The Power of Myth

Joseph Campbell Bill Moyers

The Power of Myth

The Power of Myth

  • Title: The Power of Myth
  • Author: Joseph Campbell Bill Moyers
  • ISBN: 9781606710081
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Hardcover

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I really do think that this should be required reading in high school, everywhere. Or beyond. Just in general. I read it in preperation for my AP year, and it really helps you to open your eyes quite a bit. Does Joe Campbell like to stretch his points? Yes. Are some of his ideas and allusions a little far fetched? Absolutely. Will you roll your eyes a few times? Of course! Unless you are more starry eyed than even I was.However. What he says on the subject of myth and our current culture is so t [...]

The Power of Myth explores so much more than myth. It delves into the essence of life itself.Joseph Campbell was mythologist, professor, writer, lecturer, historianhe was so much. His wealth of knowledge on faith, philosophy and humanity was astounding. He has left us, but he has left behind a body of work, a legacy of compassion and understanding for us and future generations. Thanks to this interview, conducted by journalist Bill Moyers, we have an encapsulated version of his teachings from Ca [...]

تأملاتی دربارۀ قدرت اسطورهچگونه اسطوره بسازيم؟آموزش گام به گامجوزف كمبل مدعيه كه اسطوره بيان استعارى تجربيات انسانى طبقه نخبه اجتماع بوده. اما گذر زمان و سطح درك پايين طبقه فرو دست اجتماع باعث شده رفته رفته مردم به صورت تحت اللفظى به مفاد اساطير باور پيدا كنن، هر چند، همين ب [...]

In my daily life, I talk about suffering a lot. I have had trouble accepting the fact that terrible things happen to people everyday, that the voiceless, the weak have to undergo great cruelty everywhere. Campbell says, for our sake we have to affirm the brutality, the thoughtlessness of our surroundings too. By doing so, we affirm our world and the experience of eternity here.I once mentioned to an older friend, if our world were to be a circle and we the dots to complete it, then our existence [...]

Joseph Campbell is seriously incredible. Read this, listen to the PBS audio tapes, read anything he writes he's just brilliant, erudite, illuminating, fascinating, lovable, enlightening he reveals things articulately that you always sensed in the shadowy regions of your instinct, and having them so clearly identified has a revelatory and refreshing effect. It makes you pensive and hopeful. It makes you feel good about being human, part of this thing we do called life. I don't know, I think every [...]

I have bought this wonderful machine—a computer. Now I am rather an authority on gods, so I identified the machine—it seems to me to be an Old Testament god with a lot of rules and no mercy.Joseph Campbell’s Hero with a Thousand Faces is a book that, for better or worse, will forever change how you see the world. Once you read his analysis of the monomyth, the basic outline of mythological stories, you find it everywhere. It’s maddening sometimes. Now I can’t watch certain movies witho [...]

This is my first first-person experience with Campbell. And I find it an incredibly frustrating book. There are parts that are wonderful: when Campbell takes a few moments to tell some of the myths that have been floating around for years. Or when he compares the motifs in multiple myths from different cultures in different parts of the world. Campbell was clearly a master story-teller, and even in just a couple of sentences, he really makes these ancient stories come alive. Similarly, the compa [...]

There is something very fishy about our existence. We are unaware of it most of the time, but it tickles us all from time to time.Suddenly we realize we 'are', we actually exist. That's a weird thing. One day we open our eyes, and there’s a world outside.These things trouble me. Since when do I exist? How come I wasn’t here, then I suddenly came out of nowhere? How’s it possible that something as concrete as ‘I’ actually came out of nowhere? And exactly at what time did I come into bei [...]

جوزف كمبل (01987-1904) از برجسته ترين مراجع جهاني در زمينه ي اسطوره شناسي، پژوهنده اي توانا، مشاهده گري تيزبين، نويسنده و آموزگاري نامي بود كه در سطح جهان تاثيري گسترده و ژرف گذارد.براي او، اسطوره «آواز كائنات و موسيقي افلاك» بود.در اين گفتگوي بلند كه روايتي از آن از يكي از شبكه هاي [...]

