The Tudor Wife

Emily Purdy

The Tudor Wife

The Tudor Wife

  • Title: The Tudor Wife
  • Author: Emily Purdy
  • ISBN: 9781847561947
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback

Shy, plain Lady Jane Parker feels out of place in Henry VIII s courtly world of glamour and intrigue until she meets the handsome George Boleyn Overjoyed when her father arranges their marriage her elation is abruptly cut short when she meets Anne

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One day Jane get lost in court and gallant young man comes to rescue and escorts her to her rooms. She finds out his name is George Boleyn and she just can’t get him out of her mind. Jane convinces her father to start marriage negotiations but her father has doubts about the whole thing. But Jane is sure after she and George are married he will fall in love with her and be attentive and caring husband. After the marriage Jane realizes George wants absolutely nothing to do with her. But Jane re [...]

Jane Parker is being married to rising star George Boleyn, brother of Henry's next Queen, Anne. Jane is immediately jealous of the close bond between George and Anne, especially as her new husband shows no interest at all in her. Jealous Jane then gets an opportunity for revenge by testifying against Anne, sending her and many men including George to the block. Her return to court ends in her assisting young Catherine Howard to have an affair behind the King's back.This was one of my favourite T [...]

Why I ever get tire of books about the Tudors? I don't think so! I can't get enough of this period in history. It's the most exciting and scandalous time in British history!The story of Anne and Katherine Howard is told through the eyes of Jane Parker. I tried really really hard to see things through Jane's eyes, I tried to sympathise with her. I mean we have all been prone to the green eyed monster from time to time and have suffered with unrequited love but I just couldn't. My love for Anne is [...]

The ill-fated tale of Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard told by a woman who served them both -Jane Parker, Anne Boleyn's sister in law and a woman who turned her over to her killers. This was an interesting take on the tale of Anne Boleyn. Once you're read one story about the Boleyn's, they all start to blend in to each other and it probably takes a lot for one to stand out. This didn't stand out and it took me a while to get into (maybe just the bitterness of each word being told by Parker. The [...]

ANNE BOLEYN is a historical character that has astonished me, and I am sure many others. After watching different series and documentaries I was very much obsessed with the Tudor queens, Anne Boleyn especially. When I came across this book in a recent sale I instantly knew learning about the queens from a lady-in-waiting’s perspective is going to be something else! I started reading this book as soon as I bought it. This is definitely a piece of art that anyone interested in the English royalt [...]

Well, first of all I must say that I have a special interest in Lady Rochford. so any book that talks about her, I'll like. so I do not know if I'm very objective or not. but well, I'm going to give my opinion about this book. I read different opinions before buying it, so it was interesting to read them, but logically, I had to read it myself to make my own opinion. so I bought it through amazon and Well, I must say that I liked the book a lot. It has been very entertaining ¡¡Since I do not l [...]

The last book i read by Emily Purdy, i did not enjoy. However this book was much better. I have never looked at Jane before or considered her view. A wonderful book

How did I get conned into reading this? Poorly written Rubbish. No way am I going to sample her subsequent books. Be warned.

Enjoyed reading about all the characters in this book, loved the intrigue and scandals

I was so pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book! I raced through it extremely quickly because I just couldn't put it down! I'm not sure why, but I initially fully expected to hate this book - it has some fairly negative reviews, and after reading them I just expected it to be dreadful. I suppose that it just goes to show that if you're intrigued or interested in a book - give it a go, just because other people don't like it, doesn't mean that your opinion will be the same! Anyway, [...]

SOME SPOILER ALERTS!Although, it's historical fiction, we know what happens anyway, right?So, this wasn't a bad book. It wasn't great either though. It took me a while to read it as I have it in e-book form on my phone for when I have time to read but don't have my book, which sometimes happens at work. As a result it was sporadic read interspersed with all the paperbacks I was reading properly. The tale of Henry VIII chasing Anne Boleyn and marrying and executing her has been told so many times [...]

With "The Tudor Wife" Ms. Purdy has written a novel that is somewhere between historical fiction and soap opera --- the writing is vivid and detailed, and it felt like a movie was playing right in front of my eyes. However, there were some scenes that I did not like at all, and that did not seem to fit the rest of the story --- I felt that the book could have been much better if a few scenes had been left out.The book essentially tells the story of Anne Boleyn through the eyes of her sister-in-l [...]

This one has gained some notoriety on the historical fiction blogs, mostly for its infamous sex scenes, and I'm a sucker for anything that promises to be so bad it's good. I am disappoint.There are a few unintentionally hilarious scenes - Lady Rochford, the Duke of Norfolk, and Francis Weston all rolling around on the floor brawling while Anne Boleyn has a miscarriage springs to mind, or the Dance of Salome scene - and some pretty wtf-inducing pairings that seem like they were churned out by som [...]

My feeling on this book is that its one of those marmite, 50 Shades Of Grey (ew) Adore or dispair of book. I adored it, i'll be honest. When I first picked it up I was thinking 'are you serious?' but it almost reads like a gossip girl, chick lit novel! Sure so it's not historically accurate 75% of the time but does that matter? Does everything have to be accurate all the time? Or real for that matter? I think people judge historical fiction sometimes by historical time standards but thats the po [...]

Review - I preferred this one of Emily Purdy's books to Mary and Elizabeth. Purdy seems to have very slightly twisted the historical record to allow her historical license. Very cleverly written and recommended to anyone interested in the Tudor era. It was very clever from the perspective of Jane Boleyn (nee Parker), Lady Rochford. There is a lot of controversy surrounding her, particularly as to the roles she played in the downfalls of Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard, and whether she really wa [...]

