Deliver Us From Evil

David Baldacci Ron McLarty

Deliver Us From Evil

Deliver Us From Evil

  • Title: Deliver Us From Evil
  • Author: David Baldacci Ron McLarty
  • ISBN: 9781600249648
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Audio CD

In South America a 96 year old man of great wealth reads a book late one night and an hour later he lies dead in his bed, the secrets of his past starkly revealed Six months later another mystery man lies dead at the bottom of his pool in a villa in Provence This time, however, there s a witness at the scene Shaw, the shadowy operative from The Whole Truth, who barely eIn South America a 96 year old man of great wealth reads a book late one night and an hour later he lies dead in his bed, the secrets of his past starkly revealed Six months later another mystery man lies dead at the bottom of his pool in a villa in Provence This time, however, there s a witness at the scene Shaw, the shadowy operative from The Whole Truth, who barely escapes with his life Meanwhile, a half a world away, photojournalist Katie James is working on a story of international importance But shortly after her meeting with a potential inside source, she is smuggled unconscious onto an airplane headed to an undisclosed destination In the days to come, Katie and Shaw will be reunited in a deadly duel of nerve and wits against a surprising, secretive enemy and led around the world at a breakneck pace Filled with the kind of breathtaking plot turns and remarkable characters that only David Baldacci can deliver, it will be the most explosive thriller of the year.

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I am disappointed with Baldacci. The reason I enjoyed his books in the past was that he weaves a great story without the typical sex, language, violence, etc. I knew this book would be darker from his others from the title, but Baldacci included sex and gratuitous violence that added nothing to the story. I would only recommend this book to die-hard Baldacci fans but skip chapters 1, 2 & 37!!!! These chapters are so far past the line of decency that you can no longer see the line. Chapters 1 [...]

Deliver Us From Evil by David Baldacci.I am really surprised at the 4-star rating for this book by other readers. They must have gotten something from DUFE that I completely missed. What didn't I like? The characters for the most part. Overall they seemed whiny and unlikeable and I'm talking the "good guys" not the monster, Evan Waller. He at least was true to his character. Katie James, reporter: A renowned journalist in her 40's and single. Let's not forget single because "we all know" that su [...]

A escrita de Baldacci é fluída e simples. Este foi outro livro dele que me manteve sempre interessada, apesar de ser um livro grande não cansou.Conta histórias brutais, de forma crua, que me deixou arrepiada por vezes.Adorei Reggie, é uma personagem forte e de convicções. E Shaw, apesar de abrutalhado, também me conquistou. Muito bom!!

One word: awful. I don't know what's wrong with Baldacci, but this is the second of his last two books that have been truly bad. I always admired Baldacci for knowing how to expertly walk the line between having a compelling, suspenseful story, and having lots of graphic violence. With this novel he has crossed the line into gratuitous violence without a real purpose, and that really adds nothing to the story. The guy was a bad guy, a serious torturer, we get it. on! Unnecessary. And the ending? [...]

Back to form for Baldacci after True Blue. I thoroughly enjoyed this follow up to The Whole Truth and hearing more about Shaw's exploits. Jack Reacher he may not be, but nevertheless Shaw is a pretty decent hero. The book fairly rollicked along and I could barely put it down.Some of the reviews have mentioned gratuitous violence I have to be honest this was fairly infrequent and mostly necessary, not gratuitous. Fedir Kuchin was one of the most evil people on the planet and capable of horrendous [...]

David Baldacci has written lots of books. Some of them I like, some of them I'm okay with, some of them I don't like (at all). This one falls in the "okay" area.The first A. Shaw book I liked much better. There is also a sort of irony here as I just read another thriller that went down the same somewhat overused road. In the first book A's (yes A is his name not an initial) "love of his life" was killed and he went deeply into depression. However he did still manage to function Well to be fair h [...]

I don't know why the commotion of having some sexual topics, mild strong language, and very explicit violence scene is. I mean, the very first few chapters didn't aroused any feelings other than intrigue and it was clear as water that it wasn't erotica. Yes, one chapter in particular does have a strong and painful torture, but I guess that just enhances Evan's evilness. Personally, I think this book challenges the reader to think what is evil and why evil breeds in some of us. Not a lot of books [...]

