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Cherise Sinclair

Club Shadowlands

Club Shadowlands

  • Title: Club Shadowlands
  • Author: Cherise Sinclair
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Her car disabled during a tropical storm, Jessica Randall discovers the isolated house where she s sheltering is a private bondage club At first shocked, she soon becomes aroused watching the interactions between the Doms and their subs But she s a professional woman an accountant and surely isn t a submissive she Master Z hasn t been so attracted to a woman in yeHer car disabled during a tropical storm, Jessica Randall discovers the isolated house where she s sheltering is a private bondage club At first shocked, she soon becomes aroused watching the interactions between the Doms and their subs But she s a professional woman an accountant and surely isn t a submissive she Master Z hasn t been so attracted to a woman in years But the little sub who has wandered into his club intrigues him She s intelligent Reserved Conservative After he discovers her interest in BDSM, he can t resist tying her up and unleashing the passion she hides within.Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal play intercourse, strong BDSM theme and content including not limited to bondage, caning, restraints, spanking, etc , exhibitionism, voyeurism.

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3.5 BDSM StarsThis is all about how a sexy Domntally meets an insecure yet passionate woman.Club Shadowlands is the first book in a BDSM series, Masters of the Shadowlands, by Cherise Sinclair. I have read Sinclair's Masters of the Mountain series and truly enjoyed those books so I thought I would give this series a whirl. No one writes a Dom like Cherise Sinclair. Her Doms all seem to be simply delish and Master Z in no exception!Jessica Randall is in a pickle. After a horrendous date, she find [...]

Well, since this book is pretty short, the review will be pretty short tooHere are just some basic things you need to know, and some of my reactions to themMaster Z is a mind reader :DYup, he can tell what emotions you are feeling, sometimes even your thoughts! He is the pefect master and knows what every sub needs and wants. And I was just about to say: Where can I get some of that?, but then thought Ummm, I really DON'T want a guy who'll know every single thing I'm thinking/feeling ALL THE TIM [...]

Every once in a while a book comes along that grabs at your the literary brain cells. That you read and immediately want to read again, that while you're reading it, you can't put it down, you don't want it to end, you want to shout to everyone you know that they MUST, MUST read this book! You think about where the story is going to go next when you aren't sitting down holding it in your hands well this is one of those books for me one of those authors actually. Everything I've read by Cherise S [...]

This was a fun introduction to the Masters of the Shadowlands seriesIf you follow my updates, you might have seen my surprise when I discovered that I had already read this book I figured this out within the first few sentences and was more than a little surprised Not that I had read a book that was published four years ago, but that I could barely remember anything about itHere is what I could remember:After a car crash, a young woman takes shelter in a strange house,Which turns out to be a BDS [...]

This was like being Alice in a very twisted WonderlandHoly hells was that steamy!If your looking for a short, hot and entertaining read, look no further. Club Shadowlands pulled me in and kept me in a heat-filled daze. The writing was easy, the characters were interesting and this book was a perfect way to take a break from my depressing and masochistic reading.Rough night, Kitten?*sigh* I can never resist a man who calls his girl Kitten. Master Z was one of my favorite characters. He was so sex [...]

. me a day to recuperateAfter a few days to recuperate, and thanks to Loederkoningin some absolutely wonderful pansexual BDSM to read, I get back to this here.Where to start? A vanilla woman drives her car into a ditch in the middle of the night in a thunderstorm, and enters a BDSM club to get help. This reads a bit like the great opening scenes of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", with a Jessica instead of a Janet and Brad, and a Sir Z instead of a Frank N. Furter. While this book stays rather b [...]

Genre: Erotica Type: Standalone Book 1 from Masters of the ShadowlandsPOV: First Person - FemaleRating: On a cold rainy night, Jessica Randall, a plain Jane accountant, ran out of luck when her car ended up stuck in a ditch. She walked the isolated road until she came across a mansion to ask for help. Never would have she realize what's behind the door was a whole another world that Master Z was more than willing to open her eyes to.I had this book on my TBR for a very long time since I first po [...]

3.5 StarsYour expectations going into this book will make or break it for you. Seriously. If you expect beautiful literature or in depth character development or rational human behavior you’re going to be pissed. You’re going to scream things like this:“Haven’t you ever seen a scary movie? Do NOT go in there!”But if you go into this book expecting a fully formed BDSM fantasy you may end up screaming things more along these lines:“Yes. Yes. Give it to me. YES!”Because I went into th [...]

