When One Man Dies

Dave White

When One Man Dies

When One Man Dies

  • Title: When One Man Dies
  • Author: Dave White
  • ISBN: 9780307382788
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback

A hit and run Simple as that And suddenly harmless old Gerry Figuroa is lying dead on the asphalt New Jersey cop turned private investigator Jackson Donne sure as hell doesn t want to investigate his drinking buddy s death, but he s made a promise that leaves him no choice And before long, he s drawing uncomfortably close to a murderer Meanwhile, an apparently routineA hit and run Simple as that And suddenly harmless old Gerry Figuroa is lying dead on the asphalt New Jersey cop turned private investigator Jackson Donne sure as hell doesn t want to investigate his drinking buddy s death, but he s made a promise that leaves him no choice And before long, he s drawing uncomfortably close to a murderer Meanwhile, an apparently routine divorce case takes a dangerous turn, and sinister connections to Gerry s death start to emerge Just when it seems things can t get any worse, Donne learns that a bitter old enemy is mixed up in the whole mess Bill Martin, his ex Narcotics Department partner, has secrets to expose that could reopen the still aching wounds of Donne s past Permanently Donne would like nothing better than to crawl back into a bottle and forget he ever heard Gerry Figuroa s name, but it s too late for that Now he s in way too deep, tangled up in a plot whose tendrils reach far into his town s past and his own.

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The outside covers and first page of my copy of When One Man Dies is littered with snippets of gushing praise, mostly from other authors. That I was aware of these but did not really take note of it is somewhat significant. I always read all of the front cover and generally most of the back cover, ready to break off immediately if the novel’s synopsis begins to invoke what may seem to be too many plot points. And then I start the book. Fairly well into this book, though, I felt the need to go [...]

When a bar regular is killed in a hit and run, private investigator Jackson Donne is asked by the bar’s owner to look into their friends death. Additionally, a wife suspecting her husband of cheating wants Donne’s services to provide proof of adultery. With two cases back to back, Donne finds himself suddenly busy, bruised, battered, bribed, and bloody – it’s a tough gig being a PI.Jackson Donne is one of the best articulated and distinctly three dimensional private investigators I’ve [...]

I know I'm late to the party. Good stuff, Dave!

When One Man Dies Dave WhitedavewhitenovelsMystery/PI/Police ProceduralThree Rivers Press, 2007, 272 ppsBN No. 978-0-307-38278-8When Gerry Figora walks out of Artie’s bar and is the victim of a hit and run Jackson Donne is suddenly plunged into a case that will reveal what a very small world we live in. As Jackson tries vainly to save Gerry Figora, his mind reverts to other deaths that he has had a part in.Jackson is a PI, former police officer and former drug addict. At the young age of 28, h [...]

WHEN ONE MAN DIES was my first introduction to Jackson Donne, and it proved to be a good one, as after finishing the book, I immediately wanted to move on to the second book. In many ways, this is a standard P.I novel- In Donne we have a private eye who generally takes more beatings than the ones he hands out, and ends up making as many mistakes as the ones he rights. But a few things elevate it. The first is the story, which while starting a bit slow, begins to ramp up as two cases Donne takes [...]

When this book came out, it was being talked about on all of the mystery blogs and websites that I frequent. At the time, I wasn’t all that interested in reading about P.I.’s, but I was intrigued by all the talk.But I still wasn’t sold.Luckily, Dave White’s writing is easy to find on the internet.I’d read Dave’s Derringer Award Winning Jackson Donne story “Closure” back in 2003 and remembered that I liked it. I tracked down more of his work online and loved it! Some the stories w [...]

Dave White honors the traditions of the private eye novel with this first book in the Jackson Donne series, while taking those traditions in new and fascinating directions. The book starts out as a pretty standard but entertaining PI story, with stock characters: the gumshoe with a troubled past, the client/wife who thinks her husband's up to something, the shady cop antagonist, etc. Then the book takes some dark and brutal turns that give the characters real depth and give the book a serious em [...]

I read this one because it takes place in New Brunswick NJ, where I used to live. But it rose above the "hey I know that place!" feeling. I thought the first 75% of the book was very well-written. It sort of fell apart at the end though, with repetition (how many times can Pablo beat up Jackson, for god's sake) and unlikely coincidence marring the conclusion. Still, I'll give this series another shot soon.

