The Magicians

Lev Grossman

The Magicians

The Magicians

  • Title: The Magicians
  • Author: Lev Grossman
  • ISBN: 9780099534440
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback

NOW A MAJOR TV SERIESIn a secret world of forbidden knowledge, power comes at a terrible price Quentin Coldwater s life is changed forever by an apparently chance encounter when he turns up for his entrance interview to Princeton he finds his interviewer dead but a strange envelope bearing Quentin s name leads him down a very different path to any he d ever imaginedW A MAJOR TV SERIESIn a secret world of forbidden knowledge, power comes at a terrible price Quentin Coldwater s life is changed forever by an apparently chance encounter when he turns up for his entrance interview to Princeton he finds his interviewer dead but a strange envelope bearing Quentin s name leads him down a very different path to any he d ever imagined.The envelope, and the mysterious manuscript it contains, leads to a secret world of obsession and privilege, a world of freedom and power and, for a while, it s a world that seems to answer all Quentin s desires But the idyll cannot last and when it s finally shattered, Quentin is drawn into something darker and far dangerous than anything he could ever have expected

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This book has been hard-pedaled as an adult Harry Potter and it is-but with a soulless little git like Draco Malfoy as the main protagonist. Grossman doesn't get to the genuine transformative joy possible in books about other worlds and magic, the metaphorical kick one can bring to the reader. This is a cold and sterile book for people who think themselves too sophisticated for genre fiction, a sub-section of the reading public that, I suspect, includes the author.To be fair there are certain th [...]

'You can't just decide to be happy.''No, you can't. But you can sure as hell decide to be miserable. Is that what you want?'The answer to this, as far as Quentin Coldwater is concerned, is a resounding 'YES!' At any stage of his life. He makes Holden Caulfield look like a bundle of sunshine. He makes Charlie Brown resemble an embodiment of optimism and positivity. Eeyore the Donkey is brimming with life force compared to our perpetually unhappy hero.'You couldn't have everything. Or at least the [...]

If you will, for just one second, look at your life and see how perfect it is. Stop looking for the next secret door that is going to lead you to your real life. Stop waiting. This is it: there’s nothing else. It’s here, and you’d better decide to enjoy it or you’re going to be miserable wherever you go, for the rest of your life, forever.”“You can’t just decide to be happy.”“No, you can’t. But you can sure as hell decide to be miserable. Is that what you want? Do you want to [...]

The story of a quasi-sociopathic high school cretin who mouth-breathes his way into an exclusive fantasy club of anhedonic wizards - replete with bad writing and worse story-telling. Enjoy.

I know this is a thing us bibliophiles really shouldn't say EVER, but: I think the show is way better.Don't hurt me.When I started watching the SYFY version of The Magicians and actually really liked it, I made a quick mental note to go back and read this book first before I got too far into it. Because the book can usually be relied on to be better, I wanted to experience it in written format first. In this case, though, the book makes the story more boring, the characters downright insufferabl [...]

Pretend Harry Potter was a bit of a narcissistic douchebag, and all of his friends were whiny a-holes who drank too much.Now pretend that they crammed 5 years worth of their Hogwarts adventures into one book. Except most of the adventures are fairly mundane, with a few exceptions sprinkled here and there.Then pretend at the very end of said book, they all took a trip to a warped version of Narniawith mixed results.Now, if you're the type of reader who absolutely has to like the main character, o [...]

I have a Goordreads friend who likes this book. He expressed a thought that I might not. While not wholly correct about my take he came pretty close.:Well, first Stephen, you're right in a way, I don't like stories that are "downers just to be downers". The nihilistic attitude you see so often. I don't like the (as I've said before) "life is crap and then you die" story. So many today seem to think that for a story to have any depth it has to be deeply depressing. On the other hand if there is a [...]

Quentin Coldwater is an unhappy teen, eyeing up an uncertain future in college. He's secretly in love with his friend Julia. Nothing else really matters to him except the Fillory and Further series of books he's loved since childhood. Imagine how he feels when a seamingly routine college interview drops an undiscovered Fillory book in his grasp and leads him to Brakebills, a college of wizardry, and worlds beyondFirst of all, this isn't Harry Potter for adults, no matter how much people want to [...]

(Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography [cclapcenter:]. I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted illegally.)(UPDATE: After reading other reviews online, I realized that I could've made my point even more succinctly by simply saying the following: "Oh, wonderful -- another dour academe writes another fussy, joyless genre exercise, designed specifically for MFA circle-jerks who consider themselves 'above' such silly [...]

I was ready to love this book, it's supposed to be Harry Potter like but more gritty, more realistic, more substantial, and I guess it is and I still like the idea of it. And yet this book did not work for me. I was really patient with it, I downplayed the initial irritation of incorporating the entire Potter premise. It's one thing to borrow bits and pieces, it's another to rip off a whole concept leaving out a few bits here and there and dressing up the rest. But since I'm a sucker for fantasy [...]

This was in a special category for me: books whose positive reception make me question my membership in the human race. After finishing it I stared at the glowing blurbs on the back, looked up some positive reviews online, and thought, who are these people? What could they have been thinking? How could they possibly be so different from me? After that it took a few days of solid social interaction with good friends to convince me that I actually had something in common with my fellow humans -- t [...]

I passed on reading this book when it first came out because I was underwhelmed by the author's first book Codex. The excessively negative reviews about The Magicians peaked my interest. The complaints these reviewers had actually made me want to read the book. The positive reviews confirmed my growing suspicion that I should read this book. Although I am late to the party I must say I am glad that I overcame my initial reluctance because I loved this book. Unfortunately this book was marketed a [...]

I tried. I really tried. Aside from enjoying the beginning, reading this book is like staring at a piece of cardboard for hours on end. It's just verryyyyyy dull to me and I don't care about it one bit. I may give it another chance someday, but no promises.However, I do want to give the tv series a shot, because I really didn't hate the characters or the world, I just can't get into the way they were written in this book.

5.0 stars. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! I know that not everyone agrees with this sentiment for this book, but I was greatly impressed by it. From the very beginning of this story, I got the distinct feeling that Grossman was going to be taking "the less travelled path" in his fantasy novel. While I have seen a lot of comparisons to other stories (some of which are quite intentional by the author) this book is certainly ITS OWN BOOK. The novel is really two very different and distinct storie [...]

What would you do if tomorrow your Hogwarts letter came in the mail? What about if your closet became a portal to Narnia?Suddenly there is a sharp line in the sand, dividing your life into two phases: Before Magic and After Magic.The Magicians analyzes this concept with the very deepest, darkest pits of human sin in mind. It is an exploration of realistic responses to unrealistic circumstances. "I got my heart's desired there my troubles began."This is not a book for people who prefer their hero [...]

I think I'll just stick with the TV series, because this is terrible.

Okay I am in the minority I didn't really like this book. I didn't think it was going to be a Harry Potter, as a matter of fact I knew it wouldn't be even though it was compared to HP. the author even compared it to HP which its not. I can enjoy that this is a "tribute" to fantasy but that's about it. It was a depressing poorly written book. Details seemed to be lacking and the only details we'd get is a knock off version of another fantasy book. The characters were one sided and had no personal [...]

A friend gave this book to me as a Christmas present, but the sneering reviews (on and inside the book) which compared it (oh-so-favorably) to Harry Potter/Narnia/LotR (proclaiming them "weak" and this strong and bracing and refreshing and) kept repulsing me before I could even get to the first page. She's coming to visit me next month however and I'm determined to read it! Updates to follow!UPDATE 4: A miserable book about miserable people being miserable while doing miserable things written by [...]

Prepare yourselves for a rant-filled scathing review. So. Much. Hate. When I readthe Martian I really never thought there would be a book I would hate more. But boy am I putting my foot in my mouth on that one! The Magicians was the winner by a landslide forThe Most Obnoxious Book of the Year Award! Congratulations, Lev Grossman! Your book fucking sucks.This book was said to be the “adult version of Harry Potter.” Those are some big balls you have making that claim. Especially to someone lik [...]

A quick and easy way to describe this would be to call it Harry Potter for adults. There's a magic school and a lot more sex and booze than poor old Harry ever had. But that doesn't do it justice because this was an extremely original and unique twist on the notion of what it would be like to actually live in a world where magic and fantasy realms exist.Quentin Coldwater is a bored teenager getting ready to apply for college but is already seriously disillusioned with his life and wishes things [...]

