Stories II

Scott McClanahan

Stories II

Stories II

  • Title: Stories II
  • Author: Scott McClanahan
  • ISBN: 9781926616148
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback

The sequel to Scott McClanahan s acclaimed earlier collection of stories about West Virginia.

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(This review originally appeared at Outsider Writers Collective)Some readers act for the rhythm of the language, the aesthetics of the words. Some act for the story itself, for the characters, not the depictions of them. Scott McClanahan’s Stories II falls into the extreme latter camp. In this, McClanahan’s second collection from Six Gallery Press (after 2008’s Stories I, reviewed at OWC here) each tale comes stripped of any linguistic flamboyance, opting instead for a casual, oral fable s [...]

Scott McClanahan sent me his book a while ago, and I read it as soon as i got it, but I hadn't gotten around to writing the review because I was being a procrastinator. I think I've done enough hibernation to really sink my teeth into it now. I really like this book and it's presdecessor - Stories - both published by Six Gallery Press. I'm actually not even sure which book i like more. They're both really good reads. There are some stories I really like from the first one and some that I really [...]

I don't know why I've been dragging on my feet on this review. I've been thinking about this book a lot lately, trying to figure out what I want to say, which is antithetical to what I liked most about the stories in Stories II. Two things McClanahan brings to the table are a hugely engaging voice and an ability to hook readers very quickly. I've read a lot of reviews that zero in on McClanahan's voice, and most of them put a lot of emphasis on the fact that McClanahan is from West Virginia, as [...]

Scott McLanahan’s STORIES II will take you to a few places in West Virginia like a sporting goods store that also rents videos and has a tanning bed and to the Pipestem State Park observation tower for a cheap date of stolen pizza and Pepsi and to a prison English Comp class. But my favorite place in the collection was the trip to Long Island, where Scott tried to visit Walt Whitman’s birthplace but got turned away by the “40ish looking lady tourguide” and had to settle for a visit to th [...]

Wow. Okay, I'm probably a bit late to the McClanahan party, or maybe I'm right on time. This book generated a lot of buzz for a great long while and now I know why. Wow."Stories II" is pure enjoyment. And I'll have to admit that I was scratching my head a bit about the title of the book at first, but now that I've read it I'm not sure another title could be any more perfect. "Stories II" is stripped simplicity. It's filled with fantastic stories. Fantastic storytelling. I truly believe McClanaha [...]

This is a collection that exists firmly in McClanahan territory, a world where some guy named Scott seeks to not just make sense of the world around him, but embrace it for all it has to offer. Its a world filled with death and illness, dog's goiters, iconic kidney stones and adulterers being beaten to a pulp even as the narrator eats said adulterer's pizza and watches the aforementioned beating. And yet, here's the thing, Stories II is more than that as well, because in this collection Scott be [...]

I've had both Scott McClanahan books for a few months now and yesterday I finally plowed through one. I don't know much about Scott yet but I think he seems like a natural writer. Like he taught himself to write after growing up surrounded by stories and books. That's just my guess. Stories II is full of great and simple stories about people in West Virginia. They're quick, unpretentious, and real, and you find yourself rooting for all the characters, even the sad neighborhood dog. Like Willy Vl [...]

Read this in one sitting, just like Stories V. Scott never fails to freak me out and intrigue me at the same time. I wish I didn't live in a town with a railroad because I will be listening for it all night. If you've read this book all the way through you know what I mean. I don't know if these are just fantastical, humanistic stories, or if he just has a great imagination. Not sure I really want to know for sure.

The stuff that's on here is really on. 3 or 4 of these stories are truly great. I'll definitely read more McClanahan.

this a gud book and made me feal fuy bok

this book is the six-toed blonde bombshell at the party -- fun and real. i talked to the author: wewhoareabouttodie/2010/12

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