All My Enemies

Barry Maitland

All My Enemies

All My Enemies

  • Title: All My Enemies
  • Author: Barry Maitland
  • ISBN: 9780312384005
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback

In one of the finest and most pivotal books in this critically acclaimed series, never before published in the U.S D.S Kathy Kolla reports to New Scotland Yard and to D.C.I David Brock s Serious Crime Division Just before Kolla is to start her new job, a young woman is found viscously murdered in a leafy, well heeled suburb, and the grotesque details of the slaughterIn one of the finest and most pivotal books in this critically acclaimed series, never before published in the U.S D.S Kathy Kolla reports to New Scotland Yard and to D.C.I David Brock s Serious Crime Division Just before Kolla is to start her new job, a young woman is found viscously murdered in a leafy, well heeled suburb, and the grotesque details of the slaughter appear to be well rehearsed, even theatrical Assigned to the case, Kolla s only improbable lead draws her to a local amateur drama group Once in their orbit, she is lured into a piece of theatre over which, increasingly, she has little control In All My Enemies, Brock and Kolla find themselves in a tangled web of deceptions in a case wherein a corpus of plays becomes a template for murder.

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DS Kathy Kolla has just been assigned to the Scotland Yard's Serious Crime Division. The day before she is supposed to report, the divisions's boss, David Brock, calls and asks her to come to the scene of an especially brutal murder. A young woman has returned home from an evening at the theater and been savagely killed in her own bedroom.Kathy discovers that the murder shares some commonalities with the killings of a number of other young women and suspects that she and her unit may be on the t [...]

It's been a treat getting back into the Brock & Kolla series after a couple years' layoff. Barry Maitland's novels seem like 'retro' procedurals to me- 'whodunits' set in Britain with 'nice' characters, solid procedures, very little sex or violence (except for, you know, the murders.), and pleasant writing. They aren't Don Winslow crime novels, that's for sure, and the settings typically aren't in Guy Ritchie's Britain. In this early installment in the series, Kathy Kolla has just begun to w [...]

This author usually includes insider information on a particular subject--stamp collecting, mental institutions, Karl Marx's private life, the history and architecture of shopping malls--and in this book I enjoyed learning about the theater. Complex and enthralling mystery. There's really only one character (Kathy Kolla) who's fully developed, but she's wonderful, and the plot, dialogue, and description are all excellent. This one kept me entertained through two taxi rides, a bus ride, and a fli [...]

I was confused when I started this because I thought it was the latest entry in a series I thoroughly enjoy but the relationships of the characters did not reflect this. Upon looking at the title list in the front of the book I found it was actually the third in the series but apparently has not been published in the U.S. until now. Urgh! Anyway, once I realized this I dove into it and it proved to be quite good. Maitland was an architect and buildings and landscapes are always a primary part of [...]

I just finished this book today. A fast read, it was for most part satisfying, Maitland always delivers when it comes to Brock and Kathy solving crime, I was a little confused when I requested book at my local library,thinking it to be a new one in the series, but I realized it was the third in the series, published here in the States until last year (2012) it seems. The thing that puzzles me is the ending! why did Maitland give such an ending? I was also frustrated as I wanted to see the bad gu [...]

Somehow, I missed this when it first came out. What a pleasure to read it now! Kathy Kolla is set to join Brock's serious crime unit. Even before she can report for duty, Brock asks her to help investigate the brutal death of a young woman. Police search the woman's acquaintances, and are suspicious of her boss, who has a history of inappropriate behavior. At the same time, they look for a possible serial killer. Clues that Kolla produce lead them to an amateur dramatic society, whose production [...]

4.5 STARS | What most impressed me while reading this book is how real DS Kathy Kolla strikes me. Sometimes female characters written by men come across as men in skirts. But Maitland rises above that very convincingly. In fact, Kolla seems more realistically-drawn than DCI Brock in these books. She certainly takes the center stage in this investigation. Maitland creates characters that have pulses. I missed some of the architectural details of his previous books, but I loved the connection to t [...]

Was an interesting story with some neat twists, but not the most attention-keeping book I've read lately. I didn't hurry home to read it or stay up to finish it was an ok book and I may continue the series.

Allen & Unwin have re-released Barry Maitland's ALL MY ENEMIES, the third book in the Brock and Kolla series. Given that the book was originally published in around 1996 there were a few things intriguing me. Obviously, whether or not it would stand the test of time, but also, what would it be like going back to a book so early in a series that has since become a favourite.Interestingly I could still remember this book from the first time I read it, mostly because of the way that it starts t [...]

Kathy Kolla's Puzzle CornerI haven't got past the opening page of this book yet. In the first paragraph Kathy Kolla is pondering a word puzzle. Make at least 130 words from the letters in"claim to dream". I got to 130 but had to resort to "I, Rearrangement Servant" (aka Internet Anagram Server) to suss out the 12 letter word "melodramatic".[My comments are taken from a mailing list discussion and as such contain spoilers!][on the characters]I'm not picking up any huge inconsistencies between the [...]