This was a difficult review to write. I was immediately drawn into Lev Grossman’s The Magicians, but then spent most of the remainder of the book wondering why I was reading it. The several parts of the book had a schizophrenic quality which didn’t always seem to have much to do with preceding sections or what came after. Still, it was well-written and I appreciated Grossman’s depiction of the magical world as something other than a place of awe and wonder. His rich, spoiled mages help cre [...]

Terrifically horrible, gonorrheal mess--overly lauded by megastar writers because, as book critic for TIME, Grossman has been pivotal to an extent for some of their fame & $$$. Obvi.Alas, one reads it and knows right around page 300 what a swamp the rest of the voyage will be, as superduper 2D Harry-Hermione-Ron-Luna-&co. avatars (at a discount) find themselves, I fuck with you NOT, in a fish out of water but lame trip to the land of Narnia. A generic one, as well. It really is just thos [...]

The Magicians by Lev Grossman is one of the most frequently reviewed fantasy novels of the last few years, which isn’t surprising because the author is a well known writer (and book reviewer) for TIME Magazine, and the book was very effectively hyped as “Harry Potter with college age students.” The end result of all of this is that lots of people who don’t regularly read fantasy have picked up this novel, and many of them had their expectations severely challenged. So, is The Magicians a [...]

Having never heard of Lev Grossman I picked up two of his novels at the thrift store, basing solely on the premises from the back covers - Codex and The Magicians. I decided to read The Magicians first, because Grossman's first two books have both been bombs - Warp vanished without a trace, and Codex received largely negative reviews. But The Magicians was a huge success, so it couldn't be all that bad, right? After my admiration for Peter Straub's Shadowland (which deals with roughly the same t [...]

Quickraise your hand if can answer yes to the following questions;Have you ever read a book and wished you could visit (or just permanently relocate) to the place/timeframe in question? Or, more importantly, do you feel out of place in this world of celebrity worship, rampant consumerism, confusing national conflicts, and the death of common sense?Is your hand raised? Yeah, mine is too. Glad we are all in the same boat. But, is it any surprise that we are all of similar mind? We are all here on [...]

September 2015 UpdateIt occurs to me that I never really wrote a proper review for this, so no time like the present, amirite? We start with millennial Quentin Coldwaterwho gets accepted to New York Hogwarts Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogyafter passing some exhausting magical tests.Upon graduating he realizes that magic can't solve everythingbut it can do a lot of other cool stufflike go to Narnia Fillory, a magical land from his favorite childhood book series and play quidditch welters. [...]

2.5 stars This isn't to say I don't think this is a good book. I think it's very clever. It messes with your expectations, about everything, and because of that there were many parts I didn't actively enjoy. (I would say that I passively enjoyed it Is that a thing?) Because of that it gets a lower rating. I do feel that this is the kind of book that can't be rated individually and instead the series should be reviewed as a whole. I will continue with this series and I'm looking forward to it.I h [...]

This book was the worst book to read/listen to while I was extremely busy. All I wanted to do was get back in the car, take a walk, workout (yeah right), clean, etc. Anything to get back to my audiobook.The best sign of a good audiobook is how much I put aside my visualbook to listen.And the craziest part is that when I start to explain the book, I find myself wondering, How could I possibly like this book?The main characters are the biggest, self-obsessed, pricks I've probably ever read about. [...]

I can honestly say that I haven't read a book with characters this self-involved, self-aggrandizing, and self-important in, well, ever. This book and all of its contents were wholly insufferable. Not only was it a blatant rip off of other notable books, but it was completely shameless in its theft. I hated everything about this book.I read another review where the reviewer says the following:Oh, wonderful -- another dour academe writes another fussy, joyless genre exercise, designed specifically [...]

If you write enough book reviews, eventually you start sounding like everyone you never wanted to be. Today, I'll be the annoying guy who brags about how he saw everything coming. That's right, I found this book utterly predictable from start to finish. Even the Arctic fox sex scene.The Magicians is a very postmodern type of fantasy, deconstructing as it does the Narnian-style childhood fantasy of saving the world. It's one of those curiously self-aware books that nevertheless stays firmly on th [...]

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