The Case of The Missing Secretary

Diana Palmer

The Case of The Missing Secretary

The Case of The Missing Secretary

  • Title: The Case of The Missing Secretary
  • Author: Diana Palmer
  • ISBN: 9780373057337
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

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The Case of the Missing Secretary by Diana Palmer THE PINING PRIVATE EYE Kit Morris would simply quit and let financial wizard Logan Deverell see for himself just how far his Midas touch took him without a secretary For three years she d kept his books, losing her head over one singularly stubborn financial figure Logan himself If he was too proud to sense the spaThe Case of the Missing Secretary by Diana Palmer THE PINING PRIVATE EYE Kit Morris would simply quit and let financial wizard Logan Deverell see for himself just how far his Midas touch took him without a secretary For three years she d kept his books, losing her head over one singularly stubborn financial figure Logan himself If he was too proud to sense the sparks, Kit had a mind to make him sense their absence How was a respectable businessman supposed to react when his missing secretary turned up working for a private eye Sure, Logan was miserable But he couldn t ask Kit to come back to work when every inch of him wanted her for play MOST WANTED Diana Palmer s exciting series continues Whatever you want they ve got

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Another plain secretary who falls hard for her blind ruthless and engaged to a gold-digger boss. I'm a sucker for unrequited love stories and this one was super romantic and passionate!

This was the last of the series and by far the worst of it. I can't even say it was good cause only the sex was ok. First time I ever read about them using a condom was in this book. It can't really get on board with his attitude towards her. He calls her ugly and treats her like a doormat and she takes it all in like some kind of virgin sacrifice. His only concern was for himself and that's not what love is about. He is arrogant and vain and I did not believe him when after he keeps blaming her [...]

Meski jalan ceritanya biasa standar, untunglah bukan love at first sight, sex at first week, then wedding at first month (or less) yang jadi ciri khas novel harlequin. Dari beberapa novelnya yang kubaca belakangan ini, Diana Palmer tampaknya lebih suka versi "cinta yang sudah lama terpendam dan akhirnya tergapai jua". Overall, aku kurang suka tokoh cowoknya, kurang suka "petunjuk buku berikutnya" yang maksa nyelip sebelum cerita tamat, dan jelas kurang suka pasangannya. Ow, plis deh bos cowok da [...]

So funny!! Emmet and his children are a riot. Could stop laughing!!! Haha!!! *tear rolls down my cheek* haha!!Happy Reading!!!

terjemahannya jayus, banyak kata2 yg aneh gt. Bacanya capek, hero sama heroinenya dr awal sering saling teriak. Apalagi heronya si logan itu, pengen q jedotin ke tembok berkali-kali

I have a love/hate relationship with Diana Palmer. This one falls under the "meh" category. Kit was Logan's secretary for 3 years and has loved him just as long. Logan never noticed her "that way" and got engaged to a gold digger because he wanted to get into the gold digger's pants. Kit quits. Logan's beside himself. Kit has a bit of backbone in her new career as girl-detective. She goes after bail jumpers (shades of Stephanie Plum minus the car trouble) and stands up for herself to Logan.Thing [...]

Prediksi saya sebelum baca ini adalah akan menemukan cerita yang langka, selangka bukunya tapi ternyata biasa aja.Karakter Logan disini sangat arogan sekali dan saya baru menemukan tipe tokoh utama yang luar biasa menyebalkan sepanjang pengalaman saya membaca buku selama ini plus buku ini terbit sekitar tahun 2000 dimana dimasa itu penerjemahan buku banyak didominasi bahasa jayus aka alay kalau kata anak zaman sekarang. Mungkin saat itu, penggunaan kata-kata tersebut biasa saja tapi bila dibaca [...]

Jerk! But I love the boss secretary love story.

A type A alpha male and the woman who secretly loves him (and works for him). Both seemed one dimensional characters.

great read

This book was like the first Adult Romance novel I have read. I loved it then, I love it now after all these years.

TerrificLogan and Kit hit sparks off each other as she worked as his assistant for three years. He had a terrible temper and she did too. Loving him as she did made her vulnerable as she tried to warn him about his gold digging fiancee. So he fired her and then kept kidnapping her to try to get her to work for him again. Passion and love won the day.

This one is my fave book among three. Tentang Kit Morris, sang sekretaris andalan dan Logan Deverell, bosnya yg nyebelin tp Kitt cinta banget ma doi.Masalah dimulai ketika Kit yg berniat baik dengan memberitahu Logan tentang watak asli pacar barunya malah kena semprot Logan. Tapi alasan sebenarnya lebih karena Logan memutuskan akan menikah dengan Betsy, pacarnya yg matre itu dan tentu saja Kit akan sakit hati kalo dia harus tetap bekerja di kantor itu sementara Betsy memperlakukan Kit semena2 se [...]

Yes, I know that there are many who proclaim that Palmer is formulaic and simple romantic fluff at best; and they are probably correct in their assumptions. But there are some authors whom readers will pick up; regardless and sometimes, in spite of the reviews, Diana Palmer is one of them. Some can and do go into great detail of why readers choose her books and I've even tried to explain it to myself. I've finally come to the conclusion that it simply does not matter; like many other readers, I [...]

Logan's driving me crazy. He's annoying and self-centered yet he won't let Kit go. I wonder why Kit loves him so when he treated her like piece of klunk in the first place. But then again love is blind indeed. As much as I enjoyed this book, I still don't fancy Logan's mean attitude. Three stars.

0.5 extremely disappointed with this book! this story is just nonsense. this story has nothing special to offer. the dialogues were stupid and nonsense as if the author wrote this when she was drunk. the girl's gonna push him away but with just a crook of his finger she'll come running back to him. stupid female. stupid male.

Another crazy loveable family, a female who's boss seems to get under her skin and a zany bunch of secretary replacements that are trying to fill her role but have between all three of them the ideal skills Plus who doesn't love a matchmaking mother who takes off and has to be tracked. Light and funny and another of her novels that I have read and enjoyed.

Didn't feel much build-up between H and h, more like lust to me. One thing I was sure, I won't read Emmett, Emmett's story.

Banyak yang cari novel ini.dulu pernah baca tapi lupa (jadi pasti ga berkesan) nah sekarang baca lagitetap ga berkesan, jadi bingung kenapa buku ini banyak dicari, yang paling ku nyebelin hero & heroin ga punya karakter.

Don't really like the male protagonist but DP managed to make other characters more believable and not just part of the props.

This was the best book yet from Ms. Palmer! I loved Kit and Logan, but Emmett and his kids stole the whole book. They were so funny and loveable

good books.

Logan, stupid but cute Logan, i love you:c

Another Great NovelAnother Great NovelAnother great novel from Diana Palmer. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series. Keep the pages turning. Thanks

I enjoyed this book so much!

what i like about this novel is because, have some funny story between logan and kit, jealousyme with kit i dont like the logan gf. but in the end, alway happy ending. ^_^

Logan was lucky Kit was more than he deserved. She had the patience of a saint and put up with a lot more.

Patron Review: part of 3 group series love how her books all go together.

Book 3 of 3

THis was just ok.Nothing really wtong with it but nothing that grabed me eithere LTT series is alot better

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