Inside the Aquarium

Viktor Suvorov

Inside the Aquarium

Inside the Aquarium

  • Title: Inside the Aquarium
  • Author: Viktor Suvorov
  • ISBN: 9780425094747
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback

Viktor Suvorov takes us inside the Aquarium, Moscow headquarters of the GRU, the super secret Russian military intelligence organization and rival of the KGB It is here that agents are brought to be trained, disciplined, and when necessary, broken.In shocking fashion, Suvorov recounts the first day of training when he is forced to watch a film that shows a disaffected GRUViktor Suvorov takes us inside the Aquarium, Moscow headquarters of the GRU, the super secret Russian military intelligence organization and rival of the KGB It is here that agents are brought to be trained, disciplined, and when necessary, broken.In shocking fashion, Suvorov recounts the first day of training when he is forced to watch a film that shows a disaffected GRU agent being burned alive This is how the GRU reveals to its trainees that there is only one way out of the organization death Other GRU methods are as physically torturous as the viewing of that film is terrifying electric shocks used to punish a failure of memory being pushed off a speeding train hand to hand combat with death row prisoners recruited for their viciousness All are employed in the training of a top agent.It is the agent s job once he is in the field to gather information in any way he can No source of information is too small or too banal Agents of the GRU are said to have attended every exhibition on the planet in the last fifty years from exhibits of military electronics and tanks to cats and flowers, with one of their most successful missions carried out at an exhibition of Chinese goldfish Above all else, loyalty to the GRU is stressed Agents are to trust no one and to be prepared to take even the life of a best friend for an act against the GRU Gradually, Suvorov became disillusioned with the GRU, and it was when he was forced to betray one of his best friends that he made up his mind to defect.

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This was a profoundly disturbing book. Suvorov traces his career from his assignment as a lieutenant commanding a company of tanks in the Soviet 13th Army, through being promoted into military intelligence, then being picked for the Spetsnaz, and finally winding up as a GRU spy in the Soviet embassy in Vienna. Along the way he gives us an unparalleled vista of the bankruptcy of the Soviet system.The view he gives of the GRU is instructive. It was a military intelligence organization that demande [...]

Цікавий, напівбіографічний роман Суворова, насамперед, про ГРУ, яке завжди оточував ореол таємничості. До речі, я теж служив у 13 армії, але набагато пізніше від автора.

--> Spoiler alert - I am discussing the ending of the book <--I only read non-fiction, however, I am questioning how much of this book is actually true. I can't remember anything in the book where Suvorov talks about his family. I don't think he mentions anything in the book about a wife, or kids. However, reading his page, it states that he was married with kids at the time of his defection, and his whole family was successfully smuggled to Britain. Towards the end of the book, when Suvo [...]

Rubel za wejście, dwa za wyjście.Wgniotła mnie w fotel i sprawiła, że myślałam o niej jeszcze na wiele dni po przewróceniu ostatniej strony. To chyba najlepsza rekomendacja. Było to moje pierwsze spotkanie z Suworowem i zastanawiam się właśnie, czy warto - a jeśli tak, to po co konkretniej - sięgać dalej. Bo warto na pewno; nie wiem jedynie, czy pozostałe książki pisane są w podobny sposób.Przepiszę może krótką rekomendację z tyłu:"Pascal powiedział, że wierzyć możn [...]

Классика. По сути вся русскоязычная историография 2 Мировой войны делится на две части: до Ледокола, и после

არაჩვეულებრივი წიგნი, სადაც კარგად არის აღწერილი თუ როგორ მუშაობდა საბჭოთა დაზვერვა მეოცე საუკუნის დასაწყისიდან ცივი ომის დამთავრებამდე, რამხელა ძალაუფლებას ფლობდნენ, როგორ ცვლიდნენ პ [...]

Quite a disappointment. The author has a very specific writing style - he adds tons of unnecessary information to his storytelling, often completely derailing the point or making his narration pompous and fake. I expected insight into Soviet Military Intelligence (GRU), but half of the book is about author's military career before GRU and quarter is full of nonsense stories which do not add any value. Only remaining quarter of the book is really about GRU, spy work, intelligence etc. That part i [...]

