One Week In December

Holly Chamberlin

One Week In December

One Week In December

  • Title: One Week In December
  • Author: Holly Chamberlin
  • ISBN: 9780758214058
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback

The Rowans rambling Maine farmhouse is just big enough to contain the family members gathered there in the week before Christmas Becca Rowan has driven north from Boston with one thought in mind reclaiming the daughter she gave up when she was a frightened teenager Raised by Becca s older brother and his wife, Rain Rowan, now sixteen, has no idea she was adopted AndThe Rowans rambling Maine farmhouse is just big enough to contain the family members gathered there in the week before Christmas Becca Rowan has driven north from Boston with one thought in mind reclaiming the daughter she gave up when she was a frightened teenager Raised by Becca s older brother and his wife, Rain Rowan, now sixteen, has no idea she was adopted And though Becca agreed not to reveal the truth until Rain turned twenty one, lately that promise, along with all her career success, counts for little in the face of her loneliness and longing But while Becca anticipates shock at her announcement, she s unprepared for the depth of her family s reactions Her brother is angry and fearful of losing the daughter he adores her sister Olivia, oblivious to her crumbling marriage, reveals long buried resentments, while Becca s parents are torn between concern and guilt And as the Rowans neighbour, Alex, draws her deeper into an unexpected friendship, Becca begins to challenge her own preconceptions about family, about love, and about the courage needed to live with and sometimes change the decisions we make.

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It moved a bit slow, but a tale of a family that pushed the daughter to give her daughter up to her older brother and his wife and become the aunt. Years later, a lonely career woman, she returns home for Christmas to drop the bomb to her family that she wants to tell the now teenage girl that she is her mother. The complicated relationship of this multigenerational NE family tended to drag on, but I was expecting more of a romance. That was hinted at but just beginning at the very end of the bo [...]

Overall, I am not a fan of this author's writing style. This book has way too many exclamation points, and cheesy dialogue at times. The basic premise of the book was interesting enough to lead me to buy this book (for 40% off, but still) and left me disappointed. Could have been much, much more interesting. On a positive note, there were interesting conversations about fate, forgiveness, and what it means to be a part of a family. But I can't really recommend this one.

This is the third book I have read by Holly Chamberlin and was probably my favorite by her. I liked the story line but really wish a few different avenues were explored and some things could have been omitted and the story would have worked without them.The story tells mainly of Becca Rowan and the entire Rowan family. Becca got pregnant at 16 and the family pulled together to pass off the child as David, Becca's oldest brother. Becca's, after a long self-imposed estrangement decides that she no [...]

Intense family drama with the tangled web we all weave. I totally related to the situtation about saving face of the family but sacrificing personal feelings. The premise of wanting to tell the truth was so strong that I was cheering and yet kringing about what it all meant. Not wanting to tell you what really happened, I will have to just say that you will love this novel. Written very well and such a page turnerI loved it and will be picking up Chamberlin again!Second ReviewWnat an indepth ill [...]

I liked the story, I liked the main character, I resented her family and their insistence that she "do the RIGHT thing." All of the tender, touching moments seemed contrived and a little judgmental. It took me forever to read and I felt a little like it was work. Good storyI liked the neighbor, but that family sucked.

I enjoyed the book. It was more of a 3.5 then a 3 for me. It was a little predictable and that's what lowered the rating for me. I liked how all the family characters were developed and part of the story.

blah. I read half of this book and was so bored by the author's style that I had to put it down and say NO MORE!!! The characters are weak and uninteresting. There's no real depth to anyone. The story line could have been successful, written by another author. No more Holly Chamberlin for me.

Meh . . . it's like it was written off a template. Literally a beach read for me this week! Glad it was passed on to me and I didn't pay for it. Fine for a beach read, as it is predictable and a little banal.

The story was a bit lacking, it basically gave you all the details on the jacket summary. I found it hard to keep the characters straight, I had to actively recall who each character was while reading because none of them were very memorable. The story revolves around the Rowan family, but there is a token neighbor who is very obviously going to be the love interest for the main character. It was very unrealistic that after her third encounter with him she already talking about being in love wit [...]

The story line was good. The story shows that every family has some problems or past secrets that change people. All the characters in the story are struggling with a different problem that most people can easily relate to. Overall, it was a pleasant read and has small chapters that can be read when you have a few minutes here or there.

One week in December was one of my favorite books for winter. I liked how every single family member in the huge Rowan family had their own secrets. I also like the mini battles between family members because of those secrets and the final results of the battles. Plus this book stayed within holiday spirits!

I wanted to crawl into this book and strangle most of these characters. So many turns of events were completely unbelievable and I kept rolling my eyes. That being said, I kept reading, so I can’t really give it less than three stars


Good book. Interesting look at how situations and decisions can look different to different people and at different times of our lives.

A little slow. Had trouble liking Becca.

Pretty slow. I felt like there was a lot of drama that just resulted in nothing. :/

One of the reasons why we chose international adoption is because we didn’t want our child’s birth mother to ever change her mind, and re-claim our child. So I started this book with a bit of anxiety. Could I really be sympathetic to a woman who gives up her child and then wants her back? Turns out, no.Becca drives up to her parents one Christmas with the intention of telling Rain, her teenage niece, the truth – that Becca is actually her mother and that Becca’s brother and his wife, who [...]

