Be the Change

Morning Dove

Be the Change

Be the Change

  • Title: Be the Change
  • Author: Morning Dove
  • ISBN: 9781449030346
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Hardcover

My Book is about becoming a SPIRITUAL CHANGE in this world But first we must become a change within our selves We, as individuals hold the key to change within our own spiritual blueprint we came to earth with We are spiritual beings living in the material world, to experience life and to grow by resolving blocks in our minds We come to earth to learn what we need andMy Book is about becoming a SPIRITUAL CHANGE in this world But first we must become a change within our selves We, as individuals hold the key to change within our own spiritual blueprint we came to earth with We are spiritual beings living in the material world, to experience life and to grow by resolving blocks in our minds We come to earth to learn what we need and to rise in consciousness God has many mansions, and we are looking to increase our ability to receive of God s light The pain of life is only for us to learn from, and rise above When we rise above, we can receive of God s light When we see life differently, when we see the true value of what we can become, we no longer fear life We experience it and grow and become .

Recent Comments "Be the Change"

It won this in the First-reads program. I found this book to be very interesting. I do not come from a religious, church-going type of background. I used to think that it would have been nice to attend church with my parents every Sunday. However, I would have been very uncomfortable being preached to and told I should not think and use my own judgment.

Be the Change was a gift from the author Morning Dove as the result of my entry into a GoodReads giveaway. A letter from the author as well as a bookmark accompanied the hardcover copy of the book. A sandy beach in a tropical paradise adorn the cover with a dove, a cross, and an eagle. The dove represents the spiritual, the cross signifies religion and the eagle symbolizes humanity. I was hooked on the book before I read the first page. I have spent two months reading the book, by choice. I have [...]

I won a hardcover copy of "Be The Change" by Morning Dove from First Reads @ . Having already started a couple of books, I decided to put this one aside until I could devote my full time to it.This is not a book that you can read continually from front to back. It has too much to absorb and think about, so it takes time to appreciate all it holds. I'm sure it will have a different meaning to each individual that reads it as Morning Dove says we all have a different take on the same words. God ha [...]

I usually dont read books like this but this one had my interest . I just finished the book this morning and its a very deep book that will make you think about things in your life.There was many sections I highlighted that just grabbed my attention and really stuck with me while reading this book. It made me question some of things I was doign wrong, as a parent, wife and as a friend.Morning Dove did a excellent job on this book and now my mom is reading it .Thank you for allowing me to read yo [...]

If you need someone to talk with you personally and get you to take the steps to improve your life drastically, this is the book for you! Morning Dove's writing makes it appear to be writing to the individual reader! Quite talented and so much helpful information!

Recieved this today and am already five chapters in s excellent!

Thanks for a great giveaway!!! A bit deep for mebut I did enjoy some aspects of it.

I won this book from . When it arrived, I appreciated the personalised touch the author had enclosed with the book, but I was disappointed to discover the book was not what I had expected. It took me until recently to finally pick it up and read as I knew I would need a lot of time committed to it to get through it.Unfortunately I have not been able to continue reading it, and definitely won't continue in the future. Firstly, the way the actual book is published, with so much bolded and italiciz [...]

I recently won this book through the giveaways from , and was personaly autograghed by the author. This certainly is not a book that I would have bought, or even read, had it not been for the free giveaway contest. Now that I have I must say it certainly is a different kind of book to what I am used to. First, it is not a book that can be read as a novel. Like the Bible, it can't be read all at once. I found reading a few pages a day was the best way. Plus that gave the reader a few hours to thi [...]

This was a goodread sweeps win for me. I found many parts of the book very confusing for some reason. I have concerns about reincarnation being related to so many different ideas e.g especially where believing in God comes in. I do feel karma does really exist, but am unable to relate this to very many happenings in real life. I also feel that God is to help everyone, even those who fail to see helping themselves in positive ways, as we are all children of God. God is our salvation, and our salv [...]

I was sent this book free from Good Reads, First Reads and it arrived very quickly with a lovely note from the Author.The book was very easy to read and very clear in its objective which was to encourage readers to believe in and ultimately develop a faith in God.It was very encouraging and interesting.I have to say that I did not neccesarily agree with all that she said, but her arguments were well written and well founded.It was the type of book you could pick up and put down without having to [...]

I won this book through . I am sure this is a fine book for a Christian, or for someone who has experienced a failure of faith. I must state that I am Wiccan, and thought this book would be more about spirituality than Christianity from the description. What I read was purposeful Christian dogma, with continuous references to the Christian bible and tenents. Although there were some references to more worldly theories, I felt they were only used to promote Christianity not spirituality. I apprec [...]

I won this book from First Reads. The book arrived at the perfect time in my life. After being unemployed for two years and no job in sight, I was losing my faith. I needed to read this. The only problem is trying to read it. I find the constant bold type to be distracting and it seemed like nobody proofread this book. There were a lot of words that were used the wrong way and some punctuation missing. I'm trying to read it now and it is normally not the usual genre I read, but I was curious abo [...]

Thank you to all who where involved in my winning this book Be the Change. I found it to be a very inspirational book. One review I read said its not abook you can read all the way through and I agree with that, but picking itup a little each day was a great way to read it. All great lessons (I call them lessons) to learn from the book and common sense things and why didn't I ever think of that lessons too! I loved the cover of the book. I am going to pass the book around. But I will keep the bo [...]

Morning Dove did a wonderful job with BE The Change. The writing style was enjoyable. It help gives or open your eyes to different situations in life no matter what you may be going through. I also liked reading the different issues of the lives of others and the reading the message behind it and advice. I would recommend to reading to others. I did in fact received something out of reading BE The Change, it has definitely opened my heart even more and trust in the Lord completely.

I was lucky enough to win this book. It is full of inspirational words, even the title of the book was meaningful to me. For me it was the right book at the right time.The only downside was that I personally found the writers style of capitalising certain words within a sentence spoiled the flow a little.Would recommend it for those on a spiritual path who want a little help along the way.

I love it great bookseem like easy to read but leaves great after toughs in the mindmake me think about my own journey in this life helps me to comprehend myself.I do recommend itank you

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