Personal Power II

Anthony Robbins

Personal Power II

Personal Power II

  • Title: Personal Power II
  • Author: Anthony Robbins
  • ISBN: 9789997667687
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Audio Cassette

Personal Power II package contains 12 audio CDs, 1 spiral bound book, and 1 VHS tape.

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This book and the audio program where the catalyst for me re-inventing my life and fully understanding that I can choose to be do and have whatever I want.

Of the self help speakers Anthony Robbins Really does help change the way you think about people and personal choices.

This is basically a "how to" manual for being the best version of yourself. I've always been a very driven person but I used to be miserable. Basically I made a great income but had zero purpose in my life and was in a constant state of anxiety, fear, and worry. Personal Power is part of my morning routine. I'm in a consent cycle of "30 days" and have been for years. I listen to a day every morning and do the exercises. It's amazing when I go back and look at what I wrote down years ago and how [...]

I own Personal Power and Personal Power II (as well as EVERY other course RRI has published). PPII is the ALL-Time greatest and most influential in my life. I won't say that Tony redefined the way I live and approach life. For the most part, I was doing a lot of what he teaches already. He just gave a name to the processes. That isn't to say I didn't learn a lot from himI have learned more from Tony than from all others combined. I go through either PPII or Get The Edge every two or three years. [...]

One of the most inspiring and motivating books in my life. Highly recommend to anyone. Just get the guts to make it for the whole 30 days, and then take the good things and use them over and over again.

Quite effective training program. though a bit long(30 days) but still was worth the time . the first two sessions are going to bore you but they are the foundation of the whole program

If you were to get ONE Tony Robbins course out there, THIS IS THE ONE to get. Totally worth the money, I love this program, and I can't highly recommend it enough! It's a 30 day course, highly polished, organized, and thought out. The lessons and material in here are priceless. Here is a more detailed review of review of Tony Robbins course - Personal Power II in case you're interested learning more.Check out these other reviews of Tony Robbins Books to help you see which book is the best for yo [...]

It has been years now since I listened to this in audio book fromat, but this guy is the embodiment of both inspirational and motivational. Especially when you listen to his "come on get going!" gravely voice, as he enthusiastically reads all his own audio books. I don't remember too many details about this specific audio book (it has been too many years) but I know I've incorporated many of his suggestions into my daily life. Highly recommended!

I've been reading fairly widely in the self-improvement field since about 2010, and this is the best single thing I've found. First issued in the mid-1990s, it isn't a book, per se, but a series of audiotapes (I bought a used copy via eBay). Robbins's single-minded faith in the power of individuals to overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs has an undeniable power.

well what can I say, another typically well motivational put and excellently explained to live an exceptional life by tony robbins, just as you'd expect from the guy, 5 starsWaseem MirzaWaseemMirza

Have on tape. Went through the whole program but never actually did the exercises.

hmm nice to read

Was really inspiring/doable. Great break down of steps to help work through any situation/obstacle/life change that you want.

Best book ever.

Didn't complete itGot bored after like 5 tapes of 20It was useless to me in fact

I is the best program to change my life to a new level.It take 30 days to complete the program and could be the best of your life.t

I listend to these when I went to get my Gemology degree and it really helped me. I would relisten in a heartbeat.

This is a must!!!!

used audiobooks, volumes 7 and 8

Life changing

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