Beautiful Bad Girl

Gordon Basichis

Beautiful Bad Girl

Beautiful Bad Girl

  • Title: Beautiful Bad Girl
  • Author: Gordon Basichis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Vicki Morgan, mistress to department store heir and Ronald Reagan confidante, Alfred Bloomingdale, lived beyond her years and died before her time the victim of a brutal murder Seething with power, intrigue, sex and obsession, it s a ringside seat into the darker habits of the world s rich and powerful.

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This was an intriguing read for me. I knew nothing about Vicki Morgan or Alfred Bloomingdale. I enjoyed it very much.

Rich Mans ladyIt was a little hard to read from the beginning. But it came èàsy to read. I would advise ànyone to read it that didn't know the life of how à rich celebrity lived. I was surprised by some of the things I read àbout.

Weaving a Web of Self-DestructionA beautiful woman from the wrong side of the tracks uses her body to survive. She uses powerful men and they use her. Author became involved with subject. Book is filled with examples of bad judgement. Nothing new.

She didn't really tell the author too much.l she talked about was Alfreds perverted life. I think she was into something far worse.

I thought this was going to be a well researched book about the tragic life of Vicky Morgan What is was, was drivel. The author was sympathetic to Vicki, probably because he was sleeping with her and had to justify his bad behavior. I knew about the story vaguely and thought this book would give me some insight into the characters and their motivations. Maybe there was some redeeming quality I was unaware of. Nope. Admitting he was with her when his wife went into labor? Are we supposed to care [...]

Tragic story of a lost girlI expected a better insight as to the life of such a beauty and understand exactly what went wrong with her. So much talent, so much beauty, all gone to waste. What I got was more of the story of the romance and tumultuous relationship between the writer and Vicky, it felt like a desperate attempt from Gordon to justify himself for being unfaithful to his wife and make himself look as another human being with lots of flaws but nevertheless a great human being. Nah! He [...]

I quickly found myself not liking Vicki. She was an impressionable youth when she met Bloomingdale, however she did nothing to preserve her dignity or care for her son in the many years she could have. She never tried to make her own money, get a job, or move away from bad influences. All she wanted was money. I am not saying she deserved her fate, but her lifestyle was such that a dramatic ending was inevitable. She blamed everyone else but herself. The author is mostly sympathetic to her due t [...]

Great writingGreat writingThe author was very thorough.left nothing dangling.I feel he was courageous, writing with so much honesty although he was so involved in the story. Through his writing, I felt I knew all the characters well. With his words he drew great picturesr "skimping" on his words. I shall be in search of more of his writing(by the way this review is by Wanda Henry.t JS)

The trashiest of trash. A weird concoction that appeared to be veering into that so-bad-it's-good sweet spot only to take a giant leap over that zone and fall directly into the bowels of the absolutely awful. Avoid.

The fact that this is a true story is amazing. I have a mixed opinion - some of it is pretty distasteful - I don't want to be a "spoiler" so I won't say much more than I felt that the author took advantage of a seriously fragile and emotionally distraught woman - and I have no respect for him.

A lot of missing info.A lot of missing info.d flawed by the authorhor's relationship with the subject. Not well done & too bad because it could have been an interesting story.

A fascinating story about a young girl who got in too far over her head with rich and powerful people.

Couldn't take the tortured prose and the focus of the story on the author's interactions with Morgan while writing. Sometimes that approach works; here it doesn't.

Absolutely worth reading. Could not put down once I started reading. Definitely recommend this . May even read again! Well done Gordon Basichis.

Just another storyNot as interesting as I expected. Actually more of a pat on the author's back by himself. Do not recommend

Love & squalor.

Wouldn't recommend. More about his affair with her then her struggles.

A respectful,if not fully objective, treatment of a tragic life. Like an aging athlete, Vicki had no alternate plan on how to live her life once the glamour fizzled. She was left permanently at sea.

It seems the author tried to give himself equal billing with the subject. I didn't care for that I wanted to read about her not him

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