Both Ends of the Night

Marcia Muller

Both Ends of the Night

Both Ends of the Night

  • Title: Both Ends of the Night
  • Author: Marcia Muller
  • ISBN: 9780446605502
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback

McCone s flying instructor Matty asks for help when her lover goes missing Then, during an airshow, Matty s plane suddenly crashes Convinced this is not an accident, McCone follows a trail of leads, and confronts the man who ordered Matty s death.

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Like many long-running mystery series, some books in the series are better than others. This seventeenth book was pretty darn good. They are sort of predictable, though, and I kind of wish there would be a book or two where PI Sharon McCone didn't get involved in some big huge conspiracy involving government agencies, massive corporate corruption or international diplomatic secrets or something along those lines. A nice local little neighborhood mystery like some of the first cases she had would [...]

Sharon McCone is often flying high in adrenaline, but now she flies in fact in small planes. It's a good thing. Besides being treated to the usual elements of the manhunt in Marcia Miller's detective series, we learn about the accurately portrayed world of small planes. Mattie Wildress was McCone's flight instructor, and she is also an aerobatics flying performer at air shows. She meets John Seabrook, father of a great young son, Zach, and owner of a tree farm. He hates flying, but otherwise thi [...]

#18 in the Sharon McCone series. The main plotline of Sharon being asked to find her old flight instructor's significant, other followed by the flight instructor being murdered and Sharon and her lover Hy deciding to find her killer is an excellent addition to the series. Also satisfying is the secondary story of holidays and missed holidays with her co-workers and her brother-in-law's family.Her nieces and nephews are beginning to adjust to their parent's breakup and to accept Sharon's co-worke [...]

I am a huge fan of Marcia Muller, however this is one of my least favorite in the Sharon McCone series because you can tell Muller started taking flying lessons. There is just a ton of airplane flying detail that I found tiresome and distracting. Stuart Woods suffered from the same epidemic in some of his earlier writings but he eventually toned it down a notch: hoping that Muller does too. Otherwise, I enjoyed this continuation of the McCone/Ripinsky sleuthing duo and tore through it in a few d [...]

Not my cup of tea. A low key mystery series (I suppose starting with book #18 wasn't that smart) but I didn't like the leads so never really got into it. Maybe I prefer depressed and brooding cops to adrenaline filled pilot detectives.

A missing live-in lover of a friend, and then the death of that friend send Sharon and Hy on a search into the past for answers. Corruption, friends in high places, and a witness on the run - a plot spanning a decade and more that was captivating to get caught up in.

A Good Read

Good story. I like when Sharon McCone and Hy Ripinsky are working together.

I can't imagine how it happened but I totally had forgotten about Sharon McCone. Muller's long running series (I think, actually, she started the whole female private eye craze) has long featured Sharon McCone - a totally likable private detective. I read all of the early ones (there are about 18) but somehow fell off the wagon about 4 books ago. So, even though, I'm sadly lacking in background details, I found Both Ends of the Night an excellent story. Sharon is asked by her flight instructor t [...]

Marcia Muller keeps them coming. Love this series, although I seem to be bopping around the order of the books. Doesn't really seem to matter much, after you have a few of the books down. Good story. Keeps your interest; fast-paced.McCone's flying instructor Matty asks for help when her lover goes missing. Then, during an airshow, Matty's plane suddenly crashes. Convinced this is not an accident, McCone follows a trail of leads, and confronts the man who ordered Matty's death.Sharon and Hy have [...]

A solid entry in the McCone canon, filled with the author's obvious enthusiasm for and experience with flying light planes. It's also notable for how well Muller pulls off Minnesota wilderness deep freeze; she's known for her obsessive attention to detail in making San Francisco come to life, and it translates admirably.The background noise of McCone's family is an unfortunate distraction, but that's pretty true of everyone's lives; I just don't care for the plotline overmuch, and hoo boy, some [...]

Another great adventure with my favorite female detective, Sharon McCone. Chock full of twists and turns, this mystery kept me guessing almost to the last second. Every time I thought I knew what was coming, it didn't. While these later books don't have the sharp edginess of the early mysteries when Sharon was a struggling detective in a male-dominated field, they are more complex. Sharon's complicated relationship with Hy Rapinsky is deepening. I'll definitely be on the list eagerly counting th [...]

