Catherine and the Pirate

Karen Hawkins

Catherine and the Pirate

Catherine and the Pirate

  • Title: Catherine and the Pirate
  • Author: Karen Hawkins
  • ISBN: 9780064473460
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback

Born to a prominent Boston family, Catherine Markham is a bit of a hellion despite her gentle upbringing Stifled by the rules imposed by society, Catherine yearns for adventure When her beloved brother is kidnapped, she decides to deliver the ransom herself with the help of a young man few others might turn to.The PirateDerrick St John lives on the edge The memory oBorn to a prominent Boston family, Catherine Markham is a bit of a hellion despite her gentle upbringing Stifled by the rules imposed by society, Catherine yearns for adventure When her beloved brother is kidnapped, she decides to deliver the ransom herself with the help of a young man few others might turn to.The PirateDerrick St John lives on the edge The memory of his dead father tainted by treason, Derrick s life has been spent at sea in both legal and not so legal pursuits Determined to clear his father s name, the last thing this young pirate wants is to embark on a voyage to Savannah in the midst of a war with the British, much less with a young lady who spells trouble at every turn.An emotion stronger than caution takes hold of Derrick, and he finds himself unable to refuse Catherine s pleas for assistance, even though the journey promises peril for them both And so the headstrong girl and the daring sea captain sail into an exhilarating adventure that fast becomes a journey of the heart.

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When seventeen-year-old Catherine Markham's parents died four years ago, it was her brother Royce who kept her going. Although Royce was twelve years older than Catherine, he became more than just her brother, he became her best friend. When Catherine learns that Royce has been lost at sea in the American Revolution, she is devastated -- until a ransom note arrives, stating that Royce is still alive and demanding money for his safe return. Determined to get from Boston to Savannah to deliver the [...]

This book was by far my favorite in the 'Avon True Romance' series. And I had read every single book in that series.

Just read this book again for a book challenge. It's cute. Just a little fluffy teen romance, where they fall in love and kiss at the end ;) It was nice and adorable.

Genre: swash-buckling heroes, bro-sis relationship, clearing up the family nameSummary: Catherine has just received a ransom note for her brother Royce who has gone missing. If she can deliver 50 gold coins to Savannah in two weeks, she can save his life. But a single young woman cannot travel alone, so she convinces her brother's friend with a troubled reputation to take her on his ship. Response: This is part of one of my favorite series that I read when I was in high school. Squeaky clean his [...]

WAS THIS BOOK RESPONSIBLE FOR MY WEIRD PIRATE THING? Possibly. But more likely it was some random trashy romance novel I read as a child and then found this one later. But, damn. Pirates, am I right? This is possibly the fluffiest pirate romance novel ever written. I love it.

A really nice historical fiction/romance. Good clean sailing fun.

Fiesty Catherine embarks on an adventure to rescue her brother, who has not been lost at sea as presumed but kidnapped. When his pirate friend Derrick comes to her aid, it is inevitable that the two fall in love with the typical song and dance: she likes him, but doesn't think he sees her as a woman, he agonizes over not being good enough, they argue, they make up, they kiss and are excited and regretful, yadda, yadda, yadda, etc, etc, etc.The romance itself is too tame to be believable; in spit [...]

Teen historical romance Catherine and the Pirate by Karen Hawkins was published by Avon in 2002. On page one, we meet seventeen-year-old Catherine, a wealthy young woman living in Revolutionary-era Boston, the moment she discovers that her presumed-dead elder brother might actually still be alive. Intent on rescuing him, she seeks help from her brother's handsome best friend, former pirate Derrick St. John - much to her stern and conniving Uncle Elliott's dismay.This novel is tasteful, addicting [...]

Re-read 2015: I used to adore the Avon True Romance series. There was a year in high school (yes, high school) when all my friends and I would swap the books around and swoon over all the cute clean romance stories. Catherine and the Pirate used to be one of the hardest to find, but it was most of our favorites. I even bought the book for a friend as a birthday gift, and very carefully (without creasing any pages or even opening the book fully to break the binding) read it before giving it to he [...]