Barry Maitland crafts yet another taut, suspense-ridden mystery in All My Enemies. The novel has so many twists and turns that it's best to say very little about it so that readers can savor the surprises for themselves. I devoured this fabulous book.Sweet secretary Angela Hannaford lives with her parents in Kent. When her parents return from a holiday in Germany, they find that their only daughter was brutally raped, murdered and mutilated the night before. Detective Sergeant Kathy Kolla, newly [...]

I am really enjoying these British police procedurals by Barry Maitland. They are intelligent, well-written, have unusual plots, and interesting characters. In this book, a young woman is found murdered, and at first Kathy Kolla who is new to the Scotland Yard, immediately is drawn to conclude it is this one very despicable man. But all the clues and evidence point away from him, and his alibis stick too well. So Kathy has to look elsewhere. She finds out that this young woman and some of the ot [...]

DS Kathy Kolla is ready to report to New Scotland Yard and join DCI David Brock’s Serious Crime Division. But before she steps foot in the door, a murder has taken place and she will lead the investigation to solve this well rehearsed slaughter. In this series, Brock and Kolla will work together to solve this crime and put a stop to the person behind the grotesque murderer. Clues lead them to an amateur drama group and they soon realize that other recent murders are tied in to the plays perfor [...]

I would have given this another start until I read the last two pages--did I miss something? What the hell was going on? Should I assume that's Gentle's wife? I don't know and I will immediately pick up the next book, which I have, thankfully, waiting on my shelf. But it's a bit frustrating.The story, though, is great, and Kolla is on her game. Brock takes more of a background role, a bit like in the first book, which is okay because Kolla works a lot with the younger version of him, Bren. I was [...]

Enjoyed my first Barry Maitland mystery, discovered when I saw him on a panel with Anne Zouroudi. DS Kathy Kolla starts a new job at New Scotland Yard, reporting to DCI David Brock in the Serious Crimes Division. She's got a fast start when a beautiful blonde is found in a staged position, her throat cut open. Careful police work, determined investigation and creative thinking make the mystery an excellent read with a surprisingly clever ending. Great dialogue, love the London setting - tubes, f [...]

I seriously considered quitting this book after the really gruesome murder near the beginning of the book. I was afraid that there would be more of the same. But I liked the characters and decided to stick with it - unless there was more of the same. I'm glad I did. There are allusions to other nasty killings, but not as much description. By the time I realized a serial killer is involved I was really into the story. The book is well written and the mystery is very involving. The resolution was [...]

This is the second of this series that I have read and liked it very much. The continuing characters of Brock and Kroll are called to a particularly horrific murder of a young woman who doesn't seem to have an enemy in the world. They begin to wonder if there is some connection to other unsolved murders in the area and to a local amateur theater group. Kroll insinuates herself into the group and soon finds herself in danger. She also meets some eccentric characters before the case is solved, all [...]

This is one of my favourite books from Barry Maitland; I have read it possibly 5 times now. I do love the general writing of Mr Maitland, especially his complete description of place (obviously owing to his architectural background), but in a way that does allow you to imagine the space and places he talks about without over description?? Every time I read this I get caught up amd forget that I know how the story ends. Love it every time.

Another page turner from Barry Maitland. It took me a little while to get into this. I think it just sat on my shelf for a long time. Then I picked up the other day. And I had trouble putting it down. It has a few red herrings. Some of which I fell for. I certainly didn’t figure out the killer.It started out as a kind of grisly murder and then there was a certain amount of perversion and the world of the theater thrown in.Wonderful read.

Getting inside their headsrfect mysteries leave you wanting more. Maitland always delivers.Brock and Kolla are quite a team. the further into the series you go, the more you respect their abilities and insight into the not so pleasant worlds of the murderers they are pursuing.

Barry Maitland joined Sky in the studio to talk about Brock and Kolla, the impact of place and setting on a story and the joys of exploring a diverse range of interests and hobbies, all in the name of keeping the writing real. The interview was originally broadcast on The Book Club on 30/08/2012.

I already knew Kathy Kolla as a detective, and found her to again be a smart and sensitive investigator. I enjoyed the many twists to the story especially how specific theater productions influenced the murderer and especially when Kathy's aunt comes unexpectedly to stay with her in her small urban flat in London.

This is one of the best British detective mysteries that I have read recently. My only complaint is that I couldn't quite get into the lead female detective's character until I was almost finished reading the book.

Kathy Kolla is just starting to work for Brock. Her first case is a woman found dead in a horrifying scene. A clue brings them to an amateur drama group and then to the amazing connections.Well-written and lots of twists.

Maitland is a fine writer. His plots are tight, and his characters are complex and real.This one is set around theater, which is of interest to me, and the way Kathy Kolla figures out who done it is truly inspired. Highly recommended.

Great plot!I have not read this author, how did I miss this one? Even being third in the,series I got it, great read!

I enjoyed most of this book but found the ending somewhat strange. Theatre lovers will enjoy the read.


A 2013 staff fiction favorite recommended by Jane.Check our catalog: encoreoklib/iii/encore/

A pageturner that fills in some of the gaps in the characters' backstories but he is a bit overheated on plot resolution at the end. His later work is more controlled and considered.

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