The Black Ship

Dudley Pope

The Black Ship

The Black Ship

  • Title: The Black Ship
  • Author: Dudley Pope
  • ISBN: 9780805058321
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Hardcover

Legend has it that Patrick O Brian s editor paid that author s first manuscript what he considered to be high praise indeed he compared it to the works of Dudley Pope The late Pope s naval histories are renowned for the way they share the riveting, evocative character of his novels This is true of none than his masterly The Black Ship, a work of nonfiction that reaLegend has it that Patrick O Brian s editor paid that author s first manuscript what he considered to be high praise indeed he compared it to the works of Dudley Pope The late Pope s naval histories are renowned for the way they share the riveting, evocative character of his novels This is true of none than his masterly The Black Ship, a work of nonfiction that reads like a thriller In a true story evocative of Mutiny on the Bounty, Pope recounts one of the most brutal episodes in British Naval history, the bloody mutiny aboard H.M.S Hermione, and the Royal Navy s daring recapture of the same ship.

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Dudley Pope, author of the Ramage series, has written an absorbing history of the most bloody mutiny to occur in the English navy . His Majesty's frigates during the late 18th century were crammed with men. It was an unusual captain who managed to keep the men reasonably content and safe under such circumstances. The Hermione, a very small ship, carried 170 at the time of her crew's mutiny against Captain Pigot. Even though the normal complement was 220 for such a small warship, that was a lot o [...]

Dudley Pope is perhaps more well known for his eighteen book fictional maritime series on the exploits of Lord Ramage. After serving in the Merchant Navy during WWII, Pope remained afloat, living on boats in the Med and Caribbean, while writing his nautical adventure stories.'The Black Ship' (1963) reads like another fiction, yet is the result of extensive research that uncovers the true account of the Royal Navy's most notorious mutiny, which makes the unfortunate events on HMS Bounty sound lik [...]

This is a non-fiction account of the mutiny on HMS Hermione on September 21, 1797, the most deadly mutiny in the history of the British Royal Navy. The author, Dudley Pope, did extensive research in both British and Spanish government files as well as finding many unpublished accounts of the mutiny that were held by the descendants of people who were aboard the Hermione.Captain Hugh Pigot, a 27 year old post captain, who had very little experience at command and achieved his position and his pro [...]

In Patrick O'Brian's "The Reverse of the Medal," there is a brief scene where Captain Jack Aubrey is part of a court-martial of a man accused of being a mutineer on HMS Hermione. The mutiny on the Hermione in 1797 was the bloodiest in the history of the Royal Navy. The captain, Hugh Pigot, and most of his officers were killed by the mutineers. The ship was surrendered to Spain, and eventually recaptured by the British. 33 of the mutineers were eventually captured, and 24 were hanged and another [...]

Historical retellingte 1790s Caribbean.factual accounting of the deadliest mutiny in British history. Really non-fiction and not historical novel, so didn't fit what I was looking for.

Most history books, when they set out to narrate an episode of the past, also have a thesis they want to argue. In the case of The Black Ship, you might say that Dudley Pope is writing a rebuttal to a letter by Sir Hyde Parker, Commander-in-Chief of the naval operations in the West Indies, who, fearful that revolutionary potential lurked in the minds of sailors, argued that all the men who had been aboard the Hermione at the time of the mutiny should be hanged, even if it could be clearly shown [...]

When I picked this book up, I thought I was going to be reading a work of fiction. Dudley Pope perhaps is best known for the Ramage series. This book, though, comes from Pope's non-fiction catalog. It reads like fiction, though. The nasty business of mutiny becomes a study in cruelty, greed, venality, and bureaucracy. Winston Churchill is said to have remarked that the Royal Navy's traditions could be described as, "rum, sodomy, and the lash." Pope provides a vivid description of both rum and th [...]

What a curious book.Parts of this book read like a novel, but it is non-fiction, all events, down to dialogue, etc. are taken from court martial transcripts, letters or diaries. This makes for a thrilling but also exciting read, not just on mutiny in the Age of Sail, but the book also has a few things to say on hierarchy aboard ship and types of leadership in general.However, if you are just looking for a narrative about the Hermione mutiny I can understand why this book could be considered over [...]

I feel like this could have been an amazing novella-sized non-fictional account, but the author made this a little longer than it should have been. Also, I was kind of put off by the foreward which accuses the author of putting too much weight into the account of the midshipman, who apparently "played up" the Captain's atrocities. I mean, I appreciate the warning to take it with a grain of salt, but it made me doubt why I was reading the book a'tall.

An excellent account of the horrid conditions and poor leadership that led to a bloody mutiny aboard H.M.S. Hermione, the various paths taken by the mutineers and the subsequent hanging of many of them, the surrendering of the ship to the Spaniards and the later daring recovery of the ship by the British.

I'm not sure why I, a land-locked Midwestern mom, should like naval history and fiction so much but there it is. This book was full of revealing details about how the British Navy actually functioned, and made me wonder why there weren't MORE mutinies. Very well-written and fascinating subject matter, but also borderline disturbing, the institutionalized mistreatment of human beings.

The edition I read is a part of the "Heart of Oak" series published by Henry Holt and Company in New York. It recounts the events leading up to and following the mutiny aboard the HMS Hermione in 1797.

I don't know much about ships, & prefer historical fiction, but this book is a record of actual historical events, well documented. It reads like a story. Anyone interested in the history of the Royal Navy should read it!

Four and a half stars, probably. A really fine work of history. Pope builds a compelling narrative from outstanding original research, tying in interesting digressions that speak more broadly to life in the Georgian RN. And on top of it an excellent story, told with a novelist's skill.

a surprisingly good read for such a thorough historical account…also offers some great commentary on leadership

I agree with some of the reviews that the book was to longBut there was a great deal to write about, it could have been shortened

Slow working but methodical and reliable.

Interesting story but too long winded in the retelling at times.

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