AEIOU: Any Easy Intimacy

Jeffrey Brown

AEIOU: Any Easy Intimacy

AEIOU: Any Easy Intimacy

  • Title: AEIOU: Any Easy Intimacy
  • Author: Jeffrey Brown
  • ISBN: 9781891830716
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback

The final chapter of Jeffrey Brown s so called Girlfriend Trilogy AEIOU continues to explore the subtleties of relationships examined in Clumsy and Unlikely, concentrating this time on the differences between knowing and loving someone, invoking the reader s relationship with the book as a parallel to being involved with someone The story is told with Brown s trademarkThe final chapter of Jeffrey Brown s so called Girlfriend Trilogy AEIOU continues to explore the subtleties of relationships examined in Clumsy and Unlikely, concentrating this time on the differences between knowing and loving someone, invoking the reader s relationship with the book as a parallel to being involved with someone The story is told with Brown s trademark expressive drawings and juxtaposition of humor and heartache.

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This was on the chair in my living room last night, so I read it. There are dozens upon dozens of graphic novels like this, and I fully don't understand why they get published. I didn't find it particularly original or interesting or witty or romantic or thoughtful or deep or any other thing that I look for in books. I wasn't even very fond of the art - I'm not sure how much time went into those scribbled drawings and boring dialogue. As for the story line. . . snore. What makes him think he's i [...]

I actually liked this particular homage to Jeffrey Brown's girlfriend-opedia the very best. His relationship with Sofia has a lot of holes where you're left wondering what exactly went on; however, the point is that it doesn't matter. In the same way that silhouettes create shapes in negative space, Brown manages to convey feelings and disappointment without spelling it out; you have to read between the lines.

Boring.Same old recycled crap.

This was the 3rd Jeffrey Brown book I gave to my ex, but this one I gave to him after we'd broken up. My ex would blog about Jeffrey's books to his fans, which I thought would be great exposure for an author I really liked, but my ex always called him Jeffrey Smith, who I also like, but is a completely different graphic novelist. I read AEIOU while it sat on my bedroom floor before my trip to visit him for Valentine's Day. I felt like this book was less intriguing than the previous two, much lik [...]

Cute, sweet and based on assumptions, the book explores the subtleties of relationships tactfully and beautifully.

Not bad. It’s somewhat entertaining, but I feel like there’s either something I just don’t get or maybe there’s nothing TO get. Instead of the "Girlfriend Trilogy", I wish these books were just one book. They feel so long and drawn out for separate books. The interesting thing about AEIOU is that the drawings and Brown’s handwriting are getting better, and it’s just interesting to me to see the chronology of an artist’s works. I really enjoy his current stuff so it’s neat to see [...]

I breezed through this one in less than an hour. Everything from the drawing style to the storytelling felt simple, which was pleasant. But midway I began feeling like I wanted more from the story. I definitely began warming up to the illustration and introspective style as the story went by, but I still felt like the narrative was inadequate. It’s a story you’d probably read on a hot summer afternoon and faintly remember the following week. I haven’t read other Jeffrey Brown works but I [...]

I don't get it lolThat may be partially my fault though bc I didn't read the first two books in the series lolBut I think the book kinda jumped between scenes almost every page or so, and sometimes that kinda thing works but this book never really stayed on one scene long enough for me to understand what's happening before it moves on to the nextAlso I think it may have been nice to have more than 3-4 characters but idk that's just me

Jeffrey Brownin tyttöystävä-trilogian viimeinen osa "AEUOU: Any Easy Intimacy" (Top Shelf, 2005) maistuu jo vähän puulta. Syy ei ole välttämättä tekijässä, vaan pikemminkin lukijan kyllästymisessä, sillä mitään uutta ei albumi kahteen ensimmäiseen osaan verrattuna tarjoa.

Maybe too close to home, sometimes.

This was the most obscure of the trilogy. Many, or most, panels were left open-ended; the reader needs to finish the story. Brown is very creative.

This book took like 30-45 minutes to read. I found it cute, minimalistic, and funny, though I didn't feel much of a connection to the plot. Brown's style is more focused on fragments than storytelling; the scenes are abruptly placed, which can be annoying to follow. However, I really enjoyed his artistic style. It's childlike but undoubtedly expressive and honest. Any Easy Intimacy vaguely reminded me of 500 Days of Summer, albeit with a more bittersweet atmosphere, like a rainy day.

The last of Jeffrey Brown's "Girlfriend Trilogy," and the only one I hadn't read, AEIOU: Any Easy Intimacy displays Brown at his most introspective. Here, he fell into a new, complicated relationship with Sophia, (who also appears inLittle Things: A Memoir in Slices and follows the ups and downs of their time together, including the arguments, romantic gestures, and sex. It has been awhile since I read any of Brown's relationship memoir comics, and I'm struck with how intimate and open his writi [...]

Le dernier tome de The Girlfriend Trilogy de Jeffrey Brown ! J’ai été un peu déçue par cette fin. Je m’attendais à une fin plus marquante. On ne sent pas vraiment l’évolution du personnage à travers les tomes. Il est toujours aussi pathétique et dépendant de ses petites amies. Il manque cruellement de confiance en lui et en sa relation avec ses copines. J’ai préféré le premier tome de cette trilogie. Les deux tomes suivants paraissent un peu redondants et lourds. Cela n’emp [...]

