A Duke of Her Own

Eloisa James

A Duke of Her Own

A Duke of Her Own

  • Title: A Duke of Her Own
  • Author: Eloisa James
  • ISBN: 9780061976049
  • Page: 344
  • Format: ebook

A duke must choose wiselyLeopold Dautry, the notorious Duke of Villiers, must wed quickly and nobly and his choices, alas, are few The Duke of Montague s daughter, Eleanor, is exquisitely beautiful and fiercely intelligent Villiers betroths himself to her without further ado.After all, no other woman really qualifies Lisette, the outspoken daughter of the Duke of GilA duke must choose wiselyLeopold Dautry, the notorious Duke of Villiers, must wed quickly and nobly and his choices, alas, are few The Duke of Montague s daughter, Eleanor, is exquisitely beautiful and fiercely intelligent Villiers betroths himself to her without further ado.After all, no other woman really qualifies Lisette, the outspoken daughter of the Duke of Gilner, cares nothing for clothing or decorum She s engaged to another man, and doesn t give a fig for status or title Half the ton believes Lisette mad and Villiers is inclined to agree.Torn between logic and passion, between intelligence and imagination, Villiers finds himself drawn to the very edge of impropriety But it is not until he s in a duel to the death, fighting for the reputation of the woman he loves, that Villiers finally realizes that the greatest risk may not be in the dueling field .But in the bedroom And the heart.

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Well, I just finished this book and maybe I should take a few days off to think things through. It's made me come to this conclusion: Men are idiots. Completely. Totally. All of them. Especially Villiers. I've read the entire series and really thought I got to know and understand him. But he's not as smart in life as he is at playing chess. Too bad. All I can say is, Eleanor is a much more patient and forgiving person than I am. She's a great heroine despite the mistakes she's made. She has an i [...]

Written October 20, 20153.8 Stars - Well made, entertaining audiobook HR with a light comic touchA Duke of Her Own, a since a few weeks downloaded pretty cheap "Whispersync for Voice" audiobook, and also my very first historical by Eloisa James pen. — 11:30 hrs narrated by Susan Duerden in a splendid good way (she was simply great). And? ~ Was it worth the time and money?Oh yes, absolutely nothing to complain about. This is just good HR in a old-school, adorable steamy, funny romantic style. I [...]

A Duke of Her Own by Eloisa JamesI am seriously going to have to enter a 12-step program to get over my addiction to A Duke of Her Own. I cannot stop re-reading this sucker. I just re-read it for the third time in a matter of weeks.It doesn't look like anything special (cheesy pastel romance cover).It doesn't sound like anything special (book blurb on the back turned me off--I hate books where the hero is trying to choose between 2 women, and the whole duel thing sounds trite).But Holy Christ On [...]

The “Desperate Duchesses” series was very up and down for me and this last book was the most up and down of all; one minute I enjoyed it, the next I was bored, the next I wanted to throw it against the wall.The book starts off with a bang, a dramatic, sensual moment between the Duke of Villiers, who is looking for a mother for his numerous illegitimate children, and Eleanor, a spinster who has never recovered from her first love marrying another woman. This mislead me about how the rest of t [...]

Bastards! Bastards all over the place!I hate heroes with bastards.

Oh my god, this book. So many feels. I don't want to say too much and spoil, but this is a true gem. Eleanor is awesome, confident, headstrong, smart, just one of my favorite HR heroines EVER. And Leopold at first he's so cold and reserved, almost aloof, but then he shows his true face and it's so freaking intense and hot. Don't get me wrong, there were some things that had me thinking like really, tho? and I hated that he was blind to how amazing Eleanor is for his family, how long it took him [...]

Pretttty good! I love her characters, I really do. She makes all the tropes fresh with wit and humanity. Definitely a fan and was happy to see Villers in a more "humane" role, he's had quite the arc throughout these books. I enjoyed the ride!

A decent and ultimately satisfying wrap to EJ's Desperate Duchesses series, but like the rest of this series (& everything James in general) I found it a little windy. I appreciate the rich detail and strong sense of time & place that EJ puts into her stories, but there are times when I feel like she's talking over my head. IMO, it's tedious to have to stop & think about every subtle nuance of character dialogue and interaction, especially when she's going to rehash all of it two or [...]

