Written in Blood

John Wilson

Written in Blood

Written in Blood

  • Title: Written in Blood
  • Author: John Wilson
  • ISBN: 9781554692705
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback

Set in the harsh desert world of the Arizona Territory and northern Mexico during the 1870s, Written in Blood, the first installment of the Desert Legends Trilogy, follows young Jim Doolen as he attempts to find some trace of the father who abandoned his family ten years earlier As he travels through a scorched landscape very different from the lush West Coast forests ofSet in the harsh desert world of the Arizona Territory and northern Mexico during the 1870s, Written in Blood, the first installment of the Desert Legends Trilogy, follows young Jim Doolen as he attempts to find some trace of the father who abandoned his family ten years earlier As he travels through a scorched landscape very different from the lush West Coast forests of his home, Jim crosses paths with an assortment of intriguing characters, including an Apache warrior, a cave dwelling mystic, an old Mexican revolutionary and a mysterious cowboy And with each encounter he learns something of the strange world he has entered and adds one link in a chain that leads back to his father and back to a dark, violent past As his story approaches its thrilling conclusion in a ruined Mexican hacienda, Jim comes to realize that his father s life was much complex than he had imagined, and that, in discovering his past, he has opened the way to his future.

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Traveling through the harsh terrain of 1870s Arizona territory and northern Mexico in search of his father, young Jim Doolen witnesses cruelties and endures ambush. He also learns the stories of the people he encounters, each a clue to the disappearance of his father. Gripping and evocative of a brutal time in American history, the reader eagerly invests in the appealing character of Jim, and hopes for the satisfying completion of his own story.

Imagine you never really knew your father because he left at a very young age. You don’t know where he is or what he does. That is Jim Doolens situation in Written In Blood. Jim's father Bob Doolen left him and his mother when he was very young. Now all Jims life he’s wanted to go find his father. Then, one day he leaves home to travel to the Southwestern United States looking for his father.Written In Blood is set in the 1870s in the Southwestern United States and Mexico. It is about a kid [...]

Written in Blood takes place during the 1870's in a harsh desert in the territory of Arizona and Mexico. The story follows a young man by the name of Jim Doolen. Jim's job is to try to find traces of his father who left Jim and his mother 10 years earlier. But the journey is not as hard as it seems for one day when he was shooting his father's revolver he found a note from his father saying he left for their safety and was out north trying to solve this issue. Jim starts his journey east to Seni [...]

Although grim, violent, and gory at times, Written in Blood is a seemingly realistic view of the Western part of the United States in the 1870's. It was a time when savagery and ruthlessness were commonplace. Young Jim Doolan is living in Yale (British Columbia, Canada) with his mom when he feels a restlessness within and decides to set out on horseback to find his father in Mexico. The elder Doolan left the family ten years prior claiming he couldn't be tied down. Yet, young Jim senses another [...]

In the book “Written in Blood” this 16 year old boy Jim, leaves his house in Canada on the search for his father. Jim is a very likable character and courageous in many ways. Yet going on a far trip in search for his father he is going by the clues of an old letter. When Jim’s father left at a young age he never got to grow up with the father figure he wanted. Jim has always wanted to find him and ask questions. While he is on the journey of finding his father, the trails he travels are fi [...]

It is 1877, and sixteen-year-old Jim Doolen has set out to find the father he hasn’t seen in ten years. Jim travels alone from Yale, British Columbia to Chihuahua, Mexico, encountering an array of interesting fellow-travelers along the way: a suspicious man who offers to travel with Jim, a story-telling hermit who gives Jim a new name, an Apache warrior, and a Mexican diplomat. As Jim collects stories from these men, he begins to piece together what happened to his father and gets caught up in [...]

Written in BloodJohn WilsonOrca Book Publishers2010An Early Reviewer Advanced Reading Copy.Jim Doolen travels south to Mexico in 1877 in search of his father, or at least, news of his father. Along the way he encounters characters that tell him stories. Eventually the stories connect to his search and he learns more about his missing father and himself.Written for middle schoolers and young adults, this 187 page historical novel is full of information regarding Mexico, Apaches, and the Old West. [...]

Jim Doolen has grown up in BC in the 1870s, but has roots in California and Mexico. His father left 10 years ago with a mysterious message -- he has to go to Mexico to straighten something out, but he'll be back. Jim decides it's time to find out wht happened to his dad. He meets a variety of people along the way, some good, some not. He's robbed, his horse killed, he shoots a man. But in the end, he discovers his past and finds out what happened to his father.Part adventure, part historical fic [...]

John Wilson writes accessible historical fiction, pitched at the Gr. 7-10 level, great for reluctant reader boys. This plot doesn't move that fast. I think he's experimenting with the reinvention of the Western genre--it was so big in the 50s & 60s, but kids these days don't play 'cowboys & indians' anymore. Anyway, it's short, easy to read, pretty well-paced and a good story, but it still seems pretty long ago & far away. Although the main character is likeable, he's not compelling. [...]

This is the first Western I've added to my shelves. Jim Doolen sets off from British Columbia to eventually across the harsh desert sands of Arizona and Mexico in the 1870s in order to find traces of the father who abandoned his family ten years earlier. He crosses paths with murderous bandits, an Apache warrior, an Indian mystic, and an ancient Mexican revolutionary. His interactions with each character each provide him with a clue to his own origins. As his family's story comes together, Jim d [...]

Imagine the soundtrack to your favorite western movie then think of the dusty, wild country of the old west and you have the setting for Written in Blood, the story of 16 year old Jim Doolen. In the 1870's Jim leaves his mother and their comfortable home in Canada to search for his father, who has been missing in the Wild West for 10 years. Along the way Jim is robed by bandits, survives a gunshot wound, and meets many colorful characters who all have a story to tell. Through their stories and h [...]

It's the 1870's and 16 year old Jim Doolen is attempting to find out what happened to his father, who abandoned him and his Mother 10 years earlier. Armed with very few items, Jim makes his way from British Columbia to the Southwest following the one lead that he has.While making his way to Mexico, Jim crosses paths with a variety of characters and he is slowly able to piece together the story of his father and their heritage.

This Western novel features a Canadian cowboy in the 1870s looking for his long-disappeared father. Unfortunately, the pace is slow (think Elmore Leonard written by Elizabeth Kostova) and the big plot revelation will be obvious to the reader well before protagonist James Doolen catches on. Still, the pro-Indian sensibility is refreshingly handled, and Wilson steps neatly around the Western cliches.

A very well written book, aimed at an age group that doesn't often get a book solely for them: tween boys. Interestingly woven Western of a boy searching for his father and stumbling upon quite a few adventures, both helpful and dangerous, along the way.

This is the Story of Jim Doolen, he travels from BC to Mexico searching for his father, he meets many interesting characters along the way and learns the importance of stories, both those of others and of his own, and learning of the story of his father learns of his past and the way of his future.

A great read for YAs who like westerns.

Excellent young adult book for guys reads. ist a trilogy about the wild west.

First of a series

Top Ten Westerns for Youth 1012 (Booklist)

good but short

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