Mastering Regular Expressions

Jeffrey E.F. Friedl

Mastering Regular Expressions

Mastering Regular Expressions

  • Title: Mastering Regular Expressions
  • Author: Jeffrey E.F. Friedl
  • ISBN: 9780596002893
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback

Supported by tools, languages, and environments ranging from Emacs to VB , regular expressions let you streamline text and data searching and processing Whether you re new to their advantages or out to boost your expertise, here s how to add them to your arsenal.

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Mastering Regular Expressions by Jeffrey E.F. Friedl это замечательная книга/учебник. Всем программистам иметь/читать обязательно. UNIX/Linux программистам я рекомендую прочитать эту книгу раз десять (т.е. выучить наизусть). Без навыков написания regex очень сложно (практически невозможно) использовать [...]

Mwah, mwah! Thank you, Jeff Friedl, for finally - FINALLY - demystifying this most crucial of meta-programming skills: regular expressions. I had tried online tutorials, videos, even a retro bash game, this and that. Nothing ever helped. This did. FINALLY. FINALLY!So I didn't "read" the whole book, but whatever, the second half is reference material for languages I never use nor plan to use (Perl, PHP, etc.). Honestly, the first 2-3 chapters were sufficient; once he got into the guts of differen [...]

If you ever need to dive deeply into regular expressions, then this is the book to read. It doesn't just cover syntax, but dived deeply into state machines, optimizations and the way the engine's are generally implemented.This book, however, doesn't tell you how to use each different dialect of Regex out there and some of the things the book explains might not be true for your regex engine of choice. I've used it a lot in conjunction with the Regular Expression Pocket Reference: Regular Expressi [...]

Giving this book a perfect rating because this enables you to think in terms of building a correct and efficient regular expression and does that with a great correctness and efficiency. Had a doubt in a section of book, emailed author and he replied promptly! It discussed in great deal the mechanism of the engine and which helps to think in terms of regular expression.

If you're a programmer of any kind you should know regular expressions. And if you want to learn regular expressions, this is the bible. That's all there is to it.

I'm currently reading this book, not done yet, but I'll rate it 5 stars anyway for its usefulness. Regex, which provides a formal way to express text search patterns, is one of the things I always promised to learn properly, since the need for it - finding and replacing text - pops up so often in software development. In my current assignment I've had to use it on a VERY regular basis, and this prompted me to sit down with this volume and go through it front to back. The first part of the book d [...]

In writing code, regular expressions are used to find patterns in text. This book explains what they are and how to use them effectively. Chances are you will find out more than you ever wanted to know about them, and quite possibly more than can be immediately assimilated. The author stays focused on regular expressions; all his extensive examples are regex-specific, there is no time wasted on introducing language basics that the reader could easily find elsewhere. The transition from easy exam [...]

I am reading "Mastering Regular Expressions" by Jeffrey Friedl, and am really enjoying it. Not only is it a topic that I find very interesting, but Jeffrey does a great job of leading you (and challenging you) on a path of discovering the power of regex. The narrative is sometimes a bit too self-conscious (the author never lets you forget that it's HIM doing the talking), but that can be forgiven because the book is well written and interesting.I don't read a lot of technical, "geeky" books, so [...]

I read the first edition many years ago and while I don't remember the contents in detail, I get the impression that this edition has a much smoother opening than its predecessor, and is thus an easier book to read for less experienced programmers. The first few chapters teach the core techniques, with could recaps and summaries, as well as a lot of useful examples. The second half of the book is much more advanced and focuses more on the technical aspects of regex engines, ways of maximizing ef [...]

This was my first book on Regular Expression, so I won't be saying that it is the best or most thorough (no real frame of reference), like some other reviewers do. However, I love the style, the layout, the amount of detail, everything about this book. I tend to read a few books on a subject I am researching, because I feel like certain things were not covered or were covered poorly. I will not be picking up another book on RegEx. I will certainly revisit this book from time to time. I cannot e [...]

Книга помогает лучше понять как правильно составлять регулярные выражения, понимать какие данные поддаются анализу регулярными выражениями, а какие - нет. Она должна стать настольной книгой разработчиков, которые часто анализируют данные и хотят это делать качественно и [...]

