A Survey of the Old Testament

Andrew E. Hill John H. Walton

A Survey of the Old Testament

A Survey of the Old Testament

  • Title: A Survey of the Old Testament
  • Author: Andrew E. Hill John H. Walton
  • ISBN: 9780310280958
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Hardcover

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The purpose of studying the Old Testament is to understand God and his redemptive work fully However, this goal is complicated by the fact that it was transmitted through a very different language and culture from our own A Survey of the Old Testament provides an indispensable guide for undergraduate students and other readers by exploring the literary, historical,The purpose of studying the Old Testament is to understand God and his redemptive work fully However, this goal is complicated by the fact that it was transmitted through a very different language and culture from our own A Survey of the Old Testament provides an indispensable guide for undergraduate students and other readers by exploring the literary, historical, and theological issues behind the Old Testament and its various books.For each Old Testament book, the Survey addresses background information, purpose, message, structure, and major themes Chapters introducing each major section of the Old Testament are included, as are chapters dealing with issues of interpretation, geography, archaeology, history, formation of the Old Testament canon, and the Old Testament s relationship to the New Testament The text is enhanced throughout by maps, photos, timelines, and charts This full color third edition of a widely acclaimed textbook has been expanded and redesigned in both text and graphical elements, making it even beneficial.

Recent Comments "A Survey of the Old Testament"

Such a great resource book. Detailed in the history of the Old Testament and their surrounding territories. I think it is a must if you are a seminary student. It will bring so much into light in understanding a people, a culture, and the ones around them.

Good for what it is, an OT survey.

I read this book for a Master's level class and it was really great. I feel like I learned a lot. The book is clearly written, comprehensible and informative. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of the old Testament and God's Word in general.

Great overview and look of the Old Testament.

Great survey.

I've been teaching from the Pentateuch, Historical Books, and Epilogue portions of this book for two years now and finally got around to reading the middle. A Survey of the Old Testament is an excellent resource. The authors don't shy away from historical and archaeological problems, but always offer a thoroughly orthodox Christian solution.

This book provides a nice introduction to the books of the Old Testament in an accessible way. To begin with, the cover art is attractive. In fact, the book abounds with colour pictures and charts that really help the beginner or even the mid-level student/reader to understand the historical and cultural elements of the O.T. The pictures at the beginning of the chapters, in particular, really bring the book in question to life with a photo of something pertinent to that book.This is a survey tex [...]

I found Carson & Moo’s Introduction to the New Testament a thorough and extensive informational text about the New Testament, and I was hoping for a similar experience in Hill & Walton’s survey text on the Old Testament. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I should have lowered my expectations given this was published by Zondervan. Zondervan is to Bible summaries what USA Today is to journalism – that’s a backhanded compliment, not a compliment. A la USA Today, Hill & Walto [...]

Basically offers simple summaries and information on the writing of, background, purpose and message and major themes of each book in the Protestant Bible (no more then 6 or so paragraphs each). Great for those outside the ministry to learn a bit more about everything in the OT. While the supplementary chapters are very interesting (covering topics such as the formation of the scriptures and introduction to prophetic literature) this book is not an in-depth study whatsoever. Of course trying to [...]

The title says it all. It is a fine survey of all the books of the Old Testament, with additional subjects discussed, such as what place archaeology has in biblical studies, geography of Israel, and how the OT affects the NT. Good book--I will keep it as a reference. A newer edition just came out (03/09) with updates and color pictures. If you are going to get this, buy that one.

A little dry in some places, but overall, a very good summary of the Old Testament books. The authors do a good job of summarizing the text and the key themes without simply walking through each book.

Great, easy to read book going over every section of the Old Testament in detail, but not so much detail you get bogged down. Had some cool sections on archeology and covers civilizations other than the Jews around the same timeframe.

Accessible for undergraduates, but also thorough and does not skip over the hard spots like many intros do. Hill and Walton each cover the books where their scholarly strengths lie. Also, as a teacher the discussion questions at the end of each chapter were invaluable to get my students talking.

The best book on the Old Testament I've ever come across. Detailed and precise. Amazingly thorough and exhaustive for the size of it. There are better books on individual OT texts, but none I know of in regards to tackling the entire OT in one volume. I highly recommend it.

This is a fantastic study supplement. Anytime I start to read an Old Testament book I will make sure to read the appropriate chapters in Hill/Walton. It does great work with historical, archeological, and geographical material helping to give a broader sense of of what is going on.

The intro alone is worth a ton of money - as the authors lay out how to approach the Bible and especially the Old Testament. The authors are intellectually honest evangelicals. I can't always agree with them, but I love their approach and their honesty.

A great overview of each of the Old Testament books. This book is perfect for Old Testament beginners like me.

This is a great book for anyone who has read the OT before but wants to go deeper. It is not designed to be a reading guide but could be used as such. I have read it twice and use it at a resource.

Thorough, accurate and informative but unfortunately dry.

great OT survey

One of my reference books for OT survey class

Still use as a reference for sermons.

This is a good solid overview of the Old Testament. It is detailed and thorough yet digestible and understandable. Those wishing to survey the Old Testament will find good use in this resource.

this is a great book to study every book in the OT it's details regarding the background of each book love to reread it many times!

How can I read this book?

Balanced view delivered on different issues. Very careful to take a stance on anything such as authorship. Look to Johnny Mac for a serious stand! :)

very succinct. unless you've done a bunch of study on the Old Testament then you will find this short survey quite helpful and enlightening.

Everyone one should own an introduction or overview for both old & new testaments

See my review at eisdoxan.wordpress/2014/11

Good survey type book for the Old Testament. Good inclusion of other ancient Near Eastern cultures so give a more comprehensive treatment.

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