Eye of the Beholder

Ruth Ann Nordin

Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder

  • Title: Eye of the Beholder
  • Author: Ruth Ann Nordin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Mary Peters despairs that she will never marry At nineteen, she has no prospects of finding a husband, so she takes matters into her own hands and becomes a mail order bride When she arrives to Omaha, Nebraska to meet the man she s due to marry, he takes one look at her homely appearance and rejects her But fate has other plans for Mary Dave Larson happens to be nearbyMary Peters despairs that she will never marry At nineteen, she has no prospects of finding a husband, so she takes matters into her own hands and becomes a mail order bride When she arrives to Omaha, Nebraska to meet the man she s due to marry, he takes one look at her homely appearance and rejects her But fate has other plans for Mary Dave Larson happens to be nearby and thinks she will make a good wife Though she is stunned that someone as handsome and as kind as Dave would ask her to marry him, she accepts She knows that this marriage will not bear the fruits of love Love, after all, is for beautiful women Isn t it Books in the Nebraska Historical Romance Series Book 1 Her Heart s Desire Book 2 A Bride for Tom novella Book 3 A Husband for Margaret novella Book 4 Eye of the Beholder Book 5 The Wrong Husband Book 6 The Shotgun Groom Book 7 To Have and To Hold Book 8 His Redeeming Bride Book 9 Isaac s Decision

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I like the story, but it drives me crazy when an author doesn't research or an editor doesn't edit!!! Certain things stopped me cold in this book, got me scratching my head and I would look them up and say, "how did this get past the editor?" one such thing was a comment of a woman to her husband where she informed him that he was the the one who chose the sex of the child not her Well, this book takes place in the 1870's and I was pretty sure that farmers in Nebraska didn't have a clue as to ho [...]

Eye if the Beholder was my first book by this author and since mail-order bride stories is on of my favorite themes, I adored the wonderful heroine, Mary Peters. Although only 19, Mary took her destiny in her own hands by answering an ad to be a mail order bride in Nebraska. The youngest, and least attractive, in a family of twelve children Mary had been ignored or reject by most of the men in her Maine hometown. When she arrive at the train station in Nebraska, her reception by her would-be hus [...]

Reviewed @ Girls Without a Bookshelf.I happen to come across this title as I was browsing through 's Kindle Store, and it was the exact kind of historical romance I was in the mood to read so I picked it up and moved it ahead of my to-read pile. Fantastic decision, because Eye of the Beholder is an exquisite romance novel! It was such a beautifully gentle and tender romance I nearly swooned.I have read very little of 19th century American romances so I started with a clean slate. While I loved t [...]

I'll be honest -- this was a very boring book. Both the hero and the heroine are so perfect it's disgusting -- they're both loving, giving, completely understanding, devoted to each other even though they just met, blah blah blah. Neither one of them felt "real" -- even the nicest, most Christian people I've met in real life still have uncharitable moments or times of anger or complaints, but not Mary and Dave, and this left them feeling like such paragons that you wanted to nominate them for sa [...]

4.5 STARSThis is really a beautiful storyHero is a sweetheartHeroine, too is a sweetheartI felt bad for her when everyone criticizes her that she isn't beautifulI loved how Hero takes a stands for her, even against his brothersI loved how he speaks for her when that cassie & her MIL corners heroine to make her clothesI loved how everyone realises how nice & beautiful heroine is & come to love her

Fourteen years old Mary Peters remembers the day when her sister, Grace told her “Love is the most wonderful feeling in the world, Your time will come.” it was on Grace’s wedding day. The year was 1869. It is now 1874 and Mary is still single and fears she will never marry. Who would ever find plain Mary pretty? Since Mary knows no guy will ever court her, she decides to answer an ad in the newspaper for a mail order bride. Mary travels to Omaha, Nebraska to marry her husband, Neil Craftsm [...]

I was really excited when I read the blurb for this one. Sometimes you just need a book with a less then perfect H/h. Mary is described by her family as Plain Mary Peters. She isn't your classic beauty. Her nose is to big making her mouth and eyes appear out of proportion. She answers a mail order ad and is immediately sent a train ticket for Omaha. Her family is worried that one look will send the man running so they make her purchase a return ticket just in case. The people that run into her a [...]