In South America a 96 year old man of great wealth reads a book late one night and an hour later he lies dead in his bed, the secrets of his past starkly revealed. Six months later another mystery man lies dead at the bottom of his pool in a villa in Provence. This time, however, there's a witness at the scene: Shaw, the shadowy operative from the Whole Truth, who barely escapes with his life. Meanwhile, a half a world away photojournalist Katie James is working on a story of international impor [...]

Ok, so I didn't enjoy this book as much as other Baldacci books. I knew it would be darker - it is called "Deliver Us From Evil" and is about an x-KGB guy who killed and tortured 100,000's of people during the cold war, and then escaped before he was captured, and became a business man dealing in human trafficking. I still read it because I was excited for the return of Shaw from The Whole Truth. I still enjoyed Shaw as the main character, and most of the story was typical Baldacci - exciting an [...]

As an audio book, it's difficult to skip sections; and that was a problem in this book because of the graphic violence. Not a pleasant book to keep me company on the rush hour drive. I enjoyed the Reggie / Shaw relationship, but at the end I thought Reggie lost her edge and was not as strong a heroine or leader as she started out to be. Evan Waller was a good and convincing villain. Other characters like Witt rang true; the others like Professor Mallory and Allen Rice seemed more formulaic than [...]

fast unpredictable another stand out from one of our favorite Writers. pleased to see Katie made it so there is potential for them getting back togetherits going to be interesting to see which way David Baldacci will go if there will be a sequelit goes into my favs this one not sure which one to start next i have three more waiting to read"The Winner" "last man Standing" And The Finisher all on the kindle any suggestions which one to read next?

This is a sequel to The Whole Truth, which really does not have to be read first but it probably would help. Shaw, still working for an unidentified US government agency under the control of Frank (who has a scar across the top of his bald head where Shaw once shot him, perhaps in some book I have not yet found) has a new assignment: to capture a despotic Canadian who is planning to provide some Muslim terrorists with some heavily enhanced uranium smuggled out of the collapsed Russian empire, so [...]

Wow! I have always been a Baldacci fan, but this book really pushed the envelope for me in a couple of ways. First and foremost, this book has moments of descriptive terror, which I for one was not prepared for. Second, as a devoted fan, I am unaccustomed to the author leaving loose ends and/or unresolved issueshe did both in this book.Despite my comments above, I very much enjoyed this read. The book is a typical Baldacci format where the good guys are up against the bad guys. However, I guess [...]

Apesar de saber que A Conspiração do Silêncio era o n.º 2 de uma série, e não tendo eu lido ainda o primeiro apesar de o ter em casa, não resisti à sinopse e peguei nele. Em boa hora o fiz porque fiquei completamente rendida ao Baldacci género thriller. Já tinha lido um livro do autor, mas na categoria de romance e, apesar de ter gostado, acho que é no thriller que Baldacci se destaca.Opinião completa: marcadordelivros/2

I'm sad, because I'm a huge Baldacci fan, but this book was awful. It was very violent, so much so I skipped entire chapters and I really couldn't get into the characters. I read the end and found myself thinking "what? just happened?" I will definitely read the next Baldacci, because I've never been let down like this before, but this one just wasn't a winner. The Winner - now there's a great Baldacci novel.

A good story ruined by illicit sex and excessive profanity.

The ending was good. The graphic details throughout were difficult to read. We all know evil exists, but this made historical events extended now into modern history shockingly real. I'm glad I read it but wouldn't want to live through it or see the movie version.

Someone left this at my house. I never say no to free books but maybe I should start. I've heard that Baldacci is a good writer. He sure does sell a lot of books, but for the life of me, after reading this one, I can't at all figure out why. Perhaps his earlier books are better. This one had the feel of a real mass-produced churn factory.Let's start with the premise. A. Shaw, a secret agent who works for an unnamed US agency, I think, decides to take down Evan Waller, a Canadian who leads a sex- [...]

He was an experienced military man trained to capture and extract dangerous arms dealers to hand them over to the world court. She was a stone-cold killer, dedicated to hunting down ex-Nazis and giving them the death they deserved. Is there really much more you need to know? *Let me warn you. This review may become more about me expressing my angst then actually providing a fair and thorough discussion* The absurdity of this novel was apparent from the get go, and for the first time my philosoph [...]

Sitting here after just finishing this book I am not sure how I feel about this novel. As with other attempts by Baldacci there are things that I really enjoyed with this work, and then there were things that left me highly uncomfortable. One aspect of reading Baldacci that I always enjoy is the way in which he carefully crafts his characters and the various settings for the book. I will be honest that I have never taken the time to research the locales that are used as settings, but either Bald [...]