♥♥♥ 3.25 STARS ♥♥♥This was quite the short read, but it was full of steam. It was a pretty good start to the series, but it wasn't without any flaws.The story starts off with the Jessica leaving a horrible date, and her car stranding her on a street in the pouring rain alone. She goes in search for some help when she comes across Club Shadowlands. She has no idea the nature of this club or that that night is BDSM night. This is where she meets Master Z, a Dom, she is immensely attrac [...]

This read was boring to me, as I didn't connect with Master Z (Zachary) and Jessica. Master Z was a caring, sensitive and protective Dom, Jessica was a nice and courageous (even if a bit TSTL) sub, but I didn't feel any chemistry between them. Everything was too rushed and their sexual encounters left me cold, which is saying a lot considering that BDSM usually ruffles my feathers - sometimes in a bad way, sometimes in a good way. This time, I couldn't care less.This was only my 2nd book by this [...]

Sort of the standard BDSM thing of an accidental introduction to the lifestyle. Girl is driving in storm, girl's car breaks down, she goes to castle to use the phone, but castles don't have phones a******, so she has to stay the night. Everyone does the time warp and she's introduced to the world of kink. I have read this book before. I love reading this book. Except it doesn't turn out to be that book. Before she's done much more than look, she breaks a rule and because she's signed a member ag [...]

1.5● things I liked in this book: ● things I didn't like in this book:○ every single sentence on every single page; ○ heroine that is TSTL; ○ hero that feels other people's emotions and is a mind reader and obviously the smartest living creature on planet Earth; ○ did I mention extremely annoying heroine?! ○ did I mention a hero with super powers in his loins?!

Posted onUnder the CoversWhenever I ask for BDSM recommendations, I am told the same two words all the time: Cherise Sinclair. Curiosity got the best of me and I read an excerpt of this book online. I was instantly hooked and delved right into Club Shadowlands. This is a novella so I was quite impressed by the story that bloomed between Master Z and Jessica. When Jessica finds herself stuck in her car in the middle of the storm, she seeks shelter in a private club for the night. Unbeknownst to h [...]

I really liked the cover.I loved the synopsie , but Master Z was what really did it for me.I loved that for once , the hero was a grown men with black hair silvering at the temples,and have two grown children.I've always had an extra thing for older men. When my school friends were busy swooning over Taylor lautner, I had a crush on liam neeson or pierce brosnan. Sadly, most heroes in novels are 20 ish.So yeah that with him being a Dom,Zachary is definitely on my top 5 favorite males.A nice, lig [...]

**3 1/2 stars**Hhhhmmmm at first, i have to admit, i was a little bit nervous to read this since BDSM is most definitely NOT my "thing" but after seeing all of my GR friends' ratings and reviews my interest was piqued and felt that i had to at least give the 1st one a shot. In the beginning i was STILL having doubts simply because Jessica was stupid, plain and simple!e enters a house with two strange mengns a contract even though she hasn't read through it and really has no clue what it even isT [...]

Another book of Cherise's that I couldn't put down!!! So far all her books that I have read I really enjoy and can't put them down!! Once again the "steam factor" is off the charts!The book starts off with Jessica arriving at Club Shadowlands on a dark and stormy night!! Her car is off the road and she is cold so she ends up there. Master Z (Zachary) is a dom who finds Jessica interestingShe ends up learning about being a sub and sees for the first time different scenarios that go on in the club [...]

So this is the second book with a BDSM theme that I have read. This one was recommended to me by my own readers. I must say I enjoyed it and pretty much read it in one day. Save for a family disaster, I would have finished it in one day too. I liked the authors writing style. It was quick and easy to read. Just hitting that balance of right on everything. I liked the two main characters, Jessica and Master Z. I love the bond that grew between them and the way the author got you to feel that is w [...]

I should point out I am reviewing the series, not this particular book. But it would essentially be the same for all books anyway.I read these when I don't want to think, when I'm bored and just wanting light entertainment. They are basically the same thing. Everybody is awesome, what are the chances! Single Sexy Girl stumbles into BDSM club, Perfect Dom of her dreams sees girl and has to have her, turns out it what she needed all her life! Everybody has millions of orgasms, everybody falls in l [...]