The last book in the Desperate Dutchess Series. Something I very rarely do is read a book out of order. But I found myself doing so with this one. This is the only book I've read from this series and it can easily be read as a stand alone.Lady Eleanor is certainly an intelligent beauty and I enjoyed the banter between her and the oh-so-sexy Duke of Villiers. There is no deep, dark torment involved with either the hero or heroine. Rather, a perfect mix for a truly delightful romance. There is ang [...]

I loved this book, especially Villiers's children. So adorable! I think my favorite thing about Eloisa James is how every character, even the small ones, even the nasty ones, feels like a person with their own point of view and their own complete life, even if we only get to see the edges of it. This book had a fabulous cast, and I loved Eleanor and her insecurities. When she told Villiers she deserved more I cheered!

Lady Eleanor is still pining for a former lover so she won't marry anyone less than a Duke. The Duke of Villiers is in need of a wife and won't settle for anyone less than a Duke's daughter. Obviously there needs to be more angst, so let's throw in the "mad" Lisette and Eleanor's former lover and animal cruelty and bastard children to make things more exciting. 1. The handling of Lisette, the "mad" rival, wast great. The text seems to lean heavily on the idea that Lisette is unable to form lasti [...]

Reading this book was such a weird experience. It was addicting but at the same time I didn't like or care about the couple or their romance. I read about the witty dialogues in other reviews but at times it felt more like rude and cruel to me. I also never enjoy love triangles, and this was one was even worse, since love wasn't even involved. I basically liked his children and the dog. The end of the book was great but it felt like I was reading a different book. It had nothing to do with the L [...]

Pages Survived: 34So I may or may not be jumping the gun on this one, but alas, this book just wasn't cutting it for me.In truth, there is not that much to say as to why I didn't like it. I suppose the reality is that the novel was a bit abrasive to me. One, I found the dialogue a bit spastic. I despise when authors write the spoken word of the characters without adding any descriptions to tone, inflection, and thoughts. I also thought the dialogue was a tad bit spastic, as well. One point would [...]

I have never read an Eloisa James book before. My preferred romance category is the contemporary. ButLynne Connolly's Richard and Rose series has whetted my appetite again for historical romance and I had read a pretty good review of this book.I was pleasantly surprised by it. I do think there were a couple of situations that strained credibility a bit, but over all this was a really nicely written book with great characters and excellent dialogue.In this story the hero is a Duke, Villiers, who [...]

As a book reviewer, I read a lot, A LOT, of books. From women’s fiction to mysteries to biographies, I’ve read nearly every genre there is, even science fiction. But my guilty pleasure, when I want to just relax and read something funis a good ol’ bodice ripping historical romance. Yep, I want all the steamy, frisky, good-time loving that can be found in the pages of a delightfully indulgent romance novel.And one of the best authors of the historical romance genre is Eloisa James. In her l [...]

This book fell very flat for me. It seemed to plod along at a snail's pace until the final few chapters. It started out well, with snappy dialogue, but when they all trooped off to Lisette's country home, the plot s l o w e d way down and it seemd like not much happened, other than the trip to the orphanage. I didn't like the hero, Leopold. At all. And I didn't like his behavior. At all. Tough for me to want him to end up with the heroine, whom I wasn't all that crazy about either, when I simply [...]

I'm a fan of Eloisa James, and this is her sixth book of hers that I have read. While I have not read the previous books in this series, I have read the ones that come after it, so this felt more like a prequel to me. While this didn't quite live up to my expectations, based on the glimpses I have seen of Leopold in subsequent books, it was still enthralling enough that I read this in it's entirety within 24 hours. I will say that I thought Eleanor was maybe a bit too understanding and too free [...]

*4+ Stars*I really enjoyed this one! I loved all the characters - the animals and the children as well as the adults! I thought both the hero and heroine were a bit wishy-washy, at times more than a bit. That was quite out of character from the Villiers we knew in the previous books. It was understandable, but in the end they each stood strong, but I did want to shoot at them sometimes. The ending was especially sweet!I listed to the audio and loved it! Susan Duerden's narration is always a plea [...]

