The Mystic Rose

Stephen R. Lawhead

The Mystic Rose

The Mystic Rose

  • Title: The Mystic Rose
  • Author: Stephen R. Lawhead
  • ISBN: 9780380820184
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

The Barnes Noble ReviewThe Mystic Rose, an exciting entry in Stephen R Lawhead s popular Celtic Crusades saga, chronicles the quest for the Holy Cup, the vessel used by Jesus during his last Passover feast with his disciples Along with her father and her younger sister, Caitriona travels to the Holy Land to revisit the lands her father had been to so many years befThe Barnes Noble ReviewThe Mystic Rose, an exciting entry in Stephen R Lawhead s popular Celtic Crusades saga, chronicles the quest for the Holy Cup, the vessel used by Jesus during his last Passover feast with his disciples Along with her father and her younger sister, Caitriona travels to the Holy Land to revisit the lands her father had been to so many years before on a holy pilgrimage While in Constantinople, Cait witnesses the murder of her father by Renaud de Bracineaux, Grand Commander of the Knights Templar Despite her father s last wishes, she vows to avenge his murder With the helpful guidance of the White Priest, she steals a note from Bracineaux revealing his plan to remove the Blessed Cup in Aragon from the advancement of the infidel Moors Cait seizes on this opportunity to squelch the Templars selfish scheme and seeks to get the holy relic for herself She stops in Damascus and pays the ransom for four Norse Knights for protection and continues on to Aragon, seeking her prize But her travels bring unforeseen perils and obstacles at every turn Lawhead has a talent for blending history, Christianity, and adventure into an incredibly moving story a great novel and a great series Paul Goat Allen

Recent Comments "The Mystic Rose"

Not as good as the first two, but worth the read to finish out the series. The characters were in general less believable and largely one dimensional and a few plot points and reversals of fortune strained credibility still further. More than in the fist books, the "Crusaders" (in particular the Templars) were presented as black to the more nuanced gray-to-white of other groups such as the Moors. To be fair not all Christians were painted with the same brush: the Cele De continued to "shine" as [...]

"It is in God's good pleasure that all of his many children might sit with one another so that harmony and understanding may increase."This was the final instalment in the Celtic Crusades series - and I am happy to say that this was the best yet. The vibrant and atmospheric descriptions and a cast brimming with complex and intriguing characters made for a suspenseful climax to the series. Lawhead has shown his mastery of the trilogy by crafting the series so that the final book is even more dens [...]

This is the third and final book in the Celtic Crusade series. I thought it was a good book, overall. It had a nice flow to it; it introduced the reader to other cultures and experiences throughout Europe and parts of the Middle East. It also had some weird leaps and jumps in logic, but c'est la vie. I am not quite sure how much it took away from the story, but the ending was a nice twist.This one starts out with Duncan and Cait in Constantinople attending the wedding of one of the Emperor's rel [...]

My favourite book of the trilogy.

A most satisfying conclusion to this stunning trilogy by gifted author Lawhead.The responsibilty for the grail is passed down to the grandaughter of Murdo, the original pilgrim and guardian. Although there isn't as much action as there was in the previous two segments, this final installment nonetheless is simply page turning. Some wonderful characters (especially Cait, and the Nordic contingent), ensure that speculation and twists in the plot are never far away. The more up to date segments imp [...]

This book had great character arcs and a strong villain. While I didn't enjoy it as much as the previous book, it was still a good finish for the series. Lawhead knows how to write, and there were several very poignant scenes in the book that are able to create very clear images in your head about what's going on. Like with the other books, I feel like it exalts "Christian artifacts" too much, however, barring that, it was an otherwise good read.3.5-4 stars. (Very Good)

In this last installment we find Caitriona, the granddaughter of Murdo and the daughter of Duncan, embarking on what will be the final relic collected by this family. The "mystic rose" is another name for the Holy Grail, as those of you who've read the Davinci Code probably already know. Lawhead brings this adventurous trilogy to a fine conclusion and if you've made it through the previous two books, this is a must read.

Not as compelling as Black Rood, but still well done. Mystic Rose is a nice rap up of the series. I’m not exactly sure where others get pagan mysticism from this, but the secret society bit I found distracting not only in this book but the series as a whole. Not that it was poorly done, just that I didn't see that it was at all necessary.

A great finish to the trilogy. Not as much action as the previous volumes, but still suspenseful. I liked the way the author wove an authentic Christian faith throughout the series, and no less in this book.

This is my absolute favorite book in the Celtic Crusades trilogy. I love the main character, Cait. She is everything I could hope to be as a woman! Adventuresome, fiery, honest, struggling This story is one that I will read and read again.

Thoroughly enjoyed this one. A couple of plot twists that weren't quite believable, but on the whole an excellent story and conclusion to the series. I loved the main character and her transformations, as well as finding out what the purpose of the young Scottish narrator was.

The heroin character is great. Headstrong, not always making the right decisions, but very believable. A pity that her main opponent, the head of the Templars, is so evil that it is no longer a character.

The final book in the trilogy. I'm a bit sad to see it end. This one didn't seem to have quite the same drama as the first two, but I still enjoyed the read. Look forward to exploring more by Lawhead.

Again, compellingly written and I think that Lawhead's other works are of excellent quality, but he tries to mix Christianity and pagan mysticism together and the effect is distracting to the believer.

Dom: Good historical fiction, quick read. I like stories with the plot of 'you meant it for evil but God meant it for good'.

weakest of the three in the series.

Not as good as the first two but a nice wrap up to the series. If you like Lawhead, you'll like the series.

not as good as 1st two but still ok

Favorite Christian Fantasy Author of all time

A great trilogy. And (as far as I remember) a satisfying one.

A great end to the trilogy.

Great series!

This series was a pretty good read. Some of it was a little overly violent.

The third book in the series better than the second book but not as good as the first. You have to start at the beginning so go read the 'The Iron Lance".

Third in the Celtic Crusades books. Love the story and all the history--very fun.

This series was getting just a little old by the third book. It took me forever to read it, not just because I was busy, but it really didn't hold my interest. Rather cliche as well.

As good as most of Stephen Lawhead's Books.

The Mystic Rose I believe was my favorite book from the Celtic Crusades series! I thought Lawhead's depiction of the vision Cait had was beautifully written.

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