I'll give this book 3.5 stars.This story centres around Becca Rowan, a single 32 year old, driven professional. During the week before Christmas, as the family gathers at her parents home in rural Maine, Becca reveals her decision to tell her 16 year old "niece" that Becca is actually her birth mother. When Becca got pregnant at 16, her parents, grandmother, older brother and sister-in-law arranged a not-quite legal adoption of the baby. It was decided that her brother and sister-in-law would pa [...]

I didnt really like this but one star seemed harsh. Becca is horrible - she was so unlikable just a selfish spoiled brat. I thought keeping the secret from Rain was stupid but not because I thought she should go live with Becca. The girl is just going to be angry when you tell her later. The dialogue felt like I was reading one of those business books where they use a fable to get their point across, just a little too forced and unrealistic. As I was nearing the end it got worse - all problems a [...]

This is a great book for a rainy day, or a cold winter one. I spent a couple of good afternoons on the couch with some tea with this book. I have not read one of Chamberlain's novels before, even though I have a bunch in my bookcase. Becca Rowan is the quintessential workaholic. She has it all on the outside, but on the inside she's screaming. Sixteen years ago she gave birth to a girl and gave her up so that her brother and sister-in-law could raise her in a stable and traditional environment. [...]

Interesting dilemma. If you had a baby at sixteen and gave it up would you rather give it to a stranger and you have no contact and no idea where he/she ended up or have a sibling adopt it and know where he/she is and have a constant reminder and not being able to acknowledge who you are?16 years after Becca's brother and wife adopted her baby girl, Becca wants it revealed that she is Rain's mother. The whole book primarily takes place during one week in December, the week before Christmas. Seve [...]

One Week in December starts with a seemingly predictable family-get-together that quickly unravels to reveal the members hidden turmoil. Readers realize that city-slicker Becca is angered about going home and doesn't feel accepted by the family. As the chapters turn, the truth is revealed and that when she was a teenager she gave birth to her brother's adopted daughter. Feeling that she was forced to give up her child, she now wants to put things right and not wait until her daughter's 21st birt [...]

"I enjoyed this book. The characters were well developed although I didn't always agree with their point of view and I would have much rather read about the sister Olivia's problem than Becca's. Becca seemed to me to have never grown out of her teen age years. Then in one week everything turns around she grows up and becomes more mature and finds a love interest. It all just seemed to happen to fast. As where Olivia is quickly going off the deep end and I would have liked to have delved deeper i [...]

This was a good book, it dealt a lot with family dynamics over a secret and everyone's reaction when one of the family members involved wants to expose it. This is my favorite passage:"It was complicated, this thing called life. People wore masks. One person might harbor various personalities within herself, and might comprise several layers of characters. And because of this, a person might never, ever know for sure if or when she was doing the right thing or the best thing or the smartest thin [...]

I had very low expectations of this book having found it in the bookstore with no recommendations and not having read any reviews. So maybe that is why it was so wonderful to me. Surprisingly wonderful. It lacked the sentimentality that I expected to make the story flat. Not too Christmas-y, not too sappy, just right. The characters were developed beautifully and plausibly. They felt like a real family. And it was easy to sympathize with each of their plights - even the ones that going into the [...]

I liked that I picked up this book during Christmas week, because that is exactly when it takes place. I read the majority of the book on the plane flight to Denver as I was heading home for Christmas. The beginning of the book got me interested in the story, but then it began to drag a little and I began skimming. A lot of the characters were quick on the draw with their judgement calls, but then it all came together to be drawn up like a bow. Much like the characters comment in the book, it se [...]

This book started out a little slow but it didn't take long before it really took hold of me. It was a great story with a subject you don't often read about. There are a few lessons to be learned here. Trust not only in yourself but especially in others. Lots of self reflection and understanding that what you want is not always what you need. There is a romance between Becca and Alex but that is not central to the story. Becca and her decisions and wants are the main topic. A great read that I w [...]

I started feeling it and then I stopped and I found it difficult to finish. I come from a big family and every year we meet up at my parents and it's big and busy and bustling yet I still feel very alone. However, their reasons were hard to feel for and the way they resolved them were just no very good. I'm doing this . . . Someone says something . . . oh maybe I don't feel like that anymore. UGH. Just saying.

This is not your everyday Christmas story. It is more like how the Grinch, named Becca, plotted to steal her family's Christmas joy by reclaiming what was rightfully hers. It has a slow, rather annoying beginning but redeems itself pretty much in the middle and toward the end. I had planned to give it only two stars since it is preachy and predictable but I enjoyed the characters, even the curmudgeons, and found myself smiling a lot through it. That has to be worth an extra star.

Here's the gist. At age 16 Becca gets pregnant. Gives her kid to her brother and his wife. Cut to 16 years later and she regrets it. Wants the kid back. Problems arise amongst rest of the family.I enjoyed parts of this book. I felt connected with Becca. Not due to a baby or anything. But the way she was AFTER the baby. Her desire to be alone. I felt this book drug on though. I expected it to end a few times but it kept going.

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