The Tudor Wife is the story of Lady Jane Rochford,wife of George Boleyn. It tells of her early life and why perhaps she turned out as she did. It is an extremely intriguing look at a misunderstood woman.While Jane was for me never likeable, the book allowed a glimpse into the mind of this woman who accused her own husband of incest with his sister - an act which she was never allowed to forget.It also tells of her time as lady in waiting to Anne of Cleves and later Katherine Howard, and the role [...]

I picked up this novel in a charity shop alongside two others and it did seem fairly interesting and to be compared to Phillipa Gregory, I had to give it a go.Sadly, this book lacked the flair, historical detail and narrative style that Gregory has made her own and indeed very successful. I felt throughout the novel that it lacked the finesse, flair and detail to the historical period that Purdy was writing about. And for me, Gregory is still the leading author of this genre.I will state that it [...]

It wasn't that something was lacking in the book.Quite the opposite actually. It was a bit too much.Look, I know what I was delving into when I read the blurb, and what little I already knew about King Henry's history I understand the 'historical' books tend to go into gory details, but I guess I am just a sap at heart. Because all the.s aside, my main problem was that I didn't have someone to root for. I mean there is literally no one in the whole story for whom I felt sorry. Pity, maybe. Sorry [...]

A look at the now familiar Tudors, particularly the wives of Henry Vlll, from the point of view of Lady Jane Rochford. Lady Jane was actually insane at the time that she went to her execution with Queen Katherine Howard to whom she had been a lady in waiting. As a piece of historical fiction the book was o.k. but there was quite a lot of licence with what was said and done in the royal appartments, I am sure that to an extent life was very promiscuous but I do feel that however stupid Katherine [...]

This was not bad for an 'on holiday, don't think too much about it' sort of read. I still can't say I'd go out of my way to recommend it though!I thought the writing style was OK, but in places got a bit repetitive - towards the end I lost count of the number of times we heard "she who sows the whirlwind reaps the storm". I never think books written in the first person work quite so well as those written in the third person anyway. This one was written from the point of view of Jane Boleyn (nee [...]

Enjoyable read with, what I felt, less historical rewriting than oh the Boleyn Girl. Of course there is the expected re-imaginings and romanisations of historical fiction but they did not feel out of place. Interesting to see an author tackle a less known character of the Tudor court, especially since both historically and in this book Lady Jane Parker is not someone you can easily sympathise with.Though she begins shy and sweet, the poor treatment at the Tudor court understandably hardens Jane [...]

Told from the view point of Lady Jane Parker, this book tells of the jealous wife that gave evidence against two Queens, sending both and her husband to death. Spanning the course of five of Henry VIII's wives, The Tudor Wife is an engrossing tale full of drama.I've read the story of Henry VIII's court many times but I've never heard it told from the view point of the plain wife of George Boleyn. Emily Purdy doesn't linger on the politics of the time but serves up a simple idea of what became of [...]

Firstly, two stars for this was generous. If it were a completely fictional piece of work, I could maybe of read and enjoyed it, but incorporating actually historical events in this way . . no. It didn't work for me, everything was rushed, aside from a completely unrealistic gay sex scene, presumably included to hold your interest, Anna (or Anna as she's called in this) is glossed over in a short chapter. Quite frankly, this felt blasphemous to the Tudors, yes, I understand is historical FICTION [...]

Hmm. Being a fan of Philippa Gregory, Alison Weir, Sharon Kay Penman and other notable historical fiction writers, I was looking forward to this novel about Jane Boleyn nee Parker, the woman who married George Boleyn, Anne's brother. However, although it was a quick, entertaining read, there was quite a lot of artistic licence taken. SPOILER ALERT!Thomas Cromwell bedding her and making her pregnant in order to get details of Anne's adultery and supposed incest with her brother? Pfft. A good yarn [...]

A very well written novel. Tudor wife is a historical fiction told through the eyes of Lady Jane Parker, personal assistant to the wives of King Henry 8th of England in the 16th century. Although the story centred around Anne Boleyn, one gets a good grasp of the colourful queens that Henry changed like shoes - characters of the devout Catherine of Aragon, shrewd Anne Boleyn, demure Jane Seymour, pretend-skunk Anna of Cleves and the wild Katherine Howard. But a PA who survived this series of wome [...]

Really enjoyed this book! Picked it up from the library as a bit of a random book and really glad that I did. Was a enjoyable read, as the Tudor period of history is something I am really interested in. Thought it was a good idea having the story narrated from the point of Jane, the sister in law of Anne Boleyn, when the obvious approach may have been to write in the point of view of one of the queens. Would definitely read more books by this author.

I enjoyed the book mostly because I love anything relating to Henry VIII and his wives. It was interesting to see the story from an insiders perspective but not Henry's or his wives' perspectives. I didn't really know very much about Anna of Cleves and Katherine Howard so this has made me interested in finding out more.

Enjoyable enough look at Tudor times though the narrator s unlikeable and in the early chapters there is a strong sense of a book written by an American for an Amerucan audience (I don't believe that, during his reign, his contemporaries would refer to King Henvry VIII as 'King Henry VII'! But still, fast paced and worth reading.

I thought this book was awful. When your main character needs to peep through keyholes (every couple of pages!) and hide in closets (multiple times!) just to keep the plot moving forward ugh. Possibly the worst Tudor book I've ever read.

I love historical fictions of this period but I think this telling of Lady Jane Rochford is both inaccurate and uninteresting. I can forgive a historical fiction inaccuracies or extrapolation of the story is good (it's fiction after all) but this story does not even make that grade.

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