Catch Me If You Can

Frank W. Abagnale Stan Redding

Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can

  • Title: Catch Me If You Can
  • Author: Frank W. Abagnale Stan Redding
  • ISBN: 9780767915601
  • Page: 224
  • Format: ebook

Frank W Abagnale, alias Frank Williams, Robert Conrad, Frank Adams, and Robert Monjo, was one of the most daring con men, forgers, imposters, and escape artists in history In his brief but notorious criminal career, Abagnale donned a pilot s uniform and copiloted a Pan Am jet, masqueraded as the supervising resident of a hospital, practiced law without a license, passedFrank W Abagnale, alias Frank Williams, Robert Conrad, Frank Adams, and Robert Monjo, was one of the most daring con men, forgers, imposters, and escape artists in history In his brief but notorious criminal career, Abagnale donned a pilot s uniform and copiloted a Pan Am jet, masqueraded as the supervising resident of a hospital, practiced law without a license, passed himself off as a college sociology professor, and cashed over 2.5 million in forged checks, all before he was twenty one Known by the police of twenty six foreign countries and all fifty states as The Skywayman, Abagnale lived a sumptuous life on the lam until the law caught up with him Now recognized as the nation s leading authority on financial foul play, Abagnale is a charming rogue whose hilarious, stranger than fiction international escapades, and ingenious escapes including one from an airplane make Catch Me If You Can an irresistible tale of deceit The uproarious, bestselling true story of the world s most sought after con man was immortalized by Leonardo DiCaprio in DreamWorks feature film I stole every nickel and blew it on fine threads, luxurious lodgings, fantastic foxes, and other sensual goodies I partied in every capital in Europe and basked on all the world s most famous beaches From the Trade Paperback edition.

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"What I learned from this book," asks? That "con man" really does mean "confidence man": the more you act like you deserve something, the more likely you are to get it. A precocious child who devised clever modes of personal gain, Frank A. grew into an even smarter man. He faked college degrees, professional affiliations, career histories - pretty much everything, including his name. Without any relevant schooling, throughout his life he "was" (meaning he successfuly convinced people he was) a [...]

Onvan : Catch Me If You Can: The True Story of a Real Fake - Nevisande : Frank W. Abagnale - ISBN : 1840187166 - ISBN13 : 9781840187168 - Dar 224 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 1980


Although I knew the ghostwriter, Stan Redding, as far back as the 1970s and in the 1980s when this shot to the top of the bestseller lists, I never sat down to read it until 2008. When I was done, I couldn't understand the fuss. I've had to chalk it up to the tenor of the times, in which any sort of true confession like Abagnale's would seem a revelation. In addition, I am sure the excitement of such an accomplished, child-prodigy con artist overshadowed the omission of some elements I would hav [...]

This is honestly the best book I have read in a long time. It's one of the few that I couldn't put down and had to know what was going to happen next. I know I had already seen the movie, but the book was better. I was disappointed to find out that the movie was actually a watered-down version of the story, and that the events were shuffled around and sometimes completely made up to go along with the flow of the movie. The actual story is much harsher and emotional, and there is really no cat-an [...]

2.5/3 stars for the writing, but a full fledged 5 stars for his confidence and skill.Frank Abagnale must be one of the smartest criminals I've ever read about. He's quick thinking, and he does his research. I really don't know how he got away with it for so long, and it's pretty amazing. I never have committed a crime and I hope I never have to, but I have to tip my hat to this guy.Abagnale has successfully scammed everyone from airlines, hotels, and banks to local prisons, hookers, and the FBI. [...]

Q: One of the New York cops who’d worked hardest to catch me read the report and snorted. “This head doctor’s gotta be kiddin‘ us,” he scoffed. “This phony rips off several hundred banks, hustleshalf the hotels in the world for everything but the sheets, screws every airline in the skies, including most of their stewardesses, passes enough bad checks to paper the walls of the Pentagon, runs his own goddamned colleges and universities, makes half the cops in twenty countries look like [...]

«–Podrías estafar a tu propio padre, Frank. Ya lo hice.»Qué decepción me llevé con este libro. Creí que iba a ser como la película, o incluso algo similar a la serie White Collar, pero la realidad fue otra y lo que encontré no me gustó.Esta es una novela de crímenes reales, supuestamente basada en la vida de un estafador. El problema es que terminé por no creerle el 90% de lo que contaba. Sobre el otro 10%, espero de verdad que no sea cierto, porque sino Frank Abagnale ya se ganó [...]