I really enjoyed Ruth Ann Nordin's "Eye of the Beholder". I found my self quickly captured in the story of plain Mary Peters and heart of gold Dave Lawson.I loved the journey they took to come to the understanding that they were in love but most specially the journey Mary took in realizing that she was indeed beautiful. Having been told her whole life by those closest to her, the very people that should have been lifting her up her whole life, that she was plain and/or ugly, she believes them. B [...]

Book 4: Eye of the BeholderBravo! Where to start on describing this bookMary Peters lives in Maine. Her sisters are all beautiful and Mary is considered plain. She decides to answer an ad in Nebraska for a mail-order bride. The man is a farmer and she believes she can adapt to the hard work even though she is city born.Dave Larson happens to follow Neil Craftman to the train station when he hears that Neil is going there to receive his mail-order bride. Dave feels it only right to warn any woman [...]

Mary is a courageous young woman who steps well out of her comfort zone in the hope of finding a future with a husband and children. She gives herself fully to every situation and helps others instinctively. She has many talents and a kind heart, but is continually slapped back by heartless remarks about her appearance. She is not classically pretty but she has a quiet inner beauty that slowly becomes apparent to even the doubters around her.Dave Larson is almost too good to be true - caring, ha [...]

2 - 2.5 StarsA story about a plain woman falling in love with her handsome husband. They originally meet at the train station when the guy she was to marry rejects her. She had answered his ad for a mail order bride. That sets Dave off and he offers up marriage to Mary.Dave sees Mary's inner beauty to be as lovely as her outer beauty, even if Neil thinks she's ugly.Dave and Mary will grow close, become partners, build a life and a family and find love.He won't tolerate any ill speaking of his wi [...]

For a Christian book, you do get some hotness, which I wasn't expecting. I really like Ruth Ann Nordin's writing and have enjoyed all the books of hers I've read, this being the first one, an excellent introduction. It's simple, and really lovely. I enjoyed the story immensely. I must admit I love a story with a good looking hero who falls head over heals for a plain heroine and a mail order bride/marriage of convenience turned to love, to boot, two favourite tropes of mine. When I read the syno [...]

There were some good themes. Mainly that you can love someone based on what is inside and not just physical appearance and over time these qualities can overshadow everything else. But this is not a Christian read. Individuals within the story DO go to church and a ladies group from a church is mentioned but there is no mention of Christ in any capacity. Love scenes are very discriptive.While I enjoyed the plot, I didn't feel the love scenes matched. They seemed a tad overdone for a book that st [...]

It's a gentle, well-meaning story. My main problem with the book is that it's supposed to be historical fiction set in 1874, yet the characters speak like people of today. They talk about putting things "on hold" (really? before telephones were invented?) and wanting to "be focused," and they all seem far too familiar with late-20th century psychology. Laura Ingalls would have had no idea where these people "were coming from."

A very sweet mail-order bride romance, with a kind-hearted hero and a woefully self-conscious heroine. Their life has it ups-and-downs, but they always stay strong in their marriage. I do agree the story became a bit boring towards the middle, but for the most part I liked the slice-of-life style of storytelling. One star taken away for a silly kidnapping bit at the end.

This was a really sweet story about beauty being in the Eye of the Beholder, as the title is. Inner beauty and outer beauty are two different things and if someone is lucky, they are blessed with both in a spouse. If you enjoy stories about mail order brides or plain heroines, you will enjoy this book.

Haaaaaaaah! When dafuq did I forget that I absolutely fucking love historical themed books and started reading these shitty books that just talk about taboo and bdsm trash?? I mean this was pure contentment for me! Sure it had it's ups and downs and everything but it was such a goddamn perfect story and I cried A LOT while reading this. I absolutely loved Mary and Dave. I hated how at some points the author went overboard with the whole "ugly" topic but the way Dave appreciated and loved her. Oh [...]

This is a nice take on the ugly duckling theme and it combines my favorite 'steadfast hero' theme. I also like there was actual sex and passion in a mail order bride themed book. I think I'm seriously let down as these are among my favorite themes.The book, however, has annoying villains and convenient resolutions, especially the ending drama that seriously detracted from the book. The author should have ended it shortly after the "I love yous." I would have also liked a better handling of her p [...]

