The Insider

Ava McCarthy

The Insider

The Insider

  • Title: The Insider
  • Author: Ava McCarthy
  • ISBN: 9780007285907
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback

Henrietta Harry Martinez s investment banker father, Sal, taught her everything he knew about taking risks and calculating odds But Sal made a bad gamble when he went into business with The Prophet , an anonymous trader who claims Harry owes him, now her father s jailed for fraud It s twelve million euros or her life.

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Set in Dublin and the Bahamas. Story of hacking and insider trading. OK, but I never got deeply involved with the characters, in fact I was confused as to who was who. Worth trying again.


Harry ist Hackerin und arbeitet Undercover, um für große Unternehmen Sicherheitslücken im Computersystem aufzudecken. Als plötzlich 12 Millionen Euro auf ihrem Konto verbucht sind und sie nur knapp einem Anschlag entgeht, beginnt eine spannende Jagd auf den großen Unbekannten – den Propheten.Schon der Beginn ist spannend und direkt bin ich drin in der Geschichte. Dass diese mal in einem ganz anderen Umfeld angesiedelt ist, nämlich zwischen Hackern, Börsengeschäften und Pokerspielen, ha [...]

Dieses Buch ist mal wieder eines von denen, die mich von der ersten Seite – nein, eigentlich schon vom ersten Satz – an fesseln konnten. Ich habe es geradezu verschlungen. Es ist superspannend, und es geht um Computer, speziell ums Hacken. Das war auch der Hauptgrund, warum ich mir dieses Buch überhaupt gekauft habe. Denn ich liebe Bücher (und auch Filme), in denen es um Computer geht. Daher hatte ich eigentlich auch sehr hohe Erwartungen an dieses Buch, die mir allesamt erfüllt, wenn nic [...]

Thrilling fast paced debut novel. Love it when the tension is cranked up and the narrative has you believing one thing only to reveal the true facts that the description was of an incident elsewhere. Shock turns to relief when you understand the body bag doesn't contain the lead character but horror that the plot is getting that much more sinister. This is a engaging read, with the usual thrills and spills. Red herrings and redirection, smoke and mirrors leaves the reader guessing friend from fo [...]

Dieses Buch hat mir wirklich sehr gut gefallen.Der Schreibstil ist toll,es wird alles recht verständlich erklärt und auch die Protagonistin habe ich von Anfang an ins Herz geschlossen.Die Autorin schafft es sehr gut eine durchgehende Spannung aufrecht zu erhalten und so ertappt man sich schon mal dabei dass man alles andere über diesem Buch vergisst .Das Ende war wirklich eine Überraschung auch wenn ich es ein klitzekleines bisschen verwirrend fand .Das hat sich aber schnell wieder gelegt un [...]

it's 12 million or your life so u r introduced to harry martinez, a former hacker turned security expert her father is in prison for insider trading and among other things he taught his daughter was love for poker h/e he made a big gamble with a trader known as the 'prophet' and when discovered he was the one to take the fall of the ring harry tries to track down his crooked partners but there r plenty more on her tail wanting to curtail her. and who is whom and what or who should she believe? o [...]

Poor. Poor writing, poor storyline, unlikeable characters, predicatable "coup the theatre", not entirely accurate as far as the financial world goes (as in lacking competence as opposed to writer's freedom) on the up side it's set in Dublin and I love Ireland - that's probably what kept me going til the end. There are so many seriously good crime writers out there, I'd skip this book if I were you

I loved this book my first on hacking. Harry professional one who finds himself in a strange situation there, the past of his father will catch her, a stranger is going to throw it on the tracks talking to him before the operation Sohoran and she will do everything to back track of this operation, is risking his life. In the end I'm not expected to the person who was the head of all this.

Page turner, very fasciniting story (the poker and hacker world were new to me) and surprising plot.I feel like the ending wasn't as polished as the rest of the story, but apart from that a nice read.

Fast paced thrilling page turner.

Good book! I was able to predict the villan ahead of time but I enjoyed the storyline.

A fast-moving thriller set in the world of casinos and money markets. You'll love this if you like anything by Grisham or Dan Brown.

Not the kind of book I would normally read but I enjoyed it

I enjoyed this book for the most part although it was slightly predictable in places. Very easy to read.

Nota Geral: 3/5Escrita: 3Cenário: 4Originalidade: 3.5Personagens: 3.5Suspense: 3Humor: 2Romance: 2Capa: 2.5Aditivo: 3.5Previsível: 3

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