Howard Hughes: His Life & Madness

Donald L. Barlett James B. Steele

Howard Hughes: His Life & Madness

Howard Hughes: His Life & Madness

  • Title: Howard Hughes: His Life & Madness
  • Author: Donald L. Barlett James B. Steele
  • ISBN: 9780670041565
  • Page: 462
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Howard Hughes has always fascinated the public with his mixture of secrecy, dashing lifestyle, and reclusiveness This is the book that breaks through the image to get at the man Originally published under the title Empire The Life, Legend, and Madness of Howard Hughes.

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Howard Hughes lived life large. He simply did not exist in the same universe with the rest of the world. His cousin told me about a time that Howard had his car stolen. It was a brand new convertible. Howard told his cousin that he was not upset about losing the car, but about losing the Saturday Evening Post in the back seat. It had a serial in it that he had been reading.Bartlett and Steele are two fine investigative reporters for the Philadelphia Inquirer, and they are able to wrap their gift [...]

You know the Simpsons episode where Monty Burns runs a casino and lives in his room, afeared of Freemason-spruiking germs and wearing Kleenex boxes on his feet? Like this:Well, that's basically the story of Howard Hughes, except Hughes isn't wearing any pyjamas. Oh, and he's jacking enough codeine and Valium to kill the average person. No biggie. The book is exceptionally well researched - coming from a journalistic background it'd be a surprise if this wasn't the case, I suppose - but to the po [...]

I don't usually read biographies or autobiographies unless I am a fan of the person or if it is highly recommended. This was neither to me, I only started reading it because I saw it in the library's returns pile and I was in a reading slump with no idea what I wanted to read. Despite that, I'm glad I picked it up, because it was one of the most interesting biographies I've read in a while.

The guy was so fucked up! But you take the good and leave the bad. In that sense, his eccentricity led him do things a sane person couldn't have done. He was a genius but not a pragmatic one.You don't need to read the whole book because in the end it becomes quite painful to go through the routine logs and know the multitude of characters.

Money buy wealth one doesn't earn, fame that's an illusion, loyalty without true friendship, public admiration given no empathy; money also allow one pursue self-interest with no concern of others, cultivate human nature to evil growth, disclose the absurdity of life, and make HRH a spectacular loser!Besides HHMI being the highest honor one can get in life science research as I was raised to admire, Marty and Leo's "Aviator" (supposedly inspired by this book) lured me to dig into HRH's real life [...]

Howard Hughes sort of represents the American dream (nightmare). Talented yet misguided in business affairs. Sort of a dreamer who didn't have a practical bone in his body - yet had his Dad's money to do things. He wanted to create, yet eventually destroyed everything he put his hands on. The great thing about this book is that they go into the money deals that were made and one wants to shake his shoulders and say to Hughes 'don't do it!"One of the great things about this book is that they repr [...]

I became interested in Howard Hughes after seeing 'The Aviator' (edited version)! He was definitely a womanizer and manipulator but you can't deny his courage and determination in both the field of movie production and aviation. The 'Spruce Goose' is on display at an air museum in McMinnville, Oregon which was very close to where we used to live so it had a lot more meaning for me when I got to see the plane after reading about Howard Hughes.

Good thing I'm reading this 2 weeks until Christmas. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a 700 pg book on aviation and germaphobic warfare. I'm not complaining though. No one can pull off ocd sexier than Howard Hughes.

An exhaustively researched book about a very strange man I knew nothing about. Not a business genius, rather someone who built an empire from the profits of his dad's company and somehow didn't burn through ALL of it. I recommend checking out the abridged version.

Howard Hughes: His Life and Madness is painstakingly thorough. The saying: "It's all in the details" could've easily been instigated by this astounding piece of work. Better yet, encyclopedia. The level of meticulousness does have its downside: boringness. Although his life wasn't uneventful, it—being his post aviation years—can be rather dull due to Hughes relentless refusal to learn from his mistakes. Bound to repeat himself, he masterfully does so, until his death. There is one adage in t [...]

Very interesting book. the the book is well-written and researched. it provides a lot of great details on the extraordinary life of Howard Hughes. overall I thought the subject matter was very interesting and made for good readingere are a few negatives, however. the biggest issue I have with the book is its over-emphasis on the last 10 years of Hughes life. Hughes lived 70 years in total, but more than half of the book is devoted to the last ten years of Hughes life. the author goes into incred [...]

I started reading this biography knowing little about it's subject. As for Hughes himself, I feel conflicted. The image this book paints is one of a man who is at times both fascinating and selfish. A man who achieved much and lived life on his own terms and yet, wasn't the "genius" he was made out to be.While Hughes certainly won't go down as one of my favorite biographical subjects, I can't help but feel sad for him seeing as how his last year's played out. To go from being master and commande [...]

Interesting book on the extraordinary life of Howard Hughes. Billionaire, playboy, filmmaker and an aviator - Howard Hughes dreamt big and attained success across diverse industries. This book is way too long and there are sections which delved way too much into complicated lawsuits involving Trans World Airlines and Hughes declining health conditions. One can draw striking similarities between the lives of Howard Hughes and Elon Musk with their involvement in variety of ventures spanning multip [...]

I can see where Elon Musk inspiration come from, this is one of the most amazing biography I had read so far.

What a man, what a life

This is the one to read.It's a real doorstep of a tome, but it had me captivated right to the last page.Fascinating.Balanced.Very well researched.

