The Broken Promise Land

Marcia Muller

The Broken Promise Land

The Broken Promise Land

  • Title: The Broken Promise Land
  • Author: Marcia Muller
  • ISBN: 9780446604109
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback

Someone is bent on getting revenge on Ricky Savage, Sharon McCone s brother in law and a two time Grammy Award winning country singer The danger escalates as Sharon realizes that than one person has been playing underhanded games and that the music industry is truly a broken promise land.

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I found that this went on too long and was somewhat boring. I didn't care about the protagonist, but did care about the antagonist

So much happens in this novel - we see the end of Charlene and Ricky's marriage, as well as how Rae and Ricky come together. Someone is stalking Ricky, becoming increasingly more threatening.Sharon brings in Hy to provide security as Ricky begins a tour with this unknown threat menacing from the darkness.This was satisfying to read, even after reading later books, to see how things happened.

this one drops a lot of one liners from previous stories so not really a stand alone novel, but still a good read

I liked this book because it introduced the characters well, followed the action and kept the dialogue real. I will read more in this series for sure!

Frankly I thought I was reading a Sharyn McCrumb and was disappointed with the book because it was so staid, not fun reading. One gets tired of women P.I.s after some years of reading mysteries. So actually this was my first Sharon McCone novel. McCone is hired by her soon-to-be ex-brother-in-law, Ricky Savage, famous country singer, because enigmatic notes begin appearing: "What Have You Done With My Song". McCone discovers that there is a real threat behind the notes, and brings in her lover H [...]

About on a par with other books in the series - not great but not terrible.There was a bit too much 'family' in this book because Sharon McCone is investigating threats to her brother-in-law, country superstar Rick Savage. The story is told from two perspectives - Sharon's and her employee, Rae Kelleher - with occasional asides in the form of newspaper articles. While they added to the story in some ways, they tended to slow its forward progress.Also, I felt the guilty party came a bit too out o [...]

Like most series that go on as long as this one does, there are some books that are better than others. This one was one of the mediocre ones, I thought, mainly because it dragged on too long and was too detailed in some respects, and too light in others where more emphasis was needed. I also felt like some of the comfortable bits of the previous books were gone--PI Sharon McCone has moved from the old Victorian that All Souls Legal Co-op was in into her own snazzy office and she wasn't at home [...]

#17 in the Sharon McCone series. Sharon is asked to look into a series of threatening messages received by her brother-in-law, country singing star Ricky Savage. An excellent series entry and one that calls all sorts of relationships into question. Recommended.Sharon McCone series - Someone is bent on getting revenge on Ricky Savage, Sharon McCone's brother-in-law and a two-time Grammy Award-winning country singer. The danger escalates as Sharon realizes that more than one person has been playin [...]

Another must read in the series. This is where Rae and Ricky meet up. How I could almost be done with the series and have missed two of the most crucial storylines Really liked this one. Kept my interest!Someone is bent on getting revenge on Ricky Savage, Sharon McCone's brother-in-law and a two-time Grammy Award-winning country singer. The danger escalates as Sharon realizes that more than one person has been playing underhanded games--and that the music industry is truly a broken promise land. [...]

An essential read for those of us immersed in P.I. Sharon McCone's world. There is a lot of change for every one of the characters, equivalent to the second movie in movie trilogies.Relationships are rupturing, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. The surprises really start when new relationships begin. Even McCone and Ripinsky are uncertain of each other, distance growing between them with each chapter. They stare at each other more coldly as the incidents pile up. Will they still be a coup [...]

Another one bites the dust in my attempts to like mysteries. I finally decided to just go for one that I sort of liked the cover of. Unfortunately, this just wasn't my cup of tea. It was chock full of details of life in manufactured country music/record industry giants. City high rise office setting. In other words, of no interest to me. But I didn't get the sense that the writing was too bad, as far as books I don't like go.

THE BROKEN PROMISE LAND - GMuller, Marcia - 16th in Sharon McConeA crime novel featuring private investigator Sharon McCone, who steps in to help her brother-in-law, country music star Ricky Savage, when he receives an anonymous threat, and discovers that he has some deadly enemies.I'm not a country music or celebrity person so the subject didn't grab me. It was a good read but not nearly up to the level as Muller's other books.

After a few hints here and there in earlier books, Sharon's brother-in-law, country music star Ricky Savage, bursts onto center stage. Ricky is being stalked, dangerously. Fan or old girlfriend? Everything points to it, except that whoever it is has to be close to Ricky. Sharon and her lover Hy take on Ricky's protection, and Sharon's assistant Rae finally comes into her own, in a way that I found especially satisfying. Impossible not to care about Sharon's friends and family.

In the 16th installment of Marcia Muller's best-selling Sharon McCone series, The Broken Promise Land, she returned to solve another twisted mystery. Someone was hell-bent of revenge on her brother-in-law, Ricky Savage, who was a two-time Grammy-award winner country singer. She traveled to Nashville to learn about the music industry and find out about the blackmailer from his past, when the danger escalated for them. It was up to Sharon to figure out who was playing underhanded mind games.

Muller writes deep and compelling characters, and this book is one of her best because it's all about characters near and dear to our hearts: not just McCone and Rae, but also Mick's father, Ricky Savage. It's a tense and delightful story about these people and their changing lives. There's of course also a mystery here, and it's a compelling one. (And the California scenery is as always authentic.) All around, one of of Muller's top books.

Marcia Muller's Sharon McCone mysteries hold their interest pretty well over the years, so although this one was published in 1996, it still seemed fine in 2014. It's somewhat more of a thriller than a mystery, or perhaps straddled the two genres, but didn't suffer from the kind of tedious non-stop tension that often plagues thrillers.

Marcia Muller writes an intriguing character, Sharon McCone, a San Francisco-based private eye. In this story, she is assigned to provide security for Ricky Savage, a popular country music singer who happens to be her brother-in-law. Are the threats real or imagined? Can she get to the bottom of things in time to save a few lives?

I really enjoyed the Sharon McCone mysteries in the early books. Later in the series, the stories just got too busy, with McCone opening her own agency, subplots with the new employees, her jetting around in her Cessna. And Hy Ripinsky is one the most boring love interests I've encountered. This book was one of my least favorites in the series. I miss the old McCone!

This book introduces a bunch of new characters, Ricky Savage and his family. A good read, and I have remembered it all these years, but it just seemed more like a recounting of events than a gripping tale.

Sharon McCone has changed over the course of this series, but not in a negative way--she has maintained her ties with those who helped her out in the beginning, and as she has aged, there have been more complications in her life, as you would expect. Good series well worth reading

The BEST McCone story so far! I was on the edge of the bed, especially since I woke up at 3:00am to finish the book before I went to work. I enjoyed the deeper look at Rae and wonder where her relationship with Sharon well end up with all the big changes in this great Marcia Muller book.

solid series read

This is my favorite one. It's hard to say that but really between this one and "Until the Butcher cut him down" are like neck and neck.

Nashville is a pit and I have seen it first hand. This story touched on many of the deap beat types that are in the industry but I thought the plot was slow and non-eventful.

Another great one -- this one was nerve wracking! Loved it.


Another great great Sharon McCone mystery from Marcia Muller!


A Sharon McCone mystery. Excellent, as usual.

This book is in her Sharon McCone series. I really could not put it down.

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