It gives you a in-depth insight about regular expressions and how to optimize them. It manage to show that how regular expression work for different types of expression engine and languages. To understand the regular expression properly some chapters of it needed to read more than once. This book is lacking a 5 star from my side because the version of book is very old and there are some obsolete examples in few places.

This is not a book *only* about RE but also about the differences in how the main RE engines work. It's written in a slow peace that allows for an easy reading without passing from beginner to absolute complexity.And don't be frightned by the number of pages since the last 200 or so are about particularities in 4 differente languages that you, as me, may not read until really needed.That being said, is a great book to get a deep insight in RE.

I've been writing regexes for years, but this book still offered new information on the in-depth workings of regex engines and how to optimize expressions by taking advantage of the engine's strong areas.If you think you already have a good understanding of regular expressions, you can safely skip to chapter 4. The author includes cross references everywhere, so you can still catch up on some minor detail you may have missed.

Heh, heh. I said "Mastering"Regular Expressions (or RegEx) are a powerful way to recognize and define complex patterns in strings.My 4-year-old daughter is learning math, and they're starting by teaching her to recognize patterns.All of research is merely the recognition of patters in data.This is a really, really important, fundamental, atomic concept. One that I have yet to say I've "Mastered". Heh.

The thing about this book is that it one of those rare texts that can be read cover to cover or used as a reference. This is what we can only wish a textbook would be like. The book is intense. For practical purposes, you should at the very least read the section covering the basics. That will give you an understanding that will cover 90% of what you might need to do in the real world. After that you can use it to look up issues as they come.

I thought I was pretty good at regular expressions, but this book puts me to shame. It also makes me glad that I don't have to worry about optimizing them or using them for anything besides quick REPL-type things. Fantastic for anyone who does need a deeper knowledge of regexen. Still quite good for people at my level, where more technical knowledge is helpful, even if it isn't necessary.

Before O'Reilly started trying to be hip and cool and coining terms like "Web 2.0", they used to write books that didn't suck. This is one of them.Think you know regular expressions? This book isn't a simple introduction that fades out somewhere near character classes. It's called "Mastering Regular Expressions", and that indeed is it's intent.

I didn't read the book right through, as certain content was not applicable to my knowledge at this point in time, but I found the writing style, information level provided and detail of explaination to be fantastic from this book. Really happy to have found it, currently got this in eBook format but likely to buy it paper format for my desk.

An entirely higher scope of explanation of regular expressions than any snippet you'll find in the manual or help docs for any particular programming language. J. Friedl is clear, as concise as possible given the subject matter, and a witty pleasure to read. If you have text that needs processing, this is your book.

Фантастическая книга. Начинается как методичное, но совсем не скучное, разжевывание самых основ. А затем все глубже и глубже. Практически идеальный пример учебника. Фридл концентрируется только на самом важном, и делает весь сложную тему доступной.

Back when I read this book it was truly fantastic. No one else had ever dove as deeply into regular expressions. I don't think anyone has since either. However, regexps play a less crucial role than they used to. I still think the book is worth reading if only to get over your fear of regexps.

Reading this was fantastically useful, I finished just recently but the new knowledge has already earned its keep. It's like taking an intro class on the history and implementation of regex engines from an excellent professor, sans homework and exams.

Essential reading, or at least perusing, for any programmer or sysadmin of any language or platform. Regular expressions are one of the most important means we have for communicating with our digital tools, and this is the best introduction and reference I've been able to find.

This provides a comprehensive guide to regular expressions, which is potentially quite a dull topic, in a interesting and very readable manner.

Awesome book. Provides a solid grounding for all regular expression handling. A must-read for any programmer of any generation.

If you want to meaningfully grok regex, this is probably a good reference. Not your casual beach reading material, to be sure.

While I believe the author to be a bit of a show-off, the book is good stuff. Required for anyone serious about Regular Expressions.

This book is dense. In a good way.

Pleasure learning about Regular Expressions, though I know the concept well.Must read book for all IT students and developers

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