The Trigon Rituals

Angelia Whiting

The Trigon Rituals

The Trigon Rituals

  • Title: The Trigon Rituals
  • Author: Angelia Whiting
  • ISBN: 9781586083229
  • Page: 324
  • Format: ebook

Double your pleasure double your fun is Alea s private motto While her friends indulge in flirting with the available men, Alea has her own private brand of scrutinizing in pairs I ll take that one with that one Single men just don t turn her on Emphasis on single Not in the unmarried sense of the word, but as in solo one man, by himself alone Men only aroDouble your pleasure double your fun is Alea s private motto While her friends indulge in flirting with the available men, Alea has her own private brand of scrutinizing in pairs I ll take that one with that one Single men just don t turn her on Emphasis on single Not in the unmarried sense of the word, but as in solo one man, by himself alone Men only arouse her in the plural form But fear preserves Alea s chastity Not fear of the pain, or a broken heart, or some misguided notion that it should be saved for marriage It s the fear of what she would become, what she might not be able to control, once she surrendered Oh, Alea wants what most girls want, the white picket fence, children to care for, the love and adoration of two ravishing men Two ravishing men But marrying two men, well, that s against the law Besides, what two men on Earth would agree to such a thing On Earth indeed Alea is about to get her wish Rating Contains explicit sex, graphic language, and adult situations such as multiple sex partners.

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Well particular author should be BANNED FROM EVEN WRITING SOMETHING SO BENIGN AS CHRISTMAS CARDS! I am fully aware that Erotica is very difficult to balance.ople expect sex and lots of it and of course they would appreciate a decent story-line to followEVER!!!!!!Just read this O__OThis is one of those old curse/prophecy type of books.Somewhere around page 10: An alien witch, gets kidnapped by a guy who has the hots for her, and after a long chase he gets her and has his wicked way with h [...]

This was listed as a rec based on my Uber Alpha Male Shelf. I can see why, although not as uber as I’ve seen. This is alien smut porn- the kind I dig. It’s two aliens who look like human Conans who come to earth- a backwater planet to them- to get their mate. (Conveniently, she has no family, so she’s ready to be ok with the kidnapping…and ménage a trois marriage in store for her.)Setting the ridiculous premise for a menage fantasy/porn story aside-…Honestly? I liked it. It’s hot. I [...]

Mehally more like 3.5 stars. Alea is a 24-year-old virgin. She loves to read erotica, isn't repressed, and isn't scared of a broken heart. She IS scared that she'll turn out like her mother the prostitute, especially since the only sexual scenarios that "trip her trigger" are those involving herself and TWO men. She's pretty sure that's not normal and certainly not likely to ever happen to her eitherRjant and Tren have come a long way to find Alea. the CalyTron galaxy to be exact. On their plane [...]

I had high expectations of this book but was disappointed. The relationship between the two trigon males was the only thing about the book that I really liked. I disliked the heroine a lot. She was constantly running hot and cold. She was so completely spastic that I couldn't identify with her at all.Plus, I didn't particularly care for the Trigon Ritual. While barbaric sex can be a lot of fun to read, it just seemed humiliating and not titillating. If she was going to find being watched excitin [...]

I read this one as part of a challenge in one of my groups and probably wouldn't have read it otherwise. I'm sorry to say that covers matter to meter all they are usually the first thing you noticed I wouldn't have been drawn to this one.Despite this (and yay for challenges) I have had the opportunity to read what was actually an interesting story. The world building well done, characters were whole and developed and likeable. Butere wasn't any real angst or drama and it just felt like the plot [...]

The book is definitely not for the faint at heart. Is a menage, with two men from a another planet come to take thier mate back to their planet with them. Alea must learn that her fears that she is un-natural for wanting two men is not only wrong, but a triple is the norm in her new home. The sex is hot (and why wouldn't it be with two gorgeous men), and they are able to help Alea grow in her self-confidence. Ms Whiting does a good job of creating a culture and does have some explanations of the [...]

Tren and Rjant are looking for the mate who happens to be Alea from Earth. After a pretty boring beginning once they meet up with Alea it gets much better. Someone forces her into a compromising position which has her questioning her morals, but they work through it. Very good book. 3.5 stars. I'm planning on reading the rest of the series.

The books by Angelia Whiting are not for the faint at heart. These erotic and sexy books go where every woman want to go but are afraid to voice that wish. Need something to stimulateThis is it! Need someone to fantasize about, these men are it!

This was surprisingly good.The first couple chapters were hard to wade through being descriptive and slightly confusing but once the story got rolling along it was good.I was almost annoyed by the events involving the h and the poisoning but in the end I believe it was handled well.I was very angry with the h with her treatment of one of her mates. She was cruel in lashing out at him verbally not once but TWICE during the book and in my opinion she is damn lucky he forgave her. Even though she l [...]

Soooo virgins are the wives to be and the other women are all whores Furthermore men can have casual sex with those women who are not virgin thus are not marriage metarial. Men do not need to be virgins of course. What a nice imagination That is already a reality in my society. I do not need it in my romance books as well. And that witch woman who can doom all the known universe with a virus but cannot protect herself from just one man or her death by hymen blood(!!!). That was just horrible.

This is one of the best alien menage stories I've read. The next two books in the series are even better. The rituals are tantalizing and progressive storyline was exciting. The two mind-linked alien males were hot and sexy, and the way they show their mutual love for the heroine was completely believable. Note: I'm not sure what the reviewer Ivie is talking about. There is nothing in this story about a witch and cauldrons or spells. It's as if she's talking about a completely different story.

if I could give this zero stars, i would. I bought this because it was compared to Robin Rotham. What an insult. Robin can really write - she crafts engaging dialogue, characters that are viable, humorous, engaging. This is complete and utter drivel with a few bits of sex (not erotic at all) thrown in. The sex is so poorly written that it's even difficult to envision what might be going on - completely missing the point of erotica. Didn't even finish it it was so bad.

My first menage story.Its weird and well, include some alien loving, that really weird.At last it M/F/M, since when I try to delved into erotica realm, the idea of same sex lovemaking make me uncomfortable and sometimes I skip reading it.And the cover really bad and ugly. Make my eyes hurt! :(

An interesting concept at first, I grew bored very fast. Except for the sex, which is hot in the beginning but doesn´t really evolve, I felt like there were no real story line, no big plot that made me want to read the book until the very end. I dropped it at 60% and can´t really say anything about this book. Just too bad it didn´t suit me-

I have had this book on my TBR list for a long time and decided to finally break down and get it. This was a good read but some of things I did not like. She literally just falls in love with the guys in a split secod. It was just a little hard to believe. You have to suspend reality for a little bit to like it. If you do that you will enjoy it!

the story was very good but there's a few gliches I seemed to feel could have been addressed. Why open a new wormwhole if it's not actively used for more than primary charaters to retreive or escape? I loved the story but there doesn't seem to be an overall plot tothe series.

Just finished this book and have to say I was a little disappointed. It was a fairly good story line, but I just felt most things were brushed over and rushed. When it comes to erotic romance I have had better.

It was boring. Too much details I didn't care about.

Honestly just pure sex If that is what you are looking for in a book - go ahead and read this one.

Hot, hot hot!

he leido este maravilloso y bellisimo libro en el camping y me ha gustado un monton ¡¡me gusta un monton y es uno de mis libros preferidos!!.

Simply amazing and it is the best book I have ever read. If people don't see the beauty in this book then they should all smack themselves.


I love these kind of stories. What an amazing erotic read.

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