I don't know how he does it, but every time I read/hear/stumble upon some vague quotation of Joseph Campbell's work, my day gets better. The sensation I get when reading his work is of relief, that all the seemingly static and infallible truths of the world stem from very simple needs. Somehow knowing that frees me to pursue the quenching of the needs, rather than the physical trappings we have set up around that need. It is very interesting. This book is a sort of revised and embellished versio [...]

Re-read this one after several years, and it was even more powerful this time. I think the time and the age between helped in my understanding and comprehension. Very accessible text, and I am sure I will revisit this one again someday - maybe I can finally watch the PBS special too.

I started reading the hardcover version of this and immediately realized it is a companion to a PBS series between Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell. So I decided to switch to the audio version – highly, highly recommended over the book.I found myself connecting with a lot of the passages, but one passage in particular definitely stands out, tackling the meaning of life. While I have a great amount of respect for Moyers, I was slightly annoyed at times with his attempts to assert his equanimity [...]

My 100th book for should be a memorable oneUE STORY: I was facing one of those milestone birthdays where you find yourself asking the big questions like, “What the heck am I doing?” “Am I on the right course?” "Who am I?"I wandered into a local bookstore thinking “Surely there’s a book in here with some answers for me.” I walked out with “The Power of Myth” by Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers, the companion book for their PBS series of the same name.A few pages into their dial [...]

A series of interview with Campbell, accompanied by lots of images.My notes:

درباره‌ی این کتاب خیلی چیزها می‌شه نوشت اما ممکنه هیچکدومش توصیف دقیق اون نباشه. بنابراین فقط می‌تونم بگم یه کتاب درباره‌ی راهنمای زیستن. کشف دوباره هستی. غرق شدن در کائنات.

Myths are often stories that explain how the world and human kind came to be in their present form. I have always been inexplicable drawn to these stories and often felt that they have a quality beyond what they seem to be. The undeniable pull of myths have in the human psyche and the society that surrounds them are often met with scrutiny and criticism. When you say that you are interested in mythology the question naturally comes as to why this particular subject is of interest? What role does [...]

In my part of the world, the gods live everywhere. Every automobile you get into has an image of an elephant headed god or a crucified christ & if the owner is a very fervent believer you will have incense burning inside the vehicle. Such beliefs according to them keeps mishaps at bay. Calendars & walls are adorned with such images and even movies begin with chants evoking the celestial ones.Growing up in such a society my mind kept wavering between comfort & confusion on what it all [...]

"The Power of Myth" by Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers is one of the most amazing books you will ever read or experience. Campbell, the late professor of Comparative Mythology at Sarah Lawrence University, wrote on ideas touching upon every facet of life and his ideas have inspired all types of artistic and creative expression. It would be impossible to write about every idea that Campbell discusses in this book but it suffices to say that his work touches upon many profound aspects of what it [...]

This book is full of wisdom. I read it slowly, kept it on my night table and read a page or two a night. Of course, Joseph Campbell is brilliant. I ended up underlining because so much is profound and so much goes deep into not only the world we live in but the personal soul. He talks a lot about going inward and finding your own harmony. The Great Silence! The silence beyond sound. Myth and storytellers, the hero's adventures, gift of the goddess, and the female principle all lead up to, not so [...]

Apparently everyone loves this book, which shocks me. I found a lot of his references very interesting but I really despised a lot of the author's commentary on them (as well as the hundreds of times the author contradicts himself). Yes, he did come up with some pretty deep conclusions, but at other times I found his ideas to be so infuriatingly ridiculous that I, in fact, threw the book at the car window at one point when I read a particularly infuriating nugget of absurdity (I believe it was s [...]

