The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella

Stephenie Meyer

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella

  • Title: The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella
  • Author: Stephenie Meyer
  • ISBN: 9780316127684
  • Page: 269
  • Format: ebook

Fans of The Twilight Saga will be enthralled by this riveting story of Bree Tanner, a character first introduced in Eclipse, and the darker side of the newborn vampire world she inhabits In another irresistible combination of danger, mystery, and romance, Stephenie Meyer tells the devastating story of Bree and the newborn army as they prepare to close in on Bella Swan andFans of The Twilight Saga will be enthralled by this riveting story of Bree Tanner, a character first introduced in Eclipse, and the darker side of the newborn vampire world she inhabits In another irresistible combination of danger, mystery, and romance, Stephenie Meyer tells the devastating story of Bree and the newborn army as they prepare to close in on Bella Swan and the Cullens, following their encounter to its unforgettable conclusion.

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To be fair, I think if you are a fan of Stephenie Meyer and all her books (including The Host and Breaking Dawn), you will enjoy this novella too. Alas, I am not. Gone are the days when I used to be entranced by the Twilight Saga. I have to give credit to SM for introducing me to the genre of paranormal fiction, but as I read more and more of it, it is getting more obvious how subpar her writing is. I didn't finish this novella. I abandoned it because it was boring, one-note, lacked excitement, [...]

For all those people hating on the novella - calm down alreadyDid it provide a unique and brilliant addition to the quadrilogy? Mmmm.questionableWas Bree's story essential to the series? Definitely not.Was it an enjoyable quick read? Absolutely.This novella takes place during Eclipse (the third twilight novel). During Book 3, we followBumbling Bella and the Sparklers as they prepare for the war against Vamp Vixen Victoria.When Victoria's mate (James) gets offed in Book 1, she begins planning her [...]

4 poignantly, tragically, thought provoking stars!!I want to say, right up front, that I hadn’t planned to read this book because those of us who read the entire Twilight Saga already know that things don’t turn out well for Bree Tanner. She played a very, very minor role in the book, Eclipse - I don’t even think she appeared in more than 2 pages - so, why read something about a character I cared very little about and already knew the outcome of? Well, one day I went to my mailbox and ther [...]

Read for Popsugar's 2018 Reading Challenge #38: A Book With an Ugly CoverNot terribly well written (obviously) but still fairly entertaining. It was definitely interesting to see a book in this series from the perspective of a vampire (RIP Midnight Sun), particularly a newborn vampire, so I'm really glad I finally read this! It's been about 10 years since I discovered the Twilight series so I'm starting to feel really nostalgic and this book was just what I needed.

And that's what you call a novella.Don't watch, the redheaded mind reader whispered.Poignantly written, Bree is a character that I warmed up to real fast.This book is heartbreaking for the helplessness rendered by the Volturi. Moved and seized me until I got to the end. A worthy addition to the series.Pooja, I am giving this book to you for sure to read. Why? Well, the stories is already known to you but the lyrical way of this all from Bree's point of recital, is spell bounding. 5 stars!

God, this is so sad. Of all the books I've read and reviewed (and loved a hell of a lot more), this is still the only one anyone bothers liking or commenting on. Haven't any of you read The Lord of the Rings?It would've been so cool if there was a shadowed hour-glass on every page, with the upper bulb being full on the first and then depleting as you near the end of the novel until it's empty on the last page. For once, the illustration on the cover coincides with the story. I still have no idea [...]

We went traveling through the upper end of North Queensland once as a family. We came to one of those strange, small-town, out-of-the-way places for a quick bird study tour with my scientist uncle. The place's claim to fame was that it also housed a giant mango. Yes. You heard me right. A giant, massive replica of a mango. Within the giant mango was an ice cream shop.Nobody could explain to us why there was a giant mango or why the giant mango has somehow spawned an icecream parlor from its bowe [...]

I know, I know. This book had police caution tape all around it warning me not to read. I wasn’t surprised that it was as bad as it is. Actually, I think that this book provides a good example of one of the central weaknesses of Stephenie Meyer’s books. I heard someone say the other day that the purpose of art is to make people feel. I know, doi, but I had never looked that one in the face before. Meyer spends most of her time, in all of her books, trying to cushion the reader from really fe [...]