This is the true crime book that inspired the fun movie starring DiCaprio and Hanks. Truly amazing what Abagnale, a guy who never finished high school, got away with, such as impersonating an airline pilot, a lawyer and a teacherd all at a very young age. Sometimes the veracity of his claims may be in doubt, as after all, he was a con man, but even if half of it happened as he describes it, it serves as a lesson in human relations, namely that you should never trust what your eyes or ears tell y [...]

Digital audio book narrated by Barrett Whitener.Subtitle depends on the edition: The Amazing True Story of the Most Extraordinary Liar in the History of Fun and Profit! -or- The True Story Of a Real Fake.Frank Abagnale began his career as a forger, check-kiter and con-man when he was just sixteen years old. His first victim was his own father. By the time he was twenty-one he had passed himself off as a pilot, a pediatrician, a lawyer, and a professor of sociology, and he had cashed over $2.5 mi [...]

This was the real life story of Frank Abagnale Jr. one of America's best con men. Having successfully passed as a pilot, a doctor, a lawyer and a lecturer in order to pass forged cheques. It seems rather incredible reading about it, that this was able to happen, but he seems to have helped to have improved security and anti-forgery since his release from prison.I found the book quite difficult to read and it kinda just ends? It was very abrupt, and I think it would have been better if there had [...]

Stop the presses! I'm about to state something I've never stated before. THE MOVIE WAS BETTER!Frank Abagnale is a genius. Really, he is. He is such a genius, that he does genius things with his genius brain. Look, I have nothing against authors saying how intelligent their characters are (let's forget that Frank is real, for a bit). However, I do have an issue with the author constantly saying that same fact over and over, as if the very content of the book doesn't already show how intelligent t [...]

I had already seen the movie, years ago. I need to go watch it again, now. But, from what I remember, the movie is slightly different from the book, mostly just less detailed. When I was a kid, I read "The Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes." My sister read "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare." So, I've always veered a bit towards mystery/crime stories, when it comes to stories. Also, as an adult, I've veered more towards non-fiction, so the fact that this is based on a true story, is anot [...]

Entertaining, if somewhat lightweight. Two big things that hold me back from rating this higher: 1)The author's attitude towards women is stuck pretty firmly in the early 60s. Women, to him, are basically ornaments that are so dazzled by his looks and brilliance that they go along with his schemes unquestioningly. Even women who supposedly played major roles in his life and exploits (including one he nearly married and one who helped him escape from prison) seem to have no personalities of their [...]

The first 200 or so pages--I was SO into. Then, the repetitiveness about how smart he is, how young he was, how he managed to rip of countless people, etc, etcjust got old. It was a really different feeling than I had from the movie. In the movie, I felt bad for poor Leonardo DiCaprio, and didn't want him to get caught. In the book, I couldn't wait for him to get caught. (And was a little peeved that he ended the book when he escaped--leaving it to the ghost writer to clarify in the afterword.) [...]

Romping good fun! You can tell that Abagnale wrote this with another author, but that makes it no less enjoyable. Now I want to re-watch the movie!

True story of Frank Abangale's con artist ways. Really enjoyed it! Though the movie with Leo was great too, I loved knowing how the real Frank came to be.

This is the somewhat embellished story of early life of Frank Abagnale when he was one of the most successful con men and tricksters in the world. This is defiantly one of those cases where truth is stranger than fiction. Before he was 21 Abagnale had a conned millions of dollars out of various institutions and impersonated: a Pan Am Airline pilot, a pediatric doctor, a lawyer and a university professor. While posing as an airline pilot he never actually flew a plane, instead he got free flights [...]

★★★1/2Read this a while ago but I remember enjoying it. Although I do prefer the movie which from memory embellished a fair bit.

Is it possible to be a pilot, a doctor, a professor, a lawyer, and a millionaire all before you are 21? Frank William Abagnale Jr. completed such feats as a teenager. Forging signatures, swindling checks, and charming every pretty bank teller were part of the normal routine For Abagnale. Mainly “Abagnale” was not his name though, as he had many pseudonyms and fake identities. All of Abagnale's stories and crimes are accounted for in his autobiography, Catch Me If You Can. Abagnale's first [...]