A sometimes funny, sometimes serious tale of a young plain woman who becomes a mail order bride to a different groom than she planned when the first one rebuffed her because of her looks. Some of her husband's family wonder why her married such a plain woman but in the end she wins them all over. This is a sweet story - no steamy sex scenes - just two virgins fumbling around in the dark. But the writing, in Ms Nordin's style, is a little simplistic for me.

This is not usually my favourite genre, but I rose to the challenge and found it quite enjoyable. I liked how the characters developed and the visual descriptions gave me a view of the place and times. It was uplifting in a way because it shows that there is someone for everyone, and also that some mistakes can have long-reaching consequences. Having written that, this is book four of Nebraska Historicals, and I don't have a burning urge to look for the others in the series.

Well, this one had some good moments, but on the whole it was awkward. The story was ok, but the writing style, stifle dialogs and very simple - almost script like - way of "setting the scene" was really distracting.

I was excited to read this book at first because the plot sounded terrific.I read half and gave up wasn't well written and I was bored.

I think this book had a lot of promise. I loved the plot, the story she was trying to tell about beauty not being all on the outside. It had a lesson, and I like books that have a lesson. The characters were well fleshed out and had distinct personalities. The setting was easy to envision, a Nebraska farm in the 1800's (though that could be because I grew up in NE, or because I read so much 'Little House' when I was young).However, there were many things it left to be desired, at least by me. Fi [...]

Beauty is in the eye of the beholderThese words could not be more true in this book. Mary Peters is plane in comparison to her more attractive siblings or so we are told in the beginning of the book. Her parents are worried she would not find a suitor as no suitor has ever called for her and they also think her plain as well. When Mary sees a wife wanted ad she thinks this is the only chance she has of ever getting married and have a family of her own. So she answers and within a couple of weeks [...]

This book is a mail order bride and plain Jane book, it is based on Mary who is a plain girl, not ugly but she has no features that make her stand out. Men in Maine have not courted her as no one can look past the plain looks. She is the youngest and only sister who is unmarried as her sisters are all beautiful and married as soon as they were of age. Mary comes across a ad for a mail order bride and decides as the man hasn’t asked for a beautiful bride, only that she be hardworking that she w [...]

This was such a lovely romantic read.I've been reading a lot of steamy fiction lately, and I was worried that this book would be dull because its more of a gentle romance, but the author conveys the emotions of the Hero and Heroine and you are able to feel the chemistry and desire now I'm left to wonder, what was a I thinking, taking so long to read this book?Mary is a young woman living in Maine, she doesn't have a happy life as she has always been considered plain and heavy by her family and t [...]

I marked this one Christian/inspirational, but it's more of a sweet love story without any erotic sex. It does have a couple of sex scenes but nothing that your mother couldn't handle (well, nothing that my mother couldn't handle). This is a story of a young woman who has been told all of her life that she is ugly. And quite honestly, it must be true because her family has "hinted" at it for years, none of the men in her town would even attempt to court her, and the man she goes out to marry as [...]

Ruth Ann Nordin's "Eye of the Beholder" is the beautiful tale of a woman named Mary, who answers an ad for a mail order bride, fearing that she is not eye-pleasing enough to be asked by anyone in her hometown, let alone her home state state of Maine. Quickly, she says goodbye to her family and finds herself in Omaha, Nebraska.Rejected based on her appearance on the train platform by the poster of the ad, she meets Dave Larson, who immediately proposes. Trying to ignore all of the reasons why she [...]

Mary as a sweet young 14 year old gets some great advice from her older sister about how the love of a good man will cause a woman to feel truly beautiful. Mary has never been called pretty or beautiful, even by her own parents. She decides, at 19, to answer an ad for a bride to a man in Nebraska. Through a series of hurtful, but nothing she hasn't experienced before, she finds herself not marring the one she came for. Instead Dave sees beneath the surface of Mary's plain looks to the treasure i [...]

I love Janette Oke's Love Comes Softly. And I love Patricia MacLachlan's Sarah, Plain and Tall. So I am a sucker for people forced into marriage during the late 19th century/early 20th century, who eventually fall in love and realize that they were meant to be together all along.This book tries very hard to be those other books. And there are definitely some moments that showcase this author's raw talent. But overall, the story is a bit silly.It's hard to believe, for instance, that married or n [...]

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