4 stars – Vampire/Young AdultThis provided a nice Twilight Saga fix while waiting impatiently for the "Eclipse" movie to come out, and I enjoyed Bree's alternate viewpoint and insight into the army of newborn vampires that battle against the Cullens.But I think I speak for a large majority of Twilight fans that what we really want is for Ms. Meyer to move past her hurt feelings and wounded pride and just finish Midnight Sun, darnit! Seriously, the Meyer the Martyr routine is getting a little o [...]

Opening Line: "The newspaper headline glared at me from a little vending machine: SEATTLE UNDER SEIGE--DEATH TOLL RISES AGAIN." I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this, I mean Bree's character only has a tiny part in Stephanie Meyers Twilight world so she and the rest of the newborns can’t really have much of a story to tell can they? Well as it turns out the answer is Yes. At 178 pages this novella manages to also give up some new revelations regarding Jane and the "dark cloaks" (Volturi) [...]

RIP OFF! This was without doubt a cheap ploy to fleece money out of Twilight fans by throwing together some utter drivel about characters you don't give a rats ass about. The only interesting character was Fred, and the rest were a waste of space. Bree is nothing like the way newborns are talked about in the Twilight Saga(magically of course she is more restrained than they areuh huh). The so-called love story never even starts and the end scenes where Bree faces the Cullens is piss poor, badly [...]

Okay, I'm no longer curious. I'm bored out of my mind. I can't force myself to finish this novella before the movie.New SM promise: I will not watch either Breaking Dawn movie.Um, in the movie theater.Unless someone makes me.And I promise to put up a fight.At least in my head.And by making, I mean asking.So who's going to ask me?I mean, it's got to be so bad it's good, right?I am so morbidly curious about that one.

This is a really fantastic novella! This was the first time I read the book and it definitely offered a really wonderful and interesting perspective that I absolutely loved. It was really well-crafted and absolutely sad (which was expected considering we know how the story must end). Fantastic addition to the series that I honestly think is better than both Twilight and Eclipse.

Bree Tanner had a minor role in the Eclipse book from the Twilight Saga. In this novella, Bree’s story is told from her point-of-view during her short time as a newborn vampire. The story started off a bit on the slow side, but started picking up when it headed into familiar territory including the lead-up to, and subsequent showdown with the Cullens, and then the Volturi who decide Bree’s fate. I really enjoyed Bree’s fellow vampire friend, Fred. This book was an interesting curiosity in [...]

I read the Twilight series back in High School, even before I knew the movies were coming out. I really liked the series but by the time this book came out I didn't want to go back and read another Twilight book, but for some reason now I wanted to. I am so glad I saved this book for many years later. I never re-read books unless I have to, so this was a great feeling of reading a Twilight book, but not re-reading anything I had previously read. I forgot how amazing Stephenie Meyer is at writing [...]

Short Second was like a so-so fanfiction that let allowed readers to jump back into a generic form of Twilight. You have barely constructed main characters, who in this case were Bree, newborn vampire of a couple months, and Diego, the obvious nomination for Bree’s love interest and companion. Is Diego Mexican? Does he speak Spanish? Did the author even pause to think that maybe, just maybe, readers would want to know a bit about the characters personalities, backgrounds, APPEARANCE? How do yo [...]

Not really the novella we wanted but the novella we got.This takes place during Eclipse when Victoria and Riley build a newborn Vampire army.We read from the point of view of Bree Tanner, a girl who got transformed into a Vampire against her will and is forced to fight against the Cullens.This definitely isn't a novella that you have to read, to understand the story. You don't miss anything skipping it. It's just a little extra insight on what happened on the other side while Bella and Edward tr [...]

Wasn't bad. Actually this was a good nod back to the days before this series picked up its awful stigma that it has now. I like to pretend the fourth book and the movies didn't happen--these books weren't so obnoxious back then.The benefit of this book is you see how Riley and Victoria were controlling the newborn vampires--gets all the technical stuff out of the way and ties it all together nicely. 178 pages, it's a quick read. Not bad.