#1I chose the book, catch me if you can, because my dad recommended it to me. My dad told me the plot of this book and it caught my attention, and I just want to find out more. The reason this book interests me is because I think it’s all about business, and how a young boy can become anything he wants, without actually doing all the work. I expect this book to be very intriguing and fascinating, and full of twists and turns because usually boys around 20 years old are in University studying a [...]

Frank "the con-man" Abagnale's real life story is shockingly interesting as he assumes and annually keeps switching identities. From a a Pan Am pilot, to an attorney, to a paediatrician, to a Rolls Royce paper hanger. all of this while still in his teens! The torture faced in prison life is detailed and hair raising stuff.For entertainment purpose, the movie is more interesting as it parallely shows every counter move and pursuing trails by the FBI agent O'Reily. plus Tom Hanks, plus Leonardo, p [...]

Είχα δει την ομώνυμη ταινία πριν μερικά χρόνια και μου άρεσε, ήταν έξυπνη και ενδιαφέρουσα. Το βιβλίο κινείται στο ίδιο στυλ. Γρήγορο, ευκολοδιάβαστο και ευχάριστο. Η ιστορία ενός ιδιοφυούς απατεώνα. Αυτό που μου έκανε εντύπωση είναι η αφέλεια ενός όχι και τόσο μακρινού παρ [...]

I understand now why the movie was based from the FBI Agent's POV. This Abagnale guy is an obnoxious, self-centered, sexist, smug pig and I felt in need of a shower just reading his thoughts. The story itself is interesting and saves the book. Barely.

This memoir is by a man considered by many police agencies to be one of the cleverest con men they had ever pursued. By the ageof 17, he was successfully impersonating a PanAm pilot, deadheading around the country and using fake identification to cash NSFchecks. He was almost caught in New Orleans, but convinced the FBI and local police that his credentials were authentic -- he had, after all, managed to pull the wool over experienced airline pilots -- but he was pretty lucky, too, because the P [...]

Quite a good page-turner. I love the detail about the bad-check-passing scam, which for me ranks this book alongside Maurer's pickpocket ethnography "Whiz Mob." However, I must say that the book has a feel of pathological lying about it. I have known people who are or aspired to be confidence men/women, and who get their kicks from impersonating people and lying about their backgrounds, and most of them are pathological liars and thus cannot be trusted even, perhaps especially, when they are des [...]

2.5 EstrellasCuando decidía darle un rating a este libro mi Estúpida Consciencia y mi Querido Sentido Común tuvieron una discusión al respecto, iba más o menos así.Estúpida Consciencia: ¡¿Cómo que 2.5?! ¡Pero si te reíste y todo!Querido Sentido Común: ¿Y eso qué?E.C.: ¿Te molestó que el tipo fuera todo arrogante?Q.S.C.: No, la verdad me dio lo mismo.E.C.: Entonces fue que creías que exageraba las cosas.Q.S.C.: Un poco, pero también me dio tres pitos.E.C.: Si no fue eso, ¿cuá [...]

This book was actually written about twenty years before the movie was made. Stephen Spielberg took the liberty in changing some of the details and made a movie out of it. According to Frank Abagnale, the movie is about 80% accurate. I don't like how he bragged about how gullible these people were when he was able to con them. I could see his inner struggles when it comes to his love life. He wanted to get married with certain women; and yet, he knew that no way can the marriage take place becau [...]

This book would have gotten 5 stars from me, but the guy left us hanging. I haven't seen the movie, so I had to Google this guy to find out what happened to him. If you're going to write an autobiography Mr. Abagnale give us the full story.I was amazed at all that this guy was able to get away with. He was a pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer before he was 30. Well not really, but he got away with pretending to be one, and flew all over the world. He eventually got caught and spent some time in a hor [...]

3.5 stars in the end.It was really good for about 40-50% and then it just got a bit samey.Don't get me wrong it was still good in parts for the last half but as said it was just a little of the same.Overall I thought it was a good recount of his escapades.It makes me want to watch the film again now although the book is slightly different(which is always the case) but I will watch it still.Overall,an enjoyable read. (Sorry it's a short review,I didn't have too much to say about this one I guess! [...]

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