Growing up in post-USSR Russian, this book stroke a cord that stayed with me throughout the years. I read it in original and have a copy that I dearly cherish. I love this book: thrilling, honest and raw at times. It is a memoir of a Russian spy who takes us down his memory lane and shares the mystery behind the GRU curtain and the price he paid for being a spy. If you are intrigued by the mystery that is so prevalent in the western world around Russian spies, you will enjoy this book. The autho [...]

The first part of the book which opens to the reader some great secrets of soviet special forces and intelligence agencies is really fascinating. The second one focuses on some psychological aspects of being a spy and definitely does not bring so much interesting details. Let's also be honest, Suvorov as a writer is rather an average one and portreting inner life of his characters is a bit boring.

A thoroughly haunting and vivid collection of insights into the GRU. Mr. Suvorov is a master of quietly inviting the reader to taste the mentality of what it takes to survive in such a vicious environment. This is not a light read, as it starts with delightful descriptions of what happens to 'traitors' - and never lets up.

A must-read for any student of recent history. Brilliant.

Набагато цікавіше ніж екшени та детективи.- Первый пункт документа, который я подписал, запрещал мне любые контакты со всеми людьми, которых я знал в прошлом.- Никогда не барабань пальцами по столу. Так делают только неврастеники.- Падать назад, сидя на стуле, так же просто и [...]

Induction into the GRU, the elite Soviet military-intelligence agency, begins with a film strip of a traitorous agent being burned alive. They know how to hook someone's attention, and so does Suvorov, as he describes his journey from armor officer, to Spetsnaz operative, to GRU agent.The earlier parts of the book, as tanker and special forces soldier, carry with them a lot of joy. As Suvorov enters The Aquarium, the story becomes much more bleak, in the vein of a Red John Le Carre. GRU agents, [...]

Klasyka, chociaz młode

Czytając Akwarium, ciężko nie wracać myślami do Pamiętnika znalezionego w wannie Lema. System, który pokazuje Suworow jest tak bezlitośnie i nieodwołalnie racjonalny, tak bezwzględny i skuteczny, że z jednej strony staje się zupełnie nieludzki a z drugiej prawie tak absurdalny, bezsensowny i szalony jak Budynek w książce Lema. Nie dziwi mnie, że Suworow z niego uciekł, bo w Systemie nie da się żyć. Przynajmniej nie przy zdrowych zmysłach i nie tak blisko jego twardego jądra [...]

Viktor Suvorov er psevdonymet til ein sovjetisk spion, som på 70-talet jobba i Austerrike. I "Akvarium", utgitt etter at Suvorov flykta til Storbritannia, avdekker han den sovjetiske etterretninga sine arbeidsmåtar."Akvarium" er Suvorovs 4. bok, ein sjølvbiografi, og ein les boka som ein spionroman. Einaste forskjellen er spenningsnivået -- her er den 100 gangar høgare, sia hendingane i boka er ekte. Alle med eit snev av interesse for den kalde krigen, etterretning eller korleis regime utø [...]

The book reveals secrets of GRU - foreign military intelligence directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (formerly Soviet Union). Suvorov chose one person, a commander of tank company, and showed the training in elite units of Specnaz and ending on getting a post of operational agent at foreign place.

This is a fine read, and a timely one given the apparent resurgence of the Russian Bear. It is particularly forceful in its depiction of Russian military intelligence (formerly the GRU), which often held the stick over the KGB.


good view of soviet agents reality

Trustworthy book which reveals some general practices from Russian diplomats and secret services. It is very well written and from half to the end I could not resist reading for a long time.

A nice one, with some psychical damage to my brain.

I will replace the Estonian description of this book with an English version as soon as I find a good abstract to use. Please stand by.

this book is in my top-10


Cold war non fiction. Wow I wouldn't have wanted to live in the USSR.

Story of a GRU agent.

i heard this one on a poor audiobook ;/

Fascinating inside look at the making of a Cold War Russian spy.

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