All right, I'll begin by saying that while I'm fairly new to the BDSM scene, I thought that I had a fairly good idea as to what to expect. I've never felt uncomfortable with anything that I've read thus far in the erotica/BDSM genre. Seems to me that most of the authors that I've read have been very careful to give the sense of a very distinct line between consent and non-consent. Hence safe words and constant reassurance. I definitely did not get that from this book. I was really uncomfortable [...]

*Note: Review unedited*.This story is fucked up, my friends. Like, fucked up along the lines of Fifty Shades of Grey. I brought this book cause it was a freebie. I didn't even read the synopsis. The cover looked hot though so i picked it up, haha. That was a few months ago, so i decided to actually read it and give it a go. It was a really short read i read in a day. It's about BDSM, and this girl who stumbles upon the club that is all about BDSM sex. She meets the owner, instant 'oh he is hot, [...]

Club Shadowlands is NOT one of my favorite Cherise Sinclair books, that's for sure. I did like Master Z's character but I never fully warmed up to Jessica's character. I also had a hard time believing Jessica to be a submissive. The heroine remained to obstinate and dubious throughout this book for me to buy into her submissive nature. Not to mention, for someone described as level-head and critical thinking, she sure did some really stupid things. Club Shadowlands is well written and insightful [...]

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FOUR STARS!If you've ever had to walk a mile in the rain and cold after losing your car in a ditch, then you probably are having the worst day ever, and I'm going to guess that your name is Jessica. Club Shadowlands opens up with our heroine, Jessica Randall, a no-nonsense accountant currently down on her luck and searching for some road-side assistance. She stumbles across a private club where she meets the swoon-worthy Master Z, who leads her on a gentle exploration of the kinky side of sex an [...]

3.5 Stars!"I do. And I think it's time you gave me your number.""What would you do with my number?""Call you and ask you out to dinner. Talk to you somewhere besides in bed, much as I enjoy having you here.""Do I call you Sir at a restaurant?""No, kitten." "I'm Zachary until we reach the clubor the bedroom." Been a while since I read some BDSM genre! Wasn't so bad! This one was enjoyable read. And, OH MAN, the sex was

That's the story the notorious Master Z gets? I'm disappointed. Nothing new, nothing special. Rushed, no decent beginning, no buildup, straight to the sex. Heroine was very annoying. A lot of " I uhm But I What are you No, I'm uh".In this story, it felt like I have been in that club a thousand times. Same surroundings, same people, nothing exiting.I know that Sinclair could have done better than this. Mediocre at best.

You should know before reading my review that BDSM isn't my thing. It is way out of my comfort zone and although I may believe that everyone has a right to get off however they want I still cringe every time S&M is mentioned. So, you probably realize what a surprise it was to me that I enjoyed this book so much. If it had more of a plot it would be a solid 5.**************SPOILERS**************Master ZZ was so damn hot. He had this overly protective personality combined with a bit of an edge [...]

As of September 29th, 2015 this book is free on .This book was dramatically better than I was expecting. I was so pleasantly surprised. Cherise Sinclair completely won me over. I have never read a book about BDSM that was so careful to protect its readers from real life BDSM gone wrong. She even prefaces the whole book with this: How amazing, right? She completely won me over. Zachery was exactly what people should look for if they are interested in the BDSM world. He always put the needs of the [...]

Thanks to Allromance and their 12 days of Christmas, I was able to sample a genre of books that I would not have necessarily sought out. Do any of you remember The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Do you remember how it started on that dark and stormy night? Brad and Janet’s car broke down and the only house in the area was the spooky mansion? They arrive soaked and are told that there is a private party going on? Well, this ebook had a very similar start. Jessica skids off the road and walks over t [...]

I was in the mood for some hot real BDSM book after Fifty Shades of Grey But oh boy, picking this book was such a mistake.Shortly after you start reading, they tell you the moto is SAFE, SANE AND CONSENSUAL. Keep that in mind, mm'k?Main girl's car crashed in the middle of nowhere in a cold, rainy night. She found a lone house and went inside without knowing it was a bondage private club. They told her she had to sign some paper to join and be able to get inside, and she fucking did because she [...]

I’ve read this book before (a few times) but I thought I would write something quickly about why I love the Masters of Shadowlands series so much. In my opinion this series is the best in the BDSM genre. Cherise Sinclair does an amazing job of pulling you into her characters (I love them all) and showing the internal struggles of the not only the Subs, but the Doms as well.I love Master Z, the relationship between him and Jessica is fun and yet still hot. Jessica gets them into some humorous p [...]

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