If Lee Child has an equal he would have to be David Baldacci. His characterizations and the perpetual quick witted dialogue are just so damned enjoyable. Another HIT with 'Deliver Us From Evil'! So many visuals of the downtrodden and unfortunate dregs of society roll in and out of this thriller, thus, steering the audience to the ultimate picture. I'm running out of free audio via YouTube.gotta hit the library to restock asap.Just finished reading for the 2nd time. I had forgotten quite a bit bu [...]

This is a good one by David Baldacci with two separate unofficial groups going after a former KGB butcher who has been living under an assumed name in Canada running a slave trade business he covers up with legit businesses. The two groups run afoul of each other when the former Butcher of Kiev (whose own staff wants to do him in) takes a vacation to France to stay in an expensive villa. Regina (Reggie) and Shaw (who is on an annoying guilt trip after lover Anna was killed in a previous book and [...]

I always enjoy David Baldacci novels and although this one was fairly typical it was still a pleasure to read. You always know what you're going to get and DB's characters are always interesting and well developed although I did find that Whit went from amusing to annoying very quickly. I really liked Reggie as a character with a very unusual past which I felt could have been developed further. One complaint I do have and this isn't the first time - whoever writes the blurb on the back should re [...]

Fast-paced, a familiar term to readers of mystery and suspense is often heralded as a key ingredient to success in this genre. Readers know that the flow is going to move forward at a pretty good clip and we can honestly expect little downtime and minimal fluff within the pages. “Deliver Us from Evil”, David Baldacci’s latest edition to the Shaw series doesn’t quite fit into that classification. When in reality, “Deliver Us from Evil” moves at hyper-speed.A combination of intrigue— [...]

What happens when two clandestine agencies decide to target the same socio-pathic monster at the same time? David Baldacci's thriller is the result.This 2010 release takes you on a roller coaster ride from South America to England to France to Canada. Baldacci puts you on a collision course with Ukrainian mad man Evan Waller, international businessman, pimp and human butcher. Our villain, Waller, a/k/a Fedir Kuchin, has perfected enhanced interrogation techniques to the point where waterboarding [...]

This is my first experience with Baldacci and although he keeps the story going and brings that edge-of-your-seat action to life, the descriptions are a bit overwhelming. Especially when it comes to the blood and gore in this particular book. Shaw is after a Stalin-like madman who has killed and tortured hundreds of innocent lives and he isn't showing signs of stopping. Shaw crosses paths with another group of people who are after Kuchin for different matters but still want the same man dead. Th [...]

CHAPTER 37 - AVOIDI've always enjoyed David Baldacci's books since Absolute Power. Pickup this as an audiobook to listen to and from work. BAD choice. I see no reason for the gratuitous violence/torture in chapter 37. I was driving to a breakfast meeting and was shocked! This chapter didn't move the story forward at that point and I skipped to chapter 38 and listened to 39 but lost all interest because I didn't want to run across another 37. Don't care how it ended, won't care to ever read anoth [...]

After reading The Forsaken, I thought it was time for some nice fiction. So I manage to grab a book in which the fiction very much matched the reality of what I had just read. I had just read about Stalin and his cruelty, then I pick up Evil which is about one of Stalin's underlings, one of his butchers, and his cruelty. I like David Baldacci's writing. I was a little disappointed in the end part of this story as it just seemed less thought out, less real, than the rest. As usual, it is full of [...]

I notice that this story contains scenes of torture and violence. The focus of the story is the battle between good and evil. Black OPS are set to take out a Canadian businessman who is really a Ukranian that while working with the KGB killed thousands. There is another operation in play to take out the same man and they collide with the Black OP. Their operation fails, the man escapes, and now he wants to hunt his killers.The story is well constructed. The main protagonis shows strongcold chara [...]

david baldacci used to be a favorite of mine. i thought his books were so well-crafted, the villains delightfully quirky and evil, the heroes flawed but someone you could cheer for, and i always loved that the books revealed some little-known part of the dc area. i don't know if he has changed, or if my tastes have changed, but the last few that i've read have been misses with me. i found this one absolutely tedious. i'm sorry to say it, but i think, unless mr. baldacci revisits "the camel club" [...]

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