I'm being cynical, and I'm also a little angry, and I can't comment because I haven't read it but I just want to say one thing to Stephenie Meyer. LET IT GO.Twilight is over. You can't keep pushing it for all it's worth anymore. You have to accept that eventually all good things come to an end and it's best to end this before you completely ruin it (although you did a pretty good job of ruining the whole series with Breaking Dawn). There comes a time when it's quite sad that you have to start wr [...]

(4 Stars)(This review assumes one has read Eclipse)I actually liked this a lot more than I thought I would! It certainly kept me engaged and was a quick read.I am most definitely a fan of the Twilight series and the books will always be special to me. I have to say, though, that I wasn't super excited to read this novella by Stephenie Meyer on The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner, when I first heard about it. One, because I know how it ends…and well, it’s not a happy ending, which is what I [...]

Evidentemente, este es un libro hecho para los seguidores de la serie Crepúsculo. Si por algún misterio del destino cayera en manos de un lector que no ha leído la saga completa -o al menos hasta Eclipse-, no entendería nada.La narración da por hecho que el lector conoce el entorno y los personajes que dan vida a esta historia y, en ese contexto, es una novela muy bien lograda, que entrega algunos detalles que enriquecen la historia completa. Además, uno logra encariñarse con el personaje [...]

I don't care what your thoughts about Twilight are. It will always have a special place in my heart because of all the memories connected to it.

I only read the Twilight saga for the first time two or three years ago. The initial hype was well and truly over by the time I decide to brave the series and see where I stood. After reading the books, I am firmly in the belief that unless you have read this book than you don't really have the right to judge. There's so much hate surrounding this series, and I get it. I really do. There is some shifty things happening in this book, most of which I didn't support (teen pregnancy & romanticiz [...]

Well, I got this book today and devoured it in less than an hour and a half. I'm writing this review without having talked to anyone about it or reading any reviews online about it. I wanted to get my feelings out before being hearing or reading anyone else's opinion. I was fully prepared not to like this book, because I can't help thinking that Stephenie Meyer is just fleecing us, her woefully addicted fans. She hasn't pubished anything in nearly two years besides that pitifully meager "bonus c [...]

3.5/5CETTE REVIEW CONTIENT DES SPOILERS« J'espère que vous apprécierez Bree autant que moi, même si ce souhait est un peu cruel. Vous savez déjà que cela ne se termine pas bien pour elle. » -Stephenie MeyerDéjà rien qu'en lisant la 'lettre' de Stephenie Meyer au début du livre, on sait que ce livre va nous faire souffrir. Mais après tout, n'est-ce pas le but de tous les auteurs ? :')Plus sérieusement, même si on sait dès le départ (ayant déjà lu Hésitation) que ça va mal finir [...]

OK. If you like the Twilight Saga, you will probably like this book.The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella is a short book. 192 pages, double-spaced. It is a quick read. However, there are no chapter breaks, no breaks whatsoever. We know how the story ends. This book tells us how it began.Bree Tanner's story gives us insight as to what was happening in Seattle when Victoria and Riley were building their vampire army. Bree is one of the smarter "newborns" - she knows how to keep [...]

Why did I even bother?Never mind how bad the Twilight trilogy is already, this book just seemed like a fast and easy way for Stephanie Meyer to rake in some money without having to think up an original plot or complex characters. This book was terrible and I'll never read it again, the only redeeming quality about it was the nice graphic of the hourglass on the front cover.

Say what you will about Stephenie Meyer, but she obviously has SOME sort of talent/method/magical fairy dust in order to write stories that get people hooked and make them react (whether positively/negatively doesn't really matter -- her stories garner very intense reactions). I fell in love with the Twilight books and harbored a cheesy adoration of the movies as well, though my fangirlishness came a little late to the game as I'd been turned off of vampire lore by all the Anne Rice books (happy [...]

Oh good lord, this is awful. I don't know if I can finish it (currently at 19 pages), and that's even reading it at work to avoid end of financial year accounting reports.All the talk about the Hulk and Spider-man, 'BBFs' and calling Bree 'girl', is absolutely appalling. Apart from sounding stupid it doesn't even seem naturally used. All the writing seems jilted as if they talk exactly the same - don't these people have personalities at all?I'm amused as to how this book was written to give us a [...]

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