Sharon McCone and her husband Hi, while looking for the person or persons who murdered their good friend Mattie, learned that Mattie’s boyfriend, John Seabrook and his son Zach, were in the witness protection program. With Mattie dead, they had nothing to go on until Sharon finds a clue in one of Mattie’s flight books. What I like about the Sharon McCone’s series is the way McCone solves her cases and how much I learned about flying planes. Jean Reed Bahle tells the story with passion and [...]

This is the first novel in the series that I really got into.A friend asks Sharon to find her missing lover, who disappeared a week earlier. Before Sharon can make any progress on the case, the friend is killed in a grisly accident. Sharon, now driven by her friend’s death, keeps digging and uncovers crimes going back more than a decade.Perhaps it was the story itself or maybe I’m finally connecting with Sharon McCone (an important part of liking any book or series in my opinion) that caused [...]

In the 17th installment of Marcia Muller's Sharon McCone PI series, Both Ends of the Night, Sharon returned to solve another shocking mystery. For this storyline, Sharon's flight instructor for help, when his love had gone missing. During an airshow, he crashed and died in the flight. Convinced it was no accident, she followed leads to find his lover, talk to his son, and bypass the authorities. Together, Sharon and Hy would travel across the USA to discover corruption between the government and [...]

Both Ends of the Night-Marcia Muller Another Sharon McCone mystery. Pretty good one about the secrets unlocked when Sharon's flight instructor is killed and her (the instructor's) boyfriend disappears leaving behind his son. I figured out the basic story,but it still had some twists and turns and was a good pick up mystery. I do find the McCone books always the same predictable quality. Not one of my faves, but always worth picking up in a pinch.

The book lives up to its wonderful title. Sharon and Hy have lost a close friend, and they might find themselves just tempted enough to kill the killer when they catch up to him. Matty, with her outgoing, downright, energetic approach to life, her deep caring, is a huge loss for the family she has created for herself. Between the brilliant flying scenes and the backwoods where it all comes to a head, this is a book that I won't be able to forget.

This is a nicely constructed McCone mystery. Someone has disappeared, and bit by bit McCone uncovers why, even before she can figure out where he might be. It's a really nice bit of detective work, unravelling a tiny bit at a time.The obsession with airplanes has gotten a bit old, which is a pity because it's the core of the plot here, but other than that, this is an interesting, enjoyable book with a human dimension to.

I believe this is the first Sharon McCone book I have read. It took me a while to get up to speed with all the characters. I assume many of them are recurring characters in the series. Once I got a handle on that I really enjoyed the mystery. McCone is a private detective who also happens to be a pilot. This mystery involved the world of small private planes as well as an old crime that came back to haunt one of her clients. Not too many twists or red herrings, but a well constructed mystery.

Sharon McCone just gets better and better with age! Another fabulous Marcia Muller book with great research into the world of private pilots and their training. Having a background in the airline industry, I was intrigued by the private side of flying. Of course Muller is excellent at pulling her characters together and I loved the connection between Habid and Zach.

Sharon McCone has changed over the course of this series, but not in a negative way--she has maintained her ties with those who helped her out in the beginning, and as she has aged, there have been more complications in her life, as you would expect. Good series well worth reading

I haven't read any of this series for a long time. I had forgotten what a great author Muller is. This one also teaches you a lot about flying small arcraft, Fascinating though I don't think I'll take it up as a hobby in my old age.

An ok way to kill time. I could see reading more of the series, but found it plausible when a friend said this was not the best book in the bunch. Learned a lot about flying and liked the characters. The plot had some interesting bits but was a little flat for me.


Recently been re-reading Marcia Muller's Sharon McCone books after many years. Enjoyable female PI genre, especially if you like the N. California/San Francisco setting.

#18 in the Sharon McCone private detective series, these are always a great contemporary crime fiction read. They just keep getting better.

another series I really enjoy, this one was completely engrossing. tempting to go back to #1 and read in order. so many books, so little time!

This book was an OK read. Nothing special. Happened to read it while traveling by plane. Lots of small plane piloting details. If you're into that kind of thing, this book might be more interesting.

One of my favorites, but I've never met a Muller book that wasn't enjoyable. Light but well done and interesting. I read a ton, but this one I still remember.

Great book Marcia Muller always delivers Sharon and Hy are strong characters Nice to see how her family is doing and her associates

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