La verità sul caso D.

Carlo Fruttero Franco Lucentini Charles Dickens

La verità sul caso D.

La verità sul caso D.

  • Title: La verità sul caso D.
  • Author: Carlo Fruttero Franco Lucentini Charles Dickens
  • ISBN: 9788806174255
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback

Il 9 giugno 1870 Charles Dickens muore nella sua casa di Gadshill lasciando irrisolto Il mistero di Edwin Drood, che da quel momento diventa il pi intrigante, affascinante, dibattuto romanzo della letteratura inglese Un caso complesso e tuttora aperto Fruttero Lucentini si fanno aiutare dai massimi investigatori d ogni tempo e paese Holmes e Dupin, Padre Brown eIl 9 giugno 1870 Charles Dickens muore nella sua casa di Gadshill lasciando irrisolto Il mistero di Edwin Drood, che da quel momento diventa il pi intrigante, affascinante, dibattuto romanzo della letteratura inglese Un caso complesso e tuttora aperto Fruttero Lucentini si fanno aiutare dai massimi investigatori d ogni tempo e paese Holmes e Dupin, Padre Brown e Maigret, Marlowe, Wolfe, Poirot Company li riuniscono a Roma, grazie ad onnipotenti sponsor giapponesi e li mettono all opera ciascuno con la propria esperienza, ilproprio intuito, il proprio personalissimo metodo nato cos un geniale cruciverba indiziario dove il Mistero di Charles Dickens e l Inchiesta di FrutteroLucentini si completano con un effetto di doppia suspense irresistibile.

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➡ REREAD 12/2017: Mmm, I loved it even more than the first time? Is that humanly possible? ---“Yes, reader! Thanks to the initiative and ingenuity of Japanese industry, all or nearly all the world's best-known investigators are here assembled-masters of intuition and deduction, experts in strange coincidences and suspicious omissions, supreme solvers of riddles!”And I had half a mind to end my review here, because you shouldn't need to know much else. All the most renowned literary detecti [...]

A mystery within a mystery, The D. Case is actually a modern day attempt to retell and solve Charles Dicken's The Mystery of Edwin Drood, his last and unfinished novel, which also happened to be a murder mystery, or was it? How was the story tied to the author's own life? Was there any connection to his sudden death or anything strange in that? What about the numerous references in the book to Shakespearean tragedies? All excellent questions! You certainly don't want me to ruin it for you by giv [...]

Komentované vydání Záhady Edwina Drooda od Charlese Dickense. Původní Dickensův text se zde prolíná s příběhem Japonci sponzorovaného sympozia "Kompletnost nade vše", kde jedna ze skupin má za úkol dokončit právě tuto Dickensovu knihu. Účastníky sympózia jsou ovšem literární postavy - v tomto případě slavných literárních detektivů. Tato výchozí situace je velmi zajímavá a musím říct, že jsem si takhle ZED užila asi více než kdybych ho četla pouze v Di [...]

This book would have been amazing, but the ending is such a copout! I mean there really was no good way to end this fascinating novel, but I thought that it could have been slightly more creative than what we get. That being said, this book is one of the most brilliant pieces of postmodern metafiction I have ever read. The premise is that the greatest fictional detectives have gathered together to try and solve the unfinished novel by Charles Dickens, The Mystery of Edwin Drood. I love how the d [...]

Fairly pretentious and I still don’t get the Mystery

This is an annotated version of (The Mystery of Edwin Drood or "MED"), if the annotators were not literary critics, but famous literary detectives (Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Auguste Dupin, Nero Wolfe, Lew Archer, etc.) participating in a weeklong Drood conference in Rome.The reader can therefore enjoy reading the entire unfinished Dickens work, interrupted after every two to five chapters with a bit of analysis and tongue-in-cheek tourism. The juxtaposition can sometimes lead to a bit of [...]

Cette histoire complètement tordue est un pur délice. Tout commence par un colloque intitulé « Completeness is all » (« De l’importance de compléter »). Une assemblée de détectives tous plus célèbres les uns que les autres est chargée du MED (Le Mystère d’Edwin Drood pour les initiés), dernier . Charles Dickens n'en a écrit que la moitié avant sa mort en 1870. Depuis, de nombreuses fins ont été avancées par divers auteurs. Là, le principe est un peu différent puisque on [...]

The D. Case is a unique way of allowing a current reader to experience the partly finished Dickens novel "The Mystery of Edwin Drood." Unlike some exercises in 'finishing' an interrupted novel, the authors here make no attempt to complete the story in Dicken's voice. Instead, a fantastical/farcical gathering of the best literary detectives of all time meet to discuss the book and its possible endings.I have to say that the Dickens is good, and a bit more gothic than some of his novels. Unsurpris [...]

This book purports to be an account of the 'solving' of the case of Edwin Drood, (from The Mystery of Edwin Drood, duh) by the great fictional detectives of literature. Given that one of those detectives is Hercule Poirot, my absolute favorite mystery hunter of all time (created by the completely underrated talent of Agatha Christie) and the mystery at hand is one that Dickens lovers like me crave to be solved, I special ordered this book and waiting 8 weeks to get it, only to be crushingly disa [...]