Catherine and the Pirate was a fairly short, adventurous and sweet romance. Except for the bad language (which came much oftener than I liked), I feel this book is perfectly appropriate for teens.It centers on Catherine, a seventeen-year-old, rather well-off orphan who is seeking her supposed-dead brother by enlisting the help of Derrick. Derrick, who was once a notorious pirate, but was given a chance for a better life and now wishes to prove his father's good name.If you enjoy stories of pirat [...]

That was me for most of this book. It was so good! I wish there was more of their relationship involved but I loved how much adventure was put in. It was just the right amount of everything for this short book! I fangirled over Derrick SO HARD and I loved the twists in the book that kept me guessing. Can't wait to read another one in this series !If anyone knows some really good pirate romances they could recommend that would be fantastic!

Derrick es un sueño, ¡todo un sueño!Si el final fue un poco precipitado, no le quita el mérito a todo lo que ese hombre me ha hecho sentir y a ese empoderamiento femenino que surge en Catherine.La historia me ha fascinado.Y se me puede juzgar por ser mi primer libro de piratas y aceptarlo como tal, pero me ha hecho adorarlo.Me abre las puertas a seguir buscando libros de este género y, sin duda, me hace querer surcar los mares a lado de algún ex-pirata mandón.

OK, this is a hard to find book and I was very excited to receive it from the author. I did like the storyline and the pace of the book but did have a hard time not feeling weird reading about a sixteen year old's love life if you know what I mean. I would have liked it better if the main characters were alittle order-LOL Still a great read.

I liked this book. It had adventure and romance all rolled into one story. What happens when Catherine discovers that her brother Royce has been kidnapped? Her uncle won't even hear of paying the ransom he tells Catherine that he believes that Royce is dead. Catherine believes otherwise and sets out to find her brother and pay the ransom. This is an enjoyable book that I recommend.

I thought I would check out a few books in this series, which is An Avon True Romance Series for teenagers. Always looking for books my almost teenager will be interested. The problem with this book for me was the language. Hells and damns are frequent. I won't be passing this book on to my girls for that reason. You will be able to read my full review soon at theliteratemother.

I read this YEARS ago. I used to LOVE these cheesy, corny romance novels without the doin' it part. They took a couple hours to read and made my teenage heart go pitter-patter at how grand and romantic these bad boy and good girl stories were. Should definitely re-read and see if they are as exhilarating now as I remember them being! (review written 10/10/15)

There is nail-bitting fights, giggles of romantic encounters, and all of the other juicy bits! I don't understand how this book could not have more hype surrounding it! So I decided that I will HYPE UP THIS BOOK FOR ALL OF YOU!Read the rest of my book review at wordpress/page/caylasbook

Good typical teen romance. Loved the historical pirate aspect, and great imagery and setting; also liked the colonial dialogue. Good read for teens wanting to read about first love and coming of age adventures!

Nice, sweet romance. I liked the main characters in this one. I didn't like the cover picture, though. He's supposed to have black hair--I tried to picture Orlando Bloom as Derrick ;), but the cover picture haunted me. Oh well.

A fun and cute read. It was a sweet teen romance. Definitely, something to read if your looking for something light and fluffy.

It's okay and I enjoyed it alright but the title is a little misleading. The boy isn't a pirate really. Maybe once upon a time but during the story not so much.

Someone kidnaps Catherine's brother, and she cons Derrick St. John (a former pirate) into helping her rescue him if he is still alive. Fun, easy, quick read. Perfect for teens.

Fun read but needed a little more romance. Cute love story I just needed a little more action.

i LOVED this book. I read it awhile ago, but i still love it.

Nice clean YA romance novel. Quick easy read. A bit cheesy for my taste, but still a decent story.

This was the first historical romance novel I read. I was so in love with this book that I read it twice. It has been so many years that I have read this book but it's still a favorite.

Le sigh. This was amazing.

Romantic, simple and easy reading. You can enjoy it on a bus or any kind of break :) just pretty.

Great! Read for youngens!!!!

i read this in a day it was so good!

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