extraneous.

Another wonderful novel from Jennifer Crusie. Like most of her other works, it explores being true to oneself, no matter your age or marital status. Two thumbs up for a truly wonderful hero and a wonderfully true heroine.

Reads like women’s lit, but she has a special genius for character development.

I'm going to give this 2.5 stars. I'd give it higher if it wasn't Jennifer Crusie--I expect more from her. I sort of knew I wasn't going to love this book because it's one of her earlier ones. 1998 or so, which is well before her favs of mine: Welcome to Temptation, Fast Women, Faking It, Agnes and the Hitman, and even Wild Ride. (Everyone LOVES Bet Me, but I didn't. It was good, but not the best Crusie, imo.) This one is on the lower (early) Crusie tier, along with Charlie All Night, Crazy for [...]

If there is one thing Maddie Faraday knows about small town living, it's this: people talk. Having lived in Frog Point, Ohio her entire life, Maddie figured there was hardly a secret in town that she didn't know. Boy, was she wrong. It seems like there a still quite a few secrets out there and most of them concern her husband, Brent.It's a shock, of course, when Maddie finds the black lace crotchless panties shoved under the front seat of Brent's Cadillac. A shock but sadly, not surprising. Afte [...]

This was my first Jennifer Crusie read, and I was pleased with it for the most part. Maddie is a pretty average mom and wife, living in a small town where not only does everyone know your business, but they’ll tell your mother too. Having grown up in a town of 1200 people (in a good year), I can relate. Maddie was a little flightly and irrational (throwing away the evidence of your husband’s infidelity? leaving suspiciously found cash where it can be found?), but likable enough. I also liked [...]

I adored this book. I loved C.L. and I adored Maddie. They are such a wonderful couple. I did find her a bit stupid at the start, she was so obsessed about the town, about what other people thought about her, and she was so heavily influenced by her mother. But then as she started to break free, I began to like her more and more. She became someone I wanted to cheer for, someone who became important to me. In many ways I see how that kind of small town mentality could be so stifling for growth. [...]

The book is about a woman Maddie, who has lived in a small town all her life and has always been the good girl around town. Her life is turned upside down though one summer afternoon when she and her daughter are cleaning out her husband's car. Maddie find black crotch less panties and she now has more decisions to make in her life. Instead of being able to just leave her husband, he disappears, there are rumors around town about her husband and his business, she is finding stock piles of cash a [...]

I would have proudly proclaimed that I'd never read a romance novel before in my life - and never imagined I ever would! In search of a new author, Cussler was suggested to me. On the shelf right next to Cussler was Cruised I confess it was actually the candy "Conversation Hearts" on the cover that caught my eye! I read the jacket and thought it sounded interesting. "Cute""Fun""Light-hearted", I thought! It was all of the above! It's been a long time since I sat up until Midnight to finish a boo [...]

I was pulled into this book with the first sentence when Maddie finds a pair of black lace panties in the front seat of her husband's car. This book is an overall funny and enjoyable read with enough surprises and plot twists to keep it from feeling stale. The pacing is great - just when you think you know where the plot is going another clue pops up or someone turns up dead.Jennifer Crusie did a fantastic job creating characters you care about, from Maddie and C.L to Maddie's daughter Emily. Ea [...]

I finished this book in March 2011.I finished this book in April 2012.I finished this book September 2014 and again August 2015.I do read for entertainment.Man does J Cruise entertain!Active characters, confusing neighbors,bad guys and gals using each other to gain money or fame or some sort of satisfaction. I just finished a terribly bleak story and needed a pick me up.This author creates moments of sadness and stress. Followed quickly by other moments of emotions not so hard to take.I never ge [...]

Not my favorite by Crusie, mostly because I have a hard time with adultery by a H/h (even if they were already being cheated on). And the general complacency of Maddie who hadn't been happy in her marriage for a while but was waiting for Brent to do something bad enough she could leave him for it. Mind you, I don't live in a tiny town, and trying to be perfect (the town's good girl) sounds exhausting.I loved Em as well as Henry and Anna. And C.L. and Maddie were good together. And Maddie's grand [...]

This was a book that I would classify as "okay." The three-star rating is pushing it a little bit, though. Maybe more like 2-1/2 stars. This would not be one of Jennifer Crusie's books that I would recommend to others. It was just a standard story that just did not have that "it" factor. The mix of romance and a bit of mystery is usually a good combination, but it just wasn't up to par and didn't quite work for this book.

The first two books I read by Crusie were pretty funny but Tell Me Lies was a little more serious with no humor at all. I did like the hero and heroine and the mystery of who killed the heroine's husband but I don't like the adultery that was committed. I think that part of the story could have been a little different.

Ok, three stars for keeping me guessing till the end, that's the only reason. Dumb heroine, seriously who puts up with all that crap in real life? Well it IS a book after all. Hero is blaheven the bad guys felt flatNo editing problems and the author can spell etc. Just Meh.

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