I think I'd give it three and a half stars if we could--initial reaction is that it was super contradictory. Pieces of it were subtle and sweet, but pieces were just heavy handed and tried a little too hard to make you "think" or whatever. The whole book did have one thing connecting it: you could feel Brown's self involvement/pretension oozing off each page, which didn't help the panels that needed a little softening. I do think that Brown does a good job in touching on the intricacies of relat [...]

fucking little bitch, jeffrey brown.he is such a whiny mutherfuckerd yeah, i luv his booksis is the final inthe trilogy of great fucking relationship books he is a little baby.wah, arent we allah all of us rd thats what makes him a bad-ass2 put it out theree good, the bad,,,,,the fucking embarassingi read this book in 30 min.but it will stay with me for 30 yrs.damn, i sound like a bitch!!best line.QDO YOU STILL BELIEVE IN LOVE??.AYEAH, I JUST DONT BELIEVE IN GIRLSassic stufft me, he is a better [...]

I love how Brown always bears his soul in his comics, doesn't shy away from any subject and is willing to present himself with all his flaws. I liked it, but mainly because I am a fan of his introspective style. I prefer his wider graphic novels involving more than depressing relationships.At the end of the comic, I wish there was more hope at the end, where I feel like we come away with the message, to quote Weezer, "Why bother, you're gonna hurt me, it's gonna kill when you desert me." Which a [...]

Buku pertama yang kuingat hanya tentang sex. Buku kedua runut. Buku ketiga paling membingungkan. Mungkin sama bingungnya dengan masnya+mbaknya. Ini cinta? Ini bukan cinta? Kita pacaran? Atau cuma temenan? Temenan tapi ? Sophia punya masalah dengan dirinya sendiri. Dia tidak mau kehilangan kendali atas dirinya sendiri. Sementara masnya, seperti biasanya, memerlukan intimasi. Easy intimacy? Benarkah?Dari tiga girlfriend, aku ada di #teamTheresa.

Brown's spare episodic depiction of his brief dalliance with an NWB (Nutcase with Benefits) is cute and economical. But I can't help thinking the reason she comes off as a nutcase is he leaves most of his own foibles out of the story (he admits as much in the postscript). I'm only giving it two stars because the "soundtrack" of wuss music (Radiohead, Cat Power, Pedro the Lion, Amelie soundtrack etc.) at the end ruined the whole experience for me.

Subtitled as: And sometimes why? Comic book diaries, especially of love lives, are nothing new and this jumbled offering doesn't add anything. It's a super short read, which is part of the reason I finished, but the characters aren't developed enough to make you care one way or another. So why chronicle a boring relationship and admit it's heavily biased at the end?One upside — the art is cute. But save yourself the trouble and find his Star Wars books.

Another great book by Jeffrey Brown. Not as self loathing as Funny Misshapen Body or Clumsy but not as moving as Unlikely(his best work imo). Like Unlikely in terms of story but more light hearted and seems to go through the story at a faster pace. If you've read Jeffrey Brown before you know what you're getting into and already are dead set on reading it. Otherwise, I'd read Funny Misshapen Body(full auto-bio of his life up to writing clumsy) or Unlikely first.

This is the third of the "Girlfriend Trilogy" and the one with the least coherent storyline. The pages are not always in chronological orger nor do they tell a whole story at times. That all said, none of that actually detracts from the book at all. It and his other two are great! When i read them I find myself feeling like I'm in the books. Jeffery Brown is certainly someone I's emulate in style.

I just read this again because it was at my parent's house! This last book in his "girlfriend" trilogy is wonderful and reminds me a lot of college. HOWEVER, I can never get it out of my mind how the woman portrayed must feel, since all her friends and family must know it was talking about her. I would be pretty angry if it were me.

I was going to give this book 2 stars, as I thought it was just too emo-y, until I got to this part:"Do you still believe in love?""Yeah, I just don't believe in girls."Took me right back to being in my 20s. I mean, who hasn't felt that way? Brutally honest.(I suppose it works the same way with girls (re: boys).)

Jeffrey Brown's honestly written and vulnerable Girlfriend Trilogy comes to an end with AEIOU, and much as you would expect it is a quiet ending to a quiet tale. His artwork perfectly matches the subject matter and you can never really get tired of his openness to the reader.

I think this is my favorite Jeff Brown book so far (I still have a couple more to read). Everything in it is so fragile and heartfelt, even the size of the book. I was deeply, deeply moved by it. It makes me want to run out and get more of his books!

I've read this thing in the bookstore at least 3 times, finally I managed to save up the $12 to actually buy it. I love everything about this book, so much of it reminds me of my life and the people in it. Thanks, Jeff. You're the best for that.

This was sweet - I liked it just as much as all his others, but there were a lot of gaps, I suppose I like a more linear style - these were very short, and occasionally a bit confusing, and the ending was abrupt. I still really liked it, however. JB has a wonderful, sparse, emotional style.

Wonderful, beautiful, rips your heart out and throws it down the street. Or makes it expand past your body. I read this standing in a bookstore in like 20 minutes, although it could have been an hour.I hope he calls this Humanity Cartoons. If I could eat this book, I would. Or sleep on it.

This moved me. The drawings weren't great but usually they got the point across and there were times when i wasn't sure what he was getting at but he really conveyed certain aspects of being in a relationship well. I read it all in one day and enjoyed it.

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