A Concise History of Australia

Stuart Macintyre

A Concise History of Australia

A Concise History of Australia

  • Title: A Concise History of Australia
  • Author: Stuart Macintyre
  • ISBN: 9780521601016
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback

This revised edition of a comprehensive single volume Australian history reference incorporates the most recent historical research and contemporary debate on relevant issues In addition to frontier violence between European settlers and Aborigines and the Stolen Generations, the volume covers the Sydney Olympics, the refugee crisis and the Pacific solution.

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If you've got a bit of time to skim through Australian history this book is a good start. It doesn't delve into the specifics of war or the Stolen Generations but it provides a general and concise overview of the events that took place from the beginning of European settlement until 2004 (the edition I read is slightly dated). I was personally really interested in the development of our own currency and the influential Australians who are featured on the notes but unfortunately this was not incl [...]

A more liberal view of Australian history13 November 2011 My previous arguments with relation to history books really do not apply with Australia. From my memories of my school days Australia did not have a history prior to 1788 (the year the first fleet arrived in Sydney Harbour). Okay, a couple of explorers stumbled across the country, but all they saw was lots of rocks, desert, and low lying trees, so they wrote it off as uninhabitable. It was only when Captain Cook arrived off of Sydney Harb [...]

Often with a left of centre take on the world, this Concise History of Australia is just that left of centre and concise. So concise in fact it could well be entitled 'Concise History of the right-hand bit of Australia' and not be in any breach of the relevant Trades practices legislation. If you have come looking for early Western Australian history, your curiousity will not be sated.

I was hoping for a brief history. This is more than that. Very heavy on the political scene and author's bias is not hidden. Still got what I needed with some scanning.

A good introduction to Australian history. Not exactly a page turner, but quite readable as history goes. Worth the effort if you'd like to reflect a bit more deeply about how Australia came to be the country it is today.

It is really good book. As the title says, it’s concise, it gives you all the info that you need to know, and eventually you will learn a lot about this young continent. Enjoyable read.

Chapter 2.

I don't have much to say about this. It's pretty straightforward. I'm not really interested in history in concise form (it's the little details I want!) but it did the job.

While this book does provide an interesting overview of Australian history, it tends to drag. The writing is dull.

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