Jesus Christ does old Professor Joe Campbell knead and massage his precious little thesis until it is a pile of steaming crap sitting in front of me. How many different ways can you boil a potato. Yes, OK, myth, storytelling, wow amazing. NEXT.

Fantastic. It's an interview with various themes of human life centering around mythology. It's not about stories, books, movies just the myths, how and why they appeared, how and why they shaped and still shape lives and society, how they adapt (or we adapt them) and so on.He also tackles on issues that even almost 30 years after the book's publishing are still rampant, or even more rampant than before, like violence, issues in love, maturing too late, fanaticism and so on and I think he does a [...]

Though a bit rambling at times, The Power of Myth is a great introductory text on archetypes found within all world mythologies from almost every time period. Campbell explains why the underlying stories are the same from all over the world and what they mean in both cultural, personal, and world contexts.He breaks down some of the major archetypes like the sacrificed god and resurrection, virgin births, goddesses, trees, snakes, and more. As someone who has studied tarot and The Tree of Life ex [...]

It can be joy to read this book which is entirely a conversation between the mythologist Joseph Campbell and the PBS journalist Bill Moyers – both being uber-erudite. Whether the joy turns into boredom and annoyance or continues to the end depends on your mindset. For Campbell myths are what we humans conceive to make sense of the world and our lives and our relation with the world. All stories and rites and traditions should be looked at in this perspective. Myth are not things of the antiqui [...]

After reading Joseph Campbell's work 'The Power of Myth' and 'The Hero's Journey', I'm now noticing the symbols of mythology and legends in nearly every movie I see and every book I read; even in the non-fiction, true articles of my favourite newspaper, 'The Age', the are apparent. I can't believe how Campbell's philosophies touch on everything we believe about our earth, religion, marriage, births--absolutely everything! Using the example of religion and the stories of the bible, Joseph Campbel [...]

I actually never thought I'd be writing a review and typing out the sentence, "this book changed my life." But I can't really get around it. It feels dramatic and sweeping and ridiculous, but this book really changed my life. It was also a matter of good timing, and I was also given some thoughts from watching "The Wind Rises" at the same time as I was reading. Joseph Campbell speaks about his knowledge as if it is unequivocal, unarguable truth. I was charmed and yet annoyed. I was firmly rooted [...]

This book changed my life. Joseph Campbell opened the world of Mythology to me and introduced a new way for me to relate to my life journey. His insights and ideas about the power of myth help us understand how important it is to be aware of the traditions inherent in our cultures and how they play out personally and collectively. I am able to look for the "soul-story" resonating in diverse cultures and know that I am looking at the myth that is informing their values, ideas, ideals, religion, e [...]

A great tool for any writer or aspiring novelist in the fundamental knowledge of myth and its interaction with religion and history. Joseph Campbell proves here that he is the master of mythology, and his wisdom oozes from the pages like honey. As a writer, the gift of such wisdom far exceeds most other resources that you have at your disposal. Perhaps the most important teaching from Campbell is his insisting that constant reading is the prime path for one to acquire great amounts of knowledge. [...]

فوق العاده از خوندش  لذت بردم به نظرم بیشتر از اینکه آموزش اسطوره شناسی باشه درس خودشناسی و هستی شناسی میده."اسطوره‌ها را بخوانید. آنها می‌آموزند که می‌توانید به دورن بازگردید و شروع به دریافت پیام ‌نمادها می‌کنید. اسطوره‌های ملت های دیگر را بخوانید، نه اسطوره های دین خود [...]

Just as 'Public Communicators' like Cousteau, Sagan and deGrasse Tyson have translated sprawling, complex phenomena of the natural sciences into digestible, imperative docutainment, so did Joseph Campbell—with socratic cheerleading from interviewer Bill Moyers—distill leading mythological scholarship of the humanities and social sciences, including his own substantial work, into a kind of cultural and ecological advocacy intended for a late 1980s american television audienceMPBELL: I think o [...]

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