I'm pretty sure this was the first novel written by the author Dave White. Definitely a solid effort. There are certainly some plot holes and certain characters get away with things that seem a bit unreasonable at times but the plot overall is pretty interesting and there are some great characters in this book. The ending might have been my favorite part. Brought everything together nicely with a few surprises as well. I'll look into the sequels at some point down the line.

A private eye with a drug and drinking problem, who is constantly being beaten up, is the hero of this first novel. Additionally he is an ex-cop who ratted out his squad whose members were selling drugs and as a result his ex-partner is out to get him. This book is a tight well-written story.

I am an avid reader and love mysteries and thrillers but there has got to be a good story with character development and this story fits the bill! The pace of the story evoked James Patterson and his ilk but the actual writing and prose was better! I would definitely read this author again.

This author was recommended by Jason Pinter on Facebook. I'm glad I discovered him. This is a good book. Another failed cop turned PI but a good plot and a believable ending. I will read the sequal.

I really enjoyed this bookI had too many interuptions thoughwish I had read it in a day or twowould have made for a smoother read. Thanks Dave.ep 'm coming.

Really good book!And he was my teacher, anyway the point is that if you like suspense and action READ THIS BOOK!

Dave White is awesome. Just ask him.

Book poorly written, just too much going on not well executed. The main character was a total mess crooked ex cop, reformed drug addict and currently a lousy PI. Started out good but it went downhill quickly as it got more convoluted as it went along. Free book and I certainly won’t read any more.

I’d read other books in this series and decided to read the first one to see if it helped make sense if the rest. It didn’t.Donne is a drunk, a recovering drug addict, a former police officer, and a PI. The only thing he’s good at is drinking, and getting beaten up.Not a series I am interested in continuing.

Good bookThis book was an easy read. Really a Hail Mary purchase for a long flight because the other book I had was awful. Easy to follow story line. Suspenseful. Overall a quick enjoyable read that has some solid character development.

Quick read, well written.

DNF: 25%Something wrong with eBook formatting or editing or something. Some of the paragraph breaks are missing, which makes following the dialog very difficult. I finally gave up in frustration. I liked the story and characters.

I've killed three men in my life. One the police know about, two that I've kept to myself.From the killer opening line, When One Man Dies is off to the races. Dave White’s first novel-length Jackson Donne adventure follows up on the already solid series of short stories he’s published over the past several years. White brings back some old familiar faces (Gerry Figuroa, Bill Martin) and introduces some new characters along the way.New Jersey PI Jackson Donne is about to go back to college wh [...]

Very promising. Dave White creates a mondern PI noir setting in north NJ, similar to what Mike Harvey has done in his recent Chicago. Jackson Dionne is a very human, multidimensional character dealing with addicition and his own personal demons. White also creates a plausible antagonist in Dionne's former partner Bill Martin, who avoids being a two dimensional cliche. Some may find the plot confusing and the ending appears to rely on more than a few coincidences, but I am willing to forgive as t [...]

First in a series, a young private-eye in the tradition of Sam Spade, tries to solve two seemingly separate crimes at once. This will appeal to fans of Jersey-style crime, crooked cops and drug lords, and those who prefer a lot of plot with minimal character development. This is rather violent and fast-paced with lots of good twists and turns.

This was a good book, however I read the last of the series before this one and it wasn't as good. Overall this book was a great start for a series, I look forward to reading #2 and #3. I would recommend this read to everyone.

The last 75 pages kept me glued to the page as all of the blocks Mr. White so masterfully laid came tumbling down to the conclusion. I was still a little confused about Gerry at the end and didn't quite put it all together until the characters told me, but absolutely a great read!

Very Good; Continuing character: Jackson Donne (first in series); an ex-cop is involved in two cases, the hit and run death of a friend and one related to drugs, while being dogged by his ex-partner

Jackson Donne is definitely a character I will continue to read. Very good first novel.

As much as I enjoyed the characterization in this book, I just found it hard to believe. Well written and smart, everything just fit together too easily.

If I don't like the main characters, I don't usually like a book that much. That's pretty much how it played out here. Plus, there were just too many implausible situations.

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