I liked it

It's unfortunate doesn't let us give half stars, because although it's not a 3 star book, it deserves more than the 2 I gave it.I'm pretty familiar with Hughes' rise and fall in Hollywood, but I was intrigued enough by this book to pick it up because it tells not just that aspect of his life, but also covers parts of the story I'm less familiar with: how his family came by its wealth, his early life, and his post-Hollywood period. The biography starts off well. The background of Hughes' family [...]

Biopic about Howard Hughes, the American business tycoon, aviator and perhaps the last Classical Capitalist.Book was well-researched and gave a good overview of Hughes life; basically, his parent's early death left him with millions which he spent on funding movies and airplanes, both on a almost grotesque scale; in the meantime also making fame flying around in the world in the 1930s when only very few people had done so.The oil-related business kept on generating huge amounts of cache which he [...]

Megalomaniac, insane business people trying to control your government and public life? Let's start with Howard Hughes as an example (1905-1976).A friend had reviewed this book, commenting, "(When) we get into the business stuff and the book bogs down for me. It's incredibly well researched--normally that's a plus with me--but it means that there is mind-numbing detail about every single one of Hughes' acquisitions and losses. It's punctuated periodically with much more interesting bits about hi [...]

Originally, I wanted to rate this book with 3 stars because lots of times I had to literally force myself to keep reading sometimes boring and informatively exhausting chapters without any end in sight. It was only after finishing the book that I could really appreciate the value and picture that this book provides. Not only about Howard Hughes, but about politics, governments, big companies and human society in general. As the number of remaining pages was approaching zero, the whole picture su [...]

Comprehensive, though at times overly so - a digression into Howard Hughes' alleged roles in Watergate, for instance, added nothing to the reader's understanding of Hughes. Book lays out a lot of the goofy stuff that Howard Hughes did over his lifetime, but leaves it up to you to figure out the motivation for keeping his own urine in jars on the shelf, watching "Shanghai Express" over and over, dictating procedures on how his grilled cheese sandwiches are made - this book is a goldmine of anecdo [...]

The authors are Philadelphia newspaper reporters, and the book materially and stylistically reflects this - it is fairly light on the tits and ass, and long on the business dealings. The authors are quite critical of the Mormon Mafia and are not in love with Bob Maheu either. Hughes is portrayed as almost completely incompetent in his last year or two. Written so soon after Hughes's death, certain details are missing (e.g. later developments in the estate battle, and some of the Watergate revela [...]

I find Howard Hughes to have been an utterly fascinating person and this book is about as thoroughly researched as a bio can be. Although I did enjoy it a great deal, I thought it got bogged down in too many details about the many many business dealings that Hughes was involved with, whether directly or those being done in his name. I wanted to learn more about Hughes the man rather than quite so much about his accomplishments and failures as an entrepeneur. I found myself becoming less interest [...]

This is a very long book, over 630 pages, and is single spaced. It does give quite a detailed history of Howard Hughes, some things I could have gone my whole life without knowing. I once had a respect, albeit at arms-length, of HRH, but now I really have no respect for him at all. He was very much what the "1%" are now. Reading this book showed me in detail how the Government is manipulated, from the IRS, FCC, Civil Aeronautics Board, to the White House. Disgraceful! And Hughes was not the firs [...]

The guy was definitely a jerk, but you have to have some sympathy for himhe was tormented by his mental problems. It was a perfect storm of an overbearing, germ-phobic mother, a genius intellect, a near-fatal plane crash, lots of money, and a lifetime of yes men who were more than happy to keep the gravy train going. It is disgusting that HH deteriorated for decades and nobody had the common human decency to try to do anything about it. They all lived off him like leeches, and in fact, indulged [...]

Howard Hughes: His Life and Madness is a detailed account of Hughes' business dealings, and his descent into illness and self-imposed isolation. Authoritative and well-researched, it was the first biography of Hughes that I felt explained his major breakdown in 1957, when he spent months in one room watching movies over and over, naked and urinating on the floor. The book is lengthy in places, particularly when discussing the complicated lawsuits involving TWA, but the insight into Hughes' probl [...]

I have been to Howard Hughes' grave in Houston. It is a nondescript little spot near the entrance of the cemetery. You get no indication of what the man was about from his plot. This book fills it all in for you.It stars off with Hughes on his private plane, trying to push a syringe full of Codeine into his feeble junky arm, and from there recounts his whole twisted life. Everyone thinks they know the crazy stories about Howard Hughes, it is a cliche' after all. The (heavily documented) truth is [...]

The authors hate Howard Hughes.I appreciate the authors' effort to collect all the details about the people and the events related, or not related, to Mr. Hughes. But, please, I don't need so much information. A lot of them are useless for me to understand him. Putting all of them into a big book is just wasting of money and reader's time.Another thing I hate this book is I don't believe that Howard Hughes was all bad. Why did the author spend more time to discuss how Howard Hughes successfully [...]

The writing itself is just fine. Exactly what I would expect and want from a biographer. However, despite what I thought going into the book, and from what I remember of the movie staring the awesome Leo DiCaprio, the subject matter, Mr. Hughes, was awful. The man was, for the most part, a failure. Paranoid, delusional, a generally terrible businessman, bad with people and relationships, selfish, and of course, a drug addict. It became too much of a chore to read this long, detailed book about s [...]

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