Mathematical Puzzles And Diversions

Martin Gardner

Mathematical Puzzles And Diversions

Mathematical Puzzles And Diversions

  • Title: Mathematical Puzzles And Diversions
  • Author: Martin Gardner
  • ISBN: 9780140136357
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Paperback

Nick s Mathematical Puzzles Nick s Mathematical Puzzles Welcome to my selection of mathematical puzzles What s new See puzzle . The math puzzles presented here are selected for the deceptive simplicity of their statement, or the elegance of their solution. Mathematical Puzzles of Sam Loyd Paperback Amazing Math and Strategic Puzzles that will have you thinking for a very long time This book is a reprint of a release Some of the drawings are politically incorrect such as puzzle where the player needs to get out of a number maze. Nick s Mathematical Puzzles to qbyte Totient valence Euler s totient function n is defined as the number of positive integers not exceeding n that are relatively prime to n, where is counted as being relatively prime to all numbers So, for example, because the eight integers , and are relatively prime to The table below shows values of n for n . MathPuzzle Math Games, Math Puzzles, and Mathematical Recreations Hamiltonian Circuit for Rubik s cube A Hamiltonian solution for Rubik s Cube is known Seven, Eight, and Nine Touching Cylinders Maths Puzzles Transum There is a great amount of satisfaction that can be obtained from solving a mathematical puzzle There is a range of puzzles on this page, all with a mathematical connection, that are just waiting to be solved. Cryptarithms Number Puzzles Cryptarithms Cryptarithms are mathematical puzzles in which the digits in an arithmetic expression are replaced by letters of the alphabet The object is to work out which numbers correspond to each letter Generally the letters are chosen so that the sum also spells out some related words or a short message an Alphametic puzzle. International Mathematical Olympiad Problems Language versions of problems are not complete Please send relevant PDF files to the webmaster webmaster imo official. Proofs in Mathematics Cut the Knot Proofs, the essence of Mathematics tiful proofs, simple proofs, engaging facts Proofs are to mathematics what spelling or even calligraphy is to poetry Mathematical works do consist of proofs, just as poems do consist of characters Rob s Puzzle Page Other A series of wooden geometric puzzles, including some incorporating magnets, were offered by a company called Tensegrity Systems, located in Tivoli, NY, and founded in by Cary Kittner and Stuart Quimby.The company name was eventually changed to Design Science Toys Ltd. You can see U.S Patent for their Tensegritoy It looks like they went out of business in see here and

These clearly and cleverly presented mathematical recreations of paradoxes and paperfolding, Moebius variations and mnemonics both ancient and modern delight and perplex while demonstating principles of logic, probability, geometry, and other mathematical fields A classic Andrew Rothery, Times Education Supplement Martin Gardner has turned a trick as neat as any in theThese clearly and cleverly presented mathematical recreations of paradoxes and paperfolding, Moebius variations and mnemonics both ancient and modern delight and perplex while demonstating principles of logic, probability, geometry, and other mathematical fields A classic Andrew Rothery, Times Education Supplement Martin Gardner has turned a trick as neat as any in the book itself He has selected a group of diversions which are not only entertaining but mathematically meaningful as well The result is a work which is rewarding on almost every level of mathematical achievement Miriam Hecht, Iscripta Mathematica

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This is the first book by Martin Gardner I read - and I have been a fan ever since. Just thinking of this book fills me with nostalgia.A lazy summer afternoon: the youth section of our city library, housed in an ancient mammoth of a colonial building: the musty smell of old books: the summer vacation stretching in front of me and the pretty girl who sat across me at the table, at whom I stole glances now and then, but never got up the courage to speak toAh, the halcyon days of youth!

I made the dumb mistake of starting to read this book on the train on my way to work.Rule number one: Do not open this book unless you have access to paper, pencils, a ruler and a flat surface. This book requires three-dimensional aides.

This author was recommended to me when I was 21, by a high school friend who is now an artificial intelligence expert. I'm probably too dumb by now to understand math, but I'll give it a try.

When I was a sophomore in high school in 1956, I remember going to the library once and seeing a magazine I had not noticed before— the Scientific American. I thumbed through it, and in the back was a column titled ‘Mathematical Games’ by Martin Gardner. Unlike the other articles in the issue which were hard to understand fully, Gardner was very lucid. He talked about folding strips of paper into fascinating shapes called ‘Flexagons’. I did not find out to much later that it was his ve [...]

Martin Gardner was a columnist for Scientific American, and notably described himself as a recreational mathematician. When I found this out, I already loved him, it was just a matter of negotiating the degree. I sat down with this book, a pad of paper, some colouring pencils and a cup of tea. Two hours later I was grinning broadly and surrounded by hexaflexagons. Best few quid on I have spent in ages, and recommended to anyone who thinks maths is pretty but you wouldn't want to do it for a liv [...]

Hexaflexagons is the first of Gardner's series of Scientific American compilations, all now available as PDFs on a single DVD. It hearkens back to the halcyon days of nerdery before the Internet, when instead of watching youtube videos and writing python code, math geeks sat around folding strips of paper in certain ways. The chapters aren't terribly even; some are much more interesting and thought provoking than others. My favorites are the nine puzzles chapters, which are collections of easy b [...]

An interesting collection of logic puzzles, game strategies, and interesting physical/mathematical curiosities. I say interesting, despite the fact that there are plenty of sections wherein I definitely lost interest, for while I find math interesting in the abstract I am not accustomed to the kind of thinking it requires. I did not force myself to understand it all, nor beat myself up when I failed to tease out the answer to a posed problem, though. I was just along for the ride, and it was ple [...]

What an incredible collection of mathematical brain candy. I discovered hexaflexagons from YouTube user ViHart this past school year. I showed the videos to my math classes, and they were hooked. Getting to read the original essay that introduced hexaflexagons to the general public was a joy. There is so much material in this little volume (quite a bit of it genuinely challenging for me, and my degree is in mathematics!) that I'm sure I will return to it again and again.

My dad gave me his copy of this book. I think I was in high school. My interest in his work hasn't waned one iota since. He truly is the king of recreational mathematics. And, yes, that really is a thing.

I just recently discovered this author and his huge library of books. I plan to read others. they are great distractions although I plan to spread them out. Too many puzzles at a time takes away some of the fun.

Uptill now I really like the book and its puzzles. I think that it explains the maths behind it quite well and the book has got a quick pace making it a fun read. It also makes every chapter independent from the next which means if you are very interested in only one chapter of it you can read it.

Great stuff guess I'm a geek

I love these books, though I don't share a Gardner's enthusiasm for topography. Nearly timeless puzzles.

Love it. Love Martin Gardner. An excellent adventure in recreational mathematics!

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