Die berühmtesten Detektive der Literaturgeschichte, Sherlock Holmes, Maigret, Hercule Poirot, Dupin und viele andere kommen in Rom zu einem Kongress zusammen, bei dem das Ende von Dickens letztem, unvollendeten Roman aufgeklärt werden soll. Wer war der Mörder, wenn es denn einen Mord gab? Dabei werden verschiedene tatsächliche Forschungsansätze resümiert, viel zusammengesponnen, am Ende die Handlung in eine Rom-Rundfahrt eingespannt. Am interessantesten ist allerdings die komplette Neuübe [...]

Dickens's 15th and final novel, it remained unfinished at the time of his death by stroke at age 58. This novel shows the marks of his fatigue, brought about in part by his insistence on delivering deeply strenuous public readings of his works. This novel was adapted into a stage play where the cast acted out the plot up to the point Dickens finished; the cast then presents the possible outcomes to the audience, who vote on which ending the actors will present. This critical work, The D. Case or [...]

Eine faszinierende Versammlung bietet dieser (für mich beste) Roman des kongenialen italienischen Autorenduos Fruttero & Lucentini: Die berühmtesten Detektive der Literaturgeschichte haben sich in Rom zu einem Kongress versammelt, um den mysteriöstesten ungelösten Kriminalfall der Literaturgeschichte zu lösen: "Das Geheimnis von Edwin Drood", der unvollendete letzte Roman von Charles Dickens harrt der Aufklärung. Abwechselnd mit den Kapiteln des Dickens-Romans werden wir mit den Diskus [...]

This is one of the books that I keep coming back to every couple of years, just because it's such a fine acheivement. The premise is simple: the world's greatest fictional detectives have been called to a conference in Rome to solve "The Mystery of Edwin Drood," the mystery novel that Charles Dickens left unfinished at his death. Chapters of "Drood" are intercut with chapters from the conference, meaning the reader is taking in two books at once. The final solution is more than a little surprisi [...]

Delightful story of a seminar to discuss and 'solve' the unfinished book by Charles Dickens. In attendance are dozens of fictional detectives from Holmes & Watson to Sam Spade and Hercule Poirot. Chapters from Dickens' book are seperated by those which report on the arguements, tours and after-hours doings of the detectives. Not sure I agree with the 'solution', even if it is by Holmes, but it is a lot of fun. It's especially so for those already familiar with the detectives,if not Dickens' [...]

I recommend reading the text of Edwin Drood as a whole, and then going on the fictional discussion about the text, because otherwise the fictional discussion just doesn't hold up literarilywise. This was my first Dickens and I loved it a lot. So much so that I want to buy a kitten just to be able to name it Mr. Grewgious. And the endings that the other authors proposed were very interesting--I wouldn't have thought them up on my own, not having the best detection skills. So it was worth skipping [...]

Read 160 pages and walked away. I genuinely love the post-modern hybrid notion of including Dickens' work and having fictional characters comment and bicker over it BUT I discovered that I have no tolerance for the writing of Charles Dickens. I had to put this down because I couldn't bear the thought of having to read 400 more pages of Dickens. Bummer because I really like the fictional framing and all that it offered me as a reader. No rating as I didn't finish it.

Fiction's greatest detectives (Poirot, Holmes, Maigret, Lew Archer, Philip Marlow, Nero Wolfe and others) meet to solve the mystery of Charles Dickens' unfinished final novel, The Mystery of Edwin Drood. The detectives discuss the characters and clues, pose theories, debate, and try to follow Dickens' line of thinking. The D Case includes Dickens' novel so readers can follow the development of the "case" along with the detectives. An enjoyable literary mystery!

A little too clever for me, but it helped me understand the life and times of Charles Dickens. Did Wilkie Collins have a hand in his old mentor's death? Probably not. Did Dicken's steal wholesale from Collins? Maybe.

Lo spunto, seppur non originale perché in tanti hanno tentato l'impresa, è notevole, ma dalla metà in poi il dinamico duo manda tutto in vacca con divagazioni e bizzarrie di cui non ho ben compreso l'utilità.

An interesting look at Charles Dickens unfinished novel "The Case of Edward Drood" in which a cadre of literary detectives, including Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot come together to find the definitive answer and ending to the case.

Very clever idea. Enjoyed this a great deal still would love to have known what Dickens had in mind.

Awesome so far. Very witty and a great idea!

Includes the complete (unfinished) text of Dickens' novel piece by piece as famous fictional detectives try to decide how it really would have ended.

Geeking out reading about a conference of 19th century fictional detectives (and assorted real life sorts) come together to solve the MED and write a conclusion.


I thought this book was an interesting spin on looking at Edwin Drood, and it actually made the book more palatable (the whole text of Edwin Drood is given in the book).

A life time fascination with Dickens led me to read this. I enjoyed it.

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