Complete Jewish Bible-OE

David H. Stern

Complete Jewish Bible-OE

Complete Jewish Bible-OE

  • Title: Complete Jewish Bible-OE
  • Author: David H. Stern
  • ISBN: 9789653590151
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Hardcover

Translated by David H Stern Focuses on Jewishness Names and key terms presented in easy to understand transliterated Hebrew enabling readers to pronounce them the way Yeshua Jesus did 1,697 pp Presenting the Word of God as a unified Jewish book, the Complete Jewish Bible is a translation for Jews and non Jews alike It connects Jews with the Jewishness of the MessTranslated by David H Stern Focuses on Jewishness Names and key terms presented in easy to understand transliterated Hebrew enabling readers to pronounce them the way Yeshua Jesus did 1,697 pp Presenting the Word of God as a unified Jewish book, the Complete Jewish Bible is a translation for Jews and non Jews alike It connects Jews with the Jewishness of the Messiah, and non Jews with their Jewish roots Names and key terms are returned to their original Hebrew and presented in easy to understand transliterations, enabling the reader to say them the way Yeshua Jesus did For readers familiar with the Jewish New Testament, the Complete Jewish Bible is a welcome sight

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Three years ago when I started studying Hebrew (I am a Christian) this book was a tremendous help because Stern uses the original Hebrew in both the Old and New Testament, to give the reader a more complete picture of what life was like back then. Example, Jesus's name is Yeshua. Reading in this context, helps you see the realy Jewishness of him and his disciples, and really helps you appreciate the Old Testament a lot more! :)

Marvelous! Inspired! The Word, as presented in this format, has shaped my life like nothing else. And as names, events, places, and actions are presented in their original and proper context, several historical recordings take on a whole new meaning and are better understood until, one day, we will see face to face!The glossary at the back, providing the meaning of names, places, events, etc in their proper, Jewish context, proved to be most helpful. The text, as translated by Dr. Stern, is pres [...]

This is the best version I have ever found of a Bible other than a Scofield which are no longer in print.David H. Stern has an exceptional gift as he writes his translations. Very in depth and the commentary in this are very good. I highly recommend this one.

Ok, I checked this out from the library because I had heard about it. E Stern puts Yiddish into his translation of the New Testament. The Yiddish language did not begin until the 11th century and was not spoken by Jesus and the apostles. If you want to do an entire Yiddush translation of the Bible, that would be one thing, but to throw in random Yiddush words is just bizarre. I was also not impressed with the translation itself. Besides throwing in random Yiddish words, some of the concepts in t [...]


I read this daily

I totally appreciate this Bible to use alongside my NKJV. Stern opens up the Hebraic perspective that is lost on most church folk (me being one of those). The only caveat is that this is one man interpreting and sometimes we don't agree. But hey, this translation/interpretation as a supplement is worth its weight in gold for me and my family.

A brilliant translation by Dr Stern that reminds believers of our Jewish roots and that we were grafted into Israel by the blood of Yeshua. The Church does NOT replace Israel, but it is grafted INTO Israel.

I now have a leather onei recommend it. The ol' paper back got all "bendy".

I just got this translation, but I can see so far that I really like it.

Jewish names are awesome! Translation itself is low quality.

My new favorite translation it's awesome to be able to read the real Jewish names for people and places!

I do not like the translations in this bible as much as in my Access Bible but, I find it to be extremely useful in that it uses the Hebrew names for people and places. This version definitely enhances one's understanding of the Bible by knowing the original names for things as Yeshua (Jesus) would have known them. Also, in the back of the book is a Glossary of Hebrew words and their meanings as well as the English translations. This is particularly valuable tool in understanding the bible as be [...]

I will not rate because all the stars in the sky can't rate the word of God. as for this translation though, I liked it but it didn't give me jewish insight like others claimed it did for them. I was thinking it would give me culture and traditional insight help me grasp jewish ways so that I could get a different point of view other then from an western struggle of trying to understand. but this was not the case instead I was constantly looking up the English word to the jewish names. I was exp [...]

I was challenged by a friend at church to participate in the church's annual Bible reading program, and I selected this translation for its clarity and Jewish perspective. (Yes, some of the names will throw a reader off at first, but a pronunciation guide is included.) Even though I started late, I finished two days before the official end of the 2016 Challenge, and I enjoyed every bit of the reading. It's a Bible I use often as a parallel to the King James Version and New Living Translation. Hi [...]

This has been the best version I have ever found. It opens up the Hebraic thoughts of the writers, even though they may have been writing in Greek. It also exposes errors in translation so prevalent in many other versions. NEVER STUDY WITHOUT REFERENCING OTHER VERSIONS! The LORD will use it to open your understanding in ways you could never foresee. DO READ THE INTRODUCTION PRIOR TO USING THIS VERSION!

my ongoing daily Scripture readinge longer i read the CJB, the more my love for God's Word grows. beautiful turns of phrase, understanding of scripture in light of Hebrew culture and its impact on what is being said. love it!really enjoy the cultural realities evidenced in various new perspectives of known scripture ~new light exposes some wrong western thought and theologyful in clarifying misunderstood teaching

I bought this to help me understand Judaism and Christianity. Purists in experience will have no need for such a book. Those with feet in one camp or the other will either love or hate this book. But as this Jewish-heritage and Jewish-experience woman found herself falling in love with Jesus the God-figure, this was very helpful.

Since I'm using this for one of my translations for Torah study this year, I added it. (Maybe since I recently removed the Jewish New Testament Commentary from my list since I don't have time for it right now, then I felt compelled to add this one).

I love this translation as a refreshing way of reading familiar texts from the Hebrew perspective. The order of the Old Testament books is changed to follow Jewish tradition which may cause confusion for "traditionalists". But, a great addition to the standard bible translations.

very enjoyable, some knowlege of hebrew phrases helpful

Excellent translation of the NT (See Jewish New Testament by the same author and publisher). I didn't find the OT as fresh as the NT translation.

I do enjoy this version of the Bible for various reasons. It's not my daily reader, but I love to use it to cross reference scriptures that I wonder about in other interpretations.

The portion, and Psalms just finished the book of Acts and my faith has increased. What a powerful God we have.

So good to have a translation that is true to the Jewish roots of the Scripture including pronunciation of names ie. "Yeshua" as well as many others

Improve vocabulary, learn about the Jewish culure, and widen your perspective on scriptures. I love it!

This is an excellent translation. David Stern uses the Hebrew names and helps to clear up some of the translation problems in the New Testament that does not seem to represent the Tanach.

It is nice to see a translation from the Hebrew rather than the Greek, it gives the words more context and you able to better understand the forefathers better.

The New Testament portion was translated by a Messianic Jew. It's very interesting to read this version coming from someone who understands the original Jewish thought and perspective.

A fresh insight into the scriptures and pretty well done. I have added it to my "try to read each year" list.

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