So I started the book thinking: OMG finally a book about Villiers!!! He’s like Batman of the 1700s or something! The previous book showed him being all superhero on the dudes who used the orphans and stuff. I can see a comic book coming out of this:So after this I start the book. And I stare…. And keep on staring…. And final I ask the big question: where is the true Villiers? This one is a fake!Yep! It seemed to me like that. Like the character I so far admired disappeared and left this li [...]

After a few "so so" reads Eloisa James has finally delivered a book that I love. For the whole series of The Desperate Duchesses, Villiers has been a secondary character that intrigued me the most. We have seen him change from a jaded rake only interested in chess to a man decided to take responsibility of his 6 bastard children to the point that he will marry the woman who better fits the role of a mother. With no clue where to start he follows the advice of dear friends, a former h/h, the Duke [...]

Rating: A Heat: HotThis was book was fantastic. And so different from the usual HR. So different.For starters, the hero has six illegitimate children. And he is no longer content to let them be raised in orphanages or suffer on the streets. So Leopold, the Duke of Villiers, is finding his children, one by one, and bringing them home with him. To be raised properly and eventually introduced into society Which is why he needs a wife. And not just any wife will do; he needs one who 1) is willing t [...]

Moss had been raving about Eloisa James, so I decided to try her out. I picked up the first of this series, read the sample, encountered Villiers, and decided to jump ahead to the last book. Mostly because the plot of the other books didn't really appeal to me.Alas. I misunderstood the blurb and believed Lisette was going to be the heroine until we actually met her. So for the first quarter of the book I kept waiting for the heroine to show up. Sigh. Sometimes, I'm slow. Anyway I imagined Villie [...]

4 Reformed Rakish Stars“Oh, I have felt lust. And I've indulged lust. But no other woman has turned me into another person.” A Duke with six bastard children is looking for a woman to be a mother to his children. Someone who will overlook their questionable birth and help them grow up to face the scorn of society. Villiers’ quest seems almost impossible, but he has found two choices, a woman who is in love with another man, and one who is reputed to be quite mad.A very entertaining book ab [...]

I'm sorry, Eloisa, but I just didn't care for the book. Some of the dialogue was hysterical, but the characters just didn't do it for me. I can't get into a hero who has "6 pieces of accidental baggage" and not even the same quantity in ounces of personality. I like reading men I myself would be in a danger of falling for, and he was SO not that! I didn't know it until now, but I much prefer stories that revolve around one man and one woman. Not a weird triangle like this had. I read to escape f [...]

The best one of the lot yet! Fun, pleasant read, comfortable and comforting. Comfort food for the soul :-)

I enjoyed the book, but the audio was less successful, due to the narrator's strange way of pronouncing the hero's name. It is Villiers, which she pronounced Vee-A. I believe that in both French and English it is Vill-yers. Very distracting.

A Duke of Her Own is the 6th book in Eloisa James' Desperate Duchesses series. Lady Eleanor finds herself as one of the two women the Duke of Villiers is considering for his bride. The Duke has six illegitimate children who he plans to openly accept into society and he needs an appropriate Duchess who would be able to easy their way. Eleanor had her heart broken when her childhood love, The Duke of Astley was forced to wed another. Eleanor hasn't been able get over him and deep within her heart [...]

I should have known that the best story in this series would come at the end of it. This story has everything I love in romance, from an awesome hero to a wonderful heroine, a host of great characters, plenty of humor and a romance filled with sensuality to curl your toes. But what made this story so god to me, were two things, Villiers's six children and a dialogue between every character that is written to perfection.If you love solid, well written and fast paced stories that will engage all y [...]

I dove immediately into this book after recently finishing Duchess By Night. I've read most of this series out of order, but I have to admit that this is the one I was most anticipating. Villiers is my favorite of all the men in this series, and I couldn't wait for his story. At first, I wasn't sure if I was going to like Eleanor, especially since her desires seemed to be so focused on Gideon, Duke of Astley. At first, oddly enough, I was sort of liking Lisette better, she seemed good, but then [...]

Empowerment is a heady and potent thing and, once realized, you won’t settle for anything less. To be desired, loved, and cherished above all others for being one’s self is wonderful and blissful, and perhaps only those who have been hurt in the past can truly understand its power. The very talented and eloquent Eloisa James explores this theme in her sixth charming and very entertaining Desperate Duchesses novel, and the charismatic and sexy Duke of Villiers